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r e c e n t t i t l e s i n t h i s c ata lo g

Mitch O’Connell The World’s Best Artist 978-0-86719-773-0 $35.00 Available

Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU Volume 2 978-0-86719-743-3 june 15, 2013

krampus greeting cards 978-0-86719-778-5 $19.95 20 cards, 21 red envelopes Available

Incurable Disorder The Art of Elizabeth McGrath 978-0-86719-776-1 $39.95 AUGUST 15, 2013

Spain Rock, Roll, Rumbles, Rebels & Revolution 978-0-86719-782-2 $20.00 Available

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society 978-0-86719-774-7 $39.95 available

The Big Book of Bodē Tattoos 978-0-86719-779-2 $29.95 september 1, 2013

amigos de los muertos 978-086719-781-5 $24.00 Available

The Strange Tale of Panorama Island 978-0-86719-777-8 $24.95 available Previously listed as isbn 978-0-86719-732-7

High Volume The Art of Chuck Sperry 978-­0-86719-783-9 $24.95 Available

memoir The tattooed portraits series 978-086719-775-4 $39.95 Available


Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Volume 3 978-0-86719-787-7 $ 39.95 August 15, 2013

Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Volume 3 limited edition BOX SET 978-086719-771-6 $75.00 Available

The Drawings of Laurie Lipton 978-0-86719-784-6 $ 39.95 September 15, 2013

Cannabis Insanity Cool Coloring Book 978-0-86719-786-0 $ 9.95 august 15, 2013

When I Was a Kid childhood stories by boey 978-0-86719-785-3 $ 17.95 available

Soul of Science daniel martin diaz 978-0-86719-788-4 $ 40.00 july 1, 2013

Clockwise from top: Josh Keyes, Charlie Immer, Luke Chueh from Hi-Fructose Collected Edition vol 3

Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Volume 3 N e w Co n t e m p o r a r y A r t

Edited by Annie Owens & Attaboy Introduction by Morgan Spurlock Compiles and expands original material from the best-selling magazine Hi-Fructose Over 300 pages packed with intelligent interviews

and exposés on leading pop surrealists, street artists and new contemporary artists from all over the world. Artists featured in the book include Sam Gibbons, Tom Haubrick, Tara McPherson, Ekundayo, Liz McGrath, Stella Im Hultberg, Chris Berens, Jeff Gillette, Dan May, Kevin Cyr, Nicolas Di Genova, Andrew Hem, Laurie Hassold, Yosuke Ueno, Bob Dob, Chris Scarborough, Chris Ryniak, Camilla d’Errico, Mandy Greer, Glenn Barr, Charlie Immer, Thomas Doyle, Nicola Verlato, Damon Soule, Tiffany Bozic, Mark Ryden, Brandi Milne, Chet Zar, Brandt Peters, Scott Hove, Mike Shine, Gabriels, Fuco Ueda, Luke Chueh, Travis Lampe, Michael Hussar, Josh Keyes, JinYoung Yu, Todd Schorr and Michael Page. Annie Owens is a fine artist and editor/publisher born in Alabama and raised between Alabama, the Philippines, North Carolina, San Francisco and finally the East Bay, California. She graduated with a film degree from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and currently lives and works with her husband and partner in crime, Attaboy. Attaboy is an artist and toy-designing word herder who creates in numerous mediums. The end result has appeared in books, museum shows, galleries, boutiques, junk yards, toy stores, rock clubs, movie theaters, mass transit, and on cable television. His latest is a book intended for adults which folks think is meant for children. It was recently adapted for the stage, cabaret style.

