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Middelburg Why do I have to go to work instead of doing what I love? Hey Yahoo,So, having my first car troubles with my 3rd car. A 2000, Ford Taurus SE with over 309,000km on it. I got it last year and had no problems. The mechanics I got it from insured me that I would be problem free for the next three years while I am in school. I even got my car a check up last month when I changed the oil and they noticed NOTHING!However, earlier today, I see a trail of leaking fluid and a wierd smell coming from within the car when I turn it on. I noticed the leak is coming underneath the car. I checked to see where the leak is coming after popping the hood and it's close to the transmission fluid compartment. It's more under some black rubber hoses, but I can see that there's engine coolant all over it. And there's a noise coming from it too after turning off the car.But it's dripping heavily. So, my question is, what could be the problem? I really hope it's not a head gasket and just a hose replacement or tighetning, but I need to know how serious the situation is. Luckily, I have an auto shop very close to me within walking distance, so realistically, I can drive to there and it wouldn't fuck up my engine. I'm gonna go there tomorrow and get a quote, however, I fear the price. Can anyone diagnose the problem just from reading this? Thanks new york mills mn auto dealers. Freightliner led lighting However much it costs, which is better for a paintball gun,a compressed air tank,energy, or CO2 ? I own a Dodge 2500 Laramie 5.9L Cummins Diesel.I have been told that they make a "Chip" that can help with increasing Gas Mileage (and power at the same time)....Is this True? Are there any problems getting it "smogged" with the DMV if a chip is installed?How many MPG's can I look at saving.My present MPG are (when driving avg. 70-77 mph..... 12 MPGWhen driving 61 - 65 mph 14.5 mpgI would not prefer a programmer as I wouldn't know what to do with it or what settings to select.ThanksI actually would be interested in hearing the benefits of a Bully Dog GT Diesel 40420.Might this be my solution to having a little more power to pull my Travel Trailer up a hill without losing MPG's?Or maybe just increasing MPG's while driving without the trailer? service opel cluj grrensboro auto auction. Triumph thunderbird sport accessories What's the best SUV with less issue? HI thanks for reading i recently got the code P0171 engine runs too lean B1 S1any way no vaciom leaks found after i changed the intake manifold still the same problem today i changed the exhaust manifold due to crack with new OEM new one i have reset the code p0171 now the trem fuel level is likeShort fuel trem is 7%long fuel trem is still 24% just like old timesHO2S sensoer changed by new one code is still therenow the important thing is i before this code is throun i used carb cleaner to clean the MAF sensoer i don't know if that contaminated or spoiled ithere is the test for the MAF datareference range for MAF on MaxiDAS says the range is 0.00 to 0.66 (lb/s) ok>my car the maf at idle reads 0.01 lb/s and at 3000RPM reads 0.03 lb/smy question is . is this normal??????????????? tell me what to do please.i am going crazy i already through 740$ for exhaust manifold 250$ for intake manifold 65$ for HO2S its driving me crazy please helphummer h3 89000M 2013 LLR 3.7l I-5no miss fire records on cylinders Correct me if I am wrongHI thanks for reading i recently got the code freeze frame infoDTC P0171fuel SYS1 clfuel SYS2 N.ALoad PCT calculated load value 18,0%ETC engine coolant temp 86 C or 187 FShort term fuel 1,6%Long term fuel 24,2 %Map 29 KPARPM 601 RPMVSS Vehicle speed 0spark advance ignition timing advance 10IAT intake air temp 57 CMAF 3.00 g/sTP 12.2 %Air Stat offP0171 engine runs too lean B1 S1any way no vaciom leaks found after i changed the intake manifold still the same problem today i changed the exhaust manifold due to crack with new OEM new one i have reset the code p0171 now the trem fuel level is likeShort fuel trem is 7%long fuel trem is still 24% just like old timesHO2S sensoer changed by new one code is still therenow the important thing is i before this code is thrown i used carb cleaner to clean the MAF sensor i don't know if that contaminated or spoiled ithere is the test for the MAF datareference range for MAF on MaxiDAS says the range is 0 2006 nissan altima se-r fuel economy freightliner in portland or. West Virginia How to make my car run on E100? I am looking at 2 truck that i am interested in.. obvioulsy i can only buy 1.the first one is a 2013 dodge Dakota with 29,000 miles and still has the power train warranty.. 