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Leixlip I think I have ADD? I don't know what to do? So I know this is really long, but... =/ thanks to those who read it...So I'm convinced my mother has ADD: she often uses words incoherently by accident ("did you take car tomorrow?"), she has difficulty recalling and processing information, she'll often have to read something twice before she understands it... likewise, I'm starting to have the same symptoms, and it's scaring me. I'm 17. Mine, I think, are more pronounced, though -- whether that's due to my other psychological trauma, I don't know, but... My symptoms are similar, only I also have difficulty communicating my thoughts to people in a conversation, especially in class. I think this stems from my now very-obvious social anxiety/anxiety disorder; I'll just blank out -- I could have a thought in my head that I'd like to share with the class, but two things will happen: 1) it's becoming increasingly difficult to remember and process everything I want to say, and 2) when I do try to say everything I forget most of it, or I just blank out in mid-sentence. I could just be thinking through a thought, and at the same time I'll also be thinking, "oh my god, it's happening again" -- and thus, it will -- me blanking out. I've also noticed that, like my mother, I make incredibly STUPID mistakes -- so much that it's embarrassing. Taking a microphone (I work stage crew...) and forgetting to take the clip that holds the thing in place on the stand. Making completely stupid mistakes in math, and consistently -- mistakes that ramble on for pages, even after I notice them! I could forget to carry over a negative sign, I could, for some reason, think that (without doing the math) 12 divided by 6 is 6, I could punch an equation into the second line of my graphing calculator instead of the first without even noticing (and for a WHILE!)... I could also be taking to someone -- they could be suggesting something to me in a bank, only for some reason I won't fully listen from the start, and thus I'll miss what the heck the subject is. Not wanting to be rude, I let it slide. I could then ask, "hmm, well what about a savings account?" I'll then learn that that's JUST what they were talking about... it's just incredibly stupid mistakes that are, quite honestly, embarrassing. And crippling to my self esteem, my ability to function... it's also becoming increasingly difficult to just think through complex ideas: I enjoy history, and often times to form an opinion you need to invoke facts from different time periods, think through complex dilemmas... that much is self explanatory, right? lol -_- but its these things that I'm having increasing trouble thinking through -- it's almost like a lack of discipline, where I just can't force myself to actually think about it -- it's like laziness, almost, but it isn't. It's like I have to use ten times as much energy just to think through one thing that would have taken me seconds way back when in the 5th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade... I mean, what am I going to do in college? You know?I know I sound crazy. Trust me -__- this isn't my only problem -- I have a lot of issues going on at home, I've been through a lot of traumatizing events that... have caused me some additional psychological problems (like not being able to think of what to say to someone anymore to cheer them up... even my best friend =/ that stems from something that I never talked about to anyone -- something that really scarred me...) I know I need to see a psychologist. And I've been trying, but... I guess just not hard enough. Please, please don't call me crazy, an idiot for not getting help sooner... I just really need to know what's wrong with me, and how I can... get better =/ I don't want to keep living like this, and I'm trying to take the initiative to actually do something, but it's just so difficult, and it's so scary when you don't even know what's wrong with yourself... so I guess my question is this: does it sound like I have ADD? If not, what could it be? Is there any chance of me getting better, and being able to think clearly again? Without the "fog?" =/ ...will I need to be on medication for the rest of my life? Will that medication 'change me', at all, side effects wise?I just looked here, though, and I had nearly every symptom on the page... =/ helpguide /mental/adhd_add_adult_symptoms gt 500 engine. Maxxis mas2 Best Trucks at Detroit 2013 - Gear Patrol The Detroit Auto show is done, and it #39;s time to recap some of the best of the best -- this time, it #39;s trucks . #39;Murica! purchasing a new limousine saturn vs ranger. Buick skylark car club How much can I make as an Indepenent truck driver. I'm a workhorse.? Will an Edlebrock intake manifold for a SBC work with an one-wire HEI distributor work?Will the transmission shift after the intake and carb and the hei distributor are installed?Any info or Summit part numbers for a fuel pressure regulator with a bleed-off line to avoid having to change the high pressue fuel pump? best diesel mpg cars 2011 thompson systems mercury md medication reconcilation. Doncaster Service a 2-stroke lawn mower? My Johnson outboard two stoke is back firing and looses power at half throttle. I'm running 50:1 and cleaned the carbs really good.Can some one tell what I need to do to fix this issue.Thanks. used long tail motor. MILTON KEYNES Help! I think my friend is in love with me even though he claims to be straight.? Today I got home and I put two cokes in the fridge and fifteen minutes later I took one out, I had planned on saving it for dinner but 3 hours later when dinner was ready I went to grab the coke but it wasn't in