978-0-86719-787-7 Art / Pop Culture $ 39.95 Hardcover 320 Pages hundreds of full color images throughout 8 ½” x 11” Publication date: August 15, 2013

Hi-Fructose Collected Edition volume 3

Introduction by Morgan Spurlock Sam Gibbons Tom Haubrick Tara McPherson Ekundayo Liz McGrath Stella Im Hultberg Chris Berens Jeff Gillette Dan May Kevin Cyr Nicolas Di Genova Andrew Hem Laurie Hassold Yosuke Ueno Bob Dob Chris Scarborough Chris Ryniak Camilla d’Errico Mandy Greer Glenn Barr

11 14 22 26 38 46 50 58 68 74 82 84 90 94 96 106 116 122 128 136 142

Charlie Immer Thomas Doyle Nicola Verlato Damon Soule Tiffany Bozic Mark Ryden Brandi Milne Chet Zar Brandt Peters Scott Hove Mike Shine Gabriels Fuco Ueda Luke Chueh Travis Lampe Michael Hussar Josh Keyes JinYoung Yu Todd Schorr Michael Page Contributors

154 160 168 174 182 190 202 208 216 224 230 234 238 246 252 258 268 278 288 304 315

(left) “Self Objectification Stategy” sculpture and Photo by Scott Hove (above)”Efil” by Yosuke Ueno


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Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Volume 3 l i m i t e d e d i t i o n B OX SET

Edited by Annie Owens & Attaboy Introduction by Morgan Spurlock

Available Only in the Box Set * A die-cut, embossed Snow Yak mask by Mark Ryden * A fold-out poster by French artist McBess * A sticker book with art from Tara McPherson, Travis Lampe, Bob Dob, Brandi Milne & Luke Chueh * A set of flocked day-glo prints from Junko Mizuno, Skinner & Martin Ontiveros, packaged in a fold-out portfolio display * All contained in an artfully-designed, solid, ribbon-tied deluxe box * Limited to just 2500 copies

978-086719-771-6 Art / Limited Edtion $75.00 Box set with hardcover and extras 320 pages Available

The Drawings of Laurie Lipton By Laurie Lipton with Mike McGee Painstakingly detailed pencil drawings by master artist Laurie Lipton The Drawings of Laurie Lipton is a comprehensive

survey of Lipton’s fantastical, meticulously detailed, hand-drawn images. Featuring more than 70 works, this is the most conclusive and ambitious publication about the artist to date. A conversation between Lipton and Begovich Gallery Director Mike McGee offers insights into her personal history, motivations and creative process. Lipton’s brief notes about several specific artworks offer further anecdotes and context. Laurie Lipton was born in New York and began drawing at the age of four. She was the first person to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honors). She has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, London and has recently moved back to the USA after 36 years abroad. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA.

978-0-86719-784-6 Art / Horror $ 39.95 Hardcover, faux leather, silver foil 160 Pages 70 b&w plates, 175 b&w images in total 9” x 12” Publication date: September 15, 2013

“... Lipton is a borderline-fanatical artist who props herself on a stick for at least 6 hours every day, drawing almost unrealizably thin lines and feathery details with a permanentpoint pencil, betraying layer upon layer of dark secrets, sleepless nights, and footsteps in the hall.” —Juxtapoz

“ Technically Lipton is a profound draftsman. She captures nuances of light and shade with masterful proficiency.” —Artweek

“Her exhibition returns constantly to the theme of social masks while laying bare those deeply harboured fantasies and terrors which belie supposedly “normal” appearances.” —The Times (London)

Inspired by the religious paintings of the Flemish School, Laurie Lipton tried to teach herself how to paint in the style of the 16th century Dutch Masters and failed.

When traveling around Europe as a student, she began developing her very own peculiar drawing technique building up tone with thousands of fine cross-hatching lines like an egg tempera painting. “It’s an insane way to draw,” she says, “but the resulting detail and luminosity is worth the amount of effort. My drawings take longer to create than a painting of equal size and detail.” “It was all abstract and conceptual art when I attended university. My teachers told me that figurative art went ‘out’ in the Middle Ages and that I should express myself using form and shapes, but splashes on canvas and rocks on the floor bored me. I knew what I wanted: to create something no one had ever seen before, something that was brewing in the back of my brain. What I wanted fell between ‘isms.’ It wasn’t ‘surreal,’ it wasn’t ‘real’... it was lurking between the two.” “I used to sit for hours in the library copying Durer, Memling, Van Eyck, Goya and Rembrandt. The photographer, Diane Arbus, was another of my inspirations. Her use of black and white hit me at the core of my Being. Black and white is the color of ancient photographs and old TV shows... it is the color of ghosts, longing, time passing, memory, and madness. Black and white ached. I realized that it was perfect for the imagery in my work.”

