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Test Valley Good reasons NOT to have children? Society tells us that we should all procreate, and if we don't there's something wrong with us. I don't want to have kids because I don't want to bring another life into this world. No, I'm not a manic depressive, I just think that the coming challenges that we will face in the middle to the end of this century will be some of the biggest mankind has ever faced, and knowing human nature, I doubt it will end well. I'm talking about the coming energy crisis, water shortage, climate change (if you don't believe in global warming leave now, I have NO interest in hearing the opinion of an idiot). I'm not positive about it, but to me we are going down the road that past civilisations like Easter island and the Mayans have gone before us, destroying our environment and destroying ourselves in the process. I can't stand to see how stupid and ignorant most people are to our environment, wether it's not bothering to recycle, leaving their SUVs running for 30 mins to warm up, or even having like 5 kids. Can anyone relate? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that thinks this way. achille and hijacked ship. Manifold 2002 kia sedona Scientifically speaking is an electric car any more efficient than a petrol or diesel one? I don't care about gas prices I was asking about a car not the price of gas tata steel capacity sytner mercedes benz. Cadillac posts Will my cars combined MPG gradually improve now that it's being driven more on the highway? I know that some lightbulbs use electricity more efficiently than others; therefore, there should be more excess electricity if you use a forty watt bulb vs a 60 watt bulb. What happens to the rest of the electricity that wasn't converted into light? Does it somehow get cycled back through your house? Does it get sent back to the electric company? We only pay for the electricity we use, so how does that work? Thanks! top 10 fuel efficient vans uk fiat cinquecento fiat. Adelaide Why wouldn't headlights and interior lights turn on? I want to start cycling in my area. It's very hilly and good scenery so it'll be fun. My main goal is to build muscle, get nice legs, calfs and butt. And of course the cardio helps the heart too so that's good. I've been weightlifting for awhile and I want a change. I might want to bike 3 times a week (2 miles and move up later) and combine it with weightlifting 2 days a week at my school. I hope I don't lose TOO much weight because I'm already skinny. But I want to be more healthy and toned. So will I get that body I want from biking and a little weightlifting ? ford f650 pickup truck. LA PALMA How do I train to install LPG autogas in vehicles? I have a duel fuel 1996 GXL Landcruiser, i haven't run it on Petrol for a few months and today after filling it with petrol i tried to give it a run and it does not want to run on it. does anyone know what the problem could be?It runs fine on GasNo petrol is Unleaded and gas is LPG... opel vectra spalanie paliwa desktop aston martin. CHELTENHAM Vw Jetta fuel Economy 2008 horsepower vs torque car auto purchase lemon law. Wangaratta If America is in an economic recovery then why are most Americans having a harder and worse lives? Old Car durability question...Please help! :)?I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring...It needs a little work like it leaks oil but I keep a close eye on it and keep the oil changed. I know I need a new oil pan and gaskets and the oil plug is stripped so bad they change the oil from the top and not the bottom sucking it out some how I dont know who the guy did it but he hooked me up lol! Well Like I said it cranks up and does pretty good I maintain all the fluid and I have had a new timing belt put on it about two years ago it hasn't over heated or anything...I do the best I can with the little things until I can afford to get the bigger things done...thing is I Might be moving out of state for a new job and i would like to take my car with me instead of renting a Uhaul and bringing it with me ( I have to get a Uhaul anyway for my furniture) BUT i wanted to drive my car and put my furniture in storage and come back for that stuff later...I want my car so I wont have to ride the bus to work..Thing is my new state is 12 hours away and I'm wondering will my "hoompty" make it the 12 hour drive?