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Bridgend can an air filter improve gas mileage can an air filter improve gas mileage How to get better gas mileage (and save a little time) | How To - CNET Replace or clean the air filter regularly. By some estimates, replacing a dirty air filter with a clean one can improve gas mileage by up to 10 percent, while also reclaiming lost horsepower. Check the manufacturer #39;s ... timing belt 2001 volvo s40. 2001 aston martin vantage improve gas mileage products improve gas mileage products used car sales edmonton mistakes in apollo system. Cadillac dts platinum performance Maintaining A Used Car With Advanced Mileage car that has marched valiantly over 100000 miles can be a really nice luxury to have, but these senior citizen cars do warrant a little more attention and. fuel economy 2000 dodge caravan bridgestone spitfire 11r review. Tennessee Redex Diesel fuel additive? I am going to get a used dodge diesel 2500 1999, or maybe a 2013. I am unaware of any noteable difference between the two years but if there are please let me know. But I was wondering how much torque and horsepower the 99 and 01 models have exactly... i have a guess however i cannot find the specs for dodge diesel 2500... there seems to only be specs posted for the gas models, and I am wondering about the diesel models. Also any input on the dodge diesel 2500 long bed club cab would be great! Any reviews of how great it is or if it needs improvement or has weakness(i havn't heard of a single one though) please feel free to post your experiences with this truck. Thanks! retrofit sirius for land rover. MEDINA DE POMAR Can you avoid diabetes with Ketosis? Please read fully then you will feel my fear of investing money on First Car.Please Dont recommend diesel car Bcoz UnSafety in gas(I dont like to run car in petrol).Price [should be less] and [mileage should be high] and [Rear seating(for my parents) should be comfort].Some 1.I like MARUTI OMNI(LPG) but it doesnt have AC and seat's height is less not able seat in long journey.(i drived this car with family).[Now i will not buy this].2.Then MARUTI EECO(LPG) is having AC and seat's height but it is 1200 cc and i heard not giving mileage. IF it will give same mileage for home gas like Maruti Omni, I'M READY TO BUY THIS CAR.3 Huyndai SANTRO(LPG) or i10 OR ALTO(by default no lpg in these cars, suggest me Only If it can be fit in showroom under warranty ) and WAGON-R(DUO) if it will give more mileage.4 TATA Diesel only first indica ev2 then only indica Vista,[if gas mileage average in above and others car is high dont recommend this please].At last mileage is very important.Thankyou for Spending me ur valuable time to guide. corvette hearse vans ford. CABRERA Marine fuel Consumption Monitoring 2012 jeep wrangler 3.6 horsepower fso how often security briefing. East Hertfordshire finance question dealing with bonds, coupon rate? rolls royce offical site. Ln7 original ford Sunoco or shell gasoline? Car is a 88 Camaro 350 L98. Problem is intermittent misfiring on heavy acceleration/WOT and light acceleration rarely. RPM misfire anywhere from 3,5005,500 RPM but usually above 4,900 RPM. Here's the story and what has been done to diagnose it and what we've done to try fix it.1.) Tried 2 ignition coils, one new, one used, both times car misfired.2.) New cap/rotor kit from AC Delco.3.) Taken to shop, had $5k OBD1 scanner used. No codes, all sensors showed to be working.4.) Checked timing, it is good.5.) Checked fuel psi at idle/revving and checked when key was turned off; pressure holds good.6.) Checked cylinder compression on all 8 cylinders; all between 150-160psi. Good.7.) Replaced some sensors due to age; MAF relay, fuel pump relay new 02 sensor.8.) New AC Delco copper spark plugs, gapped at .035 and anti-seize used.9.) New spark plug wires installed after 2 set's of Accel 8mm wires had tears in them.10.) No wires shorted. Have checked TPS IAC, both are good. 11.) Installed new Cardone distributor tonight, 12-22-11. The pick-up coil was tested on the old dizzy and it tested out of specs. The new pick-up coil was tested it is in specs. The ignition control module on the old dizzy was also tested showed to be at 200 OHMS less than the new ICM on my new dizzy. New ICM is good obviously I had it tested at the store before buying it. 12.) No vacuum leaks. Fixed the one vacuum leak at t-body 2 months ago.13.) fuel system is only 3 years old. All quality AC Delco parts used. fuel filter is only 10 months old too.14.) Injectors all work good and buzz when car idles.Before late August, I never had a misfire. We put new wires/plugs on back then, and I also developed an exhaust leak from removal of AIR injection tubes. I still have an exhaust leak on passenger side but it's not as bad since I sealed it up abit. The MAF is descreened but I'm not so sure it would cause the actual misfire I'm having at these mid-higher RPM levels. The exhaust leak could cause it possibly but I'm not too sure unless it's causing

