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By Clair Koetitz & Lyndon Marquez

It has been a busy fall and winter with all the organizations in the city being active with their individual events and fundraisers. PRIDE continues to be active in our community with the ongoing Bingo held monthly at Hamburger Mary’s. The November and December Bingo’s were huge successes with everyone having a wonderful time. We held our annual Basket and Wreath auctions during November and December Bingo’s with the final auction at HRC’s 3rd Thursday held at The Cosmopolitan Hotel ice skating rink on December 20th. We also held a blanket drive at the December Bingo for TransPride with over 20 blankets being donated. The magazine continues to be a source of information with the Christmas and this issue present on-line and in various locations throughout the area. November 28th was our annual meeting in which board members were elected. The governing board consists of Brady McGill, Jorge Solorio, Lucas Rangel, Clair Koetitz, Lyndon Marquez, Kawika Oliveira, Craig Oliveira, Allie Goard, Michael Mahavong, Steven Mitchel, Jean Carlos Lopez and Katheryn Aull along with 18 members on the associate board. Welcome to the new and returning board members.

PRIDE was an active participant in this year’s TransPride that was held the end of November, including Transgender Day of Remembrance. Activities were held at The Gender Box, The Center and on the strip. The Sin Sity Sisters continue to complete their fundraising activities at The Nunnery and Fun Hog Ranch. Stay tuned for the Red Dress to be held February 23rd.

AFAN continues their work for the community in a new location that will be open December 17th at 1830 E. Sahara, Suite 210, 16th. The Center was busy with many Las Vegas, NV 89104, and their AIDS events during the winter season with Walk will be held at Town Center, April ActIII and qVolution being concerned 7th. with their ongoing activities. World AIDS Day was celebrated by all Cristina Royale had a successful organizations on December 1. A USBG premier of her new video at The Christmas Party/Fundraiser for The Phoenix, November 29th. Center was held at the Sand Dollar December 16th. Ident-T* is the new Stay tuned for more exciting events Facebook page for the Transgender from all the local organization in the community. The page was created Las Vegas Valley. Check, Facebook, by The Center to continue educating websites, Instagram and Twitter to the community on their activities. stay up to date with everyone, this is a They held a very successful Youth great source of information. Thanksgiving November 15th at The Center with many youth attendees. The quarterly fundraiser for The Center “Snax” was held the end of November at The Space. In addition, The Men’s Chorus held their “Sing the Softball League held its Sin City Noel” Concert at The Space, December Classic January 17 – 20. Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 5






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about workplace advocates. Steve also did an interview with Kelsey Bone from the LAS VEGAS ACES, “Allin” is another great article. Ever heard of the Sin City Trojans? Las Vegas has its own Women’s football team they are part of the Women’s Football Alliance. Thank you Jessica Ruiz for sharing all about your team, I need to go watch them play now. ClexaCon is back in Vegas April 11 to 15, Ladies, if you’ve never been, it’s a “must go” event. The largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies. ClexaCon brings together thousands of diverse LGBTQ fans and content creators from around the world to celebrate positive representation for LGBTQ women in the media. The month of February can only mean one thing- Sin Sity Sister’s Red Dress event, please save the date February 23 for their Exotic, Eroctic Chaotic event. Would you wear a red dress for charity?

A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR By Ernie Yuen, Executive Director, Las Vegas PRIDE

Aloha! Our February/March issue is dedicated to all of the women in our lives. We are very happy to be partners with the show Fantasy. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary, with over 1,314,000 costume changes, 165 total performers and 2,000,000 guests. It takes a lot for a show to last for 20+ years. Congratulations Anita Mann and her entire staff for all that you do! Here’s to another 20 years. We did a fashion photo shoot with the current cast, highlighting the girls and the many sexy and fun costumes that they use in the show. If you have not seen the show, please do. Staff writer Steve Mitchell was busy this month, interviewing Selisse Barry from Out and Equal, a great article

8 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

The Center will be hosting its 2nd Annual Vegas Women’s Fest on March 22 & 23. Find the “she” in your shenanigans and save the date. Las Vegas PRIDE Showgirl Bingo is back, the madness started year’s ago at Pahrump Pride, and is once again back here in Las Vegas, hosted at Sam’s Town. The first event is March 16. A $30 buy-in could win you up to $15,000 in prizes. If you like Bingo and want to laugh the entire time, you need to save the date and join us. Our Bingo hosts, Carnie Asada and Cinnamen Douglas St James will be waiting for you. I promise it’s going to be a tone of fun. Don’t forget we also still have our monthly Las Vegas PRIDE Family Bingo the first Wednesday of each month at Hamburger Mary’s, COCO Vega will be hosting with our PRIDE Royalty. There are lots of great prizes, fun, yummy food and tasty cocktails. Got some big news coming soon about Las Vegas PRIDE 2019. Stay tuned! Be safe, have lots of fun, and most of all be nice to one another. In PRIDE, Ernie “Pineapple” Yuen Executive Director, Southern Nevada Association of PRIDE, Inc. & Editor, Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

ISN’T EVERYONE A LITTLE BI? BI CORNER By Steve Mitchell “Well, isn’t everyone a little Bi?” This response usually comes up in discussions about Bisexuality. The answer is simply, “No”. Or, is it? A recent study investigated neural correlates of responses to erotic pictures and videos in heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual men and women (ages 25-50). The researchers used fMRI scans to examine the brain activity while the participants viewed erotic material (pictures and videos of straight, gay and solo sex). The researchers were interested in an area of the brain called the ventral striatum, a dopamine-sensitive region that regulates feeling of pleasure in response to rewards. Not surprisingly, the patterns were consistent with sexual orientation with heterosexual men showing female-favoring responses and homosexual men showing malefavoring responses. Bisexual men tended to show less differentiation between male and female stimuli.

Bisexual and heterosexual women were similarly non-specific in their responses related to erotica featuring men and women while homosexual women preferred female erotica. While this study supports the idea that all men are not a little Bi, the study also supports that most women (self-identified “straight” and “bi”) may be a little Bi. Minimally, women appear to be more fluid than men. It’s tempting to jump to the conclusion that women are more fluid because in our society it is more acceptable for women to be fluid, at least from a straight man’s perspective. But here we see that there is organic evidence within the brain that this fluidity is an uncontrollable response in the brain. Bi-men, Bi-women and straight women all exhibited similar non-specific responses to male and female erotica. So, it appears that the Bi-way of thinking is broader than first thought,

but it is not universal. As time goes on, more and more studies will show or prove that sexual orientation and attraction are not a choice but a part of the system and chemicals that make us, us. Wondering if YOU are Bi? First test is easy. Differentiate between finding someone attractive and being attracted to them. Finding someone of the same sex attractive does not mean you’re Bi. Being attracted to someone of the same sex does. Second test (for adults only), view erotica pictures, video and/or literature as described above. Pay attention to your responses. If you are completely honest with yourself, you’ll know if you’re Straight, Gay or Bi. Finally, the next time someone shares their Bi orientation with you, please don’t respond, “Well, everyone is a little Bi.” Some, or most, but not all.

