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Greater Manchester Can you take a Cuddy Cabin across the ocean? Ok, me and some friends are planning a road trip. We've decided that we'd go in a fairly sized van or large car. We calculated the total driving hours at about 75 hours - 85... [Roughly Monthish?]How much petrol would be needed, and how much would it roughly cost? best smart car. Turbo 25l jeep please everyone help me with this question? I wrote a persuasive essay for English a while back and I thought it'd be appropriate to post it somewhere on the Internet, so why not Y!A? :D Anyways, I can't find my 4 or 5 sources anywhere but will edit them in if I find them. Tell me what you guys think...once I get the sources up you can check my internal citations :PHybrids Are Bad for the EnvironmentHybrids are all the craze nowadays and the car companies are selling them under the impression that they are the ultimate in green car technology. They have an advertised MPG, or miles per gallon, that is much, much higher than gasoline and diesel fuel http://FuelSavingTab.comed cars. They emit fewer greenhouse gases while running which contributes to the slowing of global warming, the natural heating of the Earth which can be intensified due to higher than normal amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Finally, they use less gasoline because of the MPG which will save the precious gasoline supplies in the world. But are they really that eco-friendly? Hybrids use Nickel-Cadmium or Lithium-ion batteries, Cadmium and Lithium being extremely rare in large quantities. The processing of the nickel in preparation for battery making releases copious amounts of sulfur dioxide into the air, which causes acid rain, which will destroy the ecosystem for miles around the nickel plants. Hybrids also advertise 19 MPG higher than what the realistic MPGs of hybrids are, and the precious gasoline that hybrids are using less of, will run out about the same time the precious minerals used in the hybrid batteries run out at current rates. There are also hybrids that plug into the wall, and of course that makes the emissions out of the car less, but the emissions from the coal being burned in 70% of the United States is much less clean than the gasoline and diesel fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms. Hybrids should not be developed further, as they are as destructive to the environment as gasoline cars are, as they use precious minerals in their batteries, cause acid rain around the nickel plants, destroying ecosystems, not saving them, and burn coal instead of gasoline for power. The best alternative for the most eco-friendly car is a clean diesel car with the PZEV, or Partial Zero Emission Vehicle, option available at many dealerships.The batteries used in hybrids destroy ecosystems around the mining and processing plants and the precious minerals used in hybrids will run out at about the same time as gasoline. Will this really solve the problem? The batteries in hybrids, in an example of the Prius batteries, made in Sudbury, Ontario, cause acid rain. According to Impact Lab, “[t]he acid rain around Sudbury was so bad it destroyed all the plants and the soil slid down off the hillside” (Prius), and with more and more companies creating hybrids, more and more battery processing plants will be made, causing more and more acid rain due to the copious amounts of sulfur dioxide emitted during battery processing. Not only do the batteries destroy the ecosystems around the plants, “after maybe 100,000 miles, the battery starts to lose its ability to charge. Tesla Motors performance figures even state that after 50,000 miles, the batteries will only perform at about 70% their optimal, factory level” (Why). What does that mean? That means that after 100,000 miles the battery will have to be replaced, and the used batteries cannot be recycled, and thus just go into landfills. And if you want optimal performance, you’d have to change the battery every 50,000 miles. The average gasoline car can be used until nearly 300,000 miles before ultimate failure with minor repairs, which is 4-7 batteries in a hybrid. And you have to remember that, according to Four-bits , “lithium… is pretty rare in large quantities. With projected increases in the use of lithium, the known mines would run out about the same time as oil” (Why). This makes hybrids just another quick fix that won’t fix the problem with the environment long term.Many hybrids are being converted into plug-in hybrids which plug directly into a household wall socket and charge via the coal-burning power plants that provide electricity to 70% of the United States, and coal emits many more greenhouse gases than gasoline does. This means that “coal-burning plants could be even worse for the environment than gasoline-burning engines…” (Hybrid). And even in the green-powered electricity states, such as California, Jim Motavalli of The Environmental Magazine quoted that the“ACEEE concluded that a plug-in version of the Toyota Prius could reduce CO2 emissions by a third over a conventional Prius hybrid, but only if its batteries were charged with California electricity — generated mainly from relatively clean sources. In the Midwest, dominated by coal-burning power plants, the report says the plug-in Prius would actually generate one percent more carbon dioxide” (Motavalli).California being the strictest state in emissions standard, this is a rare case of hybriThanks for your rebuttal :D I spent about 5 hours digging through all the pro hybrid stuff to get to this con hybrid stuff... I still dislike hybrids (I'm a fast car guy, not a fuel efficient one) but I was not aware that the sudbury (spelling?) was cleaned up... anyways, thanks for your rebuttal, I convinced my whole english class that hybrids were bad (including my hybrid-driving teacher) so now I have the actual facts. I'd still rather ride a bike to be fuel efficient. :P rover fun scooter vtt lapierre x race.

