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Edinburgh Which car is a good buy? Hello, I recently test-drove a 1990 Ford F-150. Very clean car, intact paint, seats, etc. Clean interior. No dents or anything. Odometer reads 90,000, but could've rolled over. Has 5.8 L V8 engine.However the 3-speed automatic transmission slightly kicked when shifting from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gear... is this normal for such a big truck with such a big engine, or is this something to be concerned about? Plus are there any other transmission tests I can perform if I go to drive it again?Well since its such an old truck, I'm almost certain that the odometer has rolled over (its only got 5 digits) homemade used oil burner. 2004 town and country minivan How does the kinetic energy of mass flow of water across a heated surface influence the conservation of energy? An energy conservation group claims that the mean residential electricity consumption in New York City is greater than 1200 KW/household. Assume that the residential electrical consumption in New York City is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 155 KWH. To test this claim, a random sample of 200 households is selected. The resulting sample mean is 1250 KWH. (a)State the null and the alternative hypothesis.(b)Is there evidence to support the claim at alpha =0.05? (Use the rejection region method)(c)Find the P value of the test. mercedes benz star compiuter diagnostic reliant k. Day pickup rental truck Why is marijuana illegal in the US? There is currently an 18¢/gallon federal tax and an average of 31¢/gallon state and local taxes on gasoline. en.wikipedia /wiki/fuel http://FuelSavingTab.com_tax#United_StatesWould gasoline be exempt from the FairTax (I believe there is no exemption in the proposed legislation)? Would it replace the 18¢/gallon federal tax or would it be in addition to that?I assume we all agree that the FairTax could never eliminate the 31¢/gallon state and local taxes (or can it)?The reason I ask, is that by my calculations, if we assume the above taxes (18¢ + 31¢ per gallon) and a low-ball estimate of the current cost of gasoline to be $3.50/gallon, then I get the following:Subtract current taxes to find actual sale rate: 3.50 - 0.18 - 0.31 = 3.01Calculate new sale price with 23% inclusive tax so that seller still gets $3.01/gallon: (1 - 0.23) * x = 3.01 --> x ~ 3.91Add back in state and local taxes to arrive at final sale price: 3.91 + 0.31 = $4.22/gallonSo assuming the 18¢/gallon federal tax is replaced by the FairTax, that the state and local taxes do no change, AND that the seller still makes the same amount per gallon of gas, the price of gas would go from $3.50/gallon to $4.22/gallonYeah, I know I used the price of $3.50 because it IS absurdly low (I think I pay around $3.89 right now and that's in Texas, one of the lower price states). The higher the price, the larger the impact of a sales tax. So I chose a low price to be optimistic for the FairTax (i.e. to show that in the most optimistic setting, the FairTax causes a HUGE increase in the price of gasoline). reduce wheat consumption shadi pickup truck. Strabane alternative energy? Dear Sir, I greatly need your help in finding out the working of a plasmatron fuel convertor used in internal combustion in the form an animation,please help me out in this regard..! grilles components gmc. BOLZANO 2013 impala ls with a 3.8 Looking to upgrade? what are the good chips(brands that actually work) to improve gas mileage?don't wanna waste time or money on something that claims to work,but dosent.any input will b greatly appreciated. bianchina fiat new world taste of summer. NEW RICHMOND How To Reduce Consumption Of fuel do you save money with diesel canadian tire richmond hill. Norwich Amazon Ripped me off!!!? I bought a car 4 days ago, I have the account number for my auto loan, when I log in it shows everything except for the VIN number to the vehicle. this is what it shows:Date of loan origination:02/27/2013Loan purpose:PURCH CAR-TRUCKCollateral:AUTOLIGHT TRUCK-VANShouldn't it list the cars VIN number under collateral? I assume the dealer is still sending over a transfer of title? Therefore the loan isnt 100% approved? daewoo solar 015. Wrx 265 sedan 2013 BMW 550i or 2013 RANGE ROVER? I want to pay no more then 150 or 180 a monthI'm 17 I live in Florida my parents doesn't car what I get if I can afford it my dads a mechanic so yea But my requirements are 1.back up camera is mandatory but I can live without it2.I love powerfold mirrors with indicators on them3.I love exhaust sounds to4.good stereo maybe Bose?5.if possible xenon or hid auto leveling head light I want blue if that's the color6.mandatory a power lift gate is the key7.maybe smart key but could care less about that8.powerful but economy engine maybe v6 or v8 if possibleIt doesn't have to be 2013 it can be 2013-2013Plz and thank you old coach studio apollo bay liz smart Best Cars For Mileage 2013 New Orleans Why have food prices soared in the past two weeks? JOIN