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supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and making sure that they are inclusive of BTQ+, the Building Bridges training has been modified to include the new focus. By Steve Mitchell Out & Equal Workplace Advocates (O&E) is an LGBT workplace equality, non-profit organization. It would not be a stretch to say that every LGBTQ+ person working in America is a beneficiary of the work that O&E has done over the past 2 decades. O&E started 21 years ago by Selisse Barry. Toward the end of her seminary education, Selisse came out as a lesbian. She was then kicked out of seminary. As she is fond of saying, “You shouldn’t have to choose between the job you love and the person you love.” Selisse looked for organizations to help her but there were none. As a result, she started O&E. In 1996, United Way hired Selisse as the Director of the Building Bridges program, which is seen as one of the best unconscious bias trainings in the marketplace. She started going to companies and asking what their LGBT protections were. Only 4% of Fortune 500 companies had them. Today, 96% of them have them. Sadly, there no federal protections, and states still without protections, for the LGBT population. Erin Uritus (pictured above) was named CEO of O&E last year after Selisse Barry decided to step down. Erin came out in her 20’s (in the late 90’s) as a lesbian although she was bi, pan, queer. Prior to joining O&E she had been working out of the country for 9 years. Upon returning to the States, she 12 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

felt that she was out of touch with the evolving language in the LGBT community and identity. The community had loosened up around identity and expression.

The Parkland shooting occured just as Erin joined O&E. As a result of that shooting, Corporate activism at the CEO level became more visible. Erin has brought a focus on helping corporations develop their activism. Corporations can really lead the way as we see our elected officials dropping the ball (at best) and actively working against the LGBT community (at worst). In Brazil, the new president stated that he would rather see his son dead than gay. And I don’t think I need to share examples within our own country this year. O&E is currently partnering with HRC to get corporations to sign on to Transgender Rights support.

When I think of Erin, there are two things that come to mind. “You Belong Here” is the message that Erin has had at the center of her time as CEO. That is a powerful message. 50% of the American population identifies as “lonely”. The message of belonging is needed now. Along those lines, Erin shared a Zulu greeting at the Executive Forum... “Sawabona” with the response, “Shikoba”. The meanings are “I see you”, “Therefore I exist”. “Belonging” O&E stands for every letter and seeing each other are the two and, now, non-binary and fluid themes that define Erin for me. individuals. To give you an example, at the 2017 Summit, there were If you would like more information 2 workshops on Bisexuality. This on Out and Equal, you can visit year, there was an entire track of their website at www.outandequal. workshops dedicated to Bi/Queer. org. They have done amazing work There was at least one, if not and they continue to do amazing two, workshops in every session. work. Erin is the perfect CEO to As an organization dedicated to lead ahead in our fight for equality. Having personally attended the last 3 O&E Annual Summit events, I observed a different focus and energy at both the Executive Forum in March and the Summit in Seattle this year. While there has been a large focus on the lesbian and gay demographics over the past 21 years, the nature of the workforce is changing. There are more young people identifying as LGBT or not exclusively straight.

2nd Annual VEGAS WOMEN’S FEST March 22 & 23 2019

A Community-wide Celebration for Women & our allies


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Contest *Live Music *Drink Specials

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@vegaswomensfest #vegaswomensfest FREE EVENT @vegaswomensfest2019 ADA Accessible Food Trucks

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Health Fair The Center 401 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89101


2019 R E D D R E S S FEBRUARY 23


2330 Industrial Rd



Red Dress 2019 is right around the corner. This year the event will be held on February 23. Red Dress is the largest annual fundraiser for the Sin Sity Sisters (The Holy Order Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc). The Sin Sity Sisters exist as on order of 21st century nuns who are dedicated to spreading joy, raising awareness, safe sex education and affirming each individual’s self-worth. Their ministry is one of “public manifestation and habitual perpetration”. The Sin Sity Sisters work to raise money for their “Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program” (SADAP) and other community charities. They advocate for queer rights and visibility, and conduct safer sex outreach. They work to affirm the value and beauty of all persons, particularly within the Queer community. They strive to keep

their sense of humor, never taking themselves so seriously that they forget to have fun. You’ve probably seen them at one or more events around town in their stunning make up and costumes. And, yes, they are always fun to see, chat with and take pictures.

extend the quality of life for those who are living with this disease.

The Red Dress event on February 23rd is the fundraiser that allows them to continue to provide these essential services to the community. 2019 marks the 13th year of Red Dress. Approximately 200 people will attend the event. The Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program is the Sisters’ main focus. It is held at The Industrial Event SADAP provides emergency funds Space (2330 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, 89102). VIP is from 8 pm to pay for both HIV and non-HIV – 10 pm and General Admission is medications, insurance coverage from 10pm - 1am. There will be a co-pays and health insurance DJ, live entertainment, community continuation. Their vision is to help people maintain their health presentations and a Red Dress Contest. All attendees must be and stay adherent to their lifesaving drug regimens. They desire in some form of red dress, toga, or kilt. No pants are allowed. to see everyone live happy and More details can be found at full lives without fear or shame. or on their This illness does not have to be Facebook page, Red Dress 2019. a death sentence. Medications and research have advanced and Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 19


ACES #ALLIN By Steve Mitchell In October 2017, Las Vegas became home to the WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces. The team, which started in San Antonio, unveiled their new name and logo in December 2017 and play at the Mandalay Bay arena. They finished one game out of a playoff spot in their first season under Head Coach Bill Laimbeer. Coach Laimbeer is a two-time NBA Champion with the Bad Boys-era Detroit Pistons (in the ‘80’s and early ‘90’s), a three-time WNBA Champion as head coach of the Detroit Shock (2003, 2006, 2008), and a two-time WNBA Coach of the Year. Las Vegas has proven itself to be the premiere sports marketplace. The Aces were immediately embraced and enjoy on-going, consistent support. Reception from the fans and media has been fantastic. Coupled with their partnership with MGM, the Aces will no doubt be a very successful team. Center Kelsey Bone sat down with Las Vegas PRIDE magazine recently to talk about the move to Las Vegas.

school stadium in Galveston, TX is named after her grandfather. He was the first African American to coach in an all-white school and won 5 state championships. Clearly, sports run in the family. After college, Kelsey went to play for the New York Liberty. From there she went to play for the Connecticut Sun (all-star in 2015), then on to the Phoenix Mercury, and finally to the Las Vegas Aces. Kelsey is also a businesswoman who started a hair extension and wig business recently. Ultimately, she plans to open a full store and beauty shop.

Many have the perception that all of the women that play are gay and that is, quite simply, wrong. The WNBA is comprised of a very diverse group of women who experience all of the questions, issues, and struggles that all women face (for example, if they marry their partner will they have benefits?). They do everything they can for the equality of all Americans – women, African Americans, LGBTQ, etc. Social awareness is very high among the players. The team has extensive outreach into the community including the Pride Parade, Women Inspiring Women, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Three Square Food Bank, and “Laces UP,” a mentorship program for children beginning in 2019. The League is the most diverse sports group in the United States. Las Vegas Aces Announcer Chet Buchannan is involved with the annual toy drive, literacy, and Santa Run.