there my mother and stepfather do not drink coke and there was only one can in the trash from the one I threw out earlier any ideas what happened?I barely drink coke at all but today I decided to have two log truck hit car killing 6woman in1964 alalbama rebecca minkoff cheri. SARDEGNA What Is Super fuel Economy Package On Ford Fiesta increase horsepower car 2009 bentley. Nuneaton & Bedworth fuel octane differences and going against manufacturers suggested octane? There are two ways to my commute that I take daily. One is a local road which is straight to the destination but has many I mean a lot of lights and the max speed limit is 40. It takes about twenty minutes. This route involves a lot of turns stop and goes due to it being a busy main street. The other route is the parkway which swings me around and still takes twenty minutes. But there are no lights stops or anything, just 65+ mph. Both get me to my commute in twenty minutes I just don't know which uses more gas. Thanks auto dealers topeka ks. Cooper tires edmonton Is it safe to ground myself to an electrical outlet? Brand and price if known?(I am not talking about using another car's battery).Thanks for the answers, but i got confused. I don't think there is a problem with the battery, its just that the car wasn't moved for one month and a half so it got drained naturally. triumph auto glass nanuet oil in new jersey Jeep 2014 Gas Mileage Oakland How do I take care of a 2-stroke jet ski? I have my own furnace I'm a backyard metal caster and fabricator if you will. I've successfully melted down silver, copper, and even a few quarters. I've been using charcoal to fuel the heat required to melt the metal inside the crucible (melting pot) however I want to convert it to propane so that its more efficient and burns hotter. Now the way i designed my furnace is simple. It's a steel bucket cemented inside with an outer diameter of 13 inches and an inner diameter of 6-1/2 inches and on the side of the furnace near the bottom i have a 2-1/2 to 3 inch hole for the air supply to help the fire burn stronger and hotter so basically i have hot fire burning out of the top of the furnace with air blowing in from the bottom my problem being that it's a hazard to keep the fire burning when you use charcoal having to move things around and throw more charcoal in and a pain in the ass. so what i want to do where the air supply blows in i want to attach a pipe a valve which to open and close the airflow and a Y nozzle so I can attach both the device used for blowing air into the furnace and the 14 Oz propane cylinder which will be the fuel to the fire. now how i came up with this idea was from working on my car. I remembered that engines are fuel injected where air and gas are mixed before they enter the cylinder where they are compressed and ignited so I'm taking that same concept and applying it to my furnace. My question is, Is this a safe way to go about it, do i run any risk of explosion from the propane cylinder, or will my using a turn off valve and a small 14 oz cylinder be enough precaution to prevent an accident?Thanks for baring with me on this long question. Gloucestershire metzeler tourance exp review. AVERSA should I get net10 or strait talk? I have a 224 sqft room that has an old in wall gas heater. I want to tear out the old in wall heater and put in a fireplace, should I go electric or gas? Which is cheaper to run? Would electric add as much value to the home as gas? how much money will a variable speed pool pump save cars citroen cars citroen. VALE OF GLAMORGAN What Is Super fuel Economy Package On Ford Fiesta i get around town in a brown car acura mdx subwoofer removal. fuel Saving Cars 2015 South Australia What Is Super fuel Economy Package On Ford Fiesta Albury supercharger nissan armada. GLENORCHY How do i apply to colleges / take the SAT under unique circumstances? I have a 2013 Chevrolet cavalier sedan-bald tires-165k miles on it-blown speakers-rust on gas cap and at the bottom of the doors-Scratches/Dents-Check engine light is on which is an evap leak but i dont know where the evap leak is.1.) Should i Just fix the leak and sell the car?2.) Should i put new speakers in it including subs and a new head unit instead of all the stock audio? While also repairing the scratches, dents, rust, evap leak, and new tires. Which basically is just putting money it or should i use the money on a new/used car?3.) Lastly should i just scrap it and buy new/used car? how to increase horsepower and gas mileage wartburg waverly iowa alumni donations. Tomsic cadillac how much gas will i need? Why are electric cars so worthless ?They cost an fortune to buy they are like 50 grand so if you bought one it would take decades before the fuel savings would make up for the price tag also I think the governments will

make it so that for ever K you drive it they will tax you twice as much as the take on petrol so as to make sure you gain no extra cash then the government will say you need to save for your old age when they have stolen all the cash from youThat depends where you live here in New Zealand even a crappy Nissan leaf will set your back 60K when you can buy a cheap little Nissan with a 1lt petrol engine in good condition for less than 8 so the electric car will be junk long before it pays its way in savings on petrol plus electric costs a fortune here Bagenalstown ford motor car leasing. Colorado Springs gas mileage f 150 gas mileage f 150 best gas saving cards deals find audi news. Find Your Car MASSA-CARRARA What is best used fuel efficient car? Mr. leghari does statistical analysis for an automobile racing team. Here are the 20 fuel consumption figures in miles per gallon for the team's cars in recent races.4.77, 6.11, 6.11, 5.05, 5.99, 4.91, 5.27, 6.01, 5.41, 6.10, 5.75, 4.89, 6.05, 5.22, 6.02, 5.24, 6.11, 5.02, 4.95, 5.81.(a)= calculate the mean and median of the fuel consumption.(b)=group the data into five equally sized classes. what is the fuel consumption value of the model class?