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new graphic novels

new graphic novels ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY 20 (Chris Ware) The ACME Novelty Library #20 comprises a contributing chapter to the ongoing graphic novel experiment, “Rusty Brown.” Hardcover, Color. $23.95, 978-1-77046-020-1, 72pgs.


(Harvey Pekar) Artists and writers including Trina Robbins and Peter Kuper, with art as vibrant as the Beat movement itself. “As fresh and pertinent as the latest scholarly history, only far more entertaining.” -Studs Terkel. $14.95, 978-0-8090-1649-5, 200pgs.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY: AN EVILUTION (Charles Addams) The first book to trace The Addams Family history, presenting over 200 cartoons created by Charles Addams throughout his prolific career, many never published before. Hardcover, b&w, color. $39.95, 978-0-7649-5388-0, 224pgs. THE BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2009 (Burns, Abel, Madden, eds.) Established and up-and-coming contributers, with luminaries like Chris Ware, KAZ, Robert Crumb, more. Hardcover, b&w and color. $22.00, 978-0-618-98965-2, 334pgs.



(Gaiman, Abel, Madden, eds.) Lilli Carre, Robert Crumb, Chris Ware, Michael Kupperman, James Kochalka, C. Tyler, Lauren Weinstein, Dash Shaw, Peter Kuper, Gilbert and Mario Hernandez, more. Hardcover, Color and b&w. $23.00, 978-0-547-24177-7, 328pgs.

(Edgar P. Jacobs) Extreme weather threatens Europe. When France calls on Mortimer to solve this enigma, he visits Professor Labrousse, chief French meteorologist. English translation. Color. $15.95, 978-1-905460-97-7, 72pgs.

BLAKE & MORTIMER: THE AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE (Edgar P. Jacobs) Sworn enemy Olrik steals a precious jewel in front of their noses during a glittering reception in the French capital, and the affair threatens to turn into a full-blown diplomatic incident. Color, English edition. $15.95, 978-1-84918-037-5, 72pgs.

BLAKE & MORTIMER: THE STRANGE ENCOUNTER (Jean Van Hamme, Ted Benoit) Blake and Mortimer head to the U.S. to investigate the mystery surrounding the discovery of a 177-year-old body, which appears to have died very recently. They fight men in black to save the Earth from obliteration. Color, English edition. $15.95, 978-1-905460-75-5, 72pgs.

BLAKE & MORTIMER: THE FRANCIS BLAKE AFFAIR (Jean Van Hamme, Ted Benoit) Mortimer believes his friend has been forced to act against his will. Initial investigations sweep away this hypothesis. With MI 5 agents planning to try Blake for high treason, or kill him, Mortimer decides to find him before they do. Color, English edition. $15.95, 978-1-905460-63-2, 72pgs.

THE BLUE ASPIC (Edward Gorey) Ortenzia Caviglia is an undiscovered opera understudy whose lucky break results from the mysterious murder of the reigning diva. A heartwrenching, oddly hilarious tale of unrequited love, in Edward Gorey’s exquisite signature pen-and-ink crosshatching. Hardcover, b&w. $14.95, 978-0-7649-5062-9, 64pgs.

new graphic novels THE BOOK OF GENESIS, ILLUSTRATED BY R. CRUMB (Robert Crumb) Four years in the making, this is a tapestry of extraordinary detail: the finest work of Crumb’s career. Contains some graphic violence and sexuality. Hardcover. $24.95, 978-0-393-06102-4, 224pgs. CATS ARE WEIRD AND MORE OBSERVATIONS (Jeffrey Brown) Following the success of Cat Getting Out of a Bag, this all-new collection loosely follows the adventures of a pair of cats as they explore the world around them, indoors and out. Hardcover, color, b&w, die-cut cover with stamping. $12.95, 978-0-8118-7480-9, 108pgs. THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 7: boxed set, 1975-78

(Charles M. Schulz) A boxed set of the thirteenth and fourteenth volumes of The Complete Peanuts, designed by the award-winning graphic novelist, Seth. Ships shrinkwrapped in a sturdy box; the perfect gift book item. Hardcover, 2 volumes in slipcase, b&w. $49.99, 978-1-60699-376-7, 688pgs. THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 13: DAILIES & SUNDAYS, 1975-1976

(Charles M. Schulz) These years are especially fruitful in terms of new canine characters, as Snoopy is joined by his wandering brother Spike (from Needles), his beloved sister Belle (from Kansas City), and... did you know he had a nephew? Hardcover, b&w. $28.99, 978-1-60699-345-3, 326pgs.

BOOK OF TERNS (Peter Delacorte, Michael Witte) Long available only in dusty used bookstores and sleazy corners of the Internet, The Book of Terns reterns with a vengeance, a spiffy new cover and several never-before-seen cartoons to accompany the old favorites. Softcover, b&w. $14.95, 978-0-615-42439-2, 100pgs. THE COMIC BOOK GUIDE TO THE MISSION (Lauren Davis, ed.) Experience San Francisco’s famous Mission District, through the eyes of two dozen artists and writers: Ariel Schrag, Sean Chiki, Jamaica Dyer, Justin Hall, Mario Hernandez, Andrew Farago, Shaenon K. Garrity, Omar Mamoon, more. Softcover, b&w. $15.00, 978-0-9831103-0-9, 96pgs. THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 12: DAILIES & SUNDAYS, 1973-1974

(Charles M. Schulz) Linus and Lucy’s kid brother “Rerun” makes his first appearance! The schoolhouse Sally used to talk to starts talking back! Charlie Brown goes to camp as “Mister Sack” and discovers that he’s suddenly well-liked! Hardcover, b&w. $28.99, 978-1-60699-286-9, 328pgs. DOLLTOPIA (Abby Denson) Kitty, a restless ballerina doll, escapes her factory and heads for Dolltopia, where dolls have created their own society, separate from humans. Denson brings her trademark manga-and punk-inflected style to this imaginative graphic novel. $15.00, 978-1-931160-70-4, 120pgs.


(Gilbert Shelton) Fat Freddy’s Cat has traveled to Mexico, saved the world from alien invasion, worked as a government agent... all while doing battle with roaches and shredding Fat Freddy’s water bed. “The fully realised vision of a master storyteller and social critic.” —Comics Journal $29.99, 978-0-86166-161-9, 368pgs.

FOOTNOTES IN GAZA (SC) (Joe Sacco) Sacco’s unique visual journalism renders a contested landscape in brilliant, meticulous detail. Softcover. “One of the best long-form comics of this decade, and Sacco’s greatest work to date.” —Comics Reporter $23.00, 978-0-805092-77-6, 420pgs.

new graphic novels FUNNY (NOT FUNNY) (Ryan Standfest, editor) Black humor in contemporary American alternative comics: Ivan Brunetti, Sue Coe, Lisa Hanawalt, Glenn Head, Ben Katchor, Michael Kupperman, Mats!?, Travis Millard, Tom Neely, Mark Newgarden, David Sandlin, Rob Sato and more. Softcover, color. $14.95, 978-0-615-34871-1, 56pgs.