THE UK fuel PROTEST!!Are you, as I am, sick of the ridiculously high fuel prices in the UK? The tax that our Government imposes each time a motorist puts fuel into his or her vehicle is far too high.DRIVING IS NOT A LUXURYFor many motorists, especially those in rural areas, it is a necessity. To own a car is a vital lifeline. In the absence of decent, reliable and cost-effective public transport, owning a car is the only option to many individuals and families.THERE IS NO WAY PEOPLE WILL STOP DRIVINGI do agree that cars should be discouraged for short trips. For example, buying a newspaper from the newsagent at the end of the street or driving to the other side of town to get from home to work each day (when a brisk walk would probably take half the time). These instances of driving could be combated by the following measures:•Taxing companies for their employee car parking spaces•Introducing large FREE car parks on the outskirts of towns and cities – and implementing an adequate Park Ride bus service•Councils to increase the price for motorists to park in the car parks that they maintain within the town and city centres•Discouraging street parking in the town and city centres by introducing more double-yellow lines and restricted parking at these locations•Bus and train companies revisit their pricing policies and actually make it ATTRACTIVE for the general public to use their services – Reduced prices and more frequent / reliable services = More customers and happier customers!None of these measures are going to be easy to implement – and there is likely to be a lot of uproar at my suggestions, but we need to do something and we need to do it FAST!MY PROPOSITIONEvery motorist who reads this email should boycott the supermarket petrol stations. Why is it that the big supermarkets all seem to be in competition with one another for every product they sell, EXCEPT PETROL??!! If we all boycotted supermarket petrol, the likes of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s would be forced to lower their prices.All local motorists should adhere to this mass boycott – IT’S YOUR DUTY!!THE LOSS OF OUR CLUBCARD POINTS IS A SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR (HOPEFULLY) CHEAPER PETROL IN THE LONG-TERM.There are amongst the THREE main guilty parties for the UK’s high fuel prices (no matter what anyone says):•The Government, obviously. fuel Duty is astronomical and will only continue to rise. Let’s face it. No Government – regardless of party politics – is going to reduce fuel duty. Not by any sensible amount, in any case.•The Oil Companies. Their greed is beyond belief. I mean, just what are their profits being used for??•Petrol Retailers. No matter what they say, they are simply jumping on the bandwagon and raising their own prices indiscriminately. Why don’t we ever see a fuel price war as in other areas of the retail industry? (Tesco v. Asda, for example)A REASONABLE PRICE FOR PETROL IN THE UK IS NO MORE THAN 70p PER LITRE. SUPERMARKET PETROL SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED UNTIL WE SEE THEIR PRICES DROP TO THIS AMOUNT.LET’S DO IT NOW, BEFORE IT GETS TOO LATE!!BP Shell have been making huge profits. But, the problem is that their petrol forecourts are franchises - operated by the small businessman.It is not my intention to put small businesses out of business. This is why, if we target the large supermarkets then this will hit their MASSIVE profits.We have ALL got to make this work. PLEASE, distribute this to ALL your email contacts and make this a national UK protest.. Miami saturn sw2 gas mileage. WYOMING How do I get a good present for my child?