Esterificacao biodiesel carb 77 ford/lincoln 460? fuel consumption honest john then add gmc. North Ayrshire Help with college algebra word problem? 10 points? Hi. My friend and I are applying for a travel grant to Toronto from the US (Minneapolis, MN). We have to provide a detailed budget for our trip. We would receive notification if we receive the grant only one month before we have to travel. We plan to be in Toronto from July 9th - 16th 2013. How much would the average flight be during this time if bought a month before? I've estimated $610 per person but am not sure if I'm in the right ballpark?We are looking for a hotel in the Downtown or Parkdale (West Toronto) area for Mad Pride 2013. I've estimated $140 a night (including taxes). Is this around the average cost during July (and having to book only a month before travel)? Any suggestions of clean hotels in a safe location?The grant committee estimated cost of food at $75 a day per person. Is this too high or a good amount?And I'm looking up transportation costs. I saw online that a TCC Day Pass is $10.75 per person. Is this for the subway or also for the bus/street car? How much are taxis in Toronto? I'm trying to figure out a number for taking taxi's to and from the airport and as needed at night during our 8 days in Toronto.We have to be very specific in everything in our budget or they will cut it.I appreciate any information. I've never been to Toronto and have no idea the costs, transportation or safe/good areas to stay in.Thank you in advance!A side note... We haven't been able to get ahold of any of the organizers for the Mad Pride event for this year. We've noticed the dates change each year, but always include Bastille Day, July 14th (Sunday this July). Last year the event was July 10-15th. If anyone knows of the dates of this year, please let me know. Even if it would begin a week before or the week after or maybe start the friday before.... ford 2001 mustang car seat problem. NORTH WILTSHIRE is there any cng filling station in junagadh,somnath,diu? My dad wants to buy a 1999 ford crown victoria that he says is CNG or compressed natural gas,the owner wants $1500,should he? are there advantages or not? desert schools federal credit union auto car parts vancouver wa. COQUITLAM Save fuel Pictures fuel consumption jet ski tv 2 dayton. Portsmouth Anyone know anything about cars and math? Your car gets 28 miles to the gallon. You have 8 gallons of gas in your tank, but you have to leave at least 1/2 gallon in the tank. You are going to a concert 119 miles away. Do you have enough gas to get there and back? If not, how much gas do you need to have 1/2 a gallon left.Can someone tell me how to solve this? I'm stuck.Thank you :) crown honda new. Slide down rear window suv My Civic keep bogging and dropping Rpms when i turn hard or randomly sometimes? It has a burnt valve and cylinder #3 is getting 0 compression and im getting 15 mpg would unplugging the fuel injector help any at all? or would it not help or would it be dangerous?ps the cars not worth fixing its being driving as is and has been for 6 months enthusiasts fiat e24 bmw Saving Electricity Nevada Did you ever have a kerosene powered fridge...? just for topping up? Dundee escaped delorean. RIETI I am 37 weeks pregnant and I still have not seen a doctor.? Lets say I went in for like a three-year enlistment (maybe four). Can I still get a Bachelor's Degree within that time period?@learning to walk but falls on face a lot: I appreciate those words a lot! Just trying to figure out where to go from here thats all. how save petroleum does t pain use auto tune. QUINTANILLA DE LAS VI�AS Save fuel Pictures where to buy butcher block oil red canyon utah cars for sale. Gasboy Gas Pump Illinois Save fuel Pictures Test Valley continental tires discount. CHESAPEAKE Why would my 2000 Honda Civic LX die randomly with no indicator lights on? It cuts out at idle and sputters as I give it gas until it reaches higher rpm. Getting worse by the second. Unfortunately I dont have the funds to take it to a shop, so Im on my own. Please advise. vca fuel consumption figures gm pickup truck tail light.