(George Herriman) Krazy Kat as it was meant to be seen! From the publishers of the Little Nemo deluxe reprint come 135 full-size Sunday pages from 1916-1944, plus dozens more early comics from George Herriman. Deluxe Oversize Hardcover, color and b&w, with ten postcards. $100.00, 978-0-9768885-8-1, 160pgs.

HOWL (Allen Ginsberg, Eric Drooker) First published in 1956, Allen Ginsberg’s epic poem is now a graphic novel and tie-in to the major motion picture, with graphics by acclaimed artist Eric Drooker. A magnificent visual interpretation of a classic work. Softcover, Color. $19.99, 978-0-06-201517-4, 224pgs. INTRODUCING FRACTALS: A GRAPHIC GUIDE (Lesmoir-Gordon, Rood, Edney) This graphic novel guide traces the historical development of fractal geometry, explores its descriptive powers in the natural world, and looks at the applications and the implications of its discoveries. Softcover, b&w. $9.95, 978-1-84831-087-2, 176pgs. INTRODUCING POSTMODERNISM: A GRAPHIC GUIDE TO CUTTINGEDGE THINKING

(Appignanesi, Garratt) What exactly is postmodernism? This graphic novel guide explains clearly the maddeningly enigmatic concept that has been used to define the world’s cultural condition over the last three decades. Softcover, b&w. $9.95, 978-1-84046-849-6, 192pgs. KOKO BE GOOD (Jen Wang) Koko’s always got a disastrous project cooking. This time, she’s decided to Be Good. But how can a girl whose greatest talent is trouble get her act cleaned up? Honest, wrenching, and funny. Softcover, Color. $18.99, 978-1-59643-555-1, 300pgs.

INTRODUCING FOUCAULT: A GRAPHIC GUIDE (Chris Horrocks, Zoron Jevtic) Michel Foucault: philosopher, historian, activist, and gay icon, described as “the most important event of thought in our century.” A concise graphic intro to the life and work of this colossus of 20thcentury thought. Softcover, b&w. $9.95, 978-1-84831-060-5, 176pgs. INTRODUCING NIETZSCHE: A GRAPHIC GUIDE (Laurence Gane, Piero) This brilliantly illustrated graphic novel guide explores this firebrand philosopher and shows in his work a startlingly accurate diagnosis of the ills of the 21st century. Softcover, b&w. $9.95, 978-1-84831-009-4, 176pgs. JOHNNY CASH: I SEE A DARKNESS

(Reinhard Kleist) A bestseller and award-winner in Europe, this graphic novel vividly portrays the unpredictable life of a loner, patriot, outlaw, and music rebel, through Folsom to his spectacular comeback. Softcover, b&w. $17.95, 978-0-8109-8463-9, 224pgs.

LOGICOMIX: AN EPIC SEARCH FOR TRUTH (Doxiadis, Papadimitriou) Bertrand Russell crosses paths with legendary thinkers like Godel and Wittgenstein. But his most ambitious goal–unshakable logical foundations of math–eludes him. “Smart and engaging.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review $22.95, 978-1-59691-452-0, 348pgs.

new graphic novels LOVE & ROCKETS: NEW STORIES VOL.2


(Hernandez Brothers) Starts with “Hypnotwist,” Gilbert’s wordless epic about a leggy redhead’s journey, plus the final chapter of Jaime’s acclaimed superhero mash-up “Ti-Girls Adventures.” And more! $14.99, 978-1-60699-168-8, 104pgs.

(Jason Shiga) Jimmy is in a mad scientist’s lab, with a choice between a mind-reading device, a time-travel machine, or the Killitron 3000. You lead, with tabs that take you forward, backward, upside down, and right side up. Ages 9-12. Hardcover, color. $15.95, 978-0-8109-8423-3, 80pgs.

MONSTERS (KEN DAHL) (Ken Dahl) A brutally honest account of disease and self-acceptance. “Probably the most entertaining educational comic ever.” -Jeffrey Brown. “One of the great unsung talents in American comics.” -Jason Lutes. $18.00, 978-0-9799609-4-9, 204pgs.

PRISON PIT BOOK 2 (Johnny Ryan) The balls-to-thewall series returns with more action and mayhem, blending Ryan’s fascination with WWE wrestling, grindhouse cinema, first person action video games, “Jimbo” comics, and “Berserk” Manga into a brutal, often hilarious showcase. Softcover, b&w. $12.99, 978-1-60699-383-5, 116pgs.

NEW CHARACTER PARADE (Johnny Ryan) 120 full-page strips starring 120 characters: Stink Saw, Judge Judy Dredd, Tron of Finland, Sherlock Homeless, Metaliban, Shark Fluffer, Sir Oreo Monocle, The Erotic Art Collecting Squirrel, Lesbian Spock, and many more. Softcover, b&w. $12.00, 978-1-935443-08-7, 124pgs.

PRISON PIT: BOOK 1 (Johnny Ryan) An unadulterated smash hit on its release at the 2009 Comic-Con. Imagine role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons blended with Grand Theft Auto, filtered through Ryan’s sense of humor. Softcover, b&w. $12.99, 978-1-60699-297-5, 120pgs.

THE REMEMBERED VISIT (Edward Gorey) On a long trip abroad, young Drusilla is introduced to high art and gourmet meals.... only to find herself drifting in a puzzling world. One of the most enigmatic and unforgettable of Gorey’s books. Hardcover, b&w. $14.95, 978-0-7649-5063-6, 64pgs.


(Adrian Tomine) Making light of nuptial narcissism. Tomine now opens the pages of his private sketchbook to reveal a witty, intimate account of the heady months prior to getting married. Hardcover, b&w. $9.95, 978-1-77046-034-8, 56pgs.

STITCHES: A MEMOIR (David Small) The prize-winning children’s author depicts a childhood from hell in this searing yet redemptive graphic memoir. Softcover. $15.95, 978-0-393338-96-6, 332pgs.

SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING, BOOK 1 (Moore, Bissette, Totleben) Alan Moore took the Swamp Thing to new heights with his unique narrative approach. One of the great comics of the late 20th century. Hardcover, color. $24.99, 978-1-401220-82-2,204pgs.



(Gustav Verbeek) The complete Sunday comics 1903-1905. One You turn the page upside down and the images transform to continue the story. Includes 12 Tiny Tads postcards. 11x16" hardcover, color. $60.00, 978-0-9768885-7-4, 120pgs.

(Neil Bousfield) A working-class family struggles to make ends meet. Told through full-page woodcut engravings, each page is a hyper-detailed Expressionist work of Social Realism suitable for framing. Hardcover, b&w. $19.95, 978-1-933149-29-5, 220pgs.