(please read description)? I owed $120 but I bought it down to $21k. I know it is the time to buy with the lowest interest rates. But b/c I'm putting my whole paycheck into my school loans. I'm really broke for a 20% downpayment. I would be able to pay off my loans in 4 months but have to save 2 years for a 20% downpayment. By then I'm afraid I will lose out on the low interest rate and actually pay more at the end.My friend suggested save 10% and pay the remainder of my loans slowly since is (4.5%). AND just pay the PMI. That way I can still enjoy the lower interest rates and not miss the ride. I should be able to save 10% downpayment in a year.Should I pay off my loans in 4-5 months? and wait another 2 years?Or save now for my 10% downpayment and pay later?I need someone help me figure which way will be cheapest in the long run?for clarification: I owe 21k on my students loan now.My husband and I make $140k before taxes and looking to buy a $300k home. for 15 years. and 10% or maybe 20% down lamborghini lm002 fuel consumption cherie noble. PHOENIX How To Reduce Consumption Of fuel auto aftermarket ford puma harambee 2. Gas Station In South Gloucestershire How To Reduce Consumption Of fuel Brisbane 99 acura tl temperature module. STOKE-ON-TRENT How can I make my 2013 gti 1.8L 4cyl faster? (Turbo'd)? I'm looking for a chip or tuner for a 1997 Mercury Cougar XR-7 with a 4.6L V-8. The main things I want to change are the shift points, shift firmness, and add a little extra horsepower. But I would prefer something that can change

more than just those 3 things. I have found the Jet Performance Programmer but half of the reviews said it wasn't as good as advertised. how to reduce sugar consumption fiat enjoyed. What should your credit score be to buy a car Is she being childish? I've got a Ford Fiesta ST and want to put a Milltek sports cat on it (Already have the manifold and resonated cat back on it) but have heard that you need a remap done if you want the sports cat to get the extra benefit and stop the engine light coming on the dash. Ive looked on pumaspeed after advice from milltek, and they've got a Plug and Play Fiesta ST Tuning box (Link at the bottom), but am a bit confused with how it works and a phone call to puma hasn't helped, was wondering if anyone has an ST and fittered a milltek sports cat or used a pumaspeed remap and can explain how it works with having 3 tunings.Also would like to keep the original map in case i ever need to go back to it or sell the car, and would like to know if this will save my standard map or if i will loose it.Many thanks pumaspeed /product-New-Pumaspeed-X3-CustomPro-mapped-for-180-190-kits_919.jsp Castleblayney wptd dayton. Las Vegas list of cars with best mpg list of cars with best mpg policies to reduce alcohol consumption suzuki swift gti pics. Top fuel Efficient Suv SAGUENAY Why have we fallen into the train of thought that there is nothing we can do about the high gas prices? Im SO frustrated, I have a 2013 Scion tC, 96,000 miles, CEL came on, first time, the codes were a few misfires, an O2 sensor, and possible bad catalytic (P0420)Its frustrating because, the car is MINT, I would like to keep it for another 2 years, no payments, etc.But the CEL is back on and its a P0420 again, but no other codes. First I thought it needed a good tune up, but my idiot friend cleared the codes by mistake. I replaced the spark plugs, I was going to do the 2 ignition coils, but since my idiot friend erased the codes, they dont know which cylinders were misfiring.So all I did was replace the sparks and got a good system flush. And now after a hundred miles (a cycle) its back on.The car idles a little rough, the gas mileage sorta blows, but always did (only gets 27 MPG highway!!!), there is no smell, and from what I feel, no resistance or loss of power, I can still get it up to 55 MPH quickly with no probs.One says this, another says that. Should I just trade it in, and get a new car? Or fix this?I want to fix it, but seems every garage I have brought it to, have different opinions. I dont want to dump money into this car thats not needed, example, the Cat, or Ignition Coils.If they told me, YES, its JUST the CAT, I would replace it, but then why the misfires? Why the O2 code?Part of me says I should replace the ignition coils (I already have 2) and do the sparks again, and perhaps the O2? BUT I dont know which one! The codes are not there, should I keep driving until they come back?Confused and frustrated. Fresno what oil to use in yamaha. New Hummer H2 VANCOUVER Electric car dreams fade, forcing carmakers to look to alternatives ... But the vehicle , touted by its maker as the world #39;s most fuel - efficient production car , could be used by VW to push for �supercredits� with the European Commission. Supercredits allow manufacturers to produce a quota of cars ... Droichead Nua ice cream truck usa. Carrickmacross How To Reduce Consumption Of fuel diesel fuel economy guide vespa lisboa. BISCEGLIE I'm Having Carburetor Problems? I'm a new driver and looking for a car. I only need to driver really for 2 years (half my Junior year in high school and senior year). I won't need a car for college. I'm willing to spend around 5-6 grand for a car. Do you guys have any suggestions. Lol I saw a 1999 yr BWM 328is, might not be a good choice eh? haha kbb /cars-for-sale/details/? listingid=331246722 totalresults=4 index=2 searchtype=used keyword=bmw transmission=automatic pricerange=0-5000 distance=75 Blackpool lotus cars brookfield wi. Infiniti car price Welding a Exhaust ???? HELP? Lubbock used car safety check. Port Hedland How To Reduce Consumption Of fuel what is my car's fuel economy eagle wolf touch sensor. 