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Reproductive Health Guide  



This guide will help you understand why you need to eat certain foods daily to  maintain the health of your liver. It will also  teach you why a malfunctioning liver can  contribute to hormonal imbalances that  may trigger symptoms such as a racing  heartbeat, feeling faint or dizzy, chest  pains, having difficulty with your breathing,  anxiety, irritability, breast disorders,  ovarian disorders, uterine disorders, low  sex drive, thinning of your hair and  eyebrows, etc.    ~ Cover photo is courtesy of Istock Images  ~ This guide was created by Laterria Patton   

DISCLAIMER   This guide is intended to equip you with the  tools and information that you need to  prevent or heal panic attacks and/or  estrogen dominance. All of the information in  this guide are natural health alternatives but I  do recommend that you consult your  physician to receive a professional diagnosis  and get more advice about whether it’s safe  for you to incorporate any of these foods or  lifestyle changes into your healing regimen.  This information is meant to bring  awareness to a potential issue and is not a  substitute for professional medical advice.  Do not wait to seek medical counsel,  diagnosis or treatment.     If you're consistent about incorporating  these tips into your lifestyle, you should  begin to notice results within 60-90 days.   

3 Must-Have Items T ​ o Heal Panic Attacks & Estrogen Dominance Naturally   

The following 3 items are what I personally use to make sure that I'm helping my liver  breakdown toxins and remove them from my  body daily. There are various foods that can  promote the detoxification process within  the liver but these are the foods that I find to  be the easiest to incorporate into my diet  everyday. You don’t have to go on an intense  cleanse with potions and elixirs that you have  never heard of in order to detoxify your liver.  Cleanses are not a long-term solution  because most people normally return to their  old eating habits that caused their issues  once the cleanse is over. The liver is a major  detoxifying organ so it is perfectly capable of  detoxifying itself and your body as long as it  has the right foods to do so.     

Purchase organic spinach to reduce the amount of toxins that you're putting into your liver.   

PANIC ATTACKS ●You may be having panic attacks if  you’ve been experiencing  symptoms such as a racing  heartbeat, feeling faint or dizzy,  chest pains and/or having  difficulty with your breathing. A  panic attack does not have to occur  due to a stressful situation at all. It  can appear out of nowhere and for  no apparent reason.    ●Many things can cause you to have  a panic attack but a common  trigger is obsessive thoughts or  overthinking things for an   

extended period of time, which begins to trigger the release of a  hormone called adrenaline into  your bloodstream. This causes your  brain to become over excited and a  panic attack to occur.    ●Your obsessive thinking could  easily be due to an overload of  toxins in your bloodstream. If your  liver is not breaking down toxins  efficiently, your blood will have an  excessive amount of toxins in it  that can cause your brain to  ruminate on a thought over and  over and over again. You can help  your liver breakdown toxins by  consuming foods that contain   

chlorophyll daily. Chlorophyll is the green color that can be found in  green plants and green algae.  Chlorophyll converts toxins that  are hard to get out of the body into  a form that is easier for your liver  to remove from the body.     ●I use spinach because you can buy  a big container of it for about $5  and a little bit goes a long way. It's  also easier for me to put a hand full  of raw spinach into a smoothie  everyday without having to stress  about getting green foods into my  meals and spinach contains the  highest amount of chlorophyll  amongst green foods.     

Purchase organic  beets  to  reduce  the  amount  of  toxins  that you're putting in your liver.     

ESTROGEN DOMINANCE    ●The hormones estrogen and  progesterone balance each other  out and this hormonal balance  controls many of the reproductive  functions in your body. When you  have too much estrogen in your  body, also known as estrogen  dominance, you may have  symptoms such as anxiety,  irritability, breast disorders,  ovarian disorders, uterine  disorders, low sex drive, thinning of  your hair and eyebrows, etc.   

●One major and common cause estrogen dominance is that your  liver, which is the organ that is  responsible for metabolizing and  removing estrogen from your body,  is not working properly. Your liver  secretes a fluid called bile takes the  estrogen in your liver and moves it  into your gallbladder and then the  bile is excreted into your feces  along with the estrogen. This is  why having a bowel movement is  the number one way to get rid of  large amounts of estrogen. If your  liver becomes backed up from too  many toxins, processed foods,  medication, caffeine or alcohol, the  bile can become too thick to move  out of the liver and/or gallbladder.   

Another issue may be that you’re simply not producing enough bile  in your liver to bind with the  estrogen.    ●Eating foods that naturally cleanse  the liver, as well as promote the  production of bile, will force  estrogen to leave your body  everyday. In my experience, beets  are the absolute best at doing this. I  personally add one cup of raw  beets to a smoothie everyday, but  you can add them to a salad or  roast them in the oven to get the  same results.     

This Detox  Tea  was  purchased  from  Walmart.  ($6  for  32  tea bags) 


DETOX TEA   ●When i’m not able to eat spinach  and/or beets, i drink a cup of tea  that helps to cleanse my liver and  produce bile. It doesn't have as  strong of an effect as eating  spinach and beets but it does assist  my liver in detoxifying itself.     ●This tea contains ingredients such  as black pepper, ginger, cinnamon,  honeysuckle flower, dandelions,  etc. These ingredients have been  proven to cleanse the liver  naturally and produce bile.   

THINGS TO REMEMBER     ● It can take up to 3 months for  your liver to heal itself, so be  patient with the process.    ●Don't freak out if you notice that  your urine or feces is a pink or  reddish color. It's just the red  color from the beets.    ●You'll know that you're  producing more bile in your  liver when you start to have   

more frequent bowel movements. This is a good  indicator that estrogen is being  removed from your body.     ●Beets contain a high amount of  natural sugar, so if your diabetic  you should consult your doctor  about the types of foods you are  allowed to eat that will give you  the same results. 

Heal Panic Attacks And Estrogen Dominance Naturally  

Use healthy foods to heal panic attacks and estrogen dominance naturally

Heal Panic Attacks And Estrogen Dominance Naturally  

Use healthy foods to heal panic attacks and estrogen dominance naturally