(Jim Woodring) Jim has delighted readers with his wordless tales of “Frank.” Weathercraft is his first full-length graphic novel set in this world, with the same hypnotically gorgeous linework and mystical iconography. Hardcover, b&w. $19.99, 978-1-60699-340-8, 104pgs.

(Jason) Sven, a semi-aimless Scandinavian artist in Montpellier, France, enjoys nocturnal raids into people’s homes, disguised as a werewolf. But he hasn’t taken into account the real Montpellier werewolves who don’t take kindly to this pretender. Color. $12.99, 978-1-60699-359-0, 48pgs.



(Daniel Clowes) Meet Wilson, an opinionated middle-aged loner who loves his dog and possibly no one else. After his father dies, Wilson sets out to find his exwife, and discovers he has a teenage daughter. Hardcover, color. $21.95, 978-1-77046-007-2, 80pgs.

(Charles Burns) Doug is having a strange night. A weird noise wakes him up, and across the room sits his beloved cat–who died years ago–but slinks through a hole in the wall, beckoning Doug to follow. Hardcover, Color. $19.95, 978-0-307-37913-9, 56pgs.

THE DONG WITH THE LUMINOUS NOSE (Edward Lear, Edward Gorey) If you know the Jumblies, you’ll want to learn more of their saga in Edward Lear’s charming love poem, illustrated by Edward Gorey. Hardcover, b&w. $14.95, 978-0-7649-5427-6, 24pgs.

THE JUMBLIES (Edward Lear, Edward Gorey) It’s impossible not to love Gorey’s interpretation of the Jumblies, exquisitely rendered in his signature pen-and-ink crosshatching. Hardcover, b&w. $14.95, 978-0-7649-5426-9, 24pgs.


(Guy Delisle) A timely and incisive portrait of a country on the tipping point, drawn with a minimal line, and interspersed with wordless vignettes and moments of Delisle’s distinctive slapstick humor. Softcover, b&w. $16.95, 978-1-77046-025-6, 208pgs.

(James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis Frederick-Frost) In this action-packed cartooning adventure, kids will have as much fun making comics as reading them! Young readers will discover that they already have the drawing and writing skills it takes to make a comic. Color. $12.99, 978-1-59643-369-4, 109pgs.

tank tankuro TANK TANKURO: PRE-WAR WORKS BY GAJO SAKAMOTO (Gajo Sakamoto) One of the first robot superheroes to appear in manga. A full-color manga with author’s notes, biography, interview and essay on the forgotten history of pre-WWII Japanese comics. Tank Tankuro paved the way for many manga artists—such as Shigeru Sugiura, Osamu Tezuka, and Fujiko Fujio—becoming the archetype for Japanese manga heroes to come. Designed by Chris Ware. Deluxe hardcover in case, 8.85x6.4, Color $29.95, 978-4-903090-24-5, 256p.

tintin: The complete companion TINTIN: THE COMPLETE COMPANION

(Michael Farr, Hergé) An overview of the world-famous comic character and his adventures through the 23 titles of the complete oeuvre, The Complete Companion contextualizes Hergé’s work and re-places it in its historical period, showing Hergé’s drawings side by side with the references he drew on to establish believable backgrounds and realistic details. Also included are a large number of sketches, which Hergé would re-work and polish until he found the clearest, most easily readable line—giving birth to a style that would later be called Clear Line. Hardcover, 9x12, full color, b&w. $35.00, 978-0-86719-754-9, 206p.

Last Gasp is proud to carry the full line of books about the Adventures of Tintin and Tintin’s creator, Georges Remi, commonly referred to as Hergé.

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: SECRET OF THE UNICORN Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are teaming up to release a 3-D motion capture film based on The Adventures of Tintin later this year. The film, directed by Spielberg and produced by Jackson, is based on three Tintin stories: The Crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn, and Red Rackham’s Treasure. The American release date is December 23, 2011.

black eye no. 1 BLACK EYE NO. 1: GRAPHIC TRANSMISSIONS TO CAUSE OCULAR TENSION (Rotland Press + Comic Works) A new anthology that collects original narrative comics, art and essays by 41 international artists and writers, all focused on the expression of black, dark or absurdist humor. With comics and art by Stephane Blanquet, Ivan Brunetti, Lilli Carre, Max Clotfelter, Al Columbia, Ludovic Debeurme, Olivier Deprez, Nikki DeSautelle, Brecht Evens, Andy Gabrysiak, Robert Goodin, Dav Guedin, Gnot Guedin, Glenn Head, Danny Hellman, Paul Hornschemeier, Ian Huebert, Kaz, Michael Kupperman, Mats!?, Fanny Michaelis, James Moore, Tom Neely, Mark Newgarden, Paul Nudd, Onsmith, Emelie Ostergren, Paul Paetzel, David Paleo, Martin Rowson, Olivier Schrauwen, Stephen Schudlich, Robert Sikoryak, Ryan Standfest, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch and Jon Vermilyea. Original essays by Jeet Heer (on S. Clay Wilson), Bob Levin (on “The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist”), Ken Parille (on Steve Ditko) and Ryan Standfest (on Al Feldstein and EC). Also includes the text “100 Good Reasons to Kill Myself Right Now,” by Roland Topor, translated into English for the first time by Edward Gauvin. Print run is limited to 1000 copies. Softcover, 7.525x10.25, b&w. $14.95, 978-0-615-45724-6, 112p.

colin’s favorite last gasp publications ARAB IN AMERICA


(Toufic El Rassi) Keen observations, clever insights and painful honesty make El Rassi’s work shine as a critical 21st century memoir. “Pen Power” —The Wall Street Journal $14.95, 978-0-86719-673-3, 118pgs.

(Hideshi Hino) Hideshi Hino is the master of horror comics. Features three never-before-seen short manga stories, all in full color. Hardcover. $29.95, 978-0-86719-677-1, 80pgs.



(Keiji Nakazawa) Softcover, b&w. “Some of the best comics ever done.” —R. Crumb $14.95, 978-0-86719-602-3, 284pgs.

(Carol Lay) Irene has a lip plate that always gets in the way. $14.95, 978-0-86719-659-7, 132pgs.

LITTLE FLUFFY GIGOLO PELU (Junko Mizuno) A space alien love story by the one-and-only Junko Mizuno. This item is not really erotica, but it does contain a fair amount of nudity. 8x10", softbound, color and b&w. $17.95, 978-0-86719-700-6, 172pgs.

PINOCCHIO (Winshluss) Winner of the top prize at Angoulême. Hardcover, Paper over board, Color, b&w. $29.95, 978-0-86719-751-8, 192pgs.



(Fumiyo Kouno) A best seller in Japan this beautiful, award-winning manga appears in English for the first time. Interwoven stories about Hiroshima that will make you cry. Softcover. $9.99, 978-0-86719-665-8, 104pgs.