1999 gmc suburban review Do you find that autos get better gas mileage when running on high test fuel as compared to low test fuel ? I'm driving from Southern California to Minnesota and back this summer. 4000+ miles. I am thinking of getting a Honda Civic either auto or manual. Is it possible to save 1 or 2 whole tanks of gas by driving the manual? benz 2003 c class 2008 suzuki sx4 canada. Uden is our friendship even worth it? I'm so tired of her crap.? im pondering if i should fix my 1994 corolla or buy another one. it needs a need engine and the quote to fix it will be 1600 bucks. i searched

around for another car of this make and model and it will cost me 2000 plus to get a new car. im a college student and can afford to fix the car but i dont know if fixing the car is worth it. The car had 165,000 miles on it when it broke down on me.its ruff because it was my first car, i put new tires on it , new brakes, a caliper, and changed the battery before it broke down. is it ok to fix a very old car? what problem may come out of me fixing it?thanks honda civic parts front bumper lcd monitor f r auto. ISLAS BALEARES I am getting a new car and I am considering the Toyota RAV4. I heard a new 2013 model is going to be out.? Currently, we have a combined income of $58,500. Within the next few months, this will become $63,500. We are not planning on buying until January 2014. This will be our first home. I know that we can put as little as 3% down, but I would like to put between 10 and 20% down if at all possible.With our combined income being around $63,000, how much would we be able to get approved for? vehicle fuel economy gary v talbot. Buying used boat motor How To Reduce Consumption Of fuel tata short term bond mother needs old car for free. MELFORT Gas problem with my Murano? I need some car advice. I know nothing about them. I am a 17 yr. old heading to college next year. My parents have bought me a 2013 volvo s40 with around 50,000 miles on it. For some reason I don't like it. My dream car would be a Tahoe or a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but because of obvious reason (price, gas mileage) I can't get either one of those. I really like the way the Nissan Juke looks. It is at a reasonable price. I wouldn't want to spend anything over what I could sell my Volvo for. My mom says the Volvo will stand through time. I'm not quite sure what that means except it was worth the money and I will get my money out of it in the end. To all the car experts out there in the future which one would be a better car to own a Volvo s40 or Nissan Juke?? I'm clueless. Someone please take the time to answer! I really could use some good advise. Thanks so much!!! 2012 lexus is 350 mpg suzuki motorcycle rebates. Portlaoise Best/favorite 9005 Bulb - Fullsize Truck amp; SUV - GM-Trucks Best /favorite 9005 Bulb posted in Fullsize Truck amp; SUV : my 2013 denali has a low beam out, i was curious what u guys like to replace them with , is ther e a certain brand preferred, silverstars? also, why with the denali #39;s do the low beam ... Camera Source Back-up Cam, Sirius dock. Added otherwise: Leer Canopy. Linex bedliner+over-rail. 2013 Pontiac Sunfire 4-door, 2.2L OHV, 4T40e, Kenwood Excelon 9990HD, Sirius dock, Bass Car! Gas saver for work as well. trotter track in goodyear az goodyear shawnee mission. ISLE OF WIGHT 2015 fuel mileage 2015 fuel mileage how do you increase a car's horsepower sheriff zx 699. Exo car hire DEP Awards Energy-Efficiency, Pollution-Prevention Grants to 36 ... Examples of eligible projects include high-efficiency HVAC and insulation upgrades, high-efficiency lighting to save energy , installation of energy -efficient heat pumps and new auxiliary power units that help large trucks ... Sunderland bentley place condo atlanta. Fife How To Reduce Consumption Of fuel does my car need fuel injection cleaning auto dealer milwaukee used.

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