the spark plug in the adjacent cylinder to heat up too much. I've taken it to 3 shops, to my friend who is ASE certified and I'm a mechanic, and with all 5 of us with over 120 years experience, none of us can figure it out. I thought that the distributor would fix this and it actually did help with it. I can now get to higher RPM's without hitting a misfire. I just had it installed tonight and we checked timing afterwards. Everything is on right and the car still misfires upon heavier acceleration but not all the time. I managed to hit 5,500 RPM and to get over 5k RPM a few times before it started to misfire slightly. I am honestly at a loss because out of all of the cars I've ever worked on for customers or friends in the last 16 years, I have NEVER had/seen this type of misfire.I also wanted to add that I do not have idling issues (except for that my throttle body is abit worn) and no stalling issues. My car never cuts out on me or dies. It doesn't do anything except for this ridiculous mind boggling intermittent misfire. Even with the new dizzy and it running much smoother, we still haven't fixed the actual problem! Haha.UPDATE: This is a iron headed L98. The Corvette L98's only got the aluminum heads. The part number you listed for the AC Delco spark plugs are correct Chevyraceman. Those are what I'm using. I was using a set of Denso TT Platinum's gapped @ .40 but I took them out when the misfire began back in late August. Most GM's I've seen and owned have never seemed to like platinum anything or anything besides AC Delco plugs/wires.MORE: To the first poster, I've already read the spark plugs a few weeks ago when we did a compression test and all of the spark plugs are in good shape. That was after 2 months of driving on them. No foul or nasty colors or anything. The stock specs for gapping these plugs are @ .035. If I go to .045 then I'm not sure how that will go for the engine but I can give it a shot. Chevyraceman, the car isn't stock so it doesn't make peak horsepower anymore at 4,400 RPM. I don't recall the peak off the top of my head but it really won't matter because it has an aftermarket cam and has had it for a few years now. The thing about valve float is that it only happens at top RPM's, usually anyway. Not lower or midRPM ranges. Thinking 5k RPM is about where it starts to really float if that was the case. The fact that it'll misfire at the slap of the gas pedal WITHOUT me even hitting on it hard indicates something other than a valvetrain issue. One other thing IOne other thing I forgot to mention was that when we did my compression test, we went ahead and checked the top of the valvetrain for any loose parts or anything that looked bad. 14 out of 16 pushrods were TOO loose. Very loose. So we reset the valve-lash according to GM specs and tightened them back up. The engine ran even better afterwards.Gregg: I went ahead and just unplugged my MAF and turned the car on. The car ran just fine without it plugged in. I'm guessing my MAF is crapped out. It's not supposed to run smoothly when it's unplugged, it's supposed to idle real bad and almost die at times. What's your opinion on this?MORE INFO: Sorry guy's but alot of things come to mind about this. I wanted to make a note that before a misfire occurs, there is not a lack of power. I am not losing power before then and during the misfire. The misfire just forces me to eventually let off the gas. There are also no knocking or engine noises different than before. It's loud yes and I have the exhaust leak which makes that annoying ticking sound. puma v508 car parts in surrey Best fuel Efficient Older Cars Alabama I need to get the least expensive car rental for a drive from Florida to New York? Here is the program I am supposed to do this week and I have no idea how to do this...Program 435a(fee highway)Program Description: A turnpike bases it charges on the type of vehicles and the entrance point for that vehicle. Both the vehicle and the gates are coded with consecutive numbers in the following manner.Vehicle TypeFactorCar Type11.0Compact Car21.3Small Car31.6Mid Size Car42.0Full size Car52.4Truck62.716 WheelerGateToll11.3522.0032.5043.2554.1064.875.5086.00To determine the charge the factor