(Nathan Jurevicius) A kind and intelligent octopus wants to keep Scarygirl safe, but she needs answers. A stunning, colorful, wordless graphic novel. Hardcover, Last Gasp edition. $25.00, 978-0-86719-738-9, 128pgs.

R. CRUMB’S AMERICA (Robert Crumb) Crumb takes on the US of A. $19.95, 978-0-86719-430-2, 96pgs.

TOKYO ZOMBIE (Yusaku Hanakuma) Jiu-jitsu x zombies = brilliantly stupid (and also the best comic ever). Softcover, b&w. $9.95, 978-0-86719-701-3, 164pgs.



(Justin Green) The 1971 classic where Binky Brown meets the Holy Virgin Mary. The perfect Christmas present for your Catholic friends! $19.95, 978-0-86719-332-9, 96pgs.

(John Benson, Greg Sadowski, eds.) These “lost” pre-code horror comics are masterpieces of the macabre. Stories and covers by Jack Cole, Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson, Basil Wolverton, more. Softcover, Color. $29.99, 978-1-60699-343-9, 320pgs.



(Graham Roumieu) A hilarious bestseller about Bigfoot’s struggles in the modern world. Hardcover. $12.95, 978-0916397-84-5, 44pgs.

Illustrations and comic panels by Robert Crumb. Still one of Crumb’s most beautifully illustrated pieces of work. $14.95, 978-1-560978-06-0, 176pgs.

PET NOIR (Graphic novel) (Shannon O’Leary) This anthology of pet crime comics is like a veterinary CSI. Art by Andy Ristaino, Mary Fleener, Lark Pien, others. This graphic novel includes most stories from the comic, plus more. $13.95, 978-1-933149-11-0, 126pgs.

(Joe Simon, Jack Kirby) 500 pages of comics by the masters of the superhero genre. This is the only edition authorized by both Simon and the estate of Kirby, gathered from the official archives. Hardcover, Color. $49.95, 978-1-84856-365-0, 480pgs.



(Charles Burns) This and Black Hole are Burns’ masterworks.Collects classic stories starring Dog Boy and Mister Blister and never-before-published stuff. Softcover. $16.99, 978-1-606991-67-1, 96pgs.

(Steve Ditko) Steve Ditko’s 50s sci-fi comics are pure pulp gold. Over 200 pages of never-beforecollected horror and science-fiction stories from his early career. Hardcover, Color. $39.99, 978-1-60699-380-4, 240pgs.



(Neil Bousfield) This beautiful woodcut graphic novel is an expressionist work of art, suitable for framing. Hardcover, b&w. $19.95, 978-1-933149-29-5, 220pgs.



(Basil Wolverton) Wolverton’s paranoid 1950s take on the greatest book makes for beautiful art that can move even non-believers. Hardcover, b&w. $24.99, 978-1-56097-964-7, 320pgs.

“Don’t forget our foreign language imports. Magnifique!” —Jeri LES LARMES DU TIGRE


(Comès) Didier Comès uses a very strong and very personal black & white style to tell stories of magic and myth. Leaving the modern world, this new story takes us to Pre Colombian Alaska, not long after the First Americans moved from Siberia. Text in French. $12.95, 62pgs.

(Jose Munoz, Carlos Sampayo) By the creators of “Sinners,” this graphic novel has a gorgeous, painterly style, in high-contrast black-and-white reminiscent of Edvard Munch. Text in French. $28.00, 88pgs.


(Louis Joos) An illustrated journey through Mingus’ life and art via inky black portraits of his collaborations with other great artists. Text in French. $19.95, 104pgs.


(Marc-Antoine Mathieu) Another tale set in that bureaucracy led over crowded society. Stark contrast defines the climate of this story. Hardcover, b&w, text in French. $17.95, 64pgs.

KID CONGO THIERRY GUITARD: 1er ROUND (Thierry Guitard) Beautifully odd paintings in a style not dissimilar to Charles Burns. Text in French. $15.95, 978-2-9098-8226-0, 16pgs.

(Jacques de Loustal, Philippe Paringaux) From the African “colonies” to pre-World War 1 Paris, the story of Kid Congo, who became a boxer and a lover and a casualty of war. A solid story drawn in that fake minimalism of Loustal. Hardcover, text in French. $21.95, 72pgs.



(E. Gilbert, editor) Viper, from France. The third issue of the original European underground comix mag. Text in French. $3.50, 56pgs.

(Various) Viper, from France. The original European underground comix mag. Text in French. $3.50, 56pgs.



(Various) Viper, from France. The original European underground comix mag. Text in French. $3.50

(Various) Viper, from France. The original European underground comix mag. Text in French. $3.50


SOME GREAT CARTOONISTS & one guy cartoonist (Kristine’s favorites) CHILD’S LIFE & OTHER STORIES (Phoebe Gloeckner) A revised edition of this highly praised, urbancomic by Gloeckner, whose work is characterized by its realistic and hard-edged nature. Features confessional tales about the loss of innocence and survival. Banned in France! $18.95, 978-1-583940-28-0, 512pgs.

DORI STORIES: DORI SEDA COLLECTION (Dori Seda) Winner of the 2000 Firecracker Book Award for “Best Book about Gap Toothed Deceased Cartoonists with Smelly Dogs”, of course. Still terrific. Includes memoirs, photos, tributes, and a 20-page color section of Dori’s paintings and comics. $19.95, 978-0-86719-375-6, 200pgs.



(Alison Bechdel) I’m glad she lived through her childhood so I could read about it! Starred reviews from Booklist, Kirkus, and PW. Softcover ed. “Stupendous.” —Chip Kidd “Brave and forthright and insightful.” —Dorothy Allison $13.95, 978-0-618871-71-1, 232pgs.

(Alison Bechdel) I want all her grown-up friends. Make your own family! Hardcover. $25.00, 978-0-618-96880-0, 396pgs.

ONE HUNDRED DEMONS (Lynda Barry) 20 stories told in Barry’s distinct cartoon-narrative style, delving into the funk and sweetness of love, family, adolescence, race, identity, and the ‘hood. $17.95, 978-157061-459-0, 224pgs.

tales of blarg #9 (Janelle Hessig) Janelle is back! Okay, the last issue was titled “Desperate Times #8,” but whether she’s desperate or blargish, you need this zine. Punky comics n’ stuff. Good stuff, smart and funny. $4.95, 44pgs.

DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL (Phoebe Gloeckner) Lovely, amazing, disturbing, original. You’ll be glad that childhood didn’t happen to you. $22.95, 978-1-583940-63-1, 300pgs.

i want you (Lisa Hanawalt) This is one of the most genre-defying, formally inventive comic books of the last decade. It features narrative comics, illustrated lists, newspaper-style color comics, plus so much more. $4.95, 978-1-935443-02-5, 32pgs.