/ I only drive it to work and back here now and occasionaly to the mall which it about 30-40 minute drive...that's the farthest I have driven it. I bought this car from a friends husband who said it's a decent car and so far it has been good to me. I'm wondering will my car make it on a 12 hour drive...a small portion of the drive is through mountains even though the transmission seems to be pretty strong with a car that old and those little problems would I be better off just putting it in storage with my furniture and getting a tow dolly and bringing it later when I save some money?? P.S. it get CRAPPY gas milage lol! I get like 200 miles per tank and my new state will be about 768 miles...I'm more worried about will it make the trip than the gas cost...HELLLLP! THX!! toughest truck in the world. Honda 11510 Dodge Dakota vs Ford Ranger vs Chevy S10? Hey everyone.I've been earning money for my first car for a while now, and at 19 y/o I think I'm ready to own my first car.I'm looking for a car with a good balance between fuel economy, maintenance/reliability, leg room(I'm 6'2"), and looks for under $5,000. Many of my friends and family members have suggested Toyotas, Nissans, and Hondas. According to them and several other sources, Toyotas are reliable but very boring, and both Nissans and Hondas are fun and reliable, but cost a fortune to repair compared to Toyotas.Anyway, if anyone could give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.Thank you. :) tata lenia car hire quotes uk bmw mercerdes Gas Vs Diesel Prices Fremantle What car uses H1 bulb? I have been considering options for a first car and after ruling out the Range Rover i have really been looking into mercedes g classes. I like SUVs and my neighbor has a g class, so i have really started to admire them. Would this be a good first car? Other than the presumably terrible gas mileage i like everything about this vehicle.Also, are g classes easy to tip over? I would think with them being so tall they would be easy to roll over. I would not want that! So back to the original question, would this be a good choice for a first car?i said no on the range rover because apparently they are not reliable at all which isn't so good for a first car, and i haven't heard that about the g class :) Tipperary sporting blue leicester mercury. PUENTEARENAS Chemistry help please?????? (thanks!!)? Okay so my friend has this disgusting ingrown nail on her middle finger (some how she thinks this information is relevant.. but whatever). Anyways she wants to know how to get rid of it without going to the doctor and with the least amount of pain.Thanks. gas better without ethanol coldspring fiat.

ARI�GE Vw Jetta fuel Economy 2008 wiring schematic chevrolet truck william optics gt one. Best Brands Of Gasoline Wychavon Vw Jetta fuel Economy 2008 Muinebeag park car games online. ARKANSAS Is it really tough to get an FHA loan? Do you have an FHA success story to share? I have just stopped smoking in my house after many years. I can't afford to have carpets cleaned, drapes, etc.. Will Febreeze "Allergen-Reducer" get rid of the cig. smoke's toxins and smell on these articles? 1 liter equals in ml del marcos hotel palm springs. Purchase cheap bratz in usa Math Questions. Need help!? Now since the govt is receiving less money from gas taxes, the govt is considering charging you a $100 penalty per year for saving on gas, as well as a per mile tax.Did anyone see that coming? Hervey Bay twilight sentinel buick lesabre operation. Newport Taking a trip to Seattle...? I am planning to convert a retired school bus for a road trip to Burning Man, and i am not planning to do a full camperization, just removing the seats, popping a bed at the end in front of the exit, bringing in a basic couch, and building a short shelving unit the majority of the way along the walls. I am not planning to do wiring in the walls or anything like that for plug ins, as i'm looking to be able to be able to easily modify it as needed for multiple purposes. I have an older 360 watt audio amplifier i'm looking to run on a regular basis, along with some Christmas lights or tube lights around the inside of the bus and the outdoor shelter for lighting at night, plus rationed use/charging of a laptop, and the occasional blender for mixing drinks. From my time reading survival and first timer's guides, gas generators are frowned upon for their noise and environmental impact, plus needing somewhere to store the power (batteries), and fuel to run it. My thought for an alternative power source Is purchase a solar panel trickle charger(, or )wired to the school bus's battery(ies), to keep them continually topped up. I would wire in an inverter ( ) either through the cigarette lighter port or directly to the battery. I would then plug my devices (stereo, lights, blender, laptops) into the inverter to run them. I would leave the solar panel out at all times, as it is the desert and there is plenty of daylight.Here is a rough diagram of what i have in mind: bigpappasmurf666.deviantart /art/wiring-diagram-150130450Sorry for the long story, but if you've made it this far, I thank you. These are my questions:1: Will a solar panel be able to keep the battery topped up?2: Will it charge it fast enough to insure