The Drawings of Laurie Lipton

The Drawings of Laurie Lipton

When I Was a Kid c h i l d h o o d s to r i e s b y b o e y

By Cheeming Boey Stories a little kid promised to never tell his parents.

A graphic novel without pretension, When I Was

a Kid is a collection of black and white drawings and handwritten narratives that depict short stories from a kid’s formative years growing up in Malaysia – stories of surviving school, siblings, and parents – when the world was indeed, seen as simply black and white. Dedicated to the forgotten child in all of us, these tales of imaginary heroes, lies adults like to tell children, and the dangerous mix of boredom with curiosity appeal to anyone who might long for a more innocent time when, as little kids, we all had stories we promised never to tell our parents. Boey is a Malaysian animator, artist, author, and TED Award recipient who is best known for his art on foam cups. For many years, he has entertained a handful of readers with good taste through his daily blog ( – he still does. But in an alternate universe, he is a doctor, a man of science, a father, a teacher, a lover and much, much more. He wrote this himself, and he knows that it is pretentious. Yes.

“I am so glad this book exists.” —Rainn Wilson

978-0-86719-785-3 Graphic Novels / Autobiography / Memoir $ 17.95 Paperback 186 Pages 177 black and white illustrations 6” x 9” Available

When I Was a Kid childhood stories by boey

When I Was a Kid childhood stories by boey

Rediscover the meditative art of coloring

Cannabis Insanity Cool Coloring Book 2 0 co o l i m a g e s to co lo r

By Rockin Ré 20 Insanely Intricate Images to Color This extra-large coloring book features cannabisinspired pictures selected for their challenging nature and complexity.

From "Chronic Christ" to "Dinostonar" and "Cannadragon," Rockin’ Re’s wild cannabis-inspired images will give you hours of meditative coloring activity. Beautiful and detailed images include: Red Wolf, Owl, Serenity Center, Manitou, Lion, Grey Wolf, Genesis, Weed Lovers, Manaconda, Om Ma, Symptoms in Some Cephlapods, and more. Cannabis Insanity Cool Coloring Book is printed on thick, high quality art paper. Each image is printed one-per-page so your finished artwork is suitable for framing. Born in Chicago in 1955, pop culture artist Ré has been drawing and proclaiming himself an artist from age five. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago from 1962-1966. Ré was the first artist to create and market a hemp paper coloring book and has led the way in creating cool counter cultural coloring books for adults. With a portfolio of over 300 fine line drawings, Ré has produced and distributed eight different coloring books, selling over a quarter million copies in self-published format. Ré loves to share his art and encourages everyone to explore and enlarge their creative energies.

978-0-86719-786-0 Art / Coloring Books / Crafts & Hobbies $ 9.95 Paperback 48 Pages 24 black and white images 10” x 12” Publication date: August 15, 2013

Soul of Science By Daniel Martin Diaz Mysterious drawings of scientific diagrams and secrets of symbols In Soul of Science, Daniel Martin Diaz examines the mysteries of scientific diagrams, secrets of symbols and their everlasting effect on our psyche. The inspiration for this new body of work comes from the mysteries of consciousness, self-aware systems, philosophy, cellular automata, phase transitions, time travel, and mystical behaviors at atomic and sub-atomic levels. In recent years, Diaz became immersed in scientific and philosophical theories. In particular, he became obsessed with scientific diagrams, which explain theories and properties though drawings. Although these rudimentary drawings were without any leanings towards aesthetics, he found them to be beautiful, though that is clearly not their intention. He was inspired to use the simplicity of drawing to create his own interpretations of the concepts of consciousness and other theories on a scientific, philosophical, and spiritual level. All of the projects begin as drawings, which have a beauty and intimacy that paintings cannot capture. Graphite's allure comes from its subtle lines and the quickness in which one can capture an idea.

