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‫أن القطاع الخاص العُماني عليهيأ أن هيني يط‬ ‫ي ييا ييأ‬ ‫وه يميين عين يياعيو الييكيو وهي ي ي‬ ‫وقييون ييأ عييلييس الييميينيياا ي و ييطييوهيين اووا ييأ‬ ‫وا الهي يأك يميا أن عيليس اليكيريا ا وان‬ ‫الح ومي أن ه اعل وهي يعياون ميق اليقيطياع‬ ‫الخاص و هكعل لأل الهب المعيقيوس ي يهي‬ ‫لل أ هن علس ح ن اوائأك و ذلك هم ن لم هنس‬ ‫ال نمه أن لغ غياهي يريا اليميأميولي و ينيكي‬ ‫اهواارا المن ووس وون معوقا واي رولي‬ ‫وه نك‬

‫‪It is essential that the Omani private‬‬ ‫‪sector be more active, roll up its‬‬ ‫‪sleeves and prove its efficiency‬‬ ‫‪and ability to compete. The gov‬‬‫‪ernmental administrative system‬‬ ‫‪must also react and co-operate‬‬ ‫‪with the private sector. It must not‬‬ ‫‪allow bureaucracy and routine to‬‬ ‫‪hinder its good performance. With‬‬ ‫‪this, the process of development‬‬ ‫‪can reach its goals.‬‬

Our Vision

To be the premiere in constructing water pipeline network in the country and get recognized for the quality of our work and commitment.

Our Mission

Building genuine rapport with our clients through professional experience and achieve success in our project through commitment and employee satisfaction.

Our Values

Pioneers in water pipeline network since 1976

HSE Policy

In our business, safety means everything. That is why at Al-Matar Group, it considered as our first priority. We take steps to protect not only our employees, but also the customers and the communities we serve. Our safety program incorporates extensive review, training, job site monitoring and positive recognition of our employees for their safe performance and input.

Our Team

They are recognized for their hardworking and treating our customers with honesty and integrity , which leads to success in the contracting business. Our philosophy of “honesty and efficiency� on each and every job, and in each and every situation has carried through the years and throughout the company.

2012: Construction of Water Supply Systeto Al Kahel and Soqrah- Wila yat Al Jazer (Al Wusta Region) 2011: Construction of Two Bay Tanker Filling Station at Sall Al Ahmar at Bid Bid Wilayat 2011: Extension of Al Masarrat Distribution Networks in Al Dhahirah Re gion. 2010: Wadi Protection for the 600mm DI Transmission Line at Al Amirat 2010: Wadi Protection for DN 400 DI Pipe Line at Al Amirat 2009: Relocation of Water Pipelines & Chain Link Fences at Muscat International Airport 2008: Relocation of Water Pipelines & Chain Link Fences at Muscat International Airport 2008: Water Supply to Hamra Al Drua in Ibri Wilayat (Construction of De salination Plant of 800 cum/day) 2008: Diversion of 600mm, 400mm and 100mm Ductile Iron Pipe Line at Airport Heights for Golf Club

2008: Nizwa Water Supply Project- Abu Khaisah Well Field Accessories 2007: Extension to Water Supply Scheme in Buraimi (Tender No. II) 2007: Diversion of 600mm DI Pipelines at Azaiba North 2007: Independent Water and Power Project at Sohar- Water Transmission System Project 2006: Water Supply to Bid Bid, Fanja & Samail Towns- Phase-1 2005: Extension of Water Supply Services to Planned Areas in the Muscat Governorate- Al Amirat- Al Atkiya 2004: Extension of water supply services to planned areas in the Muscat Governorate - Al Amirat Area. 2003: Water Supply Scheme to Al Sifah – Al Sifah Desalination Plant 2003: Water Supply Scheme to Al Khiran – Al Khiran Desalination Plant 2002: Extension of water supply services to planned areas in Muscat Governorate - Al Hail North & Al Hail South & Seeb Area. 2000: RCC Reservoir at Seeb and Extension 1000mm dia. Pipeline

1999: Y2K Contingency Water Main Project (material supplied by the Client) 1998: Wadi Bani Habib Water Supply at Jabal Akhdar 1997: Haima & Khumkham Water Supplies (Desalination Plants) 1995: Bawsher Tanker Point 1995: Water Connection to Bawsher and Azaiba Tanker Points 1994: Buraimi & A’Sara Irrigation Project. 1992: Sur Water Supply Extension. 1991: Kumzar Water Supply Improvement Works. 1990: Muscat Water Supply Extensions Qurum Area 14A, 29A and Al Khu wair 17/1 1989: Sur Town Water Supply – Well Collector Pipe works and Well head Valve Chambers

1989: Seeb Water Supply Extensions including extension to Hayl Alawamir 1988: Azaiba Extension Pipeline (Water Connection to H.E. The Ghaz ali’s Villa) 1988: Wadi Aday Associated Works – Additional Valve Chambers for 600mm Dia. Pipeline 1987: Ghubrah South 300mm Extension and Extension upto Azaiba R/A. 1987: Sultan Qaboos University Water Supply Link. 1986: Water Supply to Fisheries and Science Centre at Bustan 1986: Water Supply to Capital Area Ministries Area Water Supply 1986: Ghubrah North 300mm Water Pipeline Extension 1985: Ghala-Boushar Water Supply Project – Water Supply to Low Cost Housing at Azaiba 1985: Qurum Area 14A Water Supply