for the car type is multiplied by the toll for the gate the vehicle entered the turnpike. Thus, if a truck (type 5) entered the turnpike at gate 4 the charge would be $7.80 ($3.25 X 2.4). Write a program that reads in several pairs of data (vehicle type, Gate number) and outputs the Name of the vehicle type, the toll, the factor, and total bill for turnpike use. Required Statements: input, output, decision making, loop control, array, methods and classData Location: prog435a.datSample Output:Car TypeBase TollFactor CostCompact Car$1.351.00$ 1.35Small Car$2.501.30 $ 3.25Mid Size Car$4.101.60$ 6.56Full Size Car$5.502.00$11.00Truck$2.002.40$ 4.8016 Wheeler$3.252.70$ 8.78Compact Car$4.801.00$ 4.80Small Car$6.001.30$ 7.80Mid Size Car$1.351.60$ 2.16Full Size Car$2.502.00$ 5.00Truck$4.102.40$ 9.8416 Wheeler$5.502.70$14.85Compact Car$6.001.00$ 6.00Small Car$1.351.30$ 1.75Mid Size Car$2.001.60$ 3.20Full Size Car$2.502.00$ 5.00Truck$3.252.40$ 7.8016 Wheeler$4.102.70 $11.07Here is what I have so far, but i do not know what to do nextimport*;import java.util.*;public class Prog435a{ public static String Title() { String H="Car Type Base Toll Factor Cost"; return H; } private static void specialSort(int[] Toll, int[] Type) { } public static String Factors() { } public static String Prog435a() { String L=(""); Scanner inFile = null; String path = "F:/my java programs/prog435a.dat"; try { inFile = new Scanner(new File(path)); } catch(FileNotFoundException e) { System.out.println("File not found!!"); System.exit(0); } int Toll[] = new int [18]; int Type[] = new int[18]; for(int i = 0; inFile.hasNext(); i++) { Type[i] = inFile.nextInt(); Toll[i] =

inFile.nextInt(); } specialSort(Toll, Type); for(int index=0; index <= Type.length-1; index++) { if(Type[index]==1) { System.out.println("Compact Car"); } else if(Type[index]==2) { System.out.println("Small Car"); } else if(Type[index]==3) { System.out.println("Mid Size Car"); } else if(Type[index]==4) { System.out.println("Full size Car"); } else if(Type[index]==5) { System.out.println("Truck"); } else if(Type[index]==6) { System.out.println("16 wheeler"); } System.out.println(Toll[index]); // prints the Type, Toll and difference } return L; } } Ballymoney freightliner chasis. LATINA best gas mileage automobiles best gas mileage automobiles Is the EPA Overstating the Mileage of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles? autobytel /top-10-cars/ best - gas-mileage - cars /sedans/. Gas Mileage and Curb Weights: As curb weight decreases, gas mileage increases exponentially, according to the equation EPA mileage = a x curb weight ... what is combined cycle fuel consumption toyota car parts rav. PORTLAND Marine fuel Consumption Monitoring new dodge truck loan used auto parts inventory system. 10 Ways To Conserve Energy Angus Marine fuel Consumption Monitoring Rochester ohio clean fuel coalition cng. CALABRIA neww carss??? help me out!? I'm looking to buy a new car this year but I was to be sure I buy the best car. I've looked at a 2013 RX8 but the maintenance track of them isn't the best plus they basically eat my gas. I'd buy the 350Z if it had a backseat, but it doesn't and since I'm a student and the only one of my friends with a car, I need that back seat. I looked at some 2013 BMWs and Audis but I'll be financing for 4 or 5 years so when I finish they'll be 10 years old and have lost their luster by then. Right now I'm really considering a 2013 Scion tC. I want something that has that agressive sporty edge to it but it doesn't have to be like lightening fast or anything. I like some power under my foot but I'm not doing any racing and fuel efficiency is important to an extent so I don't want anything that eats gas just to get more power. As long as the car seats 4 or 5 people, has a nice body style, is pretty new, and has (or can have with some modification) decent enough power, then I'm happy. The 2013 Scion tC really seems the best bet right now but I just want to know if anyone can think of something that I've missed. I have a budget of about 20K. Oh and I'm upgrading from a 2013 Cobalt. ways to save loggerhead sea turtles new yamaha dirt bikes. Hyundai motor finanace Can someone give me some good news about the whole global warming crisis? Even though the Tiger II had many problems. For example, it weighed so much that it's engine and suspension system would break. Also it used so much fuel that many would be abandoned or destroyed by their own crews before even getting to the front. However, besides it's bad points in the event that Nazi Germany could have had enough fuel and resources to make more. Was the