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Belfast To much gas mileage on 225 slant six engine bad? Im planning on doing this for summer vacation so an estimate of gas money would help me in my planning of the trip.Thanks :) michelin north america canada. Pictures og gmc truck engines Is Iodine in it's gas form dangerous? We are looking to replace gas range, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. We currently have whirlpool that are 12 years old. There are just too many choices out there not to mention everyone of the brands get slammed. This is a huge investment and want to make the best choice best after 2 weeks of research I have a headache from all of this. Anybody give some good advice on the best appliances to buy and which ones to avoid. discount honda honda auto suzuki hatchbacks. Paul miller bentley Top 10 green cars to watch in 2013 As part of the regular #39; Top 10 #39; series, Next Green Car looks ahead to the greenest and most innovative cars due for launch in 2013 . 2004 honda accord lx fuel economy 2003 volvo s40 headlamp lens. Kerry How will the South rise again? I just bought a 2013 honda civic and i have only put on 1200 miles on it so far. The tag said it should do 32/39 mpg (city/highway). I have seen other tags say 28/39. But what i do not understand is why the average on the display shows only 24.5 mpg. i have been calculating the mpg i have been getting on my own with a calculator and the last average i calculated was only 20.5 mpg. i do not punch the gas, and i try my best to keep the display lights green with eco on. There are no check engine lights on so honda is saying i need to pay them $280 to have it checked out plus $40-$80 for gas (to test). I am extremely mad because my brother has a 2013 accord and his accord does an average of 24 and my friend who also has a 2013 accord ( who drives economic like me) gets 26mpg... how is that possible that the lighter car is getting 24.5 (20.5) as city and highway average, and the accord is getting 26 city only? anyone know what the problem could be? what should i do? help please....I always have the eco button on. robert venturi childhood. RIEHEN i need help saving money :) tips? ok, so I spend money like no tomorrow and as soon as I get it its gone. Any tips, idea's, or thoughts of the best way to save money? (also I can't get a job because of school and online classes) and I hope to save alot for a trip to new york for 2013. tiffany cooper dec 1993 obituary the wiggles big red car cake. TUDELA Gas Heating Save Money fuel consumption per horsepower volvo v50 cabin filter. Grafton Is there any cheap ways to get better gas mileage out of my 2013 Ford Escape? Hey I'm rebuilding the engine in my chevelle to a 383 and I was wondering what the best intake, torque converter to go with?Howard's cam and lifter kit 285/285 lift .480/.480 2800-6400rpmAlum heads 550hp 64cc670cfm Holley street avengerScat 9000 series crankProbe forged flat top pistonsScat 5.7 forged I beam rodsHoward's roller rockersNot sure on diff ratio but is a tractor to take off with (probably original ratio that came with the 70 Malibu)Getting a turbo 400 and not sure on stall converter?What intake should I get? Was thinking victor jr or weiand stealth air strike?I've blown my cam, not sure the reason behind that (it is the original engine with original parts in it) so that can be replaced with something different if recommended?Any idea on hp? This isn't going to be a drag car, it's just a cruiser with a little bit of grunt citroen shop paris. Used 911 porsches usa calculate energy consumption using specific heat capacitance of water? I just worked out and everytime i work out i take my protein shake but only after and thats it but will i build muscle faster if i drink it more often instead of just after the work out. Im thinking of drinking it everyday so i can build muscles much faster and gain more wieght and suggetions. mansour opel egypt daniels bmw How To Decrease fuel Consumption Venlo 4l60e transmission shift points? Can anyone tell me the locations of all grease fittings on this truck? Truck is a 1998 GMC, K1500 4x4, Extended cab short box. 350 V8 (5.7 Liter Vortec 5700). Also Is it possible to have a drive shaft that is not greaseable? Looks like this may be the case, or else the fittings were broken off long ago. Oregon cost to rent a minivan. MISSISSIPPI Chase not charging me for online purchase? Ever since I was 4 , I lived with my parents at Cambodia. When I was still four, at some point I moved to the United states to live with my Aunt and Uncle. My uncle was pretty nice, he tries to support our family as much as he can, and he can be sometimes stubborn, but overall he's a good man. My cousin who came to live with me after a few

years of living at the US. We were like brothers.We shared secrets, we sometimes fought, but we always quickly became nice to each other soon. And then there's my aunt. She is a pain in the a$$ and is very annoying. She expects me to know everything that she is thinking, like sometimes I would do something, but then she would later say: Why didn't you do this or that, it was obvious I wanted you to do that! And my reply would always be: Well how am I supposed to know?I can't know EVERYTHING that's in your mind. Then she would always start off an argument.And she is unemployed, so she basically "leeches off my uncles hard work" because she BARELY supports us at all the only way she supports us is by giving us some extra really small amount of cash from her uncles store that she inherits the money from.And she complains about small cuts. And since we are so low on budget, we have to only by stuff we need.Although,even though she was the one who said that, she buys stuff untill she thinks that her life is comfortable enough. WHILE me and my cousin are suppressing the need for comfort to save money for our family by living in uncomfortable lives.We sleep on spring mattresses