During the off season, most players play overseas in places like China, Poland, and Turkey. The WNBA season runs from May through the end of September with the draft taking place in April. The 2019 season kicks off with a home game on May The Aces are very involved in 26 against Los Angeles. supporting youth basketball, fitness, and education. All WNBA players are You can follow the Aces and see the required to attend a 4-year college full 2019 season schedule at: and cannot play in the league until their class graduates. The players Twitter: @LVAces went to all of the YMCA’s over the Instagram: @lvaces summer and gave away 4 tickets per Facebook: child. Kelsey is from Houston and was very inspired by the WNBA team You can follow Kelsey’s business, in Houston growing up. Halo Hair, at: kelsey-bone-launches-halo-hair/

Kelsey has a Liberal Arts degree with a minor in Communication and Human Resources from Texas A&M. She is the oldest of 2 children (her younger brother played basketball at the University of Texas). The publicLas Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 21

Myth Busters: Nutrition & Fitness Edition By Kara Hochreiter, MS, RDN, LD

With so much conflicting information surrounding food and nutrition, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Access to Healthcare Network’s Registered Dietitian breaks down the science (or lack thereof) behind several common misconceptions. Myth #1: Weight loss is simply a matter of “calories in versus calories out” This overly simplified algebra equation may work on lab rats, but unfortunately (and also fortunately), human beings are far more complex creatures.

teaches us to focus almost exclusively on quantity rather than quality. The way our bodies break down, burn, and store calories differs depending on the overall nutritional composition of the food consumed. Rather than basing food decisions solely on caloric value, aim to include a variety of nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products in your diet. Not only do these foods tend to be naturally low in calories, but they also supply the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to keep our bodies functioning at their optimal potential.

Many factors affect our weight status and not all of these factors may be addressed through diet and exercise alone. Sleep, stress, and genetics all play important roles in regulating metabolism and require proper Myth #3: You can out-run a poor diet attention in order to achieve and sustain long-term weight loss. This popular misconception is a byproduct of the aforementioned Myth #2: All calories are created “calories in, calories out” fallacy. equal While the concept itself is appealing (it’s much easier to justify a third As a society, we have become slice of pizza when you promise to obsessed with calorie counting as a hit the gym in the morning), it’s not means of monitoring food intake and necessarily an accurate depiction of guiding food decisions. However, the reality. issue with calorie counting is that it Physiologically speaking, exercise alone is not enough to “undo” the effects of an unbalanced diet. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should quit your gym membership or give up on physical activity altogether. Exercise provides a number of benefits aside from weight loss; these include, but are not limited to, increased energy, enhanced digestion, decreased stress, and improved self-esteem.

Access to Healthcare Network offers a variety of nutrition services and resources to individuals throughout Nevada. Call us at 844-609-4623 to learn how we can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 25


NEEDS YOU! The HRC Las Vegas Gala Committee is looking for volunteers interested in assisting in the organization and operation of the 2019 Las Vegas Gala. Volunteers are needed to assist with Silent Auction, Live Auction, Production, Corporate Sponsors, Red Carpet, Volunteers, and more.

To learn more, contact us at:




March is Women’s History Month, which means it is time to reflect on the past milestones for women, examine the issues facing women today, and celebrate the incredible women who are working to change lives around the world. Lesbian, bisexual and transgender women make up some of the most important female figures in history and have made some of the most important contributions to history.

Tammy Baldwin served as the first openly gay member of the U.S. Senate. Wanda Sykes is an openly lesbian comedian and actress. Anna Paquin is an out bisexual actress. Georgina Beyer was the world’s first openly transgender mayor and Member of Parliament. Today, LGBT women are still making history and shaping our culture. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most popular figures in all of entertainment. Alice Walker is a Pulitzer Prize winner and one of the most beloved authors and poets in the world. Amanda Simpson is an aerospace expert and one of the first transgender presidential appointees to any federal government. And Iceland’s Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir is the first out lesbian head-of-state in the world.

32 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH Courtesy of GLSEN: This article originally appeared on the GLSEN Share Blog

Within the movement for LGBT equality, many of our trailblazers have been women. Barbara Gittings, Del Martin, Phyllis Lyon, Mandy Carter, Kay Lahusen, Stormé DeLarveri, Anne Kronenberg and LaWana Mayfield. Women allies played a big role moving our culture to where it is today. Figures like Janice Langbehn and Laurel Hester changed countless hearts and minds by telling their stories. And moms like Sirdeaner Walker, Judy Shepard, Elke Kennedy and Tammy Aaberg have fought through personal family tragedies to deliver messages of hope and inspire people to change. Despite the great strides LGBT women have made, there is still more work to do. Not only do women face more discrimination in employment than men. Transgender women, especially

transgender women of color, face a disproportionately higher rate of discrimination in employment, housing and several other areas compared to the general population, according to reports from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey. LGBT women also continue to face high levels of bias-motivated and intimate partner violence. A study by the Williams Institute of UCLA found bisexual women were at an elevated risk of facing intimate partner violence compared to lesbian and heterosexual women. In the 2011 report on anti-LGBT bias-motivated violence by the Anti-Violence Project, transgender women made up 40% of murder victims, but only 10% of violence survivors.


GAY BARS The Back Door

1415 E. Charleston Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 831-0621

Badlands Saloon

953 E. Sahara Ave. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 792-9262 BadlandsSaloonLasVegas Open 24/7, Gaming, No Cover

Bastille on 3rd

1402 S. 3rd St. Las Vegas, NV (702) 385-9298 Open 10am-2am, Gaming, No Cover

Fun Hog Ranch

495 E. Twain Las Vegas, NV 79169 (702) 791-7001 Open 24/7, Gaming, No Cover

The Garage

1487 E. Flamingo Rd., Suite C Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 440-6333 Open 24/7, Gaming, No Cover

The Las Vegas Eagle

3430 E. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 458-8662 Open 24/7, Gaming, No Cover 34 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

The Phoenix

4213 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 826-2422 Open Noon – 4am, Gaming, No Cover

Quadz Video Bar

4640 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169 (702) 733-0383 Open 24/7, Gaming, No Cover

Spotlight Lounge

975 E. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 431-9775 Open 24/7, Gaming, No Cover

GAY NIGHTCLUBS Charlie’s Las Vegas

5012 S. Arville Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 876-1844 Open 24/7, Gaming, No Cover

Flex Nightclub

4347 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 878-3355 Open 24/7, Gaming, No Cover

Hamburger Mary’s Cabaret

1700 E Flamingo Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 733-8787 Open 11am Mon-Sun, No Cover

Piranha Nightclub & 8 1/2 Ultralounge

4633 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169 (702) 791-0100 Open Nightly 10pm, No Cover

BUSINESSES LAMBDA Business Association 4015 Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 893-2088 LGBT Business Directory & Guide

The Black Room

1000 E. Sahara, Ave, Ste 108 Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 685-8688 Las Vegas Fetish Shop

Entourage Vegas

953 E. Sahara Ave., #19 Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 650-9191 Men’s Gym & Spa

Get Booked

4640 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89169 (702) 737-7780 Underwear/Swimwear, Accessories, Novelties, PRIDE Merchandise

Hamburger Mary’s

1700 E Flamingo Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 733-8787 *Restaurant & Bar Opening Soon

Hawks Gym

953 E. Sahara Ave., #35B Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 731-4287 Club for Men

The Gay & Lesbian Center

Lion’s Den

Gender Justice Nevada

2923 Sammy Davis Jr. Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 892-9315 Adult Novelty Merchandise

COMMUNITY RESOURCES Aid for Aids of Nevada (AFAN) 1120 Almond Tree Ln. Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 382-2326

Aids Healthcare Foundation North: (702) 639-8100 South: (702) 862-8075

American Civil Liberties Union 401 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 366-1226

Bears Las Vegas |

Betty’s Outrageous Adventures

401 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 733-9800

7465 W Lake Mead Blvd #107 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 425-7288

Golden Rainbow

714 E. Sahara Ave. #101 Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 384-2899

HRC Las Vegas

Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire P.O. Box 46481 Las Vegas, NV 89114

