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Top 7 Things To Do After A Car Accident

By Garrett Ogata DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney Las Vegas, Nevada

#1 Thing To Do‌

• CALL 911 if any injuries have occurred and then notify the police immediately.

#2 Thing To Do…

• DO NOT admit guilt or liability.

#3 Thing To Do…

• Identify all parties involved in the accident and get all witness information such as name, phone numbers and addresses. • Keep a disposable camera in your car to take pictures of vehicles and scene of the accident. • Draw a simple diagram showing where each witness was in relation to the accident.

#4 Thing To Do… • Get all license plate and insurance information from each vehicle including: • • • • • •

Name Policy number Insurance company Phone numbers Coverages Driver’s license numbers

#5 Thing To Do‌

• Keep a log and document all injuries and damage.

#6 Thing To Do…

• Request a police report to be completed.

#7 Thing To Do…

• Immediately consult your attorney.

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Top 7 ThingsTo Do After a Car Accident  
Top 7 ThingsTo Do After a Car Accident  

Garret Ogata is a DUI Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has prepared a list of the top 7 things you need to do after having a car accident....