(c)=which of the three measures of central tendency is best for Mr. leghari to use when she orders fuel explain. Carrickmacross park cities limousine dallas texas. How To Boost Mpg JERSEY CITY Most fuel Efficient Cars (Top 10 List) Charis had a nice article on Friday regarding the EPA #39;s just released 2013 fuel economy guide, and that included the top 10 most fuel efficient cars on the bottom of the post ďż˝ all electric cars, of course. But for all those who ... Atlanta tata motors toll free number. Charters Towers What Is Super fuel Economy Package On Ford Fiesta best fuel economy sports cars 2012 red car system. MARCHE check engine light QUESTION? My Mother has a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. The other day it started up and then at the gas station I went to restart the car to leave and it would not kick over. I had to get a jump to return home. We replaced the battery and the car still will not kick over without a jump start. I just do not understand what else it could be, tomorrow I am going to make sure the terminal connections do not have corrosion. What else could cause the car not to start with a brand new battery but will start with a jump. also, the alternator is only about a year old. Virginia Beach white gasoline lasts. Advanced auto parts seat covers Are Corollas fuel efficient? A new 2013 Mazda 3 Grand Touring for $20k or a new 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid for $30k? Looking for an enjoyable drive with good fuel economy. Test drives showed both fit the bill, though the styling of the Mazda is sub par. Friesland black widow auto accessory. South Cambridgeshire What Is Super fuel Economy Package On Ford Fiesta refuse derived fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms 2d online bike manuals. What is the price of gasoline in yellowstone national park gas gauge problems on a 2013 Buick Rendezvous? Hello,I bought a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.9l magnum in it. The motor had 280,000km on it so i decided to do a motor swap. After completing the motor swap we had to replace a few things such as the heater core, ac, alternator, and wiring harness the truck runs great except one thing. I am getting about 180km out of a full tank of gas! The truck has 35" tires on a 4 inch lift with a K N cold air intake. no chip or tuner on this truck. The old motor was getting around 450-500km per tank in the city and now i cant even go to the corner store without seeing the gas needle move. Also the truck has little power. it takes about 3/4 of a km to get to the speed of 110km/h. It has a 100% brand new out of the create tranny with 400km on it. any suggestions on what is causing this fuel milage and lack of power? Thnaks,-DavidYes the truck is 100% vacuum sealed other then a small leak in my left header. I have ran the truck for around 200km since the motor swap and everything is fine. no knocks, ticks, grinds, squeals. The PCM is the original one from the truck. we tried to put the PCM that matched the motor on and it made the truck idle weird and act up a lot so we put the old one back in and it has worked perfect since. scion car show photos sma milk vouchers. Blackpool What do you think about the lawsuit against Ford for the C-Max and Fusion Hybrid MPG Claims? I just got a 2013 Lincoln town car cartier series with 50000 miles because I had a 2013 mustang and totalled it so my parents told me they were going to get me a safe and not fast car and if I

drive it for a year with no tickets or accidents I get another mustang of same vintage so I have always thought Lincolns are soo cool but I have heard people say they aren't, but I disagree. I think all the little classy things are cool... Just terrible gas mileage, 'MERICA! nokian vativa 30x95x15 auto transmission codes. ALESSANDRIA What is this round cylinder shaped thing on the rear of some T-62 soviet tanks? I am very curious as to whether these massive luxury liners are mainly for parties and relaxing or if you can actually take them onto voyages such as across the Atlantic?Mainly for Summertime, and if there were to be waves could the yatch's hull withstand the force(I am not a boating kind of person but want to take it up sometime so "wave" referring to your average summer size of waves). 2012 bmw x5 m gas mileage proton drug. 1987 gmc jimmy wireing What Is Super fuel Economy Package On Ford Fiesta model a pickup truck for sale norco car and truck wash. URI america fuel prices america fuel prices holden commodore vx ss fuel consumption buy race car. London how to manage my money how to manage my money scion rotors metal bumper jeep patriot. MEDINA DE POMAR can you please help me summarizing this ? 10 points to the first summarize? Thinking about buying them.. I'm getting a good deal.. I wanna know if they would be too powerful and make my trunk rattle? That's a NO NO.. I just want good and clean sounding subs with the power to pump bass when I need it.. Are these the subs for me? Any other suggestions welcome.. Thanks how to save diesel fuel while driving isuzu parts az. Dealership for smart car How can i tell how much MPG im getting in my car? 1) A tire store gives the list price of a particular tire as $89. During a promotion the store sells four tires for the price of three. The profit of the store is 10% of the price it pays for each tire (the invoice price ). That price is $_________ . If the store was able to sell the tire at list price, it's profit would be ______ %. (Enter both answers as a fraction, or with at least two decimal digits beyond the decimal point.)2) You run a dealership that sells European cars. Their stickers list how many liters of gas it takes to travel 100 km. Your customers of course want to know how many miles per gallon they can expect to get with their new car. So you decide to post a formula that let's them convert from liters per 100km to miles per gallon. You also offer a simple free calculator (with your logo on it) to anybody who enters your dealership. If the car takes L liters to travel 100km, then it will get_____________ miles per gallon. Enter an expression in L. Figure that a mile is 1.6km, and a gallon is 3.79 liters. Port Laoise rate the new kia forte. St Helens What Is Super fuel Economy Package On Ford Fiesta united states annual fossil fuel consumption jeep truck accessories canada.

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