“... a compelling, esoteric edge.” —The Los Angeles Times “Haunting depictions of angels, martyrs and saints, layered with letterforms, and mystical symbols ...” —Juxtapoz Magazine

978-0-86719-788-4 Art / Science $ 40.00 Hardcover 128 Pages 50 color images. Drawings on antique paper 8” x 10” Publication date: August 1, 2013

Soul of Science 路 Daniel Martin Diaz

Soul of Science 路 Daniel Martin Diaz

“I’m a great admirer of artist Mitch O’Connell. I’m envious of his work, which pays homage to exactly the kind of garish mid-century populuxe ephemera that triggers a kind of lowbrow Stendhal syndrome in me.” — Mark Frauenfelder,

Mitch O’Connell The World’s Best Artist

by Mitch O’Connell A Hard-Hitting, No-Holds-Barred Exposé of the Sweetest, Most Lovable Feller EVER! All the good stuff* from “The Prince of Pop Art” Encompassing everything from doodles in school books to tour de force museum masterpieces, stunning illustrations from Playboy to the New York Times and sold-out fancy pants gallery show strokes of genius from Hollywood to Tokyo, this magnum opus is sure to be revered as “the greatest collection of art ever produced!” Mitch O’Connell has somehow has been able to make a living as a freelance artist. His big shot editorial clients include Rolling Stone, Newsweek (4 covers! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!), GQ, Entertainment Weekly, The New Yorker and Juggs! Mitch has designed advertising campaign art for Coke, McDonalds, KFC, Kellogs plus many more. In-between paying jobs he creates fine art masterpieces that adorn gallery walls (the trick he’s working on now is to get folks to buy ‘em and hang ‘em on their own walls). He’s exhibited from New York to Chicago, to Germany to Miami to Tokyo to Hollywood to Mexico to wherever there’s a gallery located where he wants an excuse to vacation (Hello Paris!). Let me tell ’ya, he’s a man of simple pleasures. He loves to hang in there, hang loose, hang ten and let it all hang out, keep it real and keep on trucking, do his own thing, chill out, kick back, take care of business, keep on keeping on, get his groove on, take a load off, reach for the stars, hear where you’re coming from because he really cares about you as a person (and my is it hot in here and wouldn’t you feel more comfortable undressed my special lady?), do what he’s got to do, mellow out and rock on, long walks, sunsets, holding hands, good friends and good times!! Favorite pastime? Spreading joy wherever he goes.

978-0-86719-773-0 Art / Pop Culture / Illustration $35.00 Flexibound, glittery padded vinyl cover 284 pages Over 600 color images and 100 b&w images 8 ½” x 11” Available

* the crappy art is under lock and key

Before the Internet vomited headlines by the

millisecond and turned the minutia of a million boring Facebook lives into news, we were left the privilege of mystery. This was something The San Francisco Cacophony Society gave me in spades. Over the years, I would catch glimpses, collect pieces of a puzzle I was slowly assembling—a car crushed flat by an earthquake miraculously tooling down Golden

Gate, toasters glued to buildings, news-clips of mock protests and costumed impostors, flyers for strange art spectacles. Now the puzzle is assembled in this gorgeous graphic collection, a book every lover of eccentricity and enemy of the status quo should enjoy. —Margaret Cho

Cacophony events could range from something as simple as climbing the Golden Gate Bridge or having a discussion over drinks about a movie seen together, to something as elaborate as The Atomic Café—an event involving a hundred bedraggled “nuclear holocaust survivors” mounting elaborate costumed rituals throughout the bowels of an abandoned toothpaste factory. Yes… Cacophony was that strange.

