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CafĂŠs | Vineyards |Merida Yucatan Plus our famous COFFEE recipe

The Spring Issue

Keyaesthetics Spring Time 2018

KeyAesthetics magazine is a bimonthly online publication that showcases fashion inspirations, travel and leisure activities that fit within our busy lives. The Founding Editor of KeyAesthetics draws upon her entrepreneurial strengths and corporate work experience from the past 20 years. Believing you can always reinvent yourself; the Editor takes her attention to details and marries it with her love for all things lovely. Since the 2013 launch, these inspirations are now keenly curated for the discerning kind on and the daily blog, Share your comments with us. You can email at (photo via)

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Founding Editor SHANTA LASTER Published by LasterStudios Design

“Life is a Theater. Invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. Who is in your front row?”

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Spring 2018

NYC Café’s

Gatherings Our top gathering spaces in NYC for the Spring season.

Café Luxembourg Awesome Brunch locale with French flair.


Blossom NYC Seek out this hot vegetarian spot in the Village on Grove Street.

Buvette NYC Café Charming small Parisian spot that stays open until 2am.

Peace Food Cafe Another great vegetarian spot In the upper West side. We love the chic designs and their Chickpea fries.


A collection of other Cafes we love and adore and know you would too. “Living is seeing and Seeing is learning” – by KeyAesthetics




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Artwork by Shanta

Paintings by Shanta All paintings are available for sales. Email us at





VREDE EN LUST ESTATE Our Editor spends a leisurely day at the vineyards in South Africa and enjoys not only the wine selection but the breathtaking views. The weather in May is just perfect as you can sit outside and enjoy the full estate. No one rushes you and when you are with a group of your closest friends you just laugh and laugh. The wine helps!


THAILAND Photo courtesy of AKASH

This unexpected vineyard lies in Thailand. Monsoon Valley is located in Hua Hin Hills. Heading to the vineyard is a nice out of the ordinary sightseeing venture. The vineyards produce: Shiraz, Colombardi, Chenin Blanc, and Dornfelder. Be sure to check out the Harvest Festival in March 1 through 17, 2018.

RED MAPLE VINEYARDS Sipping a glass of wine in this rustic setting is just so enchanting. Many weddings are often shot here but if you just need that weekend break, we recommend heading to this locale in Hudson Valley, NY.


Create an inviting space to inspire the inner artist in you. We feature some of our art and others we admire.




Art + Style

I AM MORE SCARSDALE We love this gem of store from our home town, Scarsdale, NY. We often buy our clothes in these local boutiques as supposed to major department stores. .

GRAND FATHER HOMES We absolutely just fell in love with @grandfather_homes . The brains behind this North Carolina custom builder home design company is Matt Ewers. His homes feature traditional like home yet with all the modern bells and whistles you can want.

Three Ways to Invest

1. DIY Style? Pick an online trading platform. For the person who likes to take matters in their own hands, you may want to consider Charles Schwab online or Acorns. Open an E-Trade account or invest your left over change for them to invest in high yield stocks for you. 2. Open an IRA When you open an IRA you have options of where to invest your money and how much you can earn over 1, 5 or 10 years. Roth IRA is money you already paid taxes on. Maximum investment is $5,500 per year into the Roth IRA. Traditional IRA is pre-tax money and you defer taxes until retirement. 3. CD Set up automatic transfers from your bank account to an investment or CD account (high yielding savings account). Take a percentage of your paycheck and do it automatically so you don’t have control.

Organize. Organize. Organize.


Spring 2018

CASA VICENS Authentic character found at this hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

via CasaVicens

Top Four Travel Apps

1. Maps.Me Detailed geographical world maps. You can get the current traffic situations, pin your favorite places and share with friends. Our search for Parks in Greece.

2. Real-time search engine for flights. We used it to monitor flights to Rome from NY. .

3. Skiplagged This wonderful app has helped us find so many airfare deals. The app searches your destination that may be part of a connection and drops that connection you don’t need so you do not get lagged. LOL via Little Miss Creative

4. Hotel Now Urgent. Need help finding a hotel for the evening? Seek this app.

Coffee O’Clock

The Meeting Place Cafe

OUR FAMOUS RECIPE 2 Healthy Scoops of Roasted Coffee 1 Pinch of Turmeric 3 Pinches of Cinnamon 4 Pinches of Nutmeg throughgalyeaneyes •

Events with KeyAesthetics FOOD + WINE – Greenwich Food + Wine Festival September 28, 2018 -THE AMERICAN GOLD CUP Event September 26-30, 2018

The Magazine


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Quench the butterflies in your tummy and swing under a waterfall within the Angkor.MERIDA, MX – This Yucatecan

city is one of our hidden gems to visit. As you can see Merida is a culture full of color, creativity and ease.

1. UNESCO-listed archaeological sites, nature reserves with diverse wildlife, and cenotes 2. FOODIE - Local markets, like the busy Mercado Lucas De Galvéz and Mercado Santiago, are bursting with exotic fruits and vegetables. There’s also Mercado 60, a food hall with 18 restaurants, and the newly-opened Casa Dominga, for a more laid-back gourmet adventure.


3. MUSEUM and ART –A must see is the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Merida for interesting artifacts and information about Yucatán’s ancient history and more recent colonization into context as you explore the region. The Museum of Anthropology and History, housed in the enchanting mansion on Paseo Montejo, showcases photography and Maya relics and do not forget the Popular Art Museum features objects and art from around Mexico including typical dress and ceramics. 4. ARCHITECTURE - The Luxury Collection introduces you to restored authentic haciendas throughout the Yucatán including Hacienda Temozon (located 45minutes outside Merida), which was once the principal sisal producer in the peninsula. Merida blooms with zocalo or plazas and beautiful cathedrals. Cobblestone streets are narrow and safe. Take in the colors: ponks, blues, yellow and peach. 16th century mansions are preserved most built for the family of founder Francisco de Montejo. We always love the enchanting leafy Plaza Santa Lucia, a posh neighborhood where locals come to socialize and dance, and Pasejo Montejo, a wide tree-lined avenue inspired by the Champs-Élysées. We can go on!

Our Shopping List Authentiques Past & Present

Shop where the film and theater prop stylists shop. This store stocks glass, barware, lamps, and vintage postcards and other items.

Verve NYC

Give thanks to Steve and Wendy Ginsburg, owners of Verve NYC for their diversity of good finds. Beaded clutches, hats, local designers and a handpicked collection of designers from Japan, Brazil and Spain we are tempted by the finds. Ooh and did we say vinyl ottomans?

The Market NYC

A meeting point between New Yorkers and emerging designers. The Market NYC sets up about 60 designers in a warehouse like setting selling leather goods, knitwear, beaded jewelry and not limited to original artwork.


Opportunity Knocks


Advertise with us. We love our Sponsors.

bou·tique ho·tel TOP THREE

Grace Hotel Santorini


The Augustine Hotel Prague

Korean Tea Houses

Tea houses Last issue we highlighted some Korean bathhouses. This season with the Olympics happening, we thought to talk to you about traditional tea houses. ď Š We fell in love with CHA MASINEUN TTEUL in Seoul. A traditional teahouse in Seoul specifically located in the Bukchon zone with glamorous mountain views. Check out Shin Old Tea House for its floor only seating (bottom left).

Korean Tea Houses

Tteuran 뜰안 Seoul


Dawon (Traditional Tea Garden)

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Keyaesthetics SPRING 2018

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Keyaesthetic Spring Issue 2018  

Our Refreshing Spring Issue

Keyaesthetic Spring Issue 2018  

Our Refreshing Spring Issue