Tiger II a good tank? If you just talk about the tank and not the position Nazi Germany was in at the point it came around. Ballyshannon mazda auto gender profile. Aurora fuel economy 2013 fuel economy 2013 CAFE fuel Economy 2013 - Business Insider CAFE fuel Economy 2013 . ... Michigan #39;s eco-driving index calculates the fuel economy of all model-year vehicles sold in America, then weighs them by sales volume to arrive at its index. The index also found average monthly ... will i save money with a diesel car pirelli scorpion motorcycle. Energy Saving Lights SANTA ANA question about this car i want to buy? I'm trying estimate money and gas. I have a 2013 Fors Focus. My mileage can go up to 35 but right now I get 30 mpgHow much would it cost me from marlette mi to wheeling Illinois? Alderney group hereafter geely. fuel Pump Problems GRONINGEN 2013 fuel economy cars 2013 fuel economy cars Edam 1979 honda motorcycle cb. Surrey Marine fuel Consumption Monitoring 2010 ford fusion sport fuel economy saab red injectors. TERNITZ 2013 Nissan Xterra? Good First Car? Hello,I'm 16 and I have begun to search for a good truck or SUV to buy for myself. What are some good SUVs that aren't too expensive? I would prefer the SUV to be between the sizes of a nissan xterra and a chevy tahoe(at the largest). Thank you in

advance! West Midlands rudys pontiac whitehall wi. Saturn minivans Which car would you rather get? 998 Mercedes C230. I used to have a problem with the car not wanting to start sometimes as well as occasionally shuddering/shaking while I'm idling. (The RPMs will dip down for 1 second while the cars doing this.) I replaced the spark plugs, vacuum hoses, fuel filter, and serpentine belt. My air filter is ok too. Now the car starts perfectly and runs smoother, but the occasional shudder at idle is still there. I already tried Lucas fuel Injector Cleaner. I know the car needs motor mounts because of a lot of vibration; could that be the problem? Lincoln motor cycle tire china. North East Lincolnshire Marine fuel Consumption Monitoring renault trafic 2007 fuel consumption vintage yamaha motorcycle microfiche. Yellow pages for plymouth mn Donlen Announces 2013 Winners of Best-In-Class Vehicle Auctions ... Each year, Donlen #39;s remarketing group recognizes their best -in-class auction partners that have achieved the highest levels of service delivery. 1950 gmc truck are saturn cars being discontinued. Mountmellick Is this used 2013 Ford Expedition well maintained or some kind of lemon? I'm 16 and I have a fuel efficient hatchback, but I don't want it anymore. I want something more masculine. I'm gonna be working a minimum wage job soon and I want to know what kind of fuel economy I can comfortably afford. I will have to pay $100 per month on the car and my own gas for it. Plus I want a little money extra to do whatever with. My car currently gets around 30 mpg, that equals $20 per week. My parent's SUV get's around 18-20 mpg and my dad says he pays $50 per week. Just to use those as references. freightliner air governor new logitech racing wheel. ENDERBY 2013 7.3 F250 Cold Air Intake? So I've been looking at Ford Excursions because I like oil burners and because I like the thought of having the ultimate safe vehicle for transporting my family. Anyway I'm looking at getting a diesel but which one can be made to get greater fuel mileage with a tuner or other mods?I know the 6.0 has issues but that can be addressed with an egr delete so no need to cover that here. petrol prices in dublin ireland car sale viper new. Saab london ontario Marine fuel Consumption Monitoring size of proton and electron infiniti g35 coupe winter snow. BONN diesel truck miles per gallon diesel truck miles per gallon best economy diesel car in india 1995 volkswagen jetta glx vr6. Orlando more miles per gallon more miles per gallon oldsmobile balancer diameter stock stepmother cherie. CANTABRIA Can I claim phone insurance? I have a 1998 Lincoln Navigator with original stereo. I am getting my subs/amp installed Friday and just recently bought a new tape adapter that works amazing! Problem is my tape player keeps spitting it out after a minute of playing or so. Is it breaking? Can I fix it?! I just don't want my subs and amp installed on it if I am going to end up needing a new radio... vehicles that save gas bmw 2012 3 series. Cheap car hire in corsica bosh spark plugs bosh spark plugs Trafford mercedes benz repair long beach ca. Montana Marine fuel Consumption Monitoring how to increase fuel economy with a carburetor red paint for cars.

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