RENT GIRL (Michelle Tea, Laurenn McCubbin) Hey Chester Brown, it’s not about YOU all the time! $24.95, 978-0-86719-620-7, 300pgs.

WEIRDO 17 (Peter Bagge, ed.) Features the works of S. Clay Wilson, Ken Weiner, Drew Friedman, Eddie Gorodetsky, Diane Noomin and more. Crumb’s Phillip K. Dick story is an awesome prequel to The Book of Genesis. Trust me. $3.95, 978-0-86719-173-8, 24pgs.


PICTURE THIS (Lynda Barry) Part how-to-draw instruction manual, part comics, part how-to-live-your-lifeproductively, 100% genius. Hardcover, Color. $29.95, 978-1-897299-64-7, 224pgs.

“Books I like to read in bed.” —renessa 120 DAYS OF SIMON: A GRAPHIC ODYSSEY THROUGH SWEDEN


(Simon Gardenfors) Swedish cartoonist/rapper spends 120 sleeping around. “An alternately charming, funny and aggravating four month journal of a self-advertised, couch-surfing freeloader. Highly recommended!” —Peter Bagge $14.95, 978-1-60309-050-6, 416pgs.

(Robert Crumb) Another part of the bible you thought was ok to tell children about. Contains some graphic violence and sexuality. Hardcover. $24.95, 978-0-393-06102-4, 224pgs.

SET TO SEA SPECIAL EXITS (Joyce Farmer) Old people and what to do about them. Hardcover, b&w. $26.99, 978-1-60699-381-1, 200pgs.

(Drew Weing) Poor drunk poet luckily gets shanghi’d, gives him something to write about. Drawn in an elaborate crosshatched style somewhere between Dore engravings and E. C. Segar’s Popeye. Hardcover. $16.99, 978-1-60699-368-2, 144pgs.


SILLY DADDY: THE LONG GOODBYE (Joe Chiappetta) Man indulges three year old daughter, does he live to regret it? Highly recommended! $7.95, 978-0-964432-30-7, 96pgs.

AMPHIBIOUS MUTANT DELUXE TIN CAN SET (Mats!?) San Francisco comics artist Mats!? presents his Amphibious Mutant strip in a deluxe metal box, complete with a sticker. 60 pages printed on 30 separate pieces of cardstock. Silkscreened metal tin container. Signed, very limited edition. $45.00, 60pgs.

TINTIN IN THE CONGO (Hergé) Tintin goes to Africa. Befriends a village, rescues Snowy, returns to Belgium. The original black-and-white facsimile edition, English. $24.95, 978-0-86719-902-4, 120pgs.

(Jason, Fabien Vehlmann) A little girl enlists a shipful of pirates to help find the titular island, its legendary treasures ? and her long-lost dad. On the island lies a secret school for executioners and torturers. Yes, it’s a comedy. Softcover, color. $14.99, 978-1-606994-42-9, 56pgs.

STIGMATA (Lorenzo Mattotti, Claudio Piersanti) Guy wakes up with bleeding holes in his hands, finds solace in sadness. Executed in a mad, expressionistic swirl of black lines. Hardcover, b&w. $19.99, 978-1-60699-409-2, 192pgs.

ADVENTURES OF TINTIN IN AMERICA (Hergé) Tintin is invited to come to Chicago to clean things up. The original black-and-white facsimile edition, not the color edition. $24.95, 978-0-86719-904-8, 120pgs.


alan moore

Conspiracies, superhero revisionism, anarchy, occult, magicians, paganism–one author for the entire family!

FROM HELL $35.00, 978-0-9585-7834-9, 600p. A DISEASE OF LANGUAGE $18.99, 978-0-8616-6171-8, 160p. SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING, BOOK 1 $24.99, 978-1-4012-2082-2, 208p. WATCHMEN $19.99, 978-0-930289-23-2, 416p.

art spiegelman

Pulitzer prize winner. Once institutionalized. Political voice. Vocal advocate for cartooning.

JACK AND THE BOX $12.95, 978-0-9799238-3-8, 32p. MAUS: THE COMPLETE MAUS $35.00, 978-0-679406-41-9, 296p. BREAKDOWNS: PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG %@&*! $27.50, 978-0-375-42395-6, 72p. MAUS 1: A SURVIVOR’S TALE (SOFTCOVER) $15.95, 978-0-394-74723-1, 160p.

asterix (english) ASTERIX THE GAUL (#1) $10.95, 978-0-752866-05-5, 48p. ASTERIX IN SWITZERLAND (#16) $10.95, 978-0-752866-35-2, 48p. ASTERIX AND THE LAUREL WREATH (#18) $9.95, 978-0-752866-37-6, 48p.

Ancient Gauls resist Roman occupation by drinking a magic potion.

ASTERIX AND THE MAGIC CARPET (#28) $9.95, 978-0-752847-76-4, 48p.

barefoot gen: a cartoon story of hiroshima (keiji nakazawa)

Hiroshima boy has tough time.

BAREFOOT GEN VOL 07: BONES INTO DUST $14.95, 978-0-86719-598-9, 264p. BAREFOOT GEN VOL 08: MERCHANTS OF DEATH $14.95, 978-0-86719-599-6, 260p. BAREFOOT GEN VOL 09: BREAKING DOWN BORDERS $14.95, 978-0-86719-600-9, 270p. BAREFOOT GEN VOL 10: NEVER GIVE UP $14.95, 978-0-86719-601-6, 270p.

calvin & hobbes

A boy and his imaginary stuffed animal.

THE AUTHORITATIVE CALVIN AND HOBBES TREASURY $16.99, 978-0-836-21822-0, 252p. THE ESSENTIAL CALVIN AND HOBBES TREASURY $16.99, 978-0-836-21805-3, 252p. THE REVENGE OF THE BABYSAT $10.99, 978-0-836-21866-4, 128p. WEIRDOS FROM ANOTHER PLANET! $12.99, 978-0-836-21862-6, 128p.

charles burns

Alienation and fantasy as horror serials. Sometimes taken to outer space.


FACETASM $60.00, Signed & numbered! BLACK HOLE $18.95, 978-0-375-71472-6, 368p. X’ED OUT (XED) $19.95, 978-0-307-37913-9, 56p. SKIN DEEP $16.99, 978-1-606991-67-1, 96p.

daniel clowes

Award winning serialized serial cartoonist about painfully awkward social situations.

ICE HAVEN $16.00, 978-0-374714-69-6, 88p. CARICATURE: NINE STORIES $16.95, 101p. DAVID BORING $21.95, 978-0-375714-52-8, 116p. GHOST WORLD $11.95, 978-1-560974-27-7, 80p.

edward gorey

Reclusive, early 20th century, American artist. Purveyor of fur coats, tennis shoes and cats.