generally uninterrupted power to the inverter?3: What should the minimum Wattage rating on the solar panel be?4: Should I wire the inverted directly to the battery or run it through the lighter socket.?5: My stereo amp is rated at 360watts, so should I go with at least a 500watt inverter, or should I get a 1000 or 1500 watt inverter?6: How long will the battery last once the sun goes down?7: If the battery does go dead, will it automatically recharge once the sun rises and hits the solar panel, or will it have to be specially booted?8: What about a 2nd or 3rd battery?, Battery bank?9: Any extra components I'll need to purchase? (meters, regulators, surge protectors, etc)10: Any other ideas?I could always just pick up a generator, it would run about the same price as this set up, but then i'd have to worry about purchasing fuel, the environmental impacts, and the special measures required to avoid annoying neighbors with it's noise. Plus this way i can have power wherever I go, without much preparation / planning. Sorry for the long post, but I'm new to vehicular electrical systems, and will have friends with experience to help me set it up, but i wanted to check here to see if it's even possible. Thanks for the help and advice.~buddyholly1959thanks for your support and advice. The reason I'd like to go solar for burning man is that the bank of batteries can charge the whole day so there is no worry about them going dead at night, as I would have to limit my generator usage to about an hour or two a day, and if i fire it up in the morning to recharge after the overnight usage, unless I fire it up later in the day, it will be dead by night, if not noon. With solar I could set it up and let it charge silently all day. The wind idea would not work, as the wind is really inconsistent on the playa, If the wind gets up to a decent speed, that's not a good thing. My normal camp ground is in a valley, so there is not much for wind down there.yes, a generator would be an option, but not a viable one, as I am unable to run one continuously, no matter how advanced they are, as 1: i'm gonna be driving down from canada, so my only options would be to either bring it all with me, or spend my canadian money in the stats, with a ~ 10c loss, and 2: it would be impossible to safely store enough fuel on the playa, as trips in to down cost 10$ and only occur a few times a day. Also, i'm gonna be going with a group of around 10 people, so the bus will already be filled with water bottles and food, as we'd rather not get gouged by the exchange rate when buying 1000 bottles of water, plus enough food to feed 10 people for a week.note - in the first part of my last update, i'm talking about gasolineedit: the blender use will be minimal, if at all, i'm just thinking in a "what if" situation. The main purpose for the power will be for the lights at night, and, to a lesser (and possibly un-necessary) extent (as I have a portable boom box that's pretty good on d batteries (2/2.5 days of 8/9/more hours a day use on one set of batteries) which would be sufficient. With your guy's advice, plus reading some reviews of the solar panel i've got my eye on, that i'm just gonna run the lights off the batteries at night, and charge the laptop during the dayIt's 2 am here, so sorry if some of my posts don't make sense. lol 2011 chevy volt fuel economy 2009 auto show mercedes. 500 Gallon fuel Tank REIMS chip car chip car Oostburg pay car tax online cyprus. Best fuel Cars SONDRIO i bought a gask mask off Amazon, how do i smoke out of it? I'm doing a paper on air pollution. I can't think of a good way to persuade someone to prevent/stop air pollution. Help? : ) Thanks in advance -jaida Philadelphia alpina roadster s tuning. Aylesbury Vale Vw Jetta fuel Economy 2008 fuel economy nissan navara sermon on the mount anna talbot. GRAFTON Why do the oil companies want to keep things secret from the masses? Before you can ban any type of assault weapon (which are not automatic nor are they military grade), you have to repeal the Second Amendment.Why do people think the threat of tyranny has somehow ceased to exist? What would happen if the government 25-50 years down the road started physically oppressing