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society Foreword by Chuck Palahniuk Edited by Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith and John Law This is the great, untold story of the 1980s and ’90s From Fight Club to Burning Man, flash mobs to Santarchy, Cacophony influenced everything subversive, playful and antiauthoritarian in popular culture over the last 20 years. A template for pranksters, artists, adventurers and

anyone interested in rampant creativity, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society is the history of the most influential underground cabal you’ve never heard of. Rising from the ashes of the mysterious and legendary Suicide Club, the Cacophony Society, at its zenith, hosted chapters in over a dozen major cities, and influenced much of what was once called the underground. The Cacophony Society’s epic exploits radically changed the way people live and play in the world. The group inspired Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and Burning Man and helped start pop culture trends including flash mobs, urban exploration, and culture jamming. A large-format, full-color, hardbound homage to this protean group, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society is packed with original art, never before published photographs, original documents and incredulous news accounts.

978-0-86719-774-7 Pop Culture / History / Performance Art $39.95 Hardcover 320 pages Over 500 color and b&w images 50 full-color illustrations 8 ½” x 11” Available

Incurable Disorder T h e A r t o f E l i z a b e t h M cG r at h

Introductions by Morgan Spurlock and Alix Sloan Dark, fantastical works layered with beauty, angst and significance. Elizabeth McGrath is influenced by the relationship

between the natural world and the detritus of consumer culture. She sculpts and paints sweetly twisted creatures, adorning them with cloth, paint, paper, gold leaf, rhinestones, shells and found objects. These creations often live in detailed dioramas, or are themselves the dioramas. Incurable Disorder is Elizabeth McGrath’s second full-length monograph, including works from 2005 to 2012. From dioramas to mixed media paintings to three-dimensional sculptures, each piece is infused with deep meaning: historical narratives, cultural references, and environmental statements, while teeming with the charm, dazzle and beauty of a lovingly crafted—and lovable—object.

“I love Liz’s mystical, magical, creations. They are the kind of creatures I want to keep company with. They make me happy.” —Mark Ryden

978-0-86719-776-1 Art $39.95 Hardcover 176 pages 200 full-color images 9¼” x 12 ¼” Publication date: August 1, 2013

The Strange Tale of Panorama Island Story and art by Suehiro Maruo Based on a novel by Edogawa Rampo Winner of the New Artist award at the 13th annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Set in 1920s Japan, The Strange Tale of Panorama

Island follows the twisted path of failed novelist Hitomi, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the son of a rich industrialist. Hitomi learns of the rich man’s sudden death and creates a desperate plan, successfully impersonating the now-dead son. Hitomi takes over all aspects of the industrialist’s life, including his company, his fortune, and eventually his wife. There he redirects the family’s wealth to his own perverse aims. On a remote and mysterious island, he builds for himself a playground of hedonistic excess—replete with decadent feasts, orgies, and dark secrets. Stunning artwork by master manga artist Suehiro Maruo deftly illustrates this Japanese pulp classic in lush detail. Maruo adapted this manga from a novella by Edogawa Rampo, the Godfather of Japanese detective fiction. Suehiro Maruo was a frequent contributor to the legendary underground manga magazine Garo. His manga works include Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show, Rose-Colored Monsters, The Laughing Vampire, and many others. Maruo enjoys a cult international following around the world, and his art has been featured on a number of albums, including John Zorn’s Naked City. This is Suehiro Maruo’s first work available in English in over a decade. Edogawa Rampo (1894 - 1965) was an immensely important figure in the development of mystery fiction in Japan. His most well known works include The Stalker in the Attic, The Black Lizard, The Monster with 20 Faces, and others. A number of films have been adapted from his works, and his stories continue to be read by new generations of mystery fans.

978-0-86719-777-8 Graphic Novels / Mystery $24.95 Hardcover, round back 274 Pages Black & white comics throughout 7 1/₈ “ x 10” Available Previously listed as isbn 978-0-86719-732-7

The Strange Tale of Panorama Island

Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU V o lu m e 2

Junko Mizuno Adventures of a space alien in search of love in an off-kilter Tokyo Pelu, the cute and fluffy gigolo from outer space, is back, determined to find himself true happiness in the form of a human bride.

