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Edinburgh What car do you think has the best combination of good gas mileage and storage space? After hearing and seeing a couple trucks and SUVs with a Cummins diesel engine after a swap I've wanted to do this myself. However some people say that using the older 6BT is cheaper than getting the 4BT. Not sure which engine to get either. I am looking at getting either a 1996 F150 or the same year F250. I am not looking at getting a Ford PSD one because I hate the idea of having to replace High Pressure Oil pumps, glow plugs and not having the ability to run on pure bio-diesel. The 6BT is fully mechanical and so running pure bio-diesel will not be an issue nor clog it up. Plus I also like on how easily the 6BT and 4BT are to work on.If I get the F250 I would use it for plowing snow in the winter and use it to haul some stuff around. If i get the F150 it would mainly be used for hauling some stuff around and used as a daily driver as with the F250,minus using it for snow removal since I don't want to add a snow plow to a 1/2truck.From forums I have read that the F150 truck frame may not handle the torque or weight of the 6BT nor will the stock rear end be able to handle the torque and so switching to the Ford 9" will help out greatly. But also I have heard that the 6BT will need the transmission moved back 4" but the 4BT will not since it is shorter than the 6BT.Only reason I am considering the 6BT in a F150 is because a guy I went to college with bought a 1990s D150 that had a cummins 6BT in it that also had working 4 wheel drive as well. This is mainly a project that I have wanted to do for awhile. I first got the idea when reading about this guy from Canada who converted his Dodge Dakota with a susuki diesel. I know that this not a cheap build and it takes a lot of work but I am just wanting to do this for the fun of it.Which transmission would be better suited NV4500 (5 speed) NV5600 (6speed), some automatic transmission or I believe its the Z6F or something manual transmission? Is it also easier to convert the vehicle to 2wd instead of beefing the transfer case to handle the torque of a diesel? What places could I call up to have engine mounts, transmission mounts and whatever else I would need to complete this project safely?With some of the forums I have been on I have not created an account on them to fully access some of the threads so I haven't fully seen every detail. I have heard that 4BTswaps has full details and step by steps on how to do these swaps but most of those threads are really hard to find.With the red line of the 4BT being 2500 and the 6BT of 2700 is there really a huge difference between the 2 other than a 2 cylinders difference? What are the pros and cons of the 2?I like the idea of the 6BT just because they are cheaper to get a hold of and easier but fuel economy in the 4BT is slightly better but the torque output of the 6 is better. Any input on your thoughts would be much appreciated. I know if I just use regular diesel fuel the mileage difference I get with it over the price and mileage of a gas V8 the cost difference is more so in favor of the V8 gas.Other vehicles i would consider in dropping a cummins in:Ford Bronco (I)Dodge RamchargerChevy/GMC SuburbanChevy TahoeAnd for the record this is legal in my state I live in. Emission laws have not been enforced in my state for about 10 years (Minnesota and Nebraska).And what would the insurance difference be if I left it stock over swapping out to diesel? lakes auto cadillac. Daimler benz 1926 Can anyone help me decide on what side to take on whether or not we should be at war? I exercise regularly but feel I could make that period more useful so I am making this bicycle that is attached to a generator, I was wonder if I can save/add the electricity produced to my current electric meter. I usually exercise in the afternoon or during the day light in the evening so I wont be needing the lights or tv or anything so I want be using the electricity I produced so is it possible for me to store it.I was also wondering if the solar panels work during night as their is some light coming, and the new solar panels does not require direct sun light.I am also looking for other methods for generating electricy thanks stock exchange seat tire size 1999 acura cl. Used transforner oil to sell Fixing a crack in transmission case.? Ah...Another headbangers Ball Band.While listening to disk 1 of vol 1...I heard a meshuggah song:Rational Gaze.So...The Sweedes can make good metal.I only own 1 Meshuggah cd:Contradictions Collapse.some of my songs i like of Meshuggah's:Rational Gaze, Greed, We'll Never See The Day, And The Debt Of Nature.your view?1 BQ.BQ:Who Shall I Ask Of Next?DeicideJourneyWarrantAgonostic FrontMadballGas HufferRattDown By LawE. Town ConcreteDIOAtreyuEdgar Winter GroupAsiaCreamJetboyHot Water MusicUnearthAlien Sex FiendSteve VaiOr Aborted? 2004 6.6 duramax diesel mpg daimler marque. East Devon First time car buying help? I just passed my drivers test and I'm looking cars. Obviously gas is expensive and I don't want to have to buy it all the time. disadvantages of proton therapy. CABANO 2013 scion tc vs 2013 acura rsx type-s? Recently wrecked and I'm looking for a new modern car. I don't really care about it being sporty or anything like that, I'm looking for no older than a 2013 and something modern with decent gas. My budgets around 10-15 and help or suggestions are highly appreciated! used cline off road truck nmr biodiesel.

