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The Summer Issue

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EDITORS NOTE The Summer Issue

We can finally say, yes, summer is here.

We have been waiting for this weather for what seems quite a long time. I do not know about you but living in Connecticut, it felt like we had a snowstorm every week. Just think now we can plan al fresco dinner on the deck and have wine and cheese under the heat of the sun. We are looking forward to our end of summer trip to Greek Isles and we will be sure to let know you know on our blog what we loved most. Taking a break is so therapeutic and we could not have been more thankful for inheriting the travel bug from our mum. We’ve traveled extensively within the last five years and we have so much to share with you that our pages with in KeyAesthetics makes it hard to capture it all. We enjoy the thrill of a good deal so we share our links to our Sponsors who make this all happen. In this issue we debut the Mother Daily column that showcases travel hacks, get finds and just all about that busy mom today (see pages 24 and 25). Take an enchanting trip to Turkey and experience their thermal hot spring then head over to the most relaxing hammams in Morocco. I think you will like this issue.

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Keyaesthetics The Summer Issue

Summer 2018



Founding Editor SHANTA LASTER Published by LasterStudios Design

KeyAesthetics magazine is a bimonthly online publication that showcases fashion inspirations, travel and leisure activities that fit within our busy lives. The Founding Editor of KeyAesthetics draws upon her entrepreneurial strengths and corporate work experience from the past 20 years. Believing you can always reinvent yourself; the Editor takes her attention to details and marries it with her love for all things lovely. Since the 2013 launch, these inspirations are now keenly curated for the discerning kind on and the daily blog,

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Summer 2018

“Life is a Theater. Invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. Who is in your front row?�

Key Aesthetics Founding Editor

Whenever I receive a letter in my mailbox I am filled with so much delight. There is something intimate and special when someone takes the time to write a handwritten note. Nowadays our mailboxes are filled with billing statements, catalogs and promotional mailers and offers. We need a break. Whether it is email or instant messenger, everyone seems to forgotten how to write a note. Do they even own their own stationary anymore? Are they even teaching cursive in school? Having grown up in the age before internet (I know hard to believe), my friends and family members abroad would sent photos and letters. Man I miss those days. Recently I learned how beneficial and encouraging it is for someone to receive a hand written note if their loved one has died. Often times these recipients can re-read these words and bring back comfort. Or a happy occasion like a graduation or wedding, send a letter. Not to forget either if you dined over your friends home, send them a Thank You note telling them how much you appreciated their hospitality. Our card via Postable use Code MR5FTN2L2N for $5off

We can make a big difference in someone’s life with just something so small. xoxoxo Happy writing! image

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NEW IN ART Keyaesthetics @the_girl_daily_journal

Artwork by Shanta



Paintings by Shanta All paintings are available for sales. Email us at



This is not ICE! They are mineral deposits from this Thermal spring. This famous site was the “gateway to hell� located in Turkey because it was known for its toxic cave which in ancient times was used to sacrifice animals (so sad). Hierapolis was also known for its thermal springs and still today some the ruins of the ancient city are slowly buried by minerals deposited from the hot water.


HIERAPOLIS | WHERE TO STAY  HIERAPARK THERMAL & SPA HOTEL  Pam Thermal Hotel Clinic & Spa  Spa Hotel Colossae Thermal




Art + Style We fine art in fashion and fashion in Art. –KeyAesethetics Founder


Art + Style INSIDE THE STUIDO Many of you are following us over at @the_girl_daily_journal, but those of you who are not; here is a mini-showcase of the artwork. #ArtworkbyShanta

Three Ways to Invest

1. DIY Style? Pick an online trading platform. For the person who likes to take matters in their own hands, you may want to consider Charles Schwab online or Acorns. Open an E-Trade account or invest your left over change for them to invest in high yield stocks for you. 2. Open an IRA When you open an IRA you have options of where to invest your money and how much you can earn over 1, 5 or 10 years. Roth IRA is money you already paid taxes on. Maximum investment is $5,500 per year into the Roth IRA. Traditional IRA is pre-tax money and you defer taxes until retirement. 3. CD Set up automatic transfers from your bank account to an investment or CD account (high yielding savings account). Take a percentage of your paycheck and do it automatically so you don’t have control.

