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London Ambulance Service Unison Branch Committee Meeting 8th November 2005 1030hrs – Conference Room LAS HQ Present:

Eric Roberts - Branch Secretary Eddie Brand – Chair Phil Thompson – Unison Regional Organiser George Achilles - Treasurer Andrea Shields – Welfare Officer Ian Lee – Health & Safety Officer Fred Phillips – Asst Membership Officer Rob Sydney – Communications Officer Mark Belkin – Education Officer John Gough – Labour Link Officer Paul O’Neill – Minutes Secretary Harry Day - Training Richard Chow – CAC Claudette McNaughton - CAC John A Whiting – North East Sector Julie Shirt – North East Sector Peter Hannell – North West Sector Nadine Poonawala – North West Sector David Lamey – South West Sector Sarah Hardy – South West Sector Clive Tombs – South East Sector Mark Lione – East Central Sector Gary Edwards – West Sector Karen Walling – West Sector


Dave Smith Michelle Michael Michael Apps

Introductions and Welcome - Nadine Poonawala welcomed from North West sector, taking up the vacant female seat. Previous Minutes - Minutes from 1st September 2005 Agreed as a true record. Matters arising - None

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Branch Secretary’s report (ER) - Legal report and running total of compensation. The Branch is only £831.10p away from gaining £1million in compensation for members since March 1999. - Annual Branch Elections - Nominations open 9thJanuary 06 and close 3rd February 06. Ballot papers (if required) to be sent out 20th February 06 with ballot closing on 17th March 06. Phil Thompson will act as Returning Officer. - The AGM will take place on 22nd March 2006 venue TBA. - Branch Committee meeting dates for 2006 distributed. - Thanks received for donation to Unison Welfare. - Thanks received from Janice Howard for assistance given by the Branch. - Unison Health Care Newsletter. - Correspondence regarding reconfiguration of Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts. - Request for donation towards the relief effort following the Pakistan earthquake disaster from the Unison Regional Secretary. A donation of £1000 was proposed. - NHS staff equal pay. - Joint staff side evidence to the pay review body. - Unison response to the Ambulance Review Report.

Agreed by committee.

Agreed by committee.

Agenda for Change - Christmas and New Year review. - Staff council executive agreed notes. - DoH letter 17 Oct 2005. - AfC implementation – England. - LAS AfC bulletins 9 – 14. - Terms and conditions meeting notes from 25 Oct 2005 circulated. - Review of unsocial hours payments. - Agreement for new EMT4 role to be published soon. Retired Members (MA) - No report Health and Safety (IL) - Manual Handling policy still at draft stage. Hopefully not much longer to wait, but draft is available in the meantime. - Potentially violent situations. IL to meet with Paul Webster to discuss. - CAC printers. To be raised at corporate H&S meeting. - Pegasus Trolley Bed will probably be chosen. - Stress Survey to be extended to 2000 staff. Membership (JU) - New members accepted into the branch. - Urgent need to publicise the importance of updating the membership list. Too many members have married, moved or changed workplace without informing the branch. The implications of which mean that 2 of 4


Agreed All reps

ballot forms, newsletters etc can not be accurately distributed. Treasurer (GA) - No report Communications (RS) - RS has researched the use of computer based SMS messaging to inform members and contact reps. After investigation 3 service providers, a service has been set up with 24X. An initial purchase has been made of 1000 texts at 6.5 p for a 3 month trial. Welfare (AS) - Funeral of Dave Bloxham (ex Camden) to be taking place. Donation to Farleigh Hospice has been requested by his family, rather than flowers. £50 agreed.


Equalities (DS) - No report. Education (MB) - MB made suggestions for courses that could be eligible for branch book grant (i.e. Diploma, BSc in Paramedic Science, paramedic courses or CPD etc). Costs discussed, but not yet finalised. The committee felt that written proof would be required from the person attending the course. - Stage 2 of the Grievance and Disciplinary course to be held 15/16 January 2006. Venue TBA. - First phase of the “One Step Ahead” course for reps is a refresher course , but more detailed than current union reps courses. Ideal for reps who have attended a course in the past. Labour Link (JG) - JG has been elected to serve, on behalf of the branch, on the Greater London Unison-Labour Link Committee, to continue the political lobbying activity that is vital for influencing Government policy. Comments from the meeting have been detailed in separate notes. - JG met Joanne McCartney (LAM for Enfield and Haringey) and proposed that she is invited to the next meeting to take questions from the branch. Pensions (PH) - Unlike other branches, our branch has kept Pensions at the forefront of negotiations. Thanks to the hard work of our Unison negotiators, current members pensions will suffer no detriment and will be protected up to retirement age. However, new entrants to the NHS pension will be subject to a new scheme, yet to be decided, so Pensions should remain at the forefront of our discussions. - RS and ER thanked for highlighting pension issues on the website. - Pensions Bulletin HC/116/05. 3 of 4

MB and ER

Agreed. JG to arrange


London Region Pension Campaign 6th Oct 2005. News from the General Secretary 19th and 26th October 2005. Protect our Pensions Newsletter 12. Debate for parking pensions of older workers.

PTS (vacant) - Kevin Tarsnane has now left the LAS. Replacement to be found.


CAC (JE) - No report. Regional Officer (PT) - Referrals of cases involving unfair dismissal should be applied for within 3 months of dismissal. For information, the final paid date is the last day of employment. If appealing, please inform ER ASAP so the date is not missed, hopefully avoiding the loss of tribunal date. Case Form available on website. PT requested that this information is available on the website. - ER stated that it is important to chart the dates of this procedure. - Health Training Day reminder (10.30am registration). 9th November 2005.

RS to action

Staff Council (EB) - No meeting. AOB - PH raised the issue of Insulin Dependent Diabetics. 8 staff are affected by the new policy that precludes staff with this condition from driving an emergency vehicle on blue lights. The branch has identified a potential legal case under the DDA, which is being referred to Karen Jennings, head of Health at Unison HQ. - It has been agreed that these members of staff should be kept in their current positions, but not permitted to drive on blue lights. - DL raised concerns about PSU. There have been inadequate investigations in clinical complaints. Staff have been accused of gross misconduct over clinical mistakes they may have made. DL assumed that we were moving away from blame culture and that retraining, advice and guidance is more appropriate over disciplinary action. IL stated that it takes too long to investigate even the most trivial of complaints, resulting in stress for the staff involved, especially if they are suspended without good reason. Union will be involved in forthcoming review. - JG discussed Christmas leave problems at New Malden. Discussed by committee, JG to deal. Date of next meeting 1400 hrs 9th December 2005 – Conference Room HQ

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