BALLARAT What Matters More Horsepower Or Torque 2003 zx6r fuel economy ford car dealer in greenville alabama. New South Wales air filter gas mileage air filter gas mileage when will chrysler end crossfire production. Finanziamenti fiat Where to buy wrecked Ford truck? ok.. sorry to ask twice but 4 answers was .. well... so lets be serious... im 15 I have known my sexuality.. sense... like what grade 5.. I always wanted to get married to some awesome guy lol... so in basic... I remember at age 13 it hit... I wanted to MEET my guy.. right? so yeah didn't happen.. I always resorted to long distant relationships.. ya know how many? 15 to be exact since age 13 anyway .. its quite a rush every time I see any good looking guy in public.. ya think HMMM.. IS THIS HIM :D well... yeah its not... NEVER.. so many nights I have spent taking my truck (yes I drive a chevy Silverado 1500 2013) out to a field and screaming.. for all my heart breaks and for this guy that Is suppose to fix it all to show up... in the end... I always settle for that thing called distance... I was in love 1 times.. that's it.. at age 13 on vacation I met him <3 lol.. anyway.. im a guyish gay guy as.. I hope you could tell everyone knows... im out.. and I want a guy that's a REAL guy and not all fem.. im very witty and funny... for Christ sake.. I mean I want to own a house and have god damn Christmas parties gathered around warm loved ones with my DAMN HUSBAND! I don't see why I never met someone! soo what's your thoughts fellow LGBT'rs ? I know,.. Im half into a dubstep depretion right now.. excuse the French.. ok and to add it really sucks when you watch all your beautiful straight friends in these AMAZING relationships.. I always end up driving the "couples around in my truck.. see its so bad my so utterly hot guy friend.. jock 100% had to take me and my truck and him out a star lit field because he knew I was depressed and kissed me on the cheek and said.. "you will find love Michael" .. yeah.. exactly.. I was like HOLY CUNT BAG! see.. straight as a bastard tho -_- holden ve ute tray size toyota highlander p1135 error code How Could You Save Energy Oldenzaal fuel efficient family vehicle? Okay so I just turned 19 recently and I'm looking to get my own car. I have a car to drive at the moment, but it's not mine and I feel like I need my own. I've been working at my job for about 6 months now and I bring home about $1000(give or take) a month after taxes. I mention that because obviously being the young age that I am, I have to think about my immediate and future financial situation during this process. I currently have about $2000 saved up, which has taken about 3 months for me to get. I do live at home with my family for free, and I don't pay for anything other than gas and things for myself. I've been looking into 3 specific cars that I like. I feel like these 3 cars are best for me. They're all pretty reliable, good on gas and look good to me. But, each car does present it's own issue/advantages. The 3 cars are: 2013-2013 Acura RSX, 2013 Infiniti G20, and 2000 honda civic ex coupe.First with the RSX. I'd say I like the looks of this car the best, and honestly I think I like it the best. It looks sporty, feels sporty, nice interior, doesn't look outdated and overall it attracts me. But this car is the most expensive of the 3. The 02 model goes for around 6-7k for a good one. It is Acura and it is considered a sport coupe so the insurance is the highest as well, but it does get 24-32MPG. This car would take the longest for me to get but maybe it's worth it? Probably my favorite of the 3. I guess cost is my only worry with this car.2nd car is the 2013 Infiniti g20. I usually don't care for 4doors, but I like this one.. It looks nice to me, maybe not as nice as the RSX, but its still an Infiniti so theres some luxury. The interior is nice, maybe just as nice as the RSX, it's not as sporty of a car, but its definitely no Kia. These usually go for around $3500-$4000. So that means I would be able to get one rather sooner. Few issues with this car is that they are pretty rare, even tho I live in a major city..and it gets less MPG than the RSX at 21-29MPG. Insurance is a little less than the RSX, but not by much to really make a difference. This car seems to be a pretty good in between, its not a common car, and for its low price, its not what you would consider a "cheap car".And then the 3rd car is the 2000 honda civic ex coupe. This car is definitely the cheapest of the 3 cars. These can go for as low as $3000, and its the cheapest to maintain. This car gets the best MPG of the 3 at 27-35, its probably the cheapest for maintenance, and it is considerably cheaper on insurance. But here are my issues with this car. The exterior looks nice, i mean it's a civic, but being that its a 2000 it looks a little dated. Maybe more dated than the other 2 cars. This car is also kinda cheap looking. The inside is very bland..honestly the interior is a big turn off for me. It looks too cheap even tho thats what civics are about. With all that being said, this car would save me a whole lot of money..but not sure if I could get over how "low budget" the car looks..and every teenager in the world drives a 2000 civic.So.. that's my problem. I like these 3 different cars for different reasons and they each pose some kind of issue to me. What do you think I should do? Honestly I've been leaning towards the RSX, but saving money is a process and definitely not easy. Edam daewoo cam sensor. MONTSERRAT 24 formula units of CaCl24.515x10 diesel generator fuel consumption calculator suv best highway mileage.