Because nothing could be too sweet.


CASA VICENS Authentic character found at this hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

viamonicawang via Little Miss Creative via CasaVicens

What we are Reading

1. Tony & Susan Suspenseful, rivoting thriller-ish of two stories in one. Keeps you on the edge.

2. The Italian Teacher Author, Tom Rachman examines a life lived in the shadow of greatness. When father, Bear dies, Pinch hatches a scheme to secure his father's legacy-and make his own mark on the world.

3. blink Blink is a book about how we think without thinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant-in the blink of an eye-that actually aren't as simple as they seem.

4. The Outliers The author asks and answers the question: what makes high-achievers different? Answer depends on where they are from: that is, their culture, their family, their generation, and the idiosyncratic experiences of their upbringing.

Hammams The Bathhouses of Morocco. Prepare to be thoroughly relaxed and plan not to do anything following your sessions. A relaxing retreat is spent in these ancient bathhouses where you are a assigned to a lady who cares for you from head to toe (literally). A Moroccan Hammam would traditionally start with a soak in hot water, followed by a mud or clay treatment. Thereafter a special Moroccan black soap is applied then washed off followed by a relaxing exfoliating massage. Most hammams are communal, but you can locate private one-on-ones. Our Top 5: Selman Marrakesh | The Royal Monsour | La Mamouina | Hammam de la Rose | Le Bain Bleu

Events with KeyAesthetics PINDAR ANGRY ORCHARD FOOD + WINE – Greenwich Food + Wine Festival September 28, 2018 -THE AMERICAN GOLD CUP Event September 26-30, 2018 -ROSE & BUBBLY FEST Event July 28, 2018

The Magazine


1. 2. 3. 4.


CRATE AND BARREL – -Modern, neo-family trends. WILLIAMS SONOMA – Upscale with emphasis on the true chef. TARGET – Economical and on trend with upcoming sub-brands. ANTHROPOLOGIE – the bohemians’ dreamscape.


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The Best Trips when kids are with the babysitter. VINEYARDS You do not need to spend a lot of money, you can visit your nearest vineyard for the same fix. Some of our favorite local wineries offer the experience you would receive in Napa or Sonoma Valleys. Find your local winery is as easy as click here. Ha! Experience leisure sunny days sipping wine and listen to live music

Courtesy of Excellence Group

ADULT ONLY RESORTS Taking trips with the little ones is just so enjoyable, but if you are looking for a little getaway find your escape in an adult-only resort. MUSUEMS We cannot get enough of museums and we recently visited our local museum in Ridgefield, CT. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum we are featuring is a nice local yet modern art museum we have in our backyard. Check your local museums for fun short afternoon getaways.

The Aldrich Museum

the Mother Daily We introduce our new column by theGirlDaily. ď Š Travel. Life. Art is nothing without considering the modern mom. If you are a mom you will enjoy this brief articles on how to travel as a mom, where to shop as a mom and all good things for mum and child.


Now you will be able to find the joint KeyAesthetics feature of the Mom Daily on theGirlDaily website.

5 TOP FREE THINGS TO DO WITH KIDS 1. HOME DEPOT | Every First Saturday of every month there are free craft workshops for kids. Supplies, paper, tables and chairs are all there. they offer a free workshop for kids. 2. MICHAELS | Join the Kids Club on Saturdays for workshops and supplies (cost $2-$5). At times your local Michaels will free classes. 3. LIBRARIES | During warmer many offer free concerts. Simply go in and ask for a calendar of free workshop classes. 4. WHOLE FOODS | Stop by the Customer Service for a coupon good toward a complimentary apple, organic fruit leather or animal crackers. Sign up for the Kids’ Club Cooking Classes on a monthly basis. Visit the website to check availability. 5. DIGITAL ART | Self-expression is key and we are marveled at the unique art that can come from children. Share your work at #THEMOTHERDAILY

KeyAesthetics. See what is in our digital world.




Live Generously.

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