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Preston Can someone paraphrase this paragraph for me? 10 points!? so i made an add in craiglist and i got a ew email for jobs and am intrested in this one , does it sound legit?Hello ,Thanks for your response regarding the cleaning job. I want you to understand that this is a contract job that will last for 2 months or more depending on how good you relate with my dad during the time of working . My father is coming down to your area for some church program and that would last for some months so i need someone honest , friendly , caring and loving (person )to take care of the house cleaning for him during his whole stay in the area and sometimes run an errand for him , there will be extra pay for the errand though..He will be needing your cleaning service 3 hrs everyday and for three times in a week making 6 times in a 2 weeks i will be paying you every 2 weeks.I will provide necessary updates about the arrival time, the date and his destination address as soon as we reach a reasonable conclusion about the contract.I believe you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself a reliable person. His arrival date is next week .As for the errand you will be running for him sometimes i would prefer you having your car ready available,but if you don't have a car,i would provide a car in order be assured of his convenience.I am offering you $40/hr and additional $20 for gas in case you do drive, depending on the hour you fit for and i can also pay you weekly if that is what you want that wouldn't be hour pay but it would be reasonable pay. you have to make yourself available 3 times a week and 3/hrs a day for the cleaning, that makes it $360 per week and $720 per 2 weeks depending on which one you choose..I will greatly appreciate if you would accept this offer and I look forward to your reply Also I want you to know that i will be sending you the payment in form of a Bank Certified Check so that everything can be set and you can be ready to work before his arrival because i don't want any inconvenience for my father , I hope you understand my point .Please honest is a very important thing i want you to do around my dad.Kindly get back to me with the information below required :*Your full Name.................................*Your Home Address..........................*City......................... ...............*State......................................*Zip Code....................................*Your phone number...........................*Your age..................................NOTE: Get back to me on time with your details so that the payment can be issued in your name and send out to you asap . Hope to hear back from you soonest. renault racing team. Dolphin used auto parts Whats the best performance chip i can buy for my Honda Civic? So i got my 2013 impala with the 3.8L in it and its all stock i just recently changed the plugs and wires but now im looking to increase the performance and gas mileage. Im looking at a K N Air filter and getting either a Chip or Programmer. Im having trouble finding a decent chip or programmer so if anyone has a suggestion please help me out. I know a moderate amount about cars but when it comes to this stuff im not sure what is good and what is not. Thanks used items usa motor show 2008 mazda. Mini motors Which travel agency sites offer the most inexpensive airfare tickets/hotels? The first one is..A copier cost $300 per month plus $0.05 for each copy made. How many were made if the bill was $856.15?The second one is...A person rented a car for seven days. It cost $35 per day to rent the car plus $0.12 per mile. How many miles did he travel if he spent $313.52? engine torque pdf selling on ebay motors buying e. Norwich I wanted a wrangler.. then I expanded my options... then I lost my mind! So many choices. Please help!~? yokohama advan neova ad08 sizes. SILOS What is a better choice 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco 1sa or 2013 Chevy cruze LTZ? Long story short, I drive a really old crappy car and am looking into getting a new one but I know nothing about cars. I need a car that is spacious and that I can fit all or most of my stuff in since I'm in college and go back to my family's house in the summer. I also need good gas mileage. If it could play Pandora that would be a plus.I have looked at the following cars:2013 Toyoto Prius (51/mpg)2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid (47/mpg)Kia Soul (mpg in 20's)Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? mercedes sedan price anvelope bf goodrich. LIGURIA Gas Saver Trucks For Sale youtube save a pretzel for the gas jets volvo cars and regional managers. York Cheap gaming computer parts? 2 years ago i really wanted tickets to see my favourite singer, i begged my parents for them and they said ' we were going to get them for your birthday'last year i really wanted a rabbit so i wrote my mum and dad a note asking for one and they both ended up crying and said that they were going to get me one for my birthday is 3 months away and i want a hamster NOW ! i used to have a hamster who i took really good care of but he died :( i look after my bunnies really well too, my room is always clean and i am really helpful and polite!they have no reason not to let me have a hamster, they have both admited how cute hamsters are.i asked for one last night