Pelu’s quest to have a child continues to unfold across a surreal Tokyo cityscape populated by mythological creatures, loveable losers, living puppets, nymphomaniacs, and a visitor from Pelu’s own home world. Will Pelu finally gain the confidence to woo a bride? Can Pelu finally find a girl willing to stick around long enough to have his baby? In volume 1, our hero’s search took him from the surface of his fantastic alien planet to an off-kilter modern Japan. Artist Junko Mizuno unleashes her unique graphic storytelling sensibilities on a tale that’s frequently adorable, sometimes grotesque, and surprisingly moving.

978-0-86719-743-3 Graphic Novel / Romance / Manga $17.95 Paperback 168 Pages Black and white comics 8” x 10” Publication date: July 1, 2013 Also available : Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU vol. 1 978-0-86719-700-6 $17.95

The Big Book of Bodē Tattoos Mark Bodē Massive collection of tattoo flash drawings, including Cheech Wizard —over 400 pages! A giant compendium of tattoo flash designs

influenced by comic book and graffiti art, featuring over 400 images spanning a decade of creation. In this chunky brick of a book are voluptuous Bodē Broads, beloved characters from Vaughn Bodē’s Cheech Wizard comics, and Mark Bodē’s personal interpretation of classic tattoo motifs, including dragons, angels, demons, lions, butterflies and more. His distinct style draws influences from the worlds of comic art, graffiti, and traditional tattooing.

“...there are no sexier beings than the ladies of the Cheech! I’ve always thought they were incredibly sexy and I was happy to see them on that Big Back piece... gorgeous!” —Olivia De Berardinis, pin-up artist

978-0-86719-779-2 Art / Tattoo $29.95 Hardcover 410 Pages Over 400 black and white illustrations 7” x 9” Publication date: September 1, 2013

Amigos de los Muertos Art by Jeral Tidwell, Angryblue, Roberto Jaras Lira, and David Lozeau “A necessary book for every tattoo artist” —Bob Baxter, Celebrate life (and death) with Amigos de los Muertos, a contemporary collection of Day of the Dead art.

New takes on classic images including sugar skulls, dancing skeletons, dead musicians, the grim reaper, Evel Knievel skeletons, and more—all rendered in crisp, detailed linework. Amigos de los Muertos is beautifully designed and printed, with a faux leather debossed cover, gold foil stamping, purple ribbon, and gilded edges. The artists of Amigos de los Muertos are Jeral Tidwell, Angryblue, Roberto Jaras Lira, and David Lozeau. These four artists draw from the Dia de los Muertos tradition of Posada, blending in their own styles, influenced by tattoo art, gig posters, kustom kulture and skateboarding.

“a handy little resource book for tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike, chock full of morbidly delightful and visually inspiring Day of the Dead illustrations.” —Juxtapoz

978-086719-781-5 Art / Tattoo $24.00 Hardcover 100 pages Over 100 black & white images Available

started with a handful of paintings, the Tattooed Portraits series quickly developed into an obsession and a life-changing event for artist Shawn Barber. The series documents contemporary tattoo culture and history through fine art paintings ranging from traditional portraits to colorful, expressionistic abstractions. This beautifully printed volume contains photographs, paintings and essays chronicling a six-year living journal.

Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series includes paintings of Don Ed Hardy, Bob Roberts, Grime, Paul Booth, Marcus Pacheco, Kim Saigh, Jack Rudy, Thomas Woodruff, Aaron Cain, Mike Giant, Adrian Lee, Margaret Cho, and many more.

Memoir T h e Tat to o e d P o r t r a i t s S e r i e s

Shawn Barber Foreword by Margaret Cho Introductions by Marisa Kakoulas , C.W. Eldridge, and Kim Saigh

An intimate view of the best tattoo artists from around the world. Shawn Barber’s stunning oil paintings depict an expansive cross-section of contemporary tattoo art.

