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struction and enlisted about 30 volunteers for the project, built at a gay community center.

In 2015, the Museum of Modern Art acquired the flag for its design collection.

“I wanted to make it at the center, with my friends, it needed to have a real connection to nature and community, “ Baker said in the same interview.

Baker was born in Kansas in 1951, and served in the U.S. Army from 1970-72. The Army brought him to San Francisco where he found a place among the increasingly accepted and visible gay community there.

His original design included eight colored bars running horizontally, corresponding to values he believed represented the diversity of the gay community. Two colors, turquoise and pink, had to be dropped to due to the difficulty at that time of mass producing flags of that color. This compromise, however, allowed for an easily reproducible flag.

During his years in San Francisco, he crossed paths with Harvey Milk, who became the first openly gay men to hold public office in 1978. When Milk’s life was turned into a biopic, Baker was tapped to design versions of his original flag for the film. Baker was 65 and died in his sleep at his New York City home. Guide to Las Vegas PRIDE 2017 | 11

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