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Information Concerning the Lawsuit For Yaz Dangerous Yaz Side Effects Like all drugs, Yaz can cause great harm if used improperly. It can increase its user’s chances of developing potentially fatal blood clots known as thromboembolisms and raise her potassium levels to dangerous heights. For that reason, women with a history of blood clots or who smoke should not take Yaz or any drug containing drosperinone. Because of all these dangers, the FDA has conducted studies to investigate the nature of Yaz side effects. The results of these studies have led them to add to their list of requirements on the warning labels for this drug to include not taking Yaz immediately before and after surgery, as well as the dangers of blood clots. Lawsuits for Yaz The harmful and potentially fatal Yaz side effects have resulted in numerous lawsuits for Yaz—over 2,000 by the last count—specifically against the German manufacturer Bayer Pharmaceuticals. The plaintiffs who have brought these lawsuits have charged the company with not emphasizing the dangers strongly enough. These dangers had been witnessed by countless people—besides blood clots, as mentioned above, they include pulmonary embolisms, heart arrhythmia, diseases of the gallbladder, kidney disease, strokes and even heart attacks. Conversely, plaintiffs have also accused the company of exaggerated the positive effects that can result from using the drug—Bayer had claimed, for instance, that their product could cure any case of acne or PMS (premenstrual syndrome—this is a set of over 200 symptoms that often occur during the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle). The reality is that the medicine had been approved for moderate cases of acne only, and for premenstrual dysphoric disorder, a serious form of PMS. One such case, filed in May 2011, involved a 25-year-old tennis player who had taken Yaz after watching a TV commercial that said that the medication would help to improve her complexion. This is a bellwether case, one that is bound to influence similar processes in the future.

The way in which Bayer’s advertisements was also cause for concern. Even where they did talk about Yaz side effects, they did so against a background of rapidly changing scenery coupled with lively music that distract the viewer, making him think only about the positive aspects of the message. Results of the Lawsuit for Yaz A panel of the FDA voted in December 2008 to increase the warning labels on Yaz pill bottles. As a result, the drug now takes a “black box” warning—the highest on the FDA’s list, in which they place those drugs whose side effects may include death. For more information on lawsuits involving the drug, go to the official lawsuit for yaz site. Have You Been a Victim? If you or a loved one has suffered side effects of Bayer’s contraceptives, there is a website where the lawsuit for Yaz is fully explained—and for three other related drugs, Yasmin, Beyaz and Ocella—may be filed. You just fill out your first and last names, mailing address, primary and secondary phone numbers, email address, which of the four drugs you have been using, the side effect or injury that you have suffered, when you used it and whether you currently have a lawyer who represents your situation. Optionally, you may also give more information about your case and include any information about your medical history that might be relevant. You will not get any legal advice here, however, and you have only a limited time during which to file your claim.

Lawsuit For Yaz  
Lawsuit For Yaz  

We are a team of concerned citizens trying to brig awareness to the dangerous side effects of Bayer's contraception drugs Yaz, Yazmine and O...