that are so uncomfortable while she sleeps in her grand "royal" mattress. God I'm sick of it, there's many more reasons but I don't want to burden you guys with reading a 40 page article(literally). But seriously, how do I get her to stop. My tolerance is way off the roof.Ive already told her I hated her but she took the news as if it was nothing and continued how she normally treats us.Any answers will be appreciated...To C C: I am actually not a guest, for they wanted to take me in, not me not my parents, but they wanted to and they told they would support me and I would temporarily be their "child" so technically I am not their guest. also, I didn't explain ALL of it, you clearly don't know my life. Why, I support our household by doing chores every single day, and guess what she does? She lies in bed for the whole day. And says she's tired even though she did nothing. I am not immature, you just don't know the length of how annoying she can be, when I support the family more than her. Also, who said SHE was the once who fed me, clothed me, taught most of my everyday life?My Uncle.My uncle is the one who took care of me, not my aunt federal government alternative fuel vehicles oldsmobile dealer bloomington in. ASCOLI PICENO Gas Heating Save Money eagle car limo sell los angeles used auto parts. Cars Under 2000 Dorset Gas Heating Save Money East Hampshire loop oil new orleans. JA�N Why is the Stock Market doing so well when the country and it's citizens going broke? plz guys summarize this for me in your own way and ill be very thankful for your help ill give 10 points as soon as possible regards.'' both natural gas and biogas creat emissions when burned,but far less than coal and oild do. unlike natural gas,which is pumped from deep underground biogas counts as a renewable energy source: it is made from biological waste that in many cases would otherwise decompose in farm fields or landfills and yield no benefit at all, relesing heat-trapping methane into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming terest in the initiative introduced in the southern swedish city of krisianstad was developed by representatives from wisconsin bioenergy initiative in the USA , who toured similar biogas programmes in germany to help formulate a plan to encourage the industry. the policy director of wisconsin group describes biomass as an 'opportunity fuel'. like kristianstad california and wisconsin have an indequate supply of fossil fulet to meet their needs but produce a great amound of waste from food processing and dairy farms.biogas plants can devour vast quantites of biological waste and manure that would otherwise pollute the air and could affect water supplies,turning these materials into an energy source kristianstad , old fossile-fuel techonolgies coexist awkwardly alongside their biomass replacement the type of tanker truck that used to deliver heating oil now delivers onther type of biomass fuel pellets the main heating fuel in the regions more remote areas top ten best gas mileage used cars van syckle mercury. Lamborghini murcielago body conoco gas card conoco gas card Sheffield using an oil pipe. Norwich How much should hills effect gas mileage? How many miles can a gas engine run?Lets say its a new 3-4 liter engine (pick up truck) which gets inspections and oil changes at regular intervals and is not kicked too much. I know someone who has a 20 yo Volkswagen Passat with a 2 liter Diesel engine which has already 500,000 miles and runs still perfectly good. Can I get that mileage with a regular gas engine? 2004 yamaha fz6 fuel economy find a buy here pay here car lot. Suv fuel Consumption BERGAMO 100 mpg challenge for #39;MPG Marathon #39; | Next Green Car Britain #39;s most popular economy driving event, the MPG Marathon, returns to Britain #39;s roads again this year on the 5th and 6th October. Competitors in the MPG Marathon will test their economy driving skills around a 380- mile ... South Tyneside jacs laundromat.

fuel Oil Transfer Pump NAVARRA Should children be fully funded in our society even if mom's wages fall short? I'm doing a report on benefits of using oil and how it has enabled us to do things that our ancestors couldn't! Electricity has become as valuable as water in the 21st century. The report is not a big deal but I'm really having a difficult time searching for credible sources. I tried different search terms such as gasoline, petroleum etc.. same thing, peak oil... obama... nuclear energy... renewable energy.. bad things about oil... global warming...There are some articles that discusses advantages/benefits of oil, but they are burried deep within the above articles that I listed...I searched through my college's database, NYtimes. WSJ. , .gov, .edu. etc...All I find is peak oil. Nuclear energy. Things that would normally pop out when you type oil in the search bar. Well main reason probably is that I'm narrowing down my topic into history of fossil fuel (where it comes from) and the benefits of it. I've done a couple 10-13 page essays about oil/benefits/civilization but sources were from books. I don't want to use book as a source... it makes it complicated since I'll have to explain what the book is about, on the other hand sources like NYtimes. WSJ people already knows. For this I just need simple sources. I found lots of useful information from the web but sites are not really credible... It would be helpful if you can link me 1 credible source! Straight forward, that talks about benefits of oil, Something like how a barrel of oil equals 23,000 hour of manpower!. I don't need things like the true cost of oil or anything since I already know those etc... thanks XDMichaelYou know like.. I need one of those things from 1960 or 70s or something that talks about how great oil is! Population growth. Skyscrapers! stuff like that! Now, I can't find stuff like that since people started discussing about global warming/wars/etc... you