Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine - Issue 28

Page 51

People are unique in their own ways, and like everyone’s fingerprints, no two people are the same. This leads us to interpret things differently, apart from one another.

believe it’s important to listen, discuss, and reflect upon where we’ve come from and where we are, then look to the future and see where we want to go collectively. Our history is like a fable that will be told to generations to come; like a time, capsule in the form of words. The story we tell, to remember and educate is mine and YOURS.

Last year, I asked myself after another year of LGBTQ+ Prides across the world, “Stephan, what does Pride mean to you?” Well, I will share with you what I discovered, but please, share with me what Pride means to I is for Inclusion: Pride means leaving none behind. you too! Everyone deserves a chance to be P is for Potential: included. You never know what Pride means owning your potential. situation someone is in and what Look how far we have come in all they are going through. It can be sorts of different pursuits of equality, tough to feel included sometimes with Pride! Most of US are constantly but when we come together with our evolving in mindset and how we view common purpose, include everyone the world. Coincidently, a lot of that who defends that purpose and who is based on worldly views. We have practices the golden rule, “Do unto the potential, as humanity, and the others as you would have them do LGBTQ+ community, to keep spreading unto you.” Well, we are stronger love and striving for equality because together. When our communication our potential is unlimited when we breaks down, it causes our bonds to are united. At the same time, it is up be severed.   to you and me to spread love and positive energy and put our individual D is for Diversity: differences aside. My mom always Pride means discovering your diversity says, “you get more bees with honey.” and letting it shine! Occasionally we get caught up in the everyday flow of R is for Remembering: the world that we forget to gaze up Pride is to remember. In this day and at the sky and look inside, instead of age with such instant gratification, we looking for ourselves in each other’s sometimes are living in the moment eyes. Through meditation and soul all too frequently. I don’t think there searching I’ve been able to uncover is anything wrong with living in the the authentic diversity inside me. I moment, I quite enjoy it myself. I do

am constantly embracing it, just like I encourage everyone else to do.

E is for Educating:

Pride is a feeling you get when your educating people on your true feelings. It is a very diverse world we live in; we are all so different and that is what the LGBTQ+ community is about.  We can’t seem to comprehend why other people don’t share our views, or we just don’t want to figure it out. Maybe we just don’t truly understand we are all different? Just like letting blue and red strongly divide us brings out nothing good inside of US.  If anything, I hope most of us can agree to disagree. More people come into the LGBTQ+ community every day, whether it be to support the community, to “come out,” or just to celebrate. Once we gain their support, I think it is important to sit down and have those conversations to educate people on who we are and what we are about. After all, #WeAreHumanity   As I said, Pride can mean so many things, but that best sums up how Pride is defined in my mind. Please let me share what Pride means to all of US! Please send what Pride means to you at Pride@, and your piece could be selected to be published on Peace, Pride, and Love to you all! Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 51