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Reproductive Health Guide  


This guide is will assist you with replacing the hygiene products that are disrupting  your hormones with all natural products  that will help you prevent or heal  symptoms that you've been experiencing  due to a hormonal imbalance. Your thyroid  hormones, estrogen and progesterone are  EXTREMELY sensitive to the chemicals in  your hygiene products, so making your  own products can have a tremendous  impact on your ability to restore them back  into a more balanced state. Eliminating the  hormone disrupting chemicals that you’re  inhaling and absorbing through your skin,  could be the thing you need to finally  correct reproductive health issues that  have been bothering you for a long time.    ~ Cover photo is courtesy of Istock Images  ~ This guide was created by Laterria Patton   

DISCLAIMER   This guide is intended to equip you with  the tools and information that you need  to make your own hormone-friendly  hygiene products. All of the information  in this guide are natural health  alternatives but I do recommend that you  consult your physician to receive a  professional diagnosis and get more  advice about whether it’s safe for you to  incorporate any of these products or  lifestyle changes into your healing  regimen. ​This information is meant to  bring awareness to a potential issue and  is not a substitute for professional  medical advice. Do not wait to seek  medical counsel, diagnosis or treatment.  

3 Must-Have Items T ​ o Make Your Own Products That Will Restore The Balance Of Your  Hormones Naturally    

The following 3 items are what I personally use to make my own hygiene products. I  prefer to make my products with only 2 or 3  ingredients in order to keep things simple  and inexpensive. Most of these products can  be bought at your local grocery store, but if  you’re having trouble finding them locally,  then you will definitely be able to purchase  them online. If you decide to purchase from a  different brand than the ones I recommend, I  strongly encourage you to do very thorough  research because there are a lot of fraudulent  products on the market.       

I purchase the California Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Walmart ($8) and the Desert Essence Jojoba Oil  from Sprouts Farmers Market($8). Both can be ordered  online by simply doing a Google search.    


●Most of the body lotions and body butters that you purchase from the  store are full of chemicals that are  meant to extend the their shelf life,  make them smoother and make  them smell better. These chemicals  also mimic the estrogen in your  body, which can lead to having too  much estrogen in your system.  Having too much estrogen in your  system can cause symptoms such  as swelling and tenderness in your  breasts, fibrocystic lumps in your  breasts, decreased sex drive,   

irregular menstrual periods, PMS, headaches, anxiety and panic  attacks, weight gain, hair loss,cold  hands or feet, insomnia, etc.    ●You can help your body restore it's  hormonal balance and heal  reproductive health issues by  making your own body oil. I like to  use jojoba oil because it closely  resembles the oil that your body  naturally creates, which makes it  much easier for your body to  recognize and absorb. I've tried  many oils, but jojoba oil has worked  the best at preventing my skin from  becoming dry and flaky. I also use  extra virgin olive oil because it   

helps to carry the jojoba oil to deeper layers within my skin. I've  tried using both individually, but  they don't give you the same  results. You need jojoba oil and  extra virgin olive oil to get the best  results.     ●To make the body oil you just need  to mix 2 ounces of jojoba oil with  every 8 ounces of extra virgin olive  oil that you use. For example, if you  use 16 ounces of olive oil, you  should use 4 ounces of jojoba oil.   

I purchased this glass bottle from Hobby Lobby for $2

● You don't have to over saturate yourself in body oil the way you  may normally do with lotion. A very  little bit goes a long way. And don't  forget to use a glass container  instead of a plastic container  because plastic also contains  chemicals that are absorbed into  the skin that mimic estrogen.    ●I also use this oil mixture to clean  my face. I don't like to use  cleansers on my face because they  remove beneficial oils, so I use the  oil cleansing method. I massage oil  all over my face and then wipe the  oil off, along with any dirt or  bacteria, with a warm wet rag.    

I purchase this baking soda from walmart ($1) and this Home Health Castor Oil from the Vitamin  Shoppe ($5). You can also order this castor oil online  by simply doing a Google search.     