3.7 liter motor and it is a extend cab..the 2nd is a 2013 chevy silverado with 77,000 miles and a 5.3 liter motor. very good shape.I know these are 2 very different trucks. I dont need a truck that can haul trailers or pull anything.. at least not now i dont need it, but the silverado is a super nice truck and i have always wanted a full size.. i know i will be happy either way i go but just looking for eduacated opinions and thoughts.Ok listen i am not really interested in answers or opinions outside of what i asked so if your not interested in answering the question then by all means stay off. the reason i want a truck is because this is the united states and its my right.. people use trucks for more than one please stick to the question and dont tell me what you think i need to reevaluate.. keep your sporty coupe if thats what your into acura tl opinion. EAST AYRSHIRE Confusion to buy wagonr duo lpg and cng v/s Ritz Diesel vdi? Vehicles that run on private land or water ways don't always run on diesel, why not sell tax-discounted petrol for small hand tools, quads and boats? horse racing websites honda cars catalog. MONTR�AL Top fuel Efficient Pickup Truck reduce gas bill crooks suzuki co uk. Halton gas mileage wiki gas mileage wiki jeep compass raley for sale. 2010 volvo models Can you use pepper spray in this situation? well ive been doing all the different ways to summon lucifer, but no luck. what are some real ways to summon him? no bullshit stories or bullshit answers car auction in north of ireland zack morris death fuel Economy Hybrid Tipperary South Riding New Zealand Strenght and Weeknesses 10 Pts♥? Does anyone know how much petrol it will take (ie how much it will cost) to drive from Christchurch (NZ) to Gore Bay, up by Cheviot Reading uk car loan values. HAUTES-PYR�N�ES What is a good first car for an 18 year old girl? Ive currently got a 1994 mustang svt 5 speed that i rather enjoy and its fast and i have been driving it for around six months now and have encountered a trade deal for a 2013 f350 7.3 powerstroke extended cab short box, 3 inch lift, mud tires nice heavy duty brush guard lariat package and its got 218000 miles on it. My mustang curently only has 101000 and is very clean. the truck has no rust but its got a gooseneck ball in the bed and i dont want to make a trade for a truck with a shit front end and worn out tranny from pulling all its life. its from a smaller dealership and they usually get there vehicles on trade in or auction so i dont have that much info on its previous use if it is from auction. i live in minnesota and we have snow on the ground 5 months out of the year but i also have another beater car i can use and have acess to other vehicles as well. its a very fun summer car but letting it sit through the winter in the garage just kills me. ive seen quite a few nice diesel pickups that are programmed and built up very nicely that would do well winter and summer vs just summer with the mustang. im not in need to make the decission quick i have time im just trying to weigh the pros and cons of each vehicle. with the pickup i dont know the prior use or abuse, its got 218k but the 7.3 is legendary for its duration, its much more for diesel than gas and probably uses much more unless i get it programmed or chipped, the truck can be used as a work vehicle and will be easier to get around in the winter and could very well possibly outlast the mustang and be more reliable, if i get the truck it will be looked over by a diesel mechanic to inspect the front end, tranny, for engine wear, and the bearings all around. but with the mustang its got half the miles, it get better mpg, i know more about the car,ive driven it plenty and know it very well, its got no scraches dings or dents in it and absolutely no rust anywere or even chipping paint, very fun vehicle and is a blast to drive. im a junior in high school and ill be gratuating next year and the college im going to is less than 20 miles away and dont know what vehicle to choose. opinions are wanted!!!! i really want to hear what people think on this, Thanks! top fuel efficient jeeps nissan license frame. MAINZ Top fuel Efficient Pickup Truck zip code for dayton wa racing car games free online games. Top Rated Suvs Stoke-on-Trent Top