Leather Uniform Club (LUC) of Las Vegas

Las Vegas boys of Leather

Las Vegas Men’s Chorus PO Box 95021 Las Vegas, NV 89193 (702) 594-3393

Community Counseling Center of Las Vegas Prime Timers Southern Nevada 714 E. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 369-8700


Equality Nevada

PO Box 364433 North Las Vegas, NV 89036

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

Nevada Gay Rodeo Association (NGRA)

Nevada Tobacco Quitline 1 (800) QUIT-NOW

New Horizons Nevada Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders

PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends, of Lesbians and Gays) P.O. Box 20145 Las Vegas, NV 89112 (702) 738-7838

Prime Timers

PO Box 42424 Las Vegas, NV 89166 (702) 527-2360

Safety Specialized Alternatives for Family & Youth 4285 N. Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 385-5331

Saint Therese Center HIV Outreach Center 100 E. Lake Mead Pkwy. Henderson NV 89015 (702)564-4224

Sin Sity Sisters SADAP P.O. Box 60005 Las Vegas, NV 89160 (702) 592-6969

Southern Nevada Association of PRIDE, Inc. (Las Vegas PRIDE) 4001 S. Decatur Blvd. #37-540 Las Vegas, NV 89103-5800 (866) 930-3336

Trevor Project Suicide Hotline for LGBT Youth 1-866-488-7386

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 35


TYPES OF LESBIANS YOU’LL FIND IN A GAY BAR By Mila Jaroniec // This article was originally featured on Thought Catalog

A relatively small sampling of the many different types of girls who like girls you can expect to encounter in gay bars nationwide. If you don’t come across any of these, you are clearly not at a gay bar.

36 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

The Plastic Dyke The Plastic Dyke never has a hair out of place, most likely because it is frozen in time with the help of five different kinds of hairspray and pomade. You’ll know her when you see her: shiny combat boots, tight pants sagged low enough to show off three pairs of designer boxers, several studded belts, and a multitude of shirts colorcoordinated with a vest, a blazer and a bomber jacket. There is doubtlessly a bandana in the mix. Her selfconsciously assembled yet irreverently edgy outfit sends the dual message of “I layer like a pro” and “No really, I’m gay,” somehow girls mistake this for originality and genuine sex appeal. You can actually catch this one posing. Can also be found at: 7-Eleven buying Four Loko with pocket change

The Constantly-Pegged-AsStraight Ultra-Femme This girl shows up at the bar in 6-inch heels, a skintight mini, a pound of makeup and two feet of cleavage, but nine times out of ten ends up boozy, dejected, and in a cab to Taco Bell by the end of the night. Even though she wants nothing more than to get piledrived by an aggressive butch, everyone just assumes she’s too pretty to be gay and leaves her alone. After she gets ignored by the bartender for at least fifteen minutes, she will post up at the bar, pop her hip, sip her cocktail, flip her hair, and check her phone every three minutes, all the while shooting off “come bang me” vibes toward the herd of masculine girls hanging around obliviously. Can also be found at: Starbucks, the MAC counter

The Under-Rager Deliberately wears long sleeves to hide the obnoxious black X’s on her

hands. Before she gets kicked out for doing shots under a table, she will have successfully banged a 28-yearold peroxide blonde in a bathroom stall. She will feel a swell of pride and accomplishment for this but make sure to act like it’s NBD. Can also be found at: School

The Deceptively Sexy Faux-Butch This is the girl femmes cream over. She is, for lack of a better word, smoking hot–she puts the short hair, tattoos, great arms, and genuine swagger on display as far as the eye can see, and she’s not sorry. Unfortunately, she is also the embodiment of the “butch in the streets, femme in the sheets” archetype. She can fix your car, kill a spider, shotgun two beers at once and grill out with your dad, but you’ve got a better chance at getting a compass to point South than getting this one to give you good top. She’s aggressive and dominating in all other areas of life, but get her in bed and she’s the one throwing her legs up. This behavior usually elicits a suppressed “WTF?” reaction from the unsuspecting femme who took her home under the false assumption that she scored herself a daddy. Can also be found at: Home Depot, roller derby

The Frat Boy Prototype As the title suggests, this one is essentially a frat boy in girlie form. She burps loudly and unapologetically, still plays Edward Forty-Hands with her housemates, and is able to quote Fight Club and Family Guy in her sleep. She may or may not actually be in college. Trappings of the Frat Boy Prototype include cargo shorts, a crew cut, plaid boxers, and the requisite Live Strong bracelet. On the dance floor, she will soulfully lip sync to Lil Wayne

and prematurely grab your ass. She actually enjoys missionary. Can also be found at: The beer pong table

The Starry-Eyed New Girl Fresh off the boat from the straight side, this girl has absolutely no idea what she’s getting herself into. Though she has “experimented” with girls in the past, she has always envisioned herself ending up with a guy–until now. Excited about no longer having to S anyone’s D or panic about late periods, she embraces the lesbian life with hopeful enthusiasm. She has no idea how to approach women and can often be seen missing her mouth with the bottle of Blue Moon she’s attempting to swig from while checking them out. She is also under the strange, naive impression that dating women exclusively will make for deep, fulfilling relationships marked by partnership and mutual understanding. Can also be found at: J.Crew, brunch

The Lesbian Who Hates the Gay Bar This girl just wants to go home. The only reason she is at the bar is because her friends dragged her there, and all the drunken idiots around her only serve to reinforce the newly-formed conviction that she is never going out again. She can be seen sipping a whiskey soda through pursed lips, adjusting her cardigan, and sighing/ rolling her eyes/scoffing at all the debauchery going on. It’s times like these she wishes she were straight – until she realizes that means she would have to be straight, which is too much of a cliché and therefore not worth it. Someone will inevitably spill a drink on her before the night is over. Can also be found at: Home on her couch with her girlfriend and cats Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 37

Open 24/7 with onsite security and plenty of parking. Mention code PRIDE20 to receive 10% off your entire order! Discounts can be combined with other offers up to 25% off! *For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.

4110 S Maryland Pkwy, #1, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | 702-367-9333

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is observed on March 10 to raise awareness about how women can protect themselves and their partners from HIV. National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is a time each year when organizations and communities across the country come together to help women and girls take action to protect themselves and their partners from HIV – through prevention, testing, and treatment. The observance is sponsored by the Office on Women’s Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

HIV Among Women and Girls HIV remains a significant health issue for women and girls, who comprised 23% (280,200) of the 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States in 2011. In 2014, one out of five (9,278) of the estimated 47,165 new diagnoses of HIV infection were among women and girls over age 13. The majority of these diagnoses (87%) were attributed to heterosexual contact. While these numbers are still too high, the latest available data about HIV among women and girls

show some encouraging trends. The rate of HIV diagnoses among adult and adolescent women decreased from 8.3 per 100,000 in 2009 to 6.9 per 100,000 in 2013, due in part to a 21% reduction in the number of HIV infections among African American women from 2008 through 2014. African American and Hispanic/ Latina women continue to be disproportionately affected by HIV. The rate of HIV infection among African American women remains the highest among all women — 19 times that of white women and almost 4 times that of Hispanic/Latina women.* African American women face a number of challenges that

contribute to their higher rates of HIV infection. Among other factors, the greater number of people living with HIV (prevalence) in a community can increase the risk of HIV infection with each new sexual encounter. Although most (88%) of women living with HIV in 2014 were aware of their infection, less than half of them (45%) were engaged in medical care. Even fewer were prescribed antiretroviral medicines to treat HIV (41%), and less than a third (32%) had achieved viral suppression. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) reduces the amount of virus (viral load) in blood and body fluids and can keep people with HIV healthy for many years, and greatly reduces the chance of transmitting HIV to sex partners if taken consistently and correctly. Testing, diagnosis, and achieving viral suppression through treatment are all essential to reducing new infections and improving the health of people with HIV.