and my dad laughed and said 'sure.. just get rid of your rabbits first!'he was only joking but he knows this is something that i would never ever do !i dont want to write them a note again as i fear that it may be over used ! also i dont want to ruin the surprise if they are planning to get me one for my birthday, i have made a list of things i would like for my birthday and a hamster is top of the list ! without actually asking them for a hamster what can i do to make them think it would be a great idea to get me a hamster for easter instead ? wagon wheels houston. Daewoo dub2850 28 flat id silver How to adjust fan speed on a TRANE XE90 gas furnace? bad car credit refinance mack truck bulldog 87031 Bp Gas Donegal 1984 El Camino odd idle/surge days after tune up? NitroData Chip Tuning Box is obd2repair ecu chip tuning for vehicles engine. NitroData Chip Tuning Box for Diesel Cars enhances the performance of turbo diesel engine. There have five model: BoX D-1/BoX D-2/BoX D-3/BoX D4/BoX D-5 Killarney 100mpg hummer. MARBELLA About Tilt Rotor Helicopters? I am a 16 yo male and have my annual sports tournament in June. I am one of the schools best athletes in sprints and am looking to improve my timing.My sprint times are: 100m: 11.3s200m:23.8sAny tips for training? Thanks increase horsepower 2006 honda civic used auto dubuque. CASTROJERIZ Gas Saver Trucks For Sale wagon en anglais motorcycle top case. Gas Tank With Pump Cardiff Gas Saver Trucks For Sale Almere mack truck sales of charlotte. ROUBAIX How to convince my parents to let me roadtrip? Anything i should do to get the car ready? It is a 1100 mile road trip straight shot there 500 miles and 500 back straight shot. (100 for extra just in case)... Mabey a fuel injection cleaning?? Ideas would be awesome. Thanks!! ...BTW i have a 07 camry 4 cycl ways to save gas in traffic alfa romeos brera included. Nitto tire history Russian IT Leader IBS Innovates In Energy Saving And Connected ... In so doing, the DMMessenger users would help the entire energy market benefit by saving electricity , Minkevich believes. Luxoft is widely regarded as a leading developer of state-of-the-art human-machine interfaces (HMI) ... South Kesteven universal used tires and rims. Bundoran Sudden 50% drop in Mpg? if you correct answer and short explane, I will pay $10 your account. I need urgent these answer.and let me know your bank acc, i will transfer for you. I will accept only correct answer and explane. thank you.?the main nozzle in a carburettor does not deliver fuel during IDLE because of insufficient....?1.fuel pressure. 2.venturi vacuum 3. fuel velocity 4. manifold vacuum?the air flow meter on an EFI engine measures the....1. quantity of air drawn into the engine 2. intake manifold pressures 3. amount of unburnt fuel in the exhaust. 4 jector pulse width?a manifold absolute pressure map sensor is normally tested using...?1. an ammeter 2. a voltmeter and/or oscilloscope 3. an Ohmmeter 4. a peak voltage meter?if a vehicle with an engine management system which includes an oxygen sensor if closed loop mode had a dirty air filter it would have...?1. a lean air fuel mixture. 2. a rich air fuel mixture 3. the same mixture but a loss of power. 4. the same mixture but increase in power.?Maximum gas flow through a PCV valve happens at...?1. idle 2 closed-throttle at RPM(down hill) 3 light throttle cruising. 4. full-throttle acceleration?in vehicle emissions which are the three(3) gases of major concern to health...?,co2,NOx,Nox,H2o 3. co2,NOx,Hc 4. co, Nox,HC?black smoke from the cxhaust of a petrol engine could indicate...?1. a loose inlet manifold 2. a loose carburettor main jet 3. an idle jet blockage 4. excessive NOx emissions.?fuel flows through the idle port of a carburettor as a result of...?1. high venturi vacuum at low air speed 2. the difference in pressure between the float chamber and inlet manifold 3.the difference in pressure between the float chamber and venturi 4. gravity feed?what would happen if the auxiliary air device in an EFI system is seized in the closed position preventing air entry?1 the engine will not start. 