● Antiperspirant deodorant is meant to stop your armpits from releasing  sweat. This is unhealthy because  your body needs to excrete toxic  waste and heavy metals out of your  body through your sweat. When  your body becomes overloaded  with toxins and heavy metals, it  begins to slow down your thyroid  gland’s ability to produce and  release thyroid hormones.  Antiperspirant deodorant also  contains aluminum, which is a  heavy metal that is known for   

disrupting your thyroid hormones, as well as adding more heavy  metals to a body that is already not  releasing heavy metals due to a  lack of sweating. When your  thyroid gland becomes too sluggish  you will begin to notice symptoms  such as rapidly gaining weight or  trouble losing weight, sensitivity to  cold temperatures, hair loss or  dryness, constipation, dry skin,  enlarged thyroid, sexual  dysfunction, slow heart rate,  sluggishness, or irregular uterine  bleeding. Antiperspirant deodorant  also contains parabens that mimic  estrogen, which leads to estrogen  dominant disorders.    

●Purchasing all natural deodorants can help bring your hormones back  into balance, but they can be a bit  expensive, full of unrecognizable  ingredients and many of them don't  work. Making your own deodorant  can save you money, reduce the  amount of ingredients that you're  putting into your body and allow  you to experiment with a formula  that works for you as an individual.  I make my own deodorant with  only two ingredients: pure baking  soda and pure castor oil. The  baking soda keeps your armpits dry  by absorbing your sweat as it  comes out instead of blocking your   

sweat glands and it eliminates odor. The castor oil forces your  lymphatic system to circulate so  that toxins and heavy metals are  leaving your body through your  sweat. This means your deodorant  will be working for you and not  against you.    ●To make the deodorant you just  need to mix ¼ teaspoon of baking  soda with every 1 teaspoon of  castor oil. For example, you need to  mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with  4 teaspoons of castor oil. Start off  with this small amount of baking  soda and if you notice that it's not  absorbing your sweat, then add   

another ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and gradually increase the amount  until you figure out the formula  that works best for you because  some people require more baking  soda than others. But DO NOT add  a large amount of baking soda from  the beginning, because too much  baking soda will make your armpits  EXTREMELY dry and irritated.  

I purchased this tiny glass jar from Hobby Lobby ($2)

●You don't have to over saturate your armpits with this deodorant  because a little bit goes a long way.  Just test out how much works for  you, until you're satisfied with the  results. And again you should use a  glass jar instead of a plastic jar  because plastic also contains  chemicals that can lead to a  hormonal imbalance due to you  having too much estrogen in your  system. 

I purchase my Gurunanda essential oils($6) and Gurunanda oil diffuser($20) from walmart.


● Products that are used to hide or kill odor normally contain  chemicals that disrupt your  endocrine system. Your endocrine  system consist of the organs that  are responsible for producing,  releasing and regulating your  hormones. Products such as air  fresheners, plug-in, carpet  freshener, incense, burning oil and  candles release hazardous  air-pollutants that can disrupt your   

endocrine system's ability to send the chemical messages that keep  your hormones in balance. A  disruption in your endocrine  system can eventually lead to  disorders involving your breasts,  ovaries, thyroid gland, vagina and  uterus.    ●Making your own odor eliminator  from pure, all natural products can  help you eliminate the chemicals  that your inhaling that may be  keeping your hormones in an  imbalanced state. I recommend  that you use 100% pure essential  oils and an oil diffuser to saturate  your environment with pleasant   

aromas. You can also put water and a few drops of oil into a spray  bottle to make a house spray or car  spray. You can mix different  essential oils together to make  unique scents.     ●My favorite brand of essential oils  and oil diffuser is by a company  called Gurunanda. Essential oils  can be expensive, but this brand is  inexpensive and their oils are  certified as being 100% pure oils.  Remember to do your research  with essential oils because there  are a lot of fake oils on the market. 


● Make sure that your extra virgin olive oil is a certified olive oil,  because there are many olive oils in  the grocery store that are  fraudulent. Google is a great place  to find a list of certified olive oils. I  use California Ranch Olive Oil in  my body oil and to cook my food.  Also make sure your jojoba oil is  also made of 100% pure jojoba oil  by reading reviews online before  you purchase them.   

●Detox your armpits BEFORE you switch to an all natural deodorant  or your armpits are going to itch  like CRAZY! There are several  different ingredients that you can  use to detox your armpits such as  apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay,  lemon juice, charcoal, etc. You  should be able to find plenty of  recipes on Google by typing in  “armpit detox”.    ●I use the cold-pressed castor oil  that is a clear yellowish color. I've  never used Jamaican Black Castor  Oil to make deodorant so I don't  know if you will get the same  results if you choose to use it.   

D.I.Y. Hygiene Products: Restore The Balance Of Your Hormones Naturally