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EXCELLENCE In Quality and Process Improvements

The seminar in Bucharest on May 23 at the JW Marriott, having as special guest Forrest W Breyfogle III, currently considered as world number one in improving processes in organizations, recently awarded with the title of Quality Man of the Year in USA, will pursue aspects of strategic implementation starting with general phrases about vision, mission, corporate values, to practical implementation of the strategy, translated into a simple and efficient system of indicators.

JW Marriott Bucuresti – Constanta Ballroom

23 mai 2013

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Presentation concept Topics covered The book: Integrated Entreprise Excellence – Business Deployment – short description Key-Note Speaker: Forrest W. Breyfogle al III-lea Special guest Shedule Types of acces Location The team

Having a a global presence, the American organization International Association of Lean Six Sigma Professionals ( organizes on the 23rd of May in Bucharest, in collaboration with Business Days and Ascendis Process Management a one-day seminar, held by Forrest Breyfogle, currently known as the world's No. 1 in process improvement within organizations, recently awarded with the title of Quality Man of the Year in USA. The event is supported by IBM and Ernst & Young Romania Romania as main partners. Author of 11 books and over 90 articles, Forrest Breyfogle brings new concepts adapted to globalized and highly competitive business environment. His methodology of Integrated Enterprise Excellence System is the most advanced in the world, allowing spectacular growth performance of organizations trough its judicious application. In a recent article titled "Avoiding Company Decline" Forrest Breyfogle shows how the failure of companies comes from the inadequate manner in which they determine the system of indicators in relation to the strategies these organizations. The seminar in Bucharest will pursue the strategic aspects of implementation of general phrases like vision, mission and corporate values, to the practical implementation of the strategy, translated into a system of adapted, simple and efficient indicators. The latest techniques and examples, for improving organizations performances will be presented during the event, this being a excellent opportunity for organizations leaders (CEO, COO, CFO) to learn how to grow their business by using the same resources.

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Challenges faced by today’s leaders. Integrated Enterprise Excellence – The solution to these challenges The need to integrate strategic planning of process improvement initiatives with the system of indicators of the organization Predictive systems of performance indicators. What does the future looks like? (Exercise, example). Nine steps to a highly performing business management system. Creating a value chain which integrates a system of predictive indicators to the processes of the organization. (Exercise, examples). Prioritize improvement projects so that the entire organization will benefit from these projects (exercises, examples) Roadmap for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business Control and management of the business through predictive indicators system. Success in business is within your reach! Q&A

The event is designed to provide leaders of organizations, entrepreneurs, CFOs, technical, operations, quality, an overview of the latest global trends in business process improvement and management. Participants will learn innovative techniques to improve business as well as answers to their problems and challenges, in an interactive workshop. At the end of the session, participants who purchase a PREMIUM type ticket will receive a free volume of Forrest Breyfogle, during an autograph session: Integrated Entreprise Excellence - Business Deployment (eng) Short presentation of book: For many organizations, scorecard & dashboard metrics, strategic planning, and/or business improvement systems are leading to activities that are not beneficial to the enterprise as the whole. Traditional organizational measurement and improvement systems, where emphasis is given to meeting goals at any cost, can lead to unintended consequences. In the extreme case, this was part of Enron's downfall. For long-lasting-over-time improved decision making to occur that is not so dependent upon the sophisticated insight of a few key individuals, an enterprise management system framework is needed that utilizes business intelligence and other information with a blending of analytics with innovation. From this wise blending, targeted strategies and efforts are created so that the business as a whole benefits. In businesses, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-based) goals need to be determined through the integration of analytics with innovation at the enterprise level and cascaded downward throughout the organization. SMART goals need to be assigned to 30,000-foot-level operational metrics improvement needs so that there is personal accountability for achievement. This personal-accountable, 30,000-foot-level operational metric improvement need creates a pull-forproject creation, which is different from traditional Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, Lean Kaizen Event, and Total Quality Management (TQM) problem solving systems, where improvement projects are often pushed-for-creation by group brainstorming sessions. A push-for-improvement project creation system can result in organizations claiming that they have saved 100 million dollars through project-completions, but nobody can find the money; i.e., a silo reported savings does not necessarily translate to an enterprise benefit. Volume 2 of this three volume series provides a step-by-step leadership-orchestrated framework roadmap for the described business issues and needs. In IEE, for example, enterprise analytics is blended innovation in the Analyze step of a unique Enterprise process Define-Measure-AnalyzeImprove-Control (E-DMAIC) roadmap - before strategy creation.