2. less petrol would be injected into the manifold.3 idle speed would be reduced when the engine is cold 4.more petrol would be injected into the manifold.?A minor air leak between the throttle plate and the air flow sensor in an EFI system at idle will cause...?1. a lean air fuel mixture 2. the injectors to switch off 3.the idle speed to increase. 4. excessive amounts petrol to be injected.?the term karman vortex refers to?1.a type of carburettor 2.a type of map sensor 3.a type of engine management system4.a type of air flow meter.?what would the electronic control unit (ECU) attempt to do on a closed loop injection system if a spark plug lead open circuits?1. It would retard the ignition timing2 it would reduce the injector pulse

width3 crease the injector pulse width4 lower the fuel pressure?when checking fuel pressure on an EFI system you should also check...?1.fuel filter 2. back pressure 3. the pressure at maximum rpm 4.the delivery volume.?a disconnected vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator in and EFI system will cause..?1.the fuel pump to switch off automatically2.the fuel pump to continue operating ,but at a low pressure3.the system to operate at ?maximum regulated fuel pressure 4the low pressure indicator light to glow.? in most cases the EGR valve (exhaust cas recirculation) is operated by...?1.the throttle linkage 2exhaust gas pressure3. vacuum control 4.the fuel delivery pressure?the method of stopping a diesel engine that did not respond to the controls fitted would be to..?1. shut off fuel return line 2 disconnect coil wire 3.shut off the fuel supply 4 disconnect glow plug lead?a simple test to determine a faulty injector on a diesel engine would be to ...?1. crack each injector line in turn checking for drop in rpm 2. crack each injector line in turn checking increase in rpm 3 crack all injectors at the same time checking for a drop in rpm.4 crack the fuel return line at each injector.?most rotary diesel fuel injection rumps are lubricated by....?1. a separate oil sump in the pump body 2, oil and fuel passing through the pump 3. fuel passing through the pump 4 a direct feed from the engine lubrication system?white smoke from a diesel engine exhaust indicates...?1 no fuel being injected. 2. low engine compression 3 a blocked air cleaner4 excessive fuel being injected?the amount of fuel supplied to each cylinder from a multi clement injection is controlled by...?1. the cylinder pressure. 2 the delivery valve 3 the position of the plunger helix and the spill port 4. the transfer pump pressure.I need help ,do not rubish answer. I am just studying but I couldn't find these answer on google i ask this site. so if your can not answer ,don't make rubish answer. thank you fuel economy toyota corolla 1990 98 jeep cherokee ac wiring. Savegas.Com TROIS-PISTOLES 16 year old investing in Stocks? how to know that my hair is dry or oily.when i use oil in my hair atleast 30% hair this normal.and how to apply egg on my hair.plz suggest some tips to take care of my hair Geelong bmw e24 coupes. How To Save On Gas For Your Car CANBERRA Best Rest Stops/Gas stations along route to Boston, MA? I guess I'm getting nervous and am looking for a pep talk or stories of similar experiences, good or bad!Last January, my husband and I, along with our 2-year-old daughter, had to move rather unexpectedly from Connecticut to South Florida for business reasons. Because of tricky logistics, we left one of our cars in CT, figuring we'd make a plan to ship it down here soon, which never happened. Well, now that its 7 months later, the registration is expiring and we can no longer procrastinate. We learned it would cost almost $1800 to have the car "shipped" here, which i thought was too much. Since my husband cannot take any time off of work, he grudgingly and worriedly agreed to my suggested plan to fly to CT on Thursday night (so that our daughter will only have to spend 8 hours with a sitter on Friday and then he can be available to care for her all weekend), spend Friday in CT taking care of any remaining loose ends and running errands and visiting with family, get a good nights sleep Friday night, and leave around 5 a.m. Saturday morning to drive the car back to Florida all by myself. I must arrive by late Sunday night/wee hours of Monday morning so he can get to work. We've taken this drive before, but ive never done it alone. In January we did it and drove straight through without stopping and it took exactly 23 hours. I was thinking this would be an adventure and allow me some much needed "all by myself" time (which, as the fulltime stay-home mommy to a now-3-year-old, is almost a foreign abstract idea!). However, now that Im one day away from my flight to CT and 2 days away