THE WREKIN What Matters More Horsepower Or Torque renault megane sport saloon 07 alpine amp 4. Gas Treatment For Cars Tipperary What Matters More Horsepower Or Torque Illinois concept pickup truck. PHILADELPHIA whats the best used car you can get for under 15000? i dont want i dinky car for my first car a want somthing that feels and looks nice. somthing like the 2013 infiniti g35 coupe. but my parents said its too expenisve. whats a car like that for about $13,000 diesel truck fuel economy vintage motocross motorcycles for sale. Stoichiometric ratio gasoline Is this a good gaming pc setup? Hello I'm a 16 year old guy and I'm 5'10 and I weigh about 205So if any one can give me awesome information that would be great! North Yorkshire motorcycle rides new hampshire. Dubbo where are the air filters in the ford crown victoria? fuel economy 2011 nissan titan mercedes benz faster than a lamborghini. Best Ways To Improve Gas Mileage On A Truck BUBI�N Movies like these.....? $9000? Sounds about right. Greater Manchester ural motorcycle service manual. Electric fuel Pumps Diesel ARLINGTON what DIY test can i perform on the spot while inspecting a used car? I recently bought a car, its a 1999 firebird v6 3.8. Got the car checked out by a mechanic. He gave me a sheet of everything wrong with my car (tons). Anyway, two of the major ones in my opinion, Is the cat converter and the transmission. (automatic 4l60e) The mechanic kept telling me something is wrong with the transmission and I need to get it replaced. But he really didn't say anything about the cat converter. So now I dunno what one it is? So with me driving the car I started to here a rattle, looked underneath the car and heard the sound coming from the cat converter. I checked the tailpipe and no exhaust pressure. The tailpipe smelt like sulfur or burnt eggs. The faster I accelerate the louder it becomes. The car sometimes slips when I press the gas pedal down. So I really dont know what it is? Bought the car for 2100 with fees 2465List Leaking oil panLeaking power steering pumpBad brakes all 4 wheelsBad struts all 4 wheelsBack brake lines were leakingBad transmissionLoOde tie rodSo far, first day after I bought the car, took it to a mechanic, got that listLoose tie rodA/c doesn't workCan't as-is plus I called the salesman a fraud and liar, he said could drive to florida in that car, from nj Rochester jac jeans. Kent What Matters More Horsepower Or Torque top fuel economy cars 2013 skoda karavan. GIUGLIANO (IN CAMPANIA) If you have rotten fruit w/fungus on it in a car, is it dangerous to breath that air? Salam...i made dua istikhara yesterday...but heres how it went:I was very sacred, almost litterly shaking when praying and making it, my heart wasnt at ease after it because of hos scared of the results i first time ever making a dua like this that involves so much trust subhanawata3ala...any ways i waited a little i couldnt callm down because of how scared I was... any ways.. my dream i saw many colors...white, blue, red, black, green, orange, purple, all cloths on diffrent people, i was wering orange, the sky was blue when i was out side or in school, also iwas in a blue car..., but i was wearing red boots... my freind told me not to worry about teh boots because theyre not considered clothing... any ways... i saw many colors... im very confused, please help me...Jazakallah <33Also... i did some thing i dont think i was supposed to do...i made the wear nothing was realy happening... meaning i wasnt with the man or anything, we both new we loved each other..., but were not going out.. its haram and our parents dont know thats why we decided to call it off....we left it for the hands of allah...s.w.t..., but i was very emotonal and saced of loosing him and made dua to know if he was "just good to think about" or good for me..., i saw alot in my dreams... Nenagh saab tonneau both cover. West australia suzuki homer h2 homer h2 Lelystad cheri kaysville utah teacher. Dorset What Matters More Horsepower Or Torque best speed to save fuel opel roma ostiense. Subway rolls Gas Mileage Calculator You can use this gas mileage calculator to figure out how much you #39;ll spend on fuel when driving your car. To use this calculator , you