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 39

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 40


Fantasy Photography by Yev Z Photography

From Left: Isabella, Soolin, Yesi, Ashton, and Athena all wearing FANTASY Cha Cha costumes

Fantasy was created in 1999 when Anita Mann Productions was asked to develop an adult-themed show for the Luxor Las Vegas that would have a midnight show time. MIDNIGHT FANTASY was introduced and granted a six-month test run that never stopped. In 2005, MGM purchased the property and changed the name to FANTASY (the show no longer occured at midnight). Now FANTASY is on-stage daily at 10:30 pm. 42 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

“I would not have imagined that, when we opened on November 1, 1999, I would be asked for a quote about the show 20 years later. I feel so blessed and grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey… my fantasy has become a reality.” - Anita Mann, Producer, Anita Mann Productions From Left: Abby, Athena, Soolin, Delecia, and Isabella all wearing their Peek-A-Boo FANTASY solo dancing costumes Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 43

From Left: Abby, Mariah, and Delecia all wearing their Bed FANTASY nasty girl costumes

FANTASY, a dynamic topless revue, showcases the Strip’s sexiest dancers flaunting your wildest fantasies. Heating up the intimate Atrium Showroom, the women of FANTASY almost bare it all in a variety of sultry costumes throughout the high-energy dance numbers. However, while the costumes play a big role in bringing sinful scenes such as sexy schoolgirls, rowdy cowgirls, and spicy Latin dancers to life, it’s when the costumes hit the floor that jaws really drop to the same level. 44 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

From Left: Soolin, Ashton, Isabella, Lorena, Yesi, Athena, Abby, Delecia, and Mariah all wearing their Red Light FANTASY Roxanne number costumes

FANTASY has been a success for the past 20 years due in-part of the support of MGM Resorts International, and the amazing talent who have been a part of the show year after year. Anita Mann Productions thanks the entire team and all of the incredible help from Penny Levin and Wicked Creative that has kept them moving forward. Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 45

From Left: Ashton, Isabella, and Soolin all wearing their Silk FANTASY horns aerial costumes FANTASY’s vision aims to have a show with lots of talent and entertainment value that you can only see in Vegas. They want it to reach couples, as well as singles from all walks of life.

46 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

Lorena wears her FANTASY Hips Don’t Lie costume

A FANTASY girl is not only talented and beautiful, but intelligent, kind, helpful, caring and supportive. Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 47

Mariah wears a FANTASY promotional dress 48 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

FANTASY Figures 20 Years in the Making 165 1,314,000+ 1,000 7,600+ 2,000,000

The total number of performers that have graced the stage, including comedians, novelty acts, singers, and dancers. The number of costume changes that have been made by the FANTASY performers. The number of different costume sets that have been worn over the shows lifetime. The number of FANTASY performances that have occurred at LUXOR Las Vegas. The approximate number of guests that have attended the FANTASY performances..

Yesi prepares for her next appearance onstage Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 49


TROJANS By Jessica Ruiz

Pro Football season has drawn to a close. For those of us who are big football fans, the excitement of the playoffs and the Superbowl is balanced by the sadness that the season will soon be over. And then a football-draught until August. BUT… it doesn’t have to be that way! Did you know that Las Vegas has it’s very own full-contact, women’s football team? The Sin City Trojans are one of 43 teams that comprise the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA). The WFA began in 2009. The Sin City Trojans have been in Las Vegas for 5 years and is led by Coach Devin Jones. The team is open to all female and transgender players. The team roster is filled with military veterans. While football provides entertainment to

sports fans, it also helps the veterans who play with strength-building and dealing with PTSD. It is a support group for military vets and beyond. It builds confidence, teamwork and comradery. The regular season begins in March and runs until July. The playoffs go through August and then the all-star game follows. Prior to the beginning of the season, there is a football tournament in late January/ early February which will bring teams from across the country to Las Vegas. Between the NFL and the WFA we can have football 12 months a year! The Sin City Trojans have just changed their colors to dark blue and yellow (much like Michigan State) and they are working to secure a field in Sumerlin for the next few years.

The team is LGBT family-friendly and community-minded. They are eager to connect with the LGBT community and they are available for local events and fundraising. Let’s show up to their games and give them our support. You can find more information on the Sin City Trojans Facebook page and more information on the Women’s Football Alliance at http://www. . If you are interested in playing you can contact Coach Devin at (760) 684-9125 or Jessica at (702) 845-0002.

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 51

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being fabulous The sunny days made for lounging by the pool; the world-class, jaw-dropping entertainment; and the endless possibilities you’ll only find in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Guide Map 95

























































11 15 9





56 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine



















17 12














I - 15 SOUTH













Bars and Clubs 1- The Back door

8- The Garage

15- hamburger mary’s

2- Badland Saloon

9- Hamburger Mary’s cabaret

16- The gay & Lesbian Center

10- Las Vegas Eagle

17- Get Booked

11- Piranha Night Club

18- Entourage Spa

12- Quadz Video Bar

19- Hawks Gym

1415 E. Charleston Ave. 702-831-0621 953 E. Sahara Ave. 702-792-9262

3- Bastille on 3rd 1402 S. Third St. 702-385 9298

4- Charlie’s Las Vegas 5012 Arville St. 702-876-1844

5- The Phoenix 4213 W Sahara Ave. 702-826-2422

6- 8½ Ultra Lounge 4633 Paradise Rd. 702-379-9500

7- Flex Cocktail Lounge 4371 W. Charleston Blvd. 702-431-9775

1487 E. Flamingo Rd. 702-440-6333

1700 E. Flamingo Blvd. 702-733-8787

1700 E. Flamingo Blvd. 702-733-8787 3430 E. Tropicana Ave. 702 458-8662

401 S. Maryland Pkwy. 702-733-9800 4640 Paradise Rd. 702-737-7780

4633 Paradise Rd. 702-379-9500 4640 Paradise Rd. 702-733-0383

953 E. Sahara Ave., Ste A19 702-650-9191

953 E Sahara Ave., Ste 101-102 702-731-4295

13- Spotlight Lounge 975 E. Sahara Ave. 702-431-9775

14- funhog ranch 495 E. Twain Ave. 702-791-7001

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@VegasPride Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 57

Love, hope, success, family, security. Some things we all have in common. There’s nobody like me to protect the things we all value. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY. Ž