fuel Efficient Pickup Truck Solihull smart parts auto salvage. LANCASTER fuel Saving Tip: Auto Myths Around Sturgeon Bay - Young ... fuel Saving Tip: Auto Myths Around Sturgeon Bay ... There aren #39;t any magic pills you can drop in your gas tank and the government hasn #39;t suppressed a device you can clamp on your fuel line to make your car run on air. 1995 ford ranger xlt fuel economy ertl diecast aston martin casino royal. Regal tire marietta ga cyclone fuel saver cyclone fuel saver Vale of White Horse mercedes benz 500se. Tulsa Best reliable, safe, economic used cars in my price range (~$7,000)? I have checked out Amtrak and it looks like there are 3 (im pretty sure?) buses in total that will get me there totaling 150$ round trip and 12 hours each way. Even if my car were available it would cost about 150$ EACH way considering gas prices and poor mileage. Any tips, ride-share opportunities, or any advice in general would be

useful and much appreciated. Looked at flights too assuming they would be cheap (around 100 oneway) but they were closer to 500 round-trip for any flight that leaves within the next two weeks.Here is what I posted on CL: Looking to catch a ride up to Humboldt county area (Arcata or near to) sometime in the next week or two.Will pitch in for gas, have a valid license, hygienic, safe.Feel free to drop me a line if you have any other questions.Thanks to anyone reading this! automobile fuel economy ratings canada bancwise lincoln ne. Hidrogen Gas LLEIDA The new electric cars they are coming out with? I have a Silverado 1500HD that is paid for and currently working fine, but with 163,000 miles and averaging 12 MPG these days, I was thinking of parking it up(not trading it in, of course) and getting a new Chevy Cruze. There's nothing really mechanically wrong with the truck, but I cringe at the $90 I spend every week and a half to fill the thing up. The Cruze will get nearly 3x the MPG, but will carry a note with it of about $330/mo, a bill that I don't have now. I know in the short term, it will cost more a per month to get the Cruze, but with my driving habits, an online calculator told me that the car would pay for itself in about 10 years. I doubt my truck would last that long with daily driving, but with occasional use, I think it's very possible. What would you guys do? And I'm not looking for anyone to tell me that my truck or the Cruze are sucky cars and that I should buy something else. I'm just looking for opinions on whether or not I should accept another car note. Also, I'm not looking to get a used car. I know they're cheaper, but I'm thinking at the end of 5 years, I'd have a 5 year old car, instead of an 8-10 year old car, which means that I'd get to keep it that much longer.Thanks in advance! Shropshire benz of manhattan. Rc Trucks For Sale EURE-ET-LOIR What does "2.90% gross³/AER² variable" mean? I just bought Power Saver Max yesterday. I was hoping to save at least a modest amount from reduced electric bills. Has anyone used this brand product or any other power savers? How has it work for you? Delaware us navy jeep photo. Alkmaar Top fuel Efficient Pickup Truck poor fuel economy diesel engine xy gt specs. BRIGHTON What does the EU think about energy efficiency? try'n to find the best LEDs to make a LED grow light. Anyone know if these would be good, or any other LED suggestions appricated. ebay /itm/3W-Blue-LED-50lm-w-Alu-20mm-Star-Base-/390415530979?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 hash=item5ae6943be3 ebay /itm/10PCS-3W-Power-Violet-Blue-LED-445nm-Plant-Growth-Light/390330252013?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 hash=item5ae17efaeb ebay /itm/10PCS-3W-Power-RoyalBlue-LED-460nm-Plant-Growth-Light-/220737076593?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 hash=item3364f47d71 ebay /itm/10PCS-3W-RED-80lm-650nm-660nm-LED-Plant-Glow-Light/221014986535?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 hash=item3375850f27thanks for advice. Dundalk xc70 third row. Ceate view cheapest petrol prices cheapest petrol prices Tilburg dadi family. Cardiff Top fuel Efficient Pickup Truck consumption of fossil fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms get a cheap car insurance. 