#39;ll need to know your odometer readings, fuel consumed, and the price of fuel . The calculator provides you ... black cohosh mg airstream home motor sale used. Roermond Which compact/mid-size SUV should my father get? I want to buy one just like to hear some info on itHow's the insurance?Reliable?Is Maintenance costly?? I have a 2000 civic ex coupe, I think this car may burn more gas than my civic but if it's too much to maintain then i'll stick to my civic. smart balance reviews irmscher review. K�NIZ Why is the difference between a V8, V10 and a V12 engine? the 2013 dodge charger or 2013 kia optima hybrid? smooth driving and more room? eve online fuel consumption volks wagon sirroco. Daewoo lucoms 17 technical What Matters More Horsepower Or Torque valley chevrolet and nc stratocaster versus jaguar. TORRE ANNUNZIATA Have a 2013 Dodge Ram 4X4 Cummins 2500 Short-bed, stalls when idling, stalls when coming to a stop? i just bought a 2013 ram 2500 with a 6.7l cummins turbo diesel what is the best power programmer/chip to get for the dodge i am mainly looking mainly for fuel economy and a little bit of power. petrol prices in ireland auto loan online vermont. Tampa how long can the government collect debt on a home loan? Good lord, I've about had it with car issues lately lol! First I'll start out by saying I just got brand new brake pads and rotors yesterday. Everything was working smoothly, then tonight all of sudden when I turn the wheel right, it squeals almost reminding me of the sound bad brake pads make. Only when I turn right, not left. Sometimes it'll squeak just a little when I start accelerating from a full stop. My brother in law said it's kind of the same thing as rubbing your finger on a smooth glass, it makes that ring... and that since it's new pads on smooth rotor that it can squeal until they wear in. That just seems weird to me though. I will also mention I have a clunk going on, I've asked about it before. He thinks it could be a cv joint, but the only time it clunks is when I let off the gas and coast. Maybe the clunk and this new squeal are actually related? I don't know, maybe I'm just a hypochondriac, but my car is my baby and I try to take great care of it. After just replacing the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, brakes, and rotors, I just want everything to be alright. So, what are you thinking? Fresh metal on metal, or something else? If that's true, why only when I'm turning, and not when I'm braking?? '02 Olds Alero by the way.Roger hit the nail on the head with the motor mounts, I know I need to replace those eventually because it's giving a little when shifting. But the clunk is under my feet, not under the hood. Maybe something with the suspension? I'll have to check out the power steering fluid and stuff. That makes sense now that I think about it, I've been there before with a precious vehicle. mercedes benz repair orange cheap car rental in daleville. MAROOCHYDORE What good is a jobs bill that has to be funded by tax payers? The revenue generated won't cover the cost? otherwise known as fracking 1 liter equals how many cups of water point coupe parish driving schools. Great wall san jose Las Vegas solo travel? Road trip; my friend and I are going to be on the road trip (we plan on taking turns driving, cover more distance faster) from Florida to Colorado. I've taken the role as planner because I'm more thorough and organized, and figured that different states have different driving laws. My friend is going to be 18, and I am going to be 17 by the time we plan to make the trip. We will be passing through:-Georgia-Tennessee-Kentucky-Illinois -Missouri-Kansas-Colorado (destination)and on our round trip route might go through:-Oklahoma-Arkansas-Mississippi-AlabamaI tried googling it myself but couldn't find the specific law I was looking for. So if anyone knows/can answer, or has a general link where I can see the legal age you have to be to drive in these states if you're licensed from out-of-state that would be helpful. (I think I read somewhere that the age changes depending whether you live in these states or not; ex. You have to be 16 to drive alone in Kansas if you're from there, but if my license says Florida I have to be 18. *not accurate) Winschoten best racing tire pressure. Offaly What Matters More Horsepower Or Torque best fuel consumption toyota 1979 mercedes 450sl trunk light.

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