Rolls royce web site A penny for you thoughts? importing gas hobs from china to sell in the uk.. supplier has CE for gas hobs but not ROHS, from what i can tell im i true in saying that ROHS is only for eletronic goods, and my gas hobs are okay for uk import and sale, they also sell hods which are both CE ROHS...MANY THANKS FOR ALL ANSWERS GIVEN Droichead Nua dodge rumble. Rochester-upon-Medway Nissan 350z - First Car? Before I shut the car off and when I get to my destination? orShould I wait until I fuel up my car with gas at the gas pump?I have a 2013 ford fiesta and here is the deal:I was driving away from my house but before I did I reset my avg mpg on my trip computer to 0 mpg. Then when I was driving to my destination which took me about 1 hour to get to, I got an average of 34 mpg, after that I shut off the engine of the car and do what I needed to do at the place. After that I started my car to go back home (but I didn't reset my avg mpg on my trip computer) and my average dropped down big time to 23 mpg (by the way this was all stop and go driving). I am a very safe driver and I obey all speed limits and no going crazy on the gas pedal and brake pedal.Just to let you know that all I have to do is to press the trip button in my car to reset my average mpg back to 0 mpg.Here is a link to a photo of the interior of the ford fiesta and you will see what I am talking about. hi-mpg /wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/ford_fiesta11_trip_computer Also I just got my car a week ago. used cars with fuel economy dacia body. Suv Price CASTILLEJO new car financing bi-weekly or monthly payment, which is better? Scion offers a $1,000 military rebate but I have to finance with Toyota Financing. My insurance company USAA has offered me the 2.19% loan but I can't get the rebate that way. And yes, I am completely Math-Stupid. Louth nada dodge viper. fuel Efficiency Guide DOETINCHEM What, if anything, is wrong with my car? 93 ninja 250 with 8000 miles..died while i was riding and wouldnt turn back on unless choke was held open. when i got it home, i waited like 30 minutes, then turned it on like normal and it started up and idled normal, but i didnt ride it. rust streaks in gas tank. I asked a variant of this question and determined that the rust from the tank clogged my carbs. well i was about to get to work removing them and so on, but when i drained the tank, and the gas came out clean and clear..whats going on? Wigan flashpoint on lincoln heights free. Dumfries & Galloway Save fuel Pictures increase horsepower in chevy 350 motor seat plane. PUGLIA Are electric cars really better for the environment? comparison needed.? Hoping to get some correct help on this...Consider a zombie apocalypse scenario. The world as you know it ceased to exist. You and a few of new human friends found a good place to settle, but your resources are running out. One of your scouts found a better place 75 miles away and you plan to relocate. However, you must haul all valuable gear, food, and ammo, that you will need in this journey. Luckily you found an old diesel truck and got it to run, but the fuel is near empty. You plan to harvest and convert it to bio-diesel to power the vehicle. How many acres of maize do you need to harvest in order to produce enough fuel to get you and your friends relocated? Here are some assumptions that may be valuable: corn yields 18 gallons of vegetable oil per acre that could be converted to fuel However, the process of conversion of oil to fuel will give you 15% yield at best. Density of bio-diesel is 0.677 kg/L and the fuel consumption is 1.81 mol/mi. (Moles of fuel per mile, molecular weight of diesel is 233 gal/mol) Almelo discount tire coupons. Peugeot salvage Could someone please check and correct my essays conclusion part? 10 points:)? I want it too sound mean and loud. Like when im at a red light I want to here the engine roaring. I don't want to gass it to be loud i want it to be loud when im driving and when the cars at a red light too. (Also needs alot of horse power too because im gonna add 2 turbo charge with a supercharger) Tullamore 2008 ford auto production. District Of Columbia Save fuel Pictures 2012 kia forte fuel economy package volvo ocean race ireland. Southwest kia in fort worth texas Would it be worth it converting an automatic transmission to a 5 speed manual? I'm looking for a car to last me through college or so. I just sold my old truck and I need something fuel efficient because I'm starting my nursing clinicals next year, which means that I will be driving to different cities and out of state to train in different hospitals and clinics. I'm planing on having my nursing classmates carpool with me and split the cost of gas and etc.I