THE GASHLYCRUMB TINIES $10.00, 978-0-1510-0308-2, 64p. THE UTTER ZOO: AN ALPHABET $14.95, 978-0-7649-5508-2, 56p. THE FANTOD PACK: ORACLE DECK + BOOKLET IN BOX $9.95, 978-0-7649-4224-2, 20p. AMPHIGOREY $18.95, 978-0-3995-0433-4, 192p.

the far side

Funny animals!

FAR SIDE: HOUND OF THE FAR SIDE $5.95, 978-0-8362-2087-2, 104p. FAR SIDE GALLERY 1 $16.99, 978-0-8362-2062-9, 192p. FAR SIDE GALLERY 2 $16.99, 978-0-8362-2085-8, 192p. FAR SIDE GALLERY 4 $16.99, 978-0-8362-1724-7, 168p.

harvey pekar

Jazz enthusiast, autobiographical cartoonist, music critic, buried next to Eliot Ness.

AMERICAN SPLENDOR: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HARVEY PEKAR $20.00, 978-0-345468-30-7, 320p. AMERICAN SPLENDOR: NEW AMERICAN SPLENDOR ANTHOLOGY $19.95, 978-0-941423-64-9, 300p. AMERICAN SPLENDOR PRESENTS BOB & HARV’S COMICS $16.00, 978-1-568581-01-9, 86p. OUR CANCER YEAR $19.95, 978-1-568580-11-1, 252p.

jeff smith: complete bone

Trio of cousins who run into trouble.

VOL. 1: OUT FROM BONEVILLE (COLOR) $10.99, 978-0-439-70640-7, 138p. VOL. 3: EYES OF THE STORM (COLOR) $10.99, 978-0-439-70638-4, 182p. VOL. 5: ROCK JAW: MASTER OF THE EASTERN BORDER (COLOR) $10.99, 978-0-439-70636-0, 118p. VOL. 8: TREASURE HUNTERS $10.99, 978-0-439-70633-9, 136p.

jeffrey brown

Stories about relationships, parodies about superheros, autobigraphies of cats.

CAT GETTING OUT OF A BAG AND OTHER OBSERVATIONS: A CAT BOOK $12.95, 978-0-8118-5822-9, 108p. THE CUTEST SNEEZE IN THE WORLD: 30 CAT POSTCARDS $9.95, 978-0-8118-6858-7, 30p. UNLIKELY $14.95, 227p. CLUMSY: A NOVEL $10.00, 978-0-9713-5976-5, 224p.


love & rockets

Hispanic in nature and vernacular from early punk LA to present.

PENNY CENTURY: A LOVE AND ROCKETS BOOK $18.99, 978-1-60699-342-2, 252p. LOVE & ROCKETS: NEW STORIES VOL. 3 $14.99, 978-1-60699-379-8, 100p. THE EDUCATION OF HOPEY GLASS: A LOVE AND ROCKETS BOOK $19.99, 978-1-56097-939-5, 144p. LOVE FROM THE SHADOWS $19.99, 978-1-60699-406-1, 120p.

lucky luke

Franco-Belgian funnies in an American West kind of way. See Asterix.

LUCKY LUKE 22: EMPEROR SMITH $11.95, 978-1-84918-026-9, 48p. LUCKY LUKE 23: A CURE FOR THE DALTONS $11.95, 978-1-84918-034-4, 48p. LUCKY LUKE 24: THE JUDGE $11.95, 978-1-84918-045-0, 48p. LUCKY LUKE 25: THE STAGECOACH $11.95, 978-1-84918-052-8, 48p.

r. crumb

Works from the ‘60s comic genius.

COMPLETE CRUMB 04 $19.99, 978-0-930193-79-9, 126p. COMPLETE CRUMB 12 $19.99, 978-1-56097-264-8, 126p. THE BOOK OF MR. NATURAL: PROFANE TALES OF THAT OLD... $19.99, 978-1-60699-352-1, 124p. R. CRUMB DRAWS THE BLUES $16.95, 978-0-86719-410-2, 56p.

sunday press

Truly revolutionary engineering accomplishment in printing.

UPSIDE DOWN WORLD OF GUSTAVE VERBEEK: COMPLETE 1903-05 $60.00, 978-0-9768885-7-4, 120p. QUEER VISITORS FROM THE MARVELOUS LAND OZ (DELUXE) $75.00, 978-0-976888-56-7, 72p. SUNDAYS WITH WALT AND SKEEZIX (DELUXE OVERSIZE EDITION) $79.00, 978-0-976888-52-9, 96p. LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND 2: ...MORE SPLENDID SUNDAYS! $125.00, 978-0-976888-55-0, 128p.

tintin books by hergÉ

A boy and his dog have adventures.

TINTIN - THE RED SEA SHARKS / ENGLISH $10.99, 978-0-316358-48-4, 62p. TINTIN - THE CRAB WITH THE GOLDEN CLAWS / ENGLISH $10.99, 978-0-316358-33-0, 62p. TINTIN: COMPLETE ADVENTURES VOL. 1 $18.99, 978-0-316359-40-5, 192p. TINTIN: COMPLETE ADVENTURES VOL. 7 $18.99, 978-0-316357-27-2, 192p.

tintin books by last gasp

The essential Tintin and reproduced facsimiles.


THE ADVENTURES OF HERGÉ, CREATOR OF TINTIN $29.95, 978-0-86719-679-5, 128p. ART OF HERGÉ, INVENTOR OF TINTIN, VOL. 2: 1937-1949 $39.95, 978-0-86719-724-2, 208p. ADVENTURES OF TINTIN IN THE ORIENT V1: CIGARS OF THE PHARAOH $24.95, 978-0-86719-905-5, 120p. ADVENTURES OF TINTIN IN THE ORIENT V2: THE BLUE LOTUS $24.95, 978-0-86719-906-2, 120p.

perennial bestsellers #@@*! COLORING BOOK (Krystine Kryttre) This Freudian fable shows Kryttre can tell a deep and meaningful (not to mention hilarious) story in a few panels with no text. $5.95, 978-0-86719-524-8, 24pgs.

A BOX OF BUNNY SUICIDES (Andy Riley) Combines Andy Riley’s two cult favorite books, The Book of Bunny Suicides and The Return of the Bunny Suicides, and will appeal to anyone in touch with their darker side. $20.00, 978-0-452-29233-8, 176pgs.

32 STORIES: THE COMPLETE OPTIC NERVE MINI-COMICS (Adrian Tomine) This boxed edition reprints the 7 original minicomics, plus an introductory mini. See the development of this wonder boy of indie comics. . $19.95, 978-1-897299-76-0, 97pgs.


(Jason Lutes) The first book in the ambitious “Berlin Trilogy” collects issues #1-8 of the comic. One of the most ambitious graphic novels ever, from the creator of “Jar of Fools.” . $19.95, 978-1-896597-29-4, 212pgs.