its people?How is the 1st Amendment reasonably restricted? Not in removing the tools (words) used, but limiting how they are used. Apply this to the 2nd Amendment, and you will find that any behavior with the tools protected that harms other people is ALREADY ILLEGAL.Tanks and grenades (and flamethrowers, grenade launchers and other things usually lumped into that) are perfectly legal for the public to own. You must pass a background check and pay a tax for a tax stamp at $200 per grenade but they are legal, have been forever, and contrary to liberal opinion, are not routinely used to commit mass murder... (except of course the ones owned by governments)Argument from Adverse Consequences (basically saying you have to be wrong because if you were right, then X would happen), Straw Man (Arguing outrageous or "worst case scenario" arguments as commonplace), and Excluded middle (Saying there are only 2 courses of action, either it protects flintlocks or nukes), just to name a few.His assumption that a literal interpretation of the second amendment would lead to common people to owning nukes, tanks, or really anything beyond automatic weapons is absurd, mostly for two reasons. First, no one can afford a tank (We're talking $3 Million just for a Bradley assault vehicle, which isn't even a real tank). Second, no one has any incentive to own one (Even if I could afford a tank, there are many things I would much rather have).Let's not even get into the distraction arguments that politicians use such as crime and murder as a way to disarm you. General crime rates correlate more closely with economic conditions and violent crime rates fluctuate highly with prohibitions than either correlate with the types of weapons available to civilians.There's no need to limit free speech in order to prevent people giving improper danger alerts. All you have to do is make a rule which bounds anyone who enters your property to suffer consequences for false alarms. 'Anyone who enters this theater agrees to pay a $1000 fine if they endanger others by false alarms'There. Problem solved with no free speech violated, because upon entering the theater you agree to a certain code of conduct. Baltimore kapela trabant. Used cat and truck prices What is a good price for rent in Los Angeles? My Birthday is almost here i need some good idea's for a good first car. My budget is around 27k and I tend to like "sportier" cars more. I've looked at 07 Porsche Caymans to new Dodge chargers, Camaros, Mustang Etc. I'm really open to any ideas of good sports cars in my budget that are reasonable for a teenager. I'm responsible and lucky enough to have parents that trust me with a sports car as a first car. Im willing to pocket the cash as well and go for a cheaper car and save up (Which i know is the more practical idea). Any ideas? Thanks! =) Ballyshannon plowing snow gmc 1500. Orange Vw Jetta fuel Economy 2008 2013 volvo xc90 fuel economy ricky bobby racing. Continental hotel tossa Ford C-Max, Fusion hybrids subject of MPG lawsuit in California A California lawsuit over the fuel economy claims for the 2013 Ford C-Max was first reported back in December. Based on the numerous reports we #39;ve heard of disgruntled owners failing to get their car #39;s EPA fuel economy ... knight online auto minor peugeot 504 carburator. Florida Are electric cars considered alternative fuel vehicles? How long can you store 2 cycle oil gasoline mix before need to throw it away (if use non ethanol fuel 3 months okay? can explain?if are using the non ethanol fuel with your 2 cycle oil mix....can you keep it much longer than the 10 percent ethanol fuel mix? please explain why need to throw it away after 3 months or so? (if have it sitting in shed..can just take the container it is in and shake it really good after a few months?)Btw, is "Stabil" a good brand of fuel stabiliser? why when became this way?Do most 2 cycle oils that you use to mix with the your 2 cycle fuel already have fuel stabliser in them?if so,,why people buy extra fuel stabiliser? hid lights for 95 civic hatchback metra car accessories home page. LIVERPOOL kia fuel kia fuel increase torque ford ranger lamborghini salvage cars. Surface grinder coolant filter rolls Vw Jetta fuel Economy 2008 hyundai exporting new car dealer galveston texas. ROSSLAND Gas mileage per tank on a 01' dodge ram 1500? What is one of the best chips? I have a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500, HEMI 5.7 and What are some good performance part brands to make it faster also? diesel gas prices ny achilles and troilo. West Yorkshire What is more fuel efficient, lifted jeep vs. lifted truck? So i got my 2013 impala with the 3.8L in it and its all stock i just recently changed the plugs and wires but now im looking to increase the performance and gas mileage. Im looking at a K N Air filter and getting either a Chip or Programmer. Im having trouble finding a decent chip or programmer so if anyone has a suggestion please help me out. I know a moderate amount about cars but when it comes to this stuff im not sure what is good and what is not. Thanks towbar mazda 3 car part new orleans. MONTORO Jobs in Renewable Energy? Solar Energy? does overdrive save gasoline shas daf. Land rover uk dealers miles per gallon cars miles per gallon cars Kent 330d coupe m sport. Carrick-on-Suir Vw Jetta fuel Economy 2008 how exhaust increase horsepower used mercedes auto parts austin texas.

Vw jetta fuel economy 2008