Special guest – Key-Note Speaker Forrest W. Breyfogle III Forrest W. Breyfogle is one of those people you have to meet. Founder of Smarter Solutions, named Quality Professional of the Year 2011 in the U.S. and owner of the prestigious Crosby medal offered by ASQ (American Society for Quality), Forrest Breyfogle has conducted numerous Lean Six Sigma workshop sessions as well as Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, Champion, and Executive training sessions throughout the world. Mr. Breyfogle has authored or co-authored thirteen books, published over 150 technical articles for a wide range of publications, and has been interviewed by television, radio, and publication editors about managing the dynamics of organizations and the application of all forms of enterprise improvement methodologies. His latest work, Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE), integrates in an innovative way best practice systems, tools and traditional techniques to create new values that will overcome the economic challenges of the present. Forrest Breyfogle is the one who through his work and experience, offers us a new methodology that goes beyond the traditional approach of process improvement, providing viable solutions on a highly competitive market with a high degree of uncertainty.

Guests - Speakeri Don Seymore – WorldwideSalesLeader IBM CEE (confirmed) Don Seymore is an American business consultant since 2010 and holds the position of Worldwide Sales Leader for IBM in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). He is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Don Seymour, after graduating from an MBA in IT Management, joined IBM in 1999 and was responsible for developing solutions for all IBM software brands to financial services for clients like Fidelity Investments, State Street Bank, Prudential Insurance, Bank of America, Charles Schwab Investments, the U.S. Department of theTreasury, Federal Reserve Bank of New York and many others. Since it is located in Prague, its main concern is the Business Process Management and works with all partners IBM CEE to give access to its global network of R & D labs and software quality connections to the network of global partners to develop innovative solutions for the IBM clients to realize significant value in their businesses.

SauliusAdomaitis – partner Ernst&Young Romania (to be confirmed) Saulius Adomaitis, Markets Leader of the Business Assistance Division in Central and SouthEastern Europe Ernst & Young, joined the office in Romania in May 2012 to coordinate the local business consultancy team. Saulius has 15 years experience in consultancy in infrastructure and assistance within the public sector. He participated in projects of decentralization within the electric power sector, but also structuring important investment projects in the transportation and energy sector in Central and South-East Europe, and also in the transformation of public financial management in the Baltic States Constantin Stan – CEO AscendisProcess Management (confirmed) Having a 15 years experience in business improvement, Constantin Stan joined the Ascendis team in 2008, and is responsible with developing the Process Management division. From highspeed trains (TGV) and pharma industry to sales and distribution, from maintenance to healthcare, Constantin’s expertise covers a wide range of industry and services. He led projects of optimization processes in Romania, as well as in France, UK, Holland, Switzerland. He was VP at Alstom, Six Sigma Black Belt and program management of the Dutch financial group, ING. Curently he is member of the American Association for Quality and representative in Romania of International Association for Six Sigma Certification.

The list of speakers will be updated soon. Together with the next presentation we will provide you with details regarding the speakers and the host of the event.