2007 hyundai se According to the AAA fuel gauge gasoline prices fell another 1.4 cents nationwide since yesterday. In terms? As well as keeping it's AAA rating, Canada has a much lower level of debt, per every man/women/child.Canada is $16,500 per. So basically every Canadian owes a sub compact car.America is $47,000. Or more than most American's make in a year?This despite Canada's involvements in both Afghanistan and Libya. And also despite the fact Canada has a much more liberal, single payer health system.So Why is Canada so much better, and can America ever be saved? dictionary venturi new york kumho dealers. Athlone auto gas consumption auto gas consumption san jac community yokohama reifen hamburg. BUNDABERG MPG amp; KPL Calculator - Android MPG and KPL Calculator This is a simple calculator that allows you to calculate your vehicle #39;s fuel economy in seconds. It calculates Miles Per Gallon or Kilometers Per Litres. Thanks for... fuel economy car model forum hyundai trajet. Tata safari 2010 photos Top fuel Efficient Pickup Truck speedwell plymouth geo science institute. ASTURIAS Okay, okay, I HAVE to say this to grown males out there! You guys are EFFING

d0uchebags to scam a teen? I found a little baggie in my car this morning, after giving a ride to some kids last night. i1073.photobucket /albums/w386‌I posted this earlier and most said it looked like heroin. However when i tried burning it under tin foil, it just turned black, instead of brown-red like it's apparently supposed to.It also didn't really smell like vinegar, more like a bitter, burning smell I've never smelled before, I can't really describe it. It's brown and green -- when i found it, it kind of looked like it was shaped into a ball or something, and then squished. With the green on the outside, and brown in the middle. It kind of almost looks like it's moldy or something...It crushes up easily but it is not fine powder, rather kind of sticky.please help! i1073.photobucket /albums/w386/Juliana_Rintala/IMG_20130307_163733_zpse99e626b fuel consumption guide 2007 timing belt citroen c2. Toledo which car to buy 2000-2013 celica or Lexus IS 300? without a use of a turbo? i dont want to spend $1000 to get an extra mile per gallon. any way of doing this? saw off a part of the throttle plate? lowest auto loan rates wisconsin 1992 buick parts. ARDENNES best oil for a race ready chevy big block? Hey I'm rebuilding the engine in my chevelle to a 383 and I was wondering what the best intake, torque converter to go with?Howard's cam and lifter kit 285/285 lift .480/.480 2800-6400rpmAlum heads 550hp 64cc670cfm Holley street avengerScat 9000 series crankProbe forged flat top pistonsScat 5.7 forged I beam rodsHoward's roller rockersNot sure on diff ratio but is a tractor to take off with (probably original ratio that came with the 70 Malibu)Getting a turbo 400 and not sure on stall converter?What intake should I get? Was thinking victor jr or weiand stealth air strike?I've blown my cam, not sure the reason behind that (it is the original engine with original parts in it) so that can be replaced with something different if recommended?Any idea on hp? This isn't going to be a drag car, it's just a cruiser with a little bit of grunt best fuel economy diesel programmer online auto auctions connecticut. Toyota corolla garda car Help with a direct variation problem please!? It costed me $100 to fill up my gas guzzler, and my mom told me I had to start riding the bus twice a week.........So I was looking at used cars and I found a 2013 Impala for only $5,000. The sucker got like 25 miles per gallon, and it was super fun to drive (I test drove it). I just really love that car. Well, I have $2,000 of money I worked for saved up....and I was going to sell my truck for $3,500, so I'd have $5,500, enough to pay the car off and taxes. The past few years of life has been kinda crappy, and idk this car made me feel happy. I just wanted to remember what it was like to feel happy. Plus I wouldn't have to ride the stupid bus and I'd save $1,500 a year on gas. Well, my mom had said maybe, but everytime I mentioned it she's like "your not getting that money until you graduate"....then she told me no.....of course then I dropped it because she said no and there was no point in fighting it. The funny thing is is that I'm supposed to use it for college.....when I don't even want to go to college. I mean, it doesn't matter now because she said no, but I was telling a co-worker about this and how I was dissapointed, and they said I was acting like a baby. Do you think so? Orkney feng east. Arnhem Top fuel Efficient Pickup Truck 2002 pontiac aztek gas mileage volvo xc60 price list.

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