was looking at a better-known used car dealership in town and they had a 2013 Honda Accord (101k miles) for $8,999 or a 2013 Nissa Versa (88k miles) for $9,999. I think we can haggle the price down a little bit, but what do you think is a better deal out of the two?I'm pretty sure the Nissa would be a better deal, but I have NO CLUE! lolYeah, I just did KBB and the Honda is over DOUBLE the price of what KBB says it should be. I would be crazy to buy it at that price!KBB says the Nissan is worth around $9,148, so I could haggle with the dealership. adessa truck auction xm sat cadillac screeensaver. East Ayrshire What airsoft equipment should I get to be a good sniper? Hi, I am looking to buy an Air Rifle online for Hunting Small Game/ Pest Control. I live in New York, USA. I am looking for a Nitro Piston or A PCP Air Rifle. I will be buying a different or a cope for it. I will be using mostly these pellets, The Polymag Predator. The Rifle can be a .177 or .22. So please pick out a very good one and tell me why i should but it. I am willing to spend around $350 for that rifle itself. So please help me find one online that i can order and be happy with the way, the PCP rifle should come with like a self pump or something like that, because i do not want to buy co2 cartridges every time. musician dadi auto dealer service writter. READING how did the treaty of versailles and the league of nations lead to WW2? Any random information that can help save gas like turning the ac off,just trying to save money :) fuel economy for a 2006 jeep commander 1997 suzuki 650 motorcycle. 2007 chevrolet power steering fluid Save fuel Pictures subaru engine parts uk used volvo v50 awd. KRIENS What Motivates You (or Not) to Save Energy? What Motivates You (or Not) to Save Energy ? A few weeks back while gallivanting about on Twitter I spied a �tweetversation� between Matt Kalil, the Minnesota Vikings first round draft pick of 2013, and a fan. She asked Matt where she could ... top rated cars for fuel economy new 65l diesel engine not rebuilt. Noord-Brabant Does changing spark plugs increase gas mileage? I think that the code was "raise catalyst below manifold bank and bank 2. I talked it over with my local parts store and with the gas mileage etc that I am getting this is the reason for my ? But evrytime i look for answers it says that the o2 sensorns may not be faulty but the hyundai dealer told me it would be a good place to start, and i only did talk to the mechanic on the phone. any ideas cherie hagen biodiesel washington dc. NORTH AYRSHIRE car gas mileage ratings car gas mileage ratings What #39;s the new Accord #39;s gas mileage? - What #39;s the new Accord #39;s gas mileage ? Feast your eyes on the 2013 Honda Accord report in the Cars Research section, here, where you will find the EPA ratings for all versions of this redesigned sedan and coupe. vehicle fuel efficiency calculator iihs hldi chevrolet impala. Honda 4 stroke gas bike motor Is fuel Filter in tank on a 2013 H2 Hummer? I have an 03 Chevy Blazer LS Automatic. When going up a steep incline of a hill in OD just about near the top, I have been ridding in third gear (in od) trying to keep my gear and not shift. I am trying to keep a low gear to make it up to the top and right before the top my car will start to blink with the check engine light. It never comes right on it just starts blinking. When this happens my car will bog down and barely make it over the hill. This will also do it sometimes getting on the interstate and trying to accelerate. If i freshly have just changed my oil then it wont do it for about 1500-2000 miles. I have changed my catalytic converter with a brand new one and my transmission fluid is good as well about a year old. Its not red and isn't burnt. This is only happening when i am going up the hill or trying to accelerate going on the interstate. Otherwise my car never shifts hard and always shift good and clean. My oil is about 2000 miles since changed and its starting to do it again. I am not sure about an O2 censor would be bad because i dont know about O2 censors. Also I have no other lights that come on and this is the only thing that is wrong with my car.I will also say that before the garage changed my catalytic converter that the code I was getting said i had a bad one. Now since I have changed that its not giving me a code at all. Also, When I bought the car it was stock and still giving me this problem. I have done two upgrades which include a 1" throttle body spacer and a cold air intake. When my car does seem to bog down it does seem like its air related. If anyone can help that would be great and I can try to explain things some more if i failed in this current message. Thanks, myDownfall. Cleveland hindustan peninsula. Stockton Save fuel Pictures 2008 honda fit fuel economy canada mercury dealers new and used cars.

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