Gregory Moore CLU ChFC CASL, Agent 4312 West Charleston Blvd Bus: 702-870-9298


State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

Why Do I Even Try to Stop the Ugly Cry By Paul Cieslewicz

It is now official! I cannot watch the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga remake of A Star Is Born without turning into a blubbering mess by the end. I first saw the film at an advance screening a few days before its release on October 5th, 2018. It was essentially a packed house of women, gay men and husbands that had been dragged to the theater by their not-takingno-for-an-answer wives. I knew of the buzz surrounding the movie, and especially surrounding Lady Gaga’s performance (#OscarForGaga), but it did not prepare me for her heartwrenching final song. I held it together (sort of), with tears welling up and jaw quivering. But remembering that the music in the movie was performed live per Gaga’s request, the moment her voice cracked just slightly, I lost it completely. I was sobbing to the point of embarrassment until the song ended, and there was a moment of silence before the credits rolled. At that point I heard the rest of the theater crying just as hard as I was, and I cried a bit easier (yet still embarrassingly) knowing it wasn’t just me. Fast forward three months to the beginning of January 2019, and I found myself at a second viewing of A Star Is Born with a close friend of mine. I thought after having seen it already, and having listened to the soundtrack many times over, that the moment wouldn’t be as impactful. I was so wrong! Upon hearing the final song, I was once again weeping. Thankfully, I didn’t feel as bad as I did the first time, due to my friend also shedding 60 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

tears beside me, and the row of women behind us making our crying appear more like a sniffle compared to their soon-to-be-nominated-for-aDaytime-Emmy bawling. Hi! My name is Paul, and I’m an ugly crier. My history of ugly crying goes back to my early days when, as I was recently reminded by my older sister, I returned from a showing of For the Love of Benji crying like a baby. Though, for the record and in my defense, my age was in the single digits at the time. The age excuse doesn’t work, though, when trying to explain how the movie, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, reduces me to being barely recognizable in a pile of Kleenex, or how simply hearing the melody from “Baby Mine” from Dumbo, which includes the classic animated film and current live-action/CGI remake trailers (you better get this right, Tim Burton!), triggers elephant size tears. Even the song, “Travelin’ Soldier”, the Dixie Chicks’ version that reached #1 prior to their 2003 controversy (see the amazing Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing documentary), breaks my heart to the point of my therapist wanting to send them a Christmas card every year. Perhaps my most embarrassing cry comes from a family film. While I’ve had plenty of tears fall during the likes of Bambi, the aforementioned Dumbo and even the How To Train Your Dragon movies (The Hidden World coming February 22nd!), it’s the 1995

Bill Pullman/Christina Ricci Casper film that continues to haunt me (pun intended). Before you double over in laughter at the thought of me crying over a movie about a 75-year-old cartoon ghost that involves the term, “Smell-o-gram”, and has cameos from Dan Aykroyd in full Ghostbusters regalia and Saturday Night Live’s Father Guido Sarducci, just hear me out. There’s a tender moment during the film (cynics describe it as “creepy”) when Casper hovers next to a sleeping Kat (Ricci), and expresses his growing feelings for her by whispering, “Can I keep you?”, into her ear. At the climax of the film Casper, during a Halloween party, is granted a few moments to become flesh-and-blood once again, and dances with an unknowing Kat to Jordan Hill’s “Remember Me This Way”. When Kat looks down to see they’re dancing five feet off the floor, she clutches to him. He holds her close, and once again whispers, “Can I keep you?”, as she comes to the realization that it’s actually Casper (Devon Sawa) in human form. Cue the waterworks! I’ve longed to have a “Can I keep you?” moment of my own ever since. Gay cinema has been a source of cries, ugly and otherwise, for me for years. Admittedly, there has been a smattering of happy tears. For example: Love, Simon gave me such an empowered happy cry that after leaving the theater, I drove to the house of a friend I’ve had feelings for for years to finally give him the kiss I’d

always wanted to… only to find that he wasn’t home. That friend has no idea that I did that and won’t for the foreseeable future. Moreover, gay films tend to bring on therapeutic ugly cries for me that stem from relating way too deeply with events depicted onscreen. In A Single Man, Colin Firth’s masterful reaction, upon learning that his lover has been killed in a car accident, brought on a river of tears due to my having a similar reaction upon hearing of the deaths of two men I loved on separate occasions. The crushing

feeling of learning someone you love has attempted suicide, a scenario played out in the underrated Latter Days, left me nearly curled up in the fetal position, having experienced it on more than one occasion as well. The most deeply felt cry for me, though, came with the brilliant Call Me By Your Name. The tale of a 24-year-old and 17-year-old (I realize Armie Hammer looks much older than 24 in the movie, but that does not change the details of the story), and the “forbidden” relationship between them is reflective of the very first relationship I ever had. But while

the setting in the film is a summer in Italy, my setting (I was the 24-year-old in love with a 17-year-old) was over an almost 2-year period in central Wisconsin. Both relationships end in heartbreak, but instead of tears streaming down my face while gazing into a fireplace like in the movie, I was in tears in my car as Phil Collins’ “A Groovy Kind of Love” played in the background. Needless to say, I stayed throughout the entire credits of the film, until I could safely leave without a lot of people seeing me.

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 61

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The Back Door (702) 831-0621 / Open Friday & Saturday

Friday: Noches Norteñas Live Music / Drink Specials Saturday: Drag with Paloma Macary / GoGos

Badlands Saloon (702) 792-9262 /

Open 24 Hours / Gaming Daily Special: 2-4-1 Drinks (Mon-Sat: 12pm-7pm & 1am4am / Sun: 2am-4am) Monday: $10 Well / $20 Call Liquor Bust & 1/2 Price Martinis (9pm-Midnight or 1am-4am Tues. Morning) Tuesday: Charity Bingo with Jimmy Emerson (8:30pm), $4 Absolut or $6 Domestic/$12 Import Draft Beer Pitchers (9pm-Midnight) Wednesday: Karaoke with DJ Eric (9pm-1am) $6 Domestic/$12 Import Draft Beer Pitchers, $3 Fireball Shots or $4 Jagerbombs (8pm-Midnight) Thursday: $1 Draft Beer Pints, $3 Cuervo Gold, $4 Absolut (8pm-Midnight or 1am-4am Fri. Morning) Friday: Drag with Jimmy Emerson (11:30pm) $4 Fireball Shots, $3 Blowjobs, $5 Absolut (9pm-1am) Saturday: Dance Music & GoGo Boys (9pm-2am) Sunday: Free Brunch Buffet (1pm - Until the food’s gone!) $2 Bloody Marys, $2 Margaritas, $2 Pint Micheladas, $3 Mimosas (2pm-10pm)

Bastille on 3rd (702) 385-9298 /

Open 10am-2am / Gaming Jukebox / Free Trivia Daily Special: 2-4-1 Drinks (11am-2pm & 4pm-8pm) Monday: 1/2 Price Martinis (8pm-11pm) Tuesday: Top Shelf Tuesdays - $3 Off (8pm-11pm) Wednesday: $3.50 Patron Silver Shots (8pm-11pm) Thursday: $3 Fireball or Jager Shots (8pm-11pm) Friday: $4 Absolut (8pm-11pm) Saturday: $4 Any Jack Daniel’s or Bacardi (8pm-11pm) Sunday: $2.50 Well & $2 Off Signature Cocktails (8pm11pm)

