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You’re looking at László Áron Boncz’s, Aaron Ncz’s portfolio. Since my cv is a bit comic like, I’ve decided to make my portfolio a little playful too. You can see a bit of me by just looking at these photos from my album.

These are my favorite vans era shoes. I don’t like conventional things too much, so I’m rather flexible. I know you’re really busy so we’ll start our journey immidately! you’ll see a company identity, flyer designs, logo designs and some posters besides my photographies, but first, my CV.

I like fencing, so I’ll go and train a little while you look through my CV. You’ll be seeing some of the important milestones of my life.

most of my medals are from taekwondo. But nowdays I do only fencing.

now you’ve read my CV, you can see how I lookedat the age of 13, doing a kick at a taekwondo training camp. As a good super hero, I never hurt anyone though!

back to the present, while you were gone looking at my CV, I’ve won some medals in fencing too. training is important, because a good hero can fight better against bad design if he has energy!

Nowdays I try to learn from graphic design as much as possible. I’ve started KREA lately. I’ve keep reading psichology, philosophy and marketing to become a really really powerful creative hero!

Let’S GO!

Enough from playing around! It’s time to take a look at my work. Let’s see how graphic design and advertising looks so far. Let’s start an identity for a shoemaker company!


Short film for an inhouseMarkting Communication challenge at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College (2011). Rotary Copenhagen has asked second grade students to come with creative ways to raise donations for polio patients. Polio, a cruel disease, has almost been eliminated already. A few weeks before I had just got impressed by the quality of Danish art after visiting Copenhagen Art Fair. We come up with the idea to involve famous Danish artists to decorate cups, that symbolized the collaboration between people against the disease. The cup also symbolized the process of donation: it’s a pot to collect healing drops into.By painting and selling enough cups, Danish citizens could save many lives and eliminate polio for good.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for going through my CV and portfolio. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me with the interactive buttons at the end of my CV.

László Áron Boncz Portfolio English  

The story of a Hero Creative fighting against bad design and unimaginative ideas...

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