BLANKETS (Craig Thompson) Widely acclaimed, Blankets swept the Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz Awards for both Best Original Graphic Novel and Best Cartoonist/Outstanding Artist. A tale of security, discovery, playfulness, tragedy, faith, and a fall from grace. $29.95, 978-1-891830-43-3, 582pgs.


(Aaron McGruder) “...the right combination of winning characters, effective gags, and story lines that didn’t shy away from racial issues and other political material.” — The Onion $12.99, 978-0-740706-09-7, 128pgs.

CITY OF GLASS: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL BRING ME YOUR LOVE (Charles Bukowski, Robert Crumb) A 1983 short story filled with typical Bukowski subject matter—madhouses, women, sex, booze & not much hope at all—accompanied by Robert Crumb artwork. . $9.95, 978-0876856-06-2, 16pgs.

(Auster, Karasik, Mazzucchelli) Originally published in 1994 to launch a series of comic adaptations of noir-inflected literature, this outstanding and unique reinvention is finally back in print. New intro by Art Spiegelman. $15.00, 978-0-3124-2360-5, 140pgs.


war’s end (Joe Sacco) Two acclaimed short stories of characters from each side of the Bosnian crossfire, collected here for the first time. Hardcover. $14.95, 978-1-896597-92-8, 80pgs.

(Joe Sacco) How much does the nightly news cost? A carton of cigarettes maybe, or a pair of Levis. When shells are falling, “fixers” are the people who find war correspondents the human tragedies that make news editors happy. Softcover. $19.95, 978-1-897299-90-6, 106pgs.


perennial bestsellers COMPLETE CHICK TRACTS


(Bob Fowler) The Christianity in these little gems is so intense that your eyes will bleed (and maybe your palms). If you’re a fan of Jack Chick, or you’ve been reading Bob Fowler’s World of Chick, you need this fat pack of 101 tracts. $25.95, 101 tracts.

(Serpieri) A horrible and brutal future without apology or pity, and in the heart of it all, a paragon of feminine beauty and innocence—Druuna. Hardcover. $14.95, 978-0-8781-6222-2, 64pgs.

COMMIES FROM MARS ANTHOLOGY (Tim Boxell) Reprints stories from issues 1–4. Best of 10 years of this political spoof pitting invaders from the “red” planet against the forces of the West. $9.95, 978-0-86719-343-5, 152pgs.

EPILEPTIC (David B) A stunning, emotionally resonant masterpiece about growing up with an epileptic brother, in English for the first time. David coped by drawing fantastically elaborate battle scenes that revealed his interior life. Softcover. “Magnificent.” —New York Times Book Review $18.95, 978-0-375714-68-9, 368pgs.

FLOOD! (Eric Drooker) An American Book Award winner and a New York Times Editor’s Choice. A modern novel in the ancient language of pictures, with an expressionist, film-noir edge. New edition with bonus chapter, new cover, and complete re-design. $14.95, 978-1-59307-676-4, 182pgs.

GOOD-BYE, CHUNKY RICE (Craig Thompson) One of the most acclaimed, emotionally charged graphic novels of all time, with Seuss-ian characters and lush cartoon-y brushwork. A turtle leaves home to find deeper meaning. By the creator of Blankets. $12.95, 978-0-375714-76-4, 126pgs.




(Richard Sala) Sala follows in the grand and ghoulish tradition of Edward Gorey and Charles Addams in a delightfully gruesome, fanciful, tongue-in-cheek look at maniacs, monsters, and mayhem. $9.95, 978-0-91639-740-1, 96pgs.

(Sam Henderson) Short strips from the acclaimed comic The Magic Whistle. A lot of sacred cows get scratched! $9.95, 978-0-9649-3290-6



(Junko Mizuno) From the creator of Cinderalla and the Collector File books. Can Hansel and Gretel save the day? “Gretel! Here’s some spinach!!!” Color. Cute sticker inside! $15.95, 978-1-5693-1869-0, 144pgs.

(Jason Lutes) Back in print in a new edition! Ernie is an alcoholic stage magician haunted by lost love and his brother’s suicide, and he’s hooked up with his senile mentor in one last effort to sort his life out. An unlikely love grows from these broken people. $16.95, 978-189659-772-0, 142pgs.

perennial bestsellers JIMMY CORRIGAN (Chris Ware) Now in softcover! This book is the story of a lonely and emotionally-impaired “everyman” (Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth), who is provided, at age 36, the opportunity to meet his father for the first time. Color. Softcover. $19.95, 978-0-375714-54-2, 380pgs.

LENORE BOOK 3: COOTIES Color edition (Roman Dirge) Lenore and friends are attacked by a gaggle of vicious militant mice, and face an assault by undead German soldiers from Hell! Foreword by Neil Gaiman. Hardcover. $17.95, 978-1-84856-272-1, 120pgs.

MELANCHOLY DEATH OF OYSTER BOY LES DESSINS: TEX AVERY (Patrick Brion) Reproduces in color drawings from Avery’s MGM cartoons 1943-1955. Mostly animation layout drawings, some animation drawings and model sheets. Chronology. MGM Filmography. Text in French. $14.95, 2 gatefolds, 96pgs.

(Tim Burton) In this book, Burton gives birth to a cast of gruesomely sympathetic children, misunderstood outcasts who struggle to find love and belonging in their cruel, cruel worlds. Hardcover. $19.95, 978-0-6881-5681-7, 128pgs. MY NEW YORK DIARY

MOOMIN: THE COMPLETE TOVE JANSSON COMIC STRIP, VOL. 1 (Tove Jansson) The Moomins: a tight-knit family of easygoing and adventurous hippo-shaped creatures. This is Volume 1 of a plan to reprint Jansson’s entire strip. Hardcover. $19.95, 978-1-89493-780-1, 96pgs.

(Julie Doucet) Excitement and anticipation unravelled in turmoil: a jealous boyfriend, insecurity about her talent, worsening epilepsy, and self-medication with booze and drugs. The 2000 Firecracker winner for Best Graphic Novel. This new edition has new cover art. Softcover. $16.95, 978-1-8965-9783-6, 104pgs.


NEXT STOP: TROUBLETOWN (Lloyd Dangle) Sizzling cartoon tales of desperate people lost on a road of calamity and chaos as seen in your local hip weekly. Excellent. $10.95, 978-0-916397-44-9, 120pgs.

RANX 1: RANX IN NEW YORK (Liberatore) The drawings are mind blowing, originally done at print-size. If you are a fan of heavy metal type stories from the ‘80s, then this is the perfect book for you. Not for little kids: there is nudity and violence. Softcover. $9.95, 978-1-882931-30-9, 48pgs.