978-0-86719-775-4 Art/Tattoo $39.95 Hardcover 256 pages 10 x 12 110 full color paintings 30 color photos Available

High Volume T h e A r t o f C h u c k S p e r r y F r o m t h e 1 9 9 0 s to 2012

Compiled by Sergio E. Daniszewski, Luis M. Corrales Ruiz, Andres I. Agosin, and Alan Berry Rhys Over 60 posters from the career of rock poster legend Chuck Sperry, plus a lengthy interview with the artist. Includes studio shots and a short Sperry bio. Never known for following the consensus of any art establishment, Chuck Sperry has a strict loyalty to his craft, and has become a leading innovator of the rock poster art form. His suspicion and disdain for mainstream American politics often characterizes his approach to making art. With a sincere dedication to a broad public audience, Sperry reflects a social consicousness and draws much from the immediate urban environment. —Renee de Cossio,curator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

978-­0-86719-783-9 Art / Music $24.95 Paperback 104 pages Full color images 5.69” x 7.88” Available

Spain R o c k , R o l l , Ru m b l e s , R e b e l s & R e v o lu t i o n

The best art from legendary underground cartoonist Spain Rodriguez A curated selection of the best of Spain’s work as a

graphic artist, underground comix pioneer, illustrator, and graphic novelist and biographer spans over 43 years, beginning withSpain’s early covers for The East Village Other. There are nearly 60 illustrations in all, more than 40 of which are plates of works in the exhibition, mostly original ink-over-pencil drawings. Along the way are • Color covers for Zap #7 (1974) and Zap #12 (the 2-page wraparound, 1989) • Spain’s earliest Road Vultures story in its entirety, “Tales of R.V.M.C.” (1969) • Many pages and covers featuring his iconic characters Trashman, Sangrella, and Big Bitch • Many pages from autobiographical stories about his youth in Buffalo, NY, including his days with the Road Vultures and cruisin’ buddy Fred Tooté • Pages from historical stories about Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Makhno, “The Discovery of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Chicago ’68, Italy’s Red Brigades, and Smedley Butler (Devil Dog, 2010) • Poster art, including an example of his many posters for the San Francisco Mime Troupe • Several pages from his book-length graphic works Nightmare Alley and Che: A Graphic Biography. This exhibition catalog is published for the career retrospective of the late Manuel “Spain” Rodriguez, at The Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY.

978-0-86719-782-2 Art / Comics $20.00 Paperback with double gatefold cover 84 pages 7” x 11” Available The book contains a foreword by Anthony Bannon, Ph.D, director of the Burchfield Penney Art Center, and informative and insightful essays by the Center’s Associate Director, Don Metz, who co-curated the show, and guest-curator Edmund Cardoni.

Krampus Greeting Cards d e s i g n e d & EDITED B Y MONTE B EAU CHAMP In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nikolaus’ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps!

At Christmastime, St. Nicholas rewards children who’ve been good all year—but those who have behaved badly are visited by the Krampus!

Krampus Greeting Cards is a collection of vintage images packaged in a collectible metal tin. The set includes 20 cards—two each of 10 different designs. Decorated with a striking image of the Krampus, this is the perfect gift for a naughty friend or for yourself.

Gruss vom Krampus! Greetings from Krampus! also available Krampus The Devil of Christmas A hardcover collection of over 180 lavish pre-World War 1 Krampus postcards. 978-0-86719-747-1 $18.95

978-0-86719-778-5 Gift / Stationery $19.95 20 cards, 21 red envelopes packaged in a metal tin Each card measures 4” x 6” Full color outside, blank inside 10 different designs Available

HOW TO ORDER Individuals Please order online at or call (800) 848-4277 or visit your local bookstore Wholesale Customers Order online and click “WHOLESALE CHECKOUT” or call (800) 366-5121 or email CONTACT INFORMATION instagram: lastgasp Questions? See our F.A.Q. at Mailing address: Last Gasp 777 Florida Street San Francisco, CA, 94110 phone (415) 824-6636 fax (415) 824-1836

the fine print: Prices and availability subject to change. Contents of this catalog

are copyright 2013 Last Gasp or the individual artists, authors, and publishers. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. Opposite page and cover art by Suehiro Maruo from his book “The Strange Tale of Panorama Island”

$$ 8 8

police report excerpted from “Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society� (page 25)

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