Charlie’s Las Vegas (702) 876-1844 /

Open 2pm-5am / Gaming / Billiards / Darts Daily Special: 2-4-1 House Cocktails & Bottled Domestic Beers, $3 Domestic / $4 Imported Draft Pitchers (MonSat: 2pm-8pm) 2-For-1 Drinks (Tues/Thurs: 2pm-5am) Monday: Karaoke with Sheila Wright and DJ Mohawk (9pm), $4 Domestic/$5 Imported Draft Pitchers Tuesday: Join BGMO Las Vegas for Shirtless Tuesdays with D.j. Scott K (10pm), Beer/Liquor Busts till 2am, Best Chest Contest (1am) Wednesday: Wet Wednesdays - Hot Body Shower Contest. Guys in Men’s Underwear Drink FREE House Cocktails (10pm-2am), Show (12 am) Thursday: Charlie’s Angels Drag Show (11pm), 2-4-1 Drinks (11pm - 2am), Late Thursday Night: Cantina Night Show (1am) + Drink Specials (1am-5am) Friday: Hosted by La Cherry & DJ Luke Dice, Show (11:30pm) $20/$30 Liquor Busts, $5 Fireball Shots (9pm2am) Saturday: Studs of Charlie’s All-Male Show (11pm) DJ Mohawk, Beer Bust (9pm-2am) Sunday: Drink Specials All Day, Sexy GoGos All Night, Drag Show Hosted by Desree Herrera (10pm)

Flex Cocktail Lounge (702) 431-9775

Open 24 Hours / Gaming / Billiards / Darts Monday: Movie Mondays - Movies & Fresh Popcorn (7pm-1am) Tuesday: $2 Drafts, $2 Wells (7pm-Late) Wednesday: Dragaokie! (9pm-1am) Thursday: FlamBOYance Drag Show (11pm) Friday: Dance Party - GoGo Boys, Live DJ Saturday: What a Drag (11pm) Sunday: $4 Bloody Mary & Mimosa Specials (10am-4pm) / Sing-Along Sundays (3pm-7pm)

Fun Hog Ranch (702) 791-7001 /

Open 24 Hours / Gaming Daily Special: $2 Well & Domestic Beer (8am-Noon) / 2-4-1 Happy Hour (Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm) Monday: $4 Jager Shots, $3 Smirnoff Flavored Drinks (8pm-Midnight) / $1.50 Long Island Teas (9pm-2am)

66 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

Tuesday: $5 Fun Hog Brew, $7 Bud Lite/Miller Lite or $10 Well Liquor Bust (9pm-2am) Thursday: $5 Fun Hog Brew, $7 Bud Lite/Miller Lite or $10 Well Liquor Bust (9pm-2am) Saturday: $5 Fun Hog Brew, $7 Bud Lite/Miller Lite Beer Bust (Noon-4pm) Sunday: $2 Well or $4 ABSOLUT Bloody Marys (8am4pm) / $5 Fun Hog Brew, $7 Bud Lite/Miller Lite Beer Bust (6pm-9pm)

The Garage (702) 440-6333 /

Open 24 Hours / Billiards / Darts / Shuffleboard Daily Special: 2-4-1 Drinks (11am-7pm) Monday: $4 Absolut Cocktails / Beer Bust ($5 Domestic, $8 Import, 9pm-Midnight) Tuesday: $3 Fireball Shots / Liquor Bust ($10 Wells or $20 Premiums, 9pm-Midnight) Wednesday: $4 Jack Daniels / Beer Bust ($5 Domestic, $8 Import, 9pm-Midnight) Thursday: $3 Off Top Shelf Liquor Friday: $3 Cherry/Jager Bombs Saturday: Half Price Long Islands Sunday: $3.50 Patron Silver Shots / Liquor Bust ($10 Wells or $20 Premiums, 9pm-Midnight) / Beer Bust ($5 Domestic, $8 Import, 5pm-9pm)

The Phoenix Bar & Lounge (702) 826-2422

Open 24 Hours / Gaming / Billiards / Food Daily Special: 2-4-1 Drinks (11am-7pm) Tuesday: Funderwear Night (9pm-1am) / Underwear Night / Go Go Boys / $5 Liquor Bust Wednesday: Hump Day Happy Hour (9pm-1am) Thursday: Karaoke with Sheila (9pm-1am) Friday: Phired Up Fridays (9pm-1am) / Go Go Boys / Drag Show / Beer Bust Saturday: Brunch (11am-1pm) Sunday: Brunch (11am-1pm) / Karaoke with Sheila (9pm1am)

Hamburger Mary’s Las Vegas (702) 733-8787 / Restaurant Open 11am - 11pm Club Mary’s Open 11pm - Close

Monday: Maryoke with Shiela (7pm-10pm), $7 Domestic Draft Beer Bust or $10 Well Liquor Bust (7pm-10pm) Tuesday: Maryoke with Shiela (7pm-10pm), $5 Tito’s Cocktails Wednesday: PRIDE Family Bingo (1st Wednesday of every month, Dining 5:30pm / Bingo 6:30pm), Bonkerz Comedy Club (3rd Wednesday of every month, 7:30pm) Thursday: $7 Domestic Draft Beer Bust or $10 Well Liquor Bust (7pm-10pm), $4 Absolute Cocktails Friday: Dining with the Divas Drag Show (8pm), Cocktails and Couture Drag Show (10pm) Saturday: Drag Yourself to Brunch (All You Can Eat Buffet and Bottomless Mimosa‘s) Show at Noon, Star’s & Stilettos Drag (8pm), Cocktail Drag Show (10pm)

Sunday: Gospel Brunch and Drag Show (All You Can Eat Buffet and Bottomless Mimosa‘s) Show at Noon, Dining with the Divas Drag Show (8pm)

Piranha & 8 1/2 Ultra Lounge (702) 379-9500 /

Open 24 Hours / Gaming / Free Billiards Daily Special: 2-4-1 Liquor & Draft Beer (12pm-9pm) Monday: 50% Off Drinks (4-9pm, with Industry Card) Tuesday: Piranha Idol Karaoke / La Noche at the Tropics (Drag Show at 2am) Wednesday: Boylesque Drag Show Thursday: Drag Queen Bingo (7pm-11pm) / $20 Unlimited Wells / Hot Body Contest Friday: Theme Party Nights - 2 Rooms / Hot GoGos Saturday: Theme Party Nights - 2 Rooms / After Hours (4am) Sunday: El Deseo / Sinful Sundays Goddess Show (1:30am)

Quadz Video Bar (702) 733-0383 /

Open 24 Hours / Gaming / Billiards / Darts Daily Special: 2-4-1 Drinks (Noon-8pm) Monday: Martini Monday - 2‐4‐1 Martinis and Drinks (12pm–8pm) Tuesdays: 2-4-1 Drinks (12pm-8pm) / Tasty Tuesday Liquor & Beer Bust (8pm–11pm) Wednesday: Game Night (8pm–10pm) / Free Pool All Night / Way Back Wednesday: Retro Music Videos with DJ Ricoché (10pm‐3am) Thursday: Poker Night – No Buy‐in (6pm) / Liquor & Beer Bust (8pm–11) / Free Pool All Night Friday: Fresh Fridayz – New Music Video Premieres & Your Requests! / DJ Ricoché (11pm‐4am) / Specialty Drinks and Shot Specials All Night! Saturday: All Request Saturdays - DJ Ricoché (11pm‐4am) / Specialty Drinks and Shot Specials Sunday: Boys & Brewz Beer Bust (4pm–8pm)

Spotlight Lounge (702) 431-9775 /

Open 24 Hours / Gaming / Billiards / Darts / Shuffleboard Daily Special: 2-4-1 Well & Domestic Beer (2pm-7pm) Monday: $10 Well, $20 Call Liquor Bust (9pm-Midnight) Tuesday: $3 Jose Cuervo Gold Shots & $2 Dos Equis Draft (8pm-11pm) Wednesday: $3 Jagermeister Shot (8pm-11pm) Thursday: $3 Jagermeister Shot (8pm-11pm) Friday: $6 Long Island Ice Tea (9pm-Midnight) Saturday: $4 Jack Daniel’s Shot (9pm-Midnight) Sunday: $5 Well Martinis (8pm-11pm)

