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3rd Brief • Mind Map • Planning • Difference between SLR & DSLR • 12 Artist pictures • 2 Artist Analysis • Compare and Contrast • Evaluation

Mind Map for Coffee Shots Place : Studio

Lighting: Flash kit in darkroom


Editing: Soft Colors, Good composition

Mainly Raw File editing, occasional de-saturation of photographs Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Style: High aperture Contrast Objects: Myself, Model

Black & White, Soft Colors

Out of focus background (short depth of field) (focusing on the object

Dark room with flash

Fast light (Not continuous

Planning Portraits Setting:

Outdoors, Indoors


Flashlights, Natural


Male, Female


Clothing, Black Background, White Background



Flash kit:


12 Artist pictures

Name: P.A.T #5 Photographer: Mirko Stoedter Date: 22nd of September,2012

Name: 500 / 1000 Photographer: Semi Lopez Date: Uknown

Name: Golden Age Photographer: David Levez Date: 8th of March, 2011

Name: The One Photographer: Marta Syrko Date: 4th of June, 2013

Name: Freedom 17 Photographer: Diego Lema Date: 17th of February, 2011

Name: Overview Photographer: Noukka Signe Date: Uknown

12 Artist pictures

Name: Raw V Photographer: Greta Tu Date: 4th of February 2013

Name: Time Flies Photographer: Dustin K Ryan Date: 28th Of Decemer 2010

Name: Mila Photographer: Alex Kolodyazhni Date: Uknown

Name: In His Eyes Photographer: Gordon McBryde Date: Unkown

Name: 1000 Words Photographer: Stephanie Schneider Date: Unkown

Name: April Johnson Photographer: Unknown Date: Septempber 2011

Diego Lema– Self-Portrait Photographer ABOUT DIEGO LEMA Born in Argentina Diego Lema is a graphic designer who often studies the art of ‘Self-portraiture’. Also a model, Lema has found a way to explore his own ideas in photography rather than being just a model and doing what others tell him. Photography has sparked Lema’s interest to produce images which transmit a message rather than just taking a photograph that looks ‘pretty.’ The total freedom of Self-photography has given Lema the freedom to create fantastic photographs with no budget and no make-up but instead just his camera.

WHY IS THIS PHOTOGRAPH SUCCESSFUL? By analyzing the above photograph a few things stand out to me. These things are lighting, composition and the facial expression and posture of the model. For me the most impressive thing is the reflection of the face captured on the surface of the water. This has created a mirror affect which makes this photo mysterious and makes us wonder how subject of this photograph feels.

HOW THIS PHOTOGRAPH INSPIRES ME This photograph inspires me to focus more on the posture of the model when taking a photograph. I believe that Lema’s work often transmits a message through the facial expression and posture of the model. These elements are clearly evident in the above photograph, therefore in the future, I would like to focus more on these key-components.

GRETA TU – Self-Portrait Photographer ABOUT GRETA TU Greta is an 18 year old girl, born and raised in Lithuania but currently allocated in Aalborg, Denmark. Photography became interested in photography at the very young age of 11. Since then photography has become her passion. Tu’s work ranges from landscapes, macro, still-life, portraits to commercial photography although she is most passionate about portraiture.


WHY IS THIS PHOTOGRAPH SUCCESSFUL? The photograph is successful because of a few aspects. Firstly I believe that the editing of the photograph gives us a small feeling of sadness and depression. Having this in mind, we also see that the model looks sad but yet determined. These aspects makes the audience think about the photograph and makes us, the audience look at it and wonder.

This photograph inspires me to try to capture an emotion. By doing this the photograph is able to send a message to the audience. This photograph makes me think that the model is a strong and independent women who is fighting for her right in a world with not much justice. This photograph makes me think about the subject matter(the model), and makes me wonder why her posture is like that and why her facial expression shows somewhat sadness and determination.

Compare & Contrast

Diego Lema

Greta Tu

Compare & Contrast By comparing the work of Diego Lema and Greta Tu, a few similarities are obvious. Strong contrast of colours, drastic lighting and fantastic composition within there work. The differences between both these photographers aren’t many at first glance, some may not even see the difference in both of these photographers styles but I beg to differ. From studying both the fantastic work of Lema and Tu I have come to the conclusion that Greta Tu puts more passion and meaning when taking photographs. I believe that her photos have subliminal meanings, I say this because of the relation between the mood of her photograph and for example the title that she has named it. Even though Lema does this also, his photographs do not seem to give me that desire to try and understand the meaning of the photograph as much as Tu’s work. From studying these photographers work, they give me a desire to go out and take photographers that actually mean something, not just click a button like most do. This is what I love about both these photographers, they are able to transfer a message only through photographs ; photographs which are of great composition and of great appearance I would like to learn a lot from these photographs, gain knowledge about lighting and most importantly transferring a certain emotion through my photographs.

Project Photographs

3 Final Photographs

Evaluation Overall I am quite please with the outcome of my photography project mainly because of the way I considered the composition and lighting of the photographs from which a strong impact upon the audience is made. One thing that I believe that I could of done more was to use more physical editing and manipulation techniques. However I don’t necessarily consider this a bad thing since I feel that I was able edit the photos in a way that I not only firstly planned but I am also happy with the final outcome of my photographs. Since the start of the project I somewhat had an idea of the style of photographs I was going for. I aimed for photographs that are visually appealing with good composition and lighting. From looking at my final results I believe I have achieved the results I wanted from the start of the project. Although at first I struggled because I wasn’t sure of the subject matter I wanted and the place where I would take the photographs. I solved this problem with a lot of experimentation and seing what works best in my eyes. The photograph I am most pleased with is the first one of the 3 final photographs. I am pleased because of the way I edited the photograph, giving the photograph color and therefore life. Apart form the editing I was quite pleased with the composition and also the lighting, especially the way the face is highlighted on one side and dark on the other. This was achieved with the help of a flashlight . When taking my photographs for this project I was greatly influenced by a photographer named Mirko Stoedter from Germany ( Mark Stoedter influnced me with the way he uses lighting, i analysed the way he used light and tried to implement his techniques into my work. I struggled at first but overall I believe I managed to take good photographs just with the use of my DSLR.

‌ I think that if overall I had more time, I would of liked to experiment more with physical manipulation of the photos. Not only would I have experimented with physical editing but I would have also tried to work on a bigger scale as to using more lights at the same time and having more models in the photographs. One thing I wanted to try was the use of artificial light to only capture the silhouette of the model. I hope to experiment more in the future and improve my skills in photography and image development.

3rd Project - Btec Photography  
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