Excellence in Quality and Process Improvements – 23 may 2013 8:00-9:00

Inregistrarea participantilor

9:00-10:45 Sesiuni de prezentari 1 introducere in tema - moderator - Laszlo Pacso 2 prezentare invitat 1 - Constantin Stan- Ascendis Process Management 3 prezentare invitat 2 - Don Seymour - IBM 4 prezentare invitat 3 - Saulius Adomaitis - Ernst&Young (in curs de confirmare) 5 prezentare invitat 4 - (in curs de confirmare) 6 sesiuni de intrebari si raspunsuri 7 concluzii sesiune 10:45-11:15

pauza de cafea

11:15-13:00 Sesiune de prezentare Forrest Breyfogle - partea 1 1 introducere in tema - moderator - Constantin Stan 2 prezentare Forrest Breyfogle 3 concluzii sesiune 13:00-14:00


pauza de masa

14:00-15:45 Sesiune de prezentare Forrest Breyfogle - partea 2 1 introducere in tema - moderator - Constantin Stan 2 prezentare Forrest Breyfogle 3 concluzii sesiune 15:45-16:15

pauza de cafea

16:15-18:00 Sesiune de prezentare interactiva Forrest Breyfogle si invitatii sai - partea 3 1 rezumat al prezentariilor anterioare si provocari - Forrest Breyfogle 2 intrebari preluate de la participanti 3 concluzii sesiune si eveniment 18:00-19:00

cocktail si socializare

The event is structured in 4 presentation sessions. The first session will contain four presentations by four special guests who will speak about current challenges of improving processes in Romania, the trends observed in this direction, will present examples of good practice in the field and will show which is their vision with regards to the importance of process management within a company. In sessions 2 and 3, Forrest will talk about the need to integrate strategic planning process improvement initiatives with the system of indicators of the organization, predictive systems of performance indicators, creating a value chain that integrates predictive indicators system with organizational processes, control and business management through predictive indicators system and other topics (see above). Session 4 will be a refresh of the day, and also a chance for the audience to address questions. The event will be concluded by a special evening of socializing and networking together exquisite wines and other branded products.

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l oc i n zona B a s cces l a coffee brea k s tanda rd apa plata,apa minerala, cafea, ceai s upl i ment coffee brea k premi um patiserie dulce si sarata a cces l a ma s a de pra nz i n zona PREMIUM a cces l a TOMBOLA de l a fi na l ul eveni mentul ui pe ba za compl etari i ches tiona rel or de feedba ck

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There are two types of access, one BASIC no access to lunch and the book with the signature of Forrest Breyfogle and a PREMIUM access that provides features according to the above table and also includes the above mentioned book. The PREMIUM access offers you the possibility to serve lunch al the event’s location, together with Forrest Breyfogle, this beeing a good opportunity for business networking in the company of high quality people, most of them comming from top management of well known organizations from Romania. Both types of access are MULTIPASS type and allow access based on the same badge many people, but not at the same time.

You can register directly on the site: The registration process is automated. The system allows two types payment: by payment order or with credit card. Cash payment method is not recommended because it does not assure the booking of the seat.Seat is reserved only after payment confirmation. The number of seats is limited to the room capacity. For companies that want to participate with more people at the event we offer discounts according to the following scale: • For 2 up to 5 participants from one company - 5% discount • For 6 up to 10 participants from one company - 10% discount • For more than 11 participants from one company - 15% discount In case you want more people to participate in this event please contact the organizing team for invoicing and support with the registration.

JW Marriott MarriottBucharestGrand Hotel Calea 13 Septembrie no. 90, District 5 RO - 050726 Bucharest Tel: + 4021 403 0000 Fax: +4021 403 0001 email:

Business Days Team Laszlo Pacso President ADESCO Programs and partners relationships coordinator


Codruta Nicolescu Executive Director ADESCO Promoting partnerships coordinator


Krisztina Talmacs Administrative and logistic coordinator


Adela Marin Support activities coordinator +40765-345888 Carmen Ungureanu

Responsible for support activities +40741399884

Mihaela Ciconi

Reception area at the event and volunteer teams coordinator +40-746-853053

Liviu Achim Partnerships responsible +40-721-222666

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Having a a global presence, the American organization International Association of Lean Six Sigma Professionals ( organizes o...

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