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 67

We only use human grade ingredients. If it's not good enough for you, it's not good enough for me. 2110 N Rampart Blvd | 702 737-3364 @threedogbakerylasvegas Three Dog Bakery Las Vegas







THE CENTER Complimentary Rapid HIV Testing and Counseling

401 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 733-9800 //

Monday: 10AM-12PM and 1:30PM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes) Tuesday: 10AM-12PM and 1:30PM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes) Wednesday: 10AM-12PM and 1:30PM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes) Thursday: 10AM-12PM and 1:30PM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes)

AID FOR AIDS OF NEVADA Complimentary HIV Testing

1120 Almond Tree Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 382-2326 // Monday: 8:30 AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:00PM FREE HIV Testing Tuesday: 8:30 AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:00PM FREE HIV Testing Wednesday: 8:30 AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:00PM FREE HIV Testing Thursday: 8:30 AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:00PM FREE HIV Testing Friday: 8:30 AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:00PM FREE HIV Testing

COMMUNITY COUNSELING CENTER Complimentary Rapid HIV Testing 714 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 369-8700 //

Monday: 8AM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes) Tuesday: 8AM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes) Wednesday: 8AM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes) Thursday: 8AM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes) Friday: 8AM-5PM FREE Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes)

74 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine


280 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89107 (702) 759-0708 // Monday-Friday: 8AM-4PM The following services are offered at the Sexual Health Clinic: Diagnosis and treatment of active or suspected cases of: • Chlamydia • Gonorrhea • Syphilis • HIV • Trichomonas (females only) • Bacterial Vaginosis (females only) Free condoms and instruction on how to safely use them (both male and female condoms) Follow-up bloodwork High-risk behavior counseling HIV Nursing Case Management Injection series for syphilis medication Partner notification Referrals by private physicians Sexual assault follow-up Test results and counseling

Please Note:

Basic screenings are available at the Sexual Health Clinic for $40. Basic screenings include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV. Additional fees apply for other tests. Clients seeking treatment at the Sexual Health Clinic should know that the health district is required to report cases involving assault or abuse to appropriate agencies. Services and testing are available on a drop-in basis and done by specially trained licensed and registered nurses.

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FOR NEVADA RESIDENTS! ALL for ONE! ALL for ONE! – Making Positive Connections. Become a part of an invaluable support system and learn to thrive! Come connect with other individuals to support each other along your journey. Share your stories of struggle, courage, triumph, heartbreak, disappoint, and success as you learn to live a positive life. All for One offers a safe space for sharing information and resources. All for ONE is open to individuals recently diagnosed with HIV and Long-term Survivors. The group meets every Tuesday at 6:00pm to 7:00pm Individuals enrolled in a Ryan White Program or who are interested in re-enrolling in a Ryan White Programs are especially encourage to attend. The Center offers complimentary rapid HIV testing and counseling to Nevada residents. The goal is to empower people with an awareness of their own situations and allow them to take control of their lives.

thrive and manage your health! This is a closed group, please call HIV Services at 702-802-5425 for registration. Sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.

Living Well Living Well is an educational group to help you live a positive life! Sessions are presented each week. Each session is 1.5 hours. Sessions are highly interactive and supportive with activities that will help you learn how to

• Learn to Thrive • Work with Your Health Care Provider • Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual Support • Dating, Relationship and Sex • Nutrition and Physical Activity

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Med-Time On the last Tuesday of the month, Living Well becomes Med-Time, an HIV/AIDS health education dinner and learn program. The program provides an opportunity for positive individuals to learn about medication options and treatment adherence, as well as meet with a pharmacist one on one to review all of your medications. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss any barriers you may be experiencing or any problems accessing your medication. There is no charge to attend.

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Partnering agencies represented at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center (VSRC) to assist those affected by the shooting include Clark County Social Service, Nevada Victims of Crime Program, Nevada Division of Child and Family Services, Clark County Department of Family Services, Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services, and the LVMPD Victims Services.

The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center  is a place of healing and support dedicated to serving as a resource and referral center for residents, visitors and responders affected by the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The Center is staffed by knowledgeable and caring professionals to help people access resources to help them build strength and resiliency in the aftermath of this incident. Anyone impacted by 1 October is welcome to call, email or visit the resiliency center. To protect the confidentiality of visitors, media are not allowed to visit the center without making arrangements in advance. Services that are available include victim advocacy and support, case management, counseling and spiritual care referrals, technical assistance with applying for online services including FBI Victim Assistance services and more. Free civil legal services are available including legal consultations and possible legal representation for issues involving insurance matters, medical billing problems, debt collection, housing and evictions, family law matters and more. Together our community is  #VegasStrong  as we support those affected by the 1 October shooting incident.

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From Left: Jake wears Stripes Modal Boxer, Red (UN289); Anthony wears Dystopia Long John, Red (UN279); Mike wears Dystopia, Red (UN277) all by *ES* Collection, made in Barcelona 86 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

From Left: Mike wears Sean Rocky Boxer, Red (1807); Duran wears Supportive Brief, Red (1712); Anthony wears Andy Rocky Brief, Red (1806) all by *ES* Collection, made in Barcelona

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From Left: Jake wears Brief, Red (UN170); Mike wears Boxer, Red (UN172); Anthony wears Spike Combi Boxer, Red (UN246) all by *ES* Collection, made in Barcelona 88 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

From Left: Duran wears Never Back Down Tank (TS169); Anthony wears Logo Shape Tank (TS184); Mike wears Never Back Down Badge Tank (TS170) all by *ES* Collection, made in Barcelona Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine | 89

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Equality Nevada is non-profit charity and advocacy organization. We fight for civil rights, securing full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBTQ community.

We provide leadership training’s, volunteer opportunities, and sponsorship opportunities to engage and grow the LGBT and straight-ally community involved in this fight.

LGBTQ students do not simply survive in their school but thrive, and that LGBTQ seniors enter their golden years fully supported in senior centers. Full equality in Florida will not simply come legislatively, but We are also dedicated to: improving Over the next few months and also through education and public the lives of people affected by HIV/ heading into 2019 we as a non-profit opinion, and it is critical that this AIDS; reducing the incidence of HIV organization will be working harder state has a robust LGBTQ advocacy infection; and advocating for fair and than ever in the state of Nevada. We organization that can always fight effective HIV-related public policy. will be working on securing better for this community. We need to We are an organization helping those rights for all and working on getting make sure that not only is conversion infected with HIV/AIDS. By offering critical bills passed by the Governor. therapy banned and stays that assistance, education, resources, With marriage equality finally the law way, we need to make sure it’s also awareness, and funding to help those of the land, it is critical we capitalize considered as consumer fraud. with financial needs to afford medical on the momentum we have gained treatment and medication. We are in this state to continue the march As you can see we have so much not a direct-service organization, towards full equality. work to do in this State and the fight but an advocacy arm for the LGBTQ as just started. We hope you can community of Nevada. The transgender community faces help support us, stand behind us and extreme challenges we must address, make the State of Nevada equal and and we must also ensure that our diversified for all to live and cherish. 98 | Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine



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PRIDE Magazine - Issue 25  

The Women's Issue

PRIDE Magazine - Issue 25  

The Women's Issue