(Joe Matt) One-page strips, in which Joe reveals himself as an immature, compulsive, selfabsorbed, womanizing, cowardly porn freak. He also has crack comic timing and a remarkable gift for caricature. Here is his diary collection. $14.95, 978-1-896597-27-0, 86pgs. SHE: THE BIG BITCH ANTHOLOGY

(Spain Rodriguez) ”Big Bitch revels in her refusal to serve Anyone Anything Ever. When approached by a beefy bunch of gangbangers, she fucks them into blendered insensibility, begging for respite.” —Susie Bright, from the Introduction $14.95, 978-0-86719-398-5


perennial bestsellers SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR (GRAPHIC NOVEL, 2ND ED) (Frank Miller) It’s one of those hot nights, dry and windless. The kind that makes people do sweaty, secret things. And then Ava calls. $17.00, 978-1-593072-94-0



(Jhonen Vasquez) “This book reprints material previously seen in Squee #1-4 and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1-7, so your reasons for buying this book are beyond me.” —Jhonen Vasquez $15.95, 978-0-943151-24-3, 144pgs.

THE ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY (Chris Ware) This big, hardbound, gorgeous color book collects a few issues of the ACME Novelty Library comic series, plus many extra delights. Includes a luminescent map of the heavens, assorted cut-out activities, a history of the ACME Novelty Company itself, more. $27.50, 978-0-375422-95-9, 108pgs.

THE FABULOUS FURRY FREAK BROTHERS OMNIBUS (Gilbert Shelton) This is the definitive collection of the classic underground comic strip. Includes stills from the upcoming animated film. Thick, softbound, color and b&w. $35.00, 978-0-86166-159-6, 624pgs.


SPACE DOG (Hendrik Dorgathen) From Germany, the silent story of a dog sent to space and all the wondrous things he discovers and enjoys that humans will never be able to. A moral fable that is a favorite at Gasp. Softcover. $12.95, 978-1-584233-65-7, 64pgs.

(Adrian Tomine) Now in paperback! Adrian Tomine’s cult comic series Optic Nerve is collected here into one sharp-looking volume. Softcover. $16.95, 978-1-89659-757-7, 132pgs.

THE ARRIVAL (Shaun Tan) In a heartbreaking parting, a man gives his wife and daughter a last kiss and boards a steamship, for the most painful yet important journey of his life: leaving home to build a future for his family. Hardcover, two-color. “A magical river of strangers and their stories!” —Craig Thompson $19.99, 978-0-439895-29-3, 128pgs.

THE JEW OF NEW YORK (Ben Katchor) An attempt in 1825 to establish a Jewish homeland in upstate New York, spun into an intricate tale of a rapidly developing city and its diverse inhabitants, from one-legged actresses, to wandering Jews, to masked anti-Semites. $16.95, 978-0-375700-97-2, 108pgs.



(Scott McCloud) An examination of the art-form of comics, what it’s capable of, and how it works. “The most intelligent comix I’ve seen in a long time. Bravo.” —Art Spiegelman $22.99, 978-0-060976-25-5, 216pgs.

(Bob Fowler) This new Last Gasp publication of Bob Fowler’s study of hardcore Christian fundamentalist cartoonist Jack Chick is sure to have you clutching your guts in riotous laughter. $16.95, 978-0-86719-512-5, 100pgs.

adult graphic novels DIRTY SANCHEZ NATION


(Evan Marz) Strictly for offensive and educational purposes only, Dirty Sanchez Nation takes the mystery out of obscene and obscure sexual terms. Over 125 hilarious full color cartoon images and explanations to all the stuff you joke about at work, in the dorm rooms and at the bar: from the Alligator Fuckhouse to the Spiderman to the Coyote and beyond what your imagination can conceive. Softcover, Color. $19.97, 978-0-9773427-1-6, 160pgs.

(Rebecca) Eight classic XXXrated “Hot Moms” graphic (very graphic!) stories by “Housewives at Play” creator Rebecca, in full, fleshy color! Twosomes, threesomes, moresomes, bondage, girl-on-girl, dildo play, backdoor entry–all your wildest MILF fantasies jam-packed into one jaw-dropping book! Collects the first 5 issues of the sizzling series, complete with a cover gallery. $18.99, 978-1-60699-327-9, 120pgs.



(Rebecca) Mother does know best. She knows when you’ve been naughty, she knows when you’ve been really naughty, she knows not only how to spell “zucchini” but what to do with one. Another all-new collection of scrumptious “Housewives at Play” action plates from Rebecca. $9.95, 978-1-60699-425-2, 48pgs.

(Rebecca) These horny housewives play with lesbianism, bondage, dildos, and an assortment of sex games basic sucking and fucking to extreme kink. In this all-new, all-hardcore collection of scrumptious pin-up plates, Rebecca salutes the lovely ladies– nurses, teachers, sales executives, crossing guards, dentists, librarians–who make the workdays less unbearable. $9.95, 978-1-60699-331-6, 48pgs.



(Rebecca) These badly-behaved barely-legal babes are pairing (or tripling) up, going down and strapping it on. They’re fresh, firm, feisty and ready to frolic for some finger-licking fun! “Housewives at Play” creator Rebecca knows how to t-t-t-t-tease you, tantalize you and take you all the way. Each of her lascivious lines brings these lovely lasses and their lesbian libidos to life. Softcover, b&w. $9.95, 978-1-60699-424-5, 48pgs.

(Tsukino Jyogi) From one of the most popular and influential erotic manga artists in Japan, comes this twisted tale of a laidback sadist, a fiery masochist, plus a boy and his sister. When Ayumo finds a way to blackmail Mutsumi, the icy and aloof honor student, he takes full advantage of it to treat her as his slave... but it isn’t long before she’s reluctantly enjoying it. B&w with 4-page color prologue. $18.99, 978-1-60699-423-8, 184pgs.

can’t find what you’re looking for? thousands of books at

by Nathan Jurevicius

—mx sydney

A stunning, colorful, wordless graphic novel for fans and collectors, starring the cult character Scarygirl, whose designer toys, online comic, game and artwork have won millions of fans world-wide. Hardcover, Last Gasp edition. $25.00, 978-0-86719-738-9, 128pgs.

“The artwork explodes with vibrant colour and psychedelic imagery, drawing Scarygirl’s world in bold and vivid detail... A whole feast of treats and surprises” —Centre for Youth Literature 22


new from last gasp: Bizarro heroes by dan piraro!

(Dan Piraro) A collection of superhero-themed comics from the award-winning newspaper cartoon, Bizarro. Cartoonist Dan Piraro skewers these masked and caped crime fighters like no other, poking fun at their super powers, superlatives, and their tights: Superman lounging on the couch, the Hulk in his psychotherapist’s office, Wolverine at the nail salon, and many more. Smart, funny send-ups of all your favorite comic heroes in one incredible, amazing, fantastic volume. Hardcover, color, 7x7" $11.95, 978-0-86719-756-3, 100pgs.





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