from the lonely, long open road, Im suddenly having doubts, which are encouraged by hubby's constant lamenting about how worried he is and how he doesnt want me to do this drive all alone. So, my questions: as a 28-year-old woman, am i crazy to take on this long drive all alone? Has anyone else done this drive or a similar one? Anyone have any tips or advice? Can i make it back to FL in 36 hours, realistically?The car is reliable and well-maintained, is going in for a check-up and tune-up on Friday before i leave, and i have AAA Roadside Assistance. My husband has given me a comprehensive lesson on changing a tire, checking my fluids, etc. I have my cell phone, of course. I've promised a billion times that i will stop and nap somwhere the minute i feel drowsy. Can i do this? Hoogeveen yellow nissan pathfinder iraq. Bolton Gas Saver Trucks For Sale what determines fuel consumption in cars geo san diego ca. SIENA Best car to take a road trip? hi im 16 and ill be heading to college soon. i dont know what to

choose. i have looked at many cars but they dont suit me . they look very nice though. what car do you recommend for a college student ? Hagestein name tadeusz benz. Size chevrolet Why do people hate Electric cars/Motorcycles? Hi I'm 18 I'm still in hs I want to do a trade I'm into cars I love working with my hands I'm baily passing hs I know that I won't make it in college I'm interested in being a mechanic What a good school I was looking at Lincoln tech how much do they make I live in NYC I was going to try go for the city for a mechanic thank you Hengelo momo car parts. Noord-Brabant Gas Saver Trucks For Sale torque increase speed decrease land rover safari models. Alfa romeo 147 corby best places for a road trip best places for a road trip A CUP OF JO: Vacation idea: Vermont roadtrip GUIDE: SOUTHERN VERMONT ROAD TRIP By Ashley Muir Bruhn It #39;s hard to imagine a place more idyllic than Vermont (in any season, that is, except the spring�often nicknamed quot;mud season quot;). Much of the small state can ... quality auto sales hampton ar bugatti 2007 phpbb group. Indianapolis Whats a good new SUV? I want to buy an SUV but alot of SUV's have bad gas mileage mecedes benz de lazer zx 5 parts. BRAUNAU Spark plug caps - Technical Topics - Moto Guzzi V11LeMans ... Spark plug caps - posted in Technical Topics: Having shared my spare resistor with a friend needing one from a fall, I thought it would be good to source some replacements. It #39;s always good to have a spare plug and cap on board just in case. During my plug change, I split one of my original Champion boots using plug wire pliers. I think I have made the rubber very soft over time using dielectric grease inside the boot.I was pretty jazzed to find exact replacements as ... jeep wrangler fuel economy increase uaw and ford motor. Vin diesel mercedes Gas Saver Trucks For Sale ymca summer basketball lincoln ne limousine service new port richey fl. GUADIX Please Help 2! Angular Momentum Pivoting Rod Question! (diagram included)? I'm stuck on the second part of a conservation of energy question that goes:A spring has a spring constant of 200.0 N/m.A) Determine the potential energy stored in the spring when it is compressed horizontally 5.00 cm.B) Determine the speed of the tip of the spring after it releases from the compression in part a.So I got .25 J for A, but have no idea how to find for part B. My home bound teacher said that it would be 0 m/s for the instantaneous speed, but I want to make sure there's not another answer because I'm encountering some similar problems. Thanks for any help! diesel vehicles vs. gas new balance club 500 bike. Larne what programmer do yall recomend? Okay, so I have a 95 Z71 and I have a few questions. 1.) Everyone keeps telling me it has a speed limiter, they say it shuts down at 97mph. My question is, if I hit that 97mph point will it actually shut my whole truck down, or will it just max out and cut off the gas for a moment until it hits a lower speed then kick back in?2.) Is there any way to disable this feature and still pass inspections? hatchback hinge promozione fiat 500. ST. LOUIS how can i save water how can i save water 2008 jeep wrangler rubicon fuel economy ryan goodyear university blvd moon township. Gmc pauls truck parts I am looking to buy a Used 2013-2013 Lexus IS 250 awd. Is this a good vehicle to own? Like a 2013 model WRX. I know Subaru is known for very reliable cars. But as far as gas, insurance, maintenance? I don't want an impreza or any other Subaru and I don't like any other Subaru unless its an STI. Enschede racing breeding. Lancaster Gas Saver Trucks For Sale horsepower and torque 1996 f150 trucking companies now hiring.

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