get what I mean. everything is negative! Oh boy.. I should switch my topic on how bad oil is xD, that would make it alot easier hehehhehe, But I really want to do the benefits! while ignoring all the negative things! you know! 1 source! Cavan state citroen. Halton Gas Heating Save Money best fuel economy in a full size truck honda motorcycles dandenong. OSNABR�CK how can solar energy replace fossil fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms? When earth / world will be created without global warming, pollution, etc? It's possible or not? Canberra lamborghini myspace theme. Perrys alfa romeo What should I post on Craigslist? I am doing fuel cell research for co-op, and part of the machine I run the fuel cell with is a humidifier. On the side of this humidifier there is a plastic tube about 30cm tall and 1cm in diameter that has water in it to indicate the water level inside the humidifier. The water level is read by a sort of sensor that has one part at the top of the tube to make sure it doesn't get too full (so if water is detected at it, the humidifier lets out water) and another part in the middle of the tube to make sure the water level isn't too low (so if water is NOT detected at this one, the humidifier fills up).So all I know is that these things can tell if there is water in the tube at that point, but I would love to know how they do this? My only guess is something to do with the refraction of light, but I still don't know exactly how.The exact model on one of the humidifiers is an Omron E2K-L13MC1, you could google it to find it on the Omron website. If you know how something like this works I would appreciate your knowledge, thanks!Nick Zeist white albacore tuna mercury. Tayside Gas Heating Save Money diesel cars fuel economy used car values honda. Jaguar v12 1000 horsepower List of cruising music? The one where the lizard (maybe a gecko?) was suction cupped on to the windshield. I don't THINK it was GEICO, it was greener and it never talked.Youtube video of one such commercial would be welcome how to bild biodiesel processor plans sale daewoo leganza. Shannon Why did Obama lie in second debate that modern cars are more fuel efficient than past cars? I posted an ad on craigslist for my 2013 toyota corolla with 66,000 miles. I just got its detailing done and it looks like out of showroom. Flawless and no problems whatsoever. I put asking price of 7,000 dollars because it is tough economy and most people are in financial trouble. A person contacted me saying he is interested in the car. He then said he wants to test drive the car on highway to see how it performs. I accompanied him. He then said "yes I will buy your car, but let me drive it for some time please". I was very happy and said, "yes sure. drive it to your satisfaction since you agreed to buy". The man then drove 87 miles in 72 minutes on I-95 and was going 75 to 80 mph most of the time. After the 87 mile drive he pulled at a shopping center and said, "just wait, i need to buy something." I waited and waited but he never returned. I waited over an hour but

no sign of him returning. I looked in shopping center here and there but couldn't find him. I then drove back home 87 miles. It appears to me that he used my car as "free cab" and just wanted to commute from point A to point B. I have his email and emailed him why he did this. He said, "car is nice, but i can't afford it. i could not afford the greyhound ticket. appreciate it". Can i report him to police for wasting my time and fuel Shouldn't he at least pay me gasoline charge for the long drive?he deceived me by saying he will definitely buy the car. he won my trust in a very skillful manner.also he was doing lot of sweet talk throughout the ride with stuff like, "this car is so nice, i will pay 10,000. don't worry.", "i am a small business owner too and i am always hiring. if you wish, you can apply too", etc etc pirelli tyre malaysia the devils advocate by morris west. ISLAS BALEARES What is the difference between CNG and LNG? fuel economy bmw 335d online car rental with car trawler. Wright state racing team Gas Heating Save Money kenda ranks staffing industry ferrari with shell. ORLANDO Should i buy a 2013 honda civic si with 79,600 miles? will i get the 1000w that the speakers can handle if i connect them to a 100w home theater dvd player?or will i just get 100wi need the answer ASAP! fuel consumption z4 gt v volk. Mountmellick need help with this hard math questions? Before anyone thinks that I have mistaken Yahoo Answers for Craigslist, please read my post entirely. I am not looking to buy a boat from someone on Yahoo Answers. This question is purely about necessary research of the boats I am interested in.For the very longest while now I have been wanting a sail boat for my own personal satisfaction. To be able to take care of it and it take care of me. The boat I have in mind will not be anything fancy or special. Must have a cabin, outboard motor preferred, not too old being in fair to decent condition. Easy to trailer, salt water rated. I'm considering using this proposed sailboat as a vacation vehicle and second home and trailer it at home during off season. Primary home is an option if things turn sour with the house. Since most of the dedicated sailing lifestyle websites didn't take me seriously and most marinas act like exclusive cliques, the only remaining option I have is to ask here. I know all about the fact that I need to hang around other sailors and learn to handle a boat before considering buying one. Safety is of course a factor being alone on a sail boat among many other things such as basic navigation. It's not hard to see that I need experience and so I will gain that before I consider purchasing said boat. So all of those terrible answers of "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" will be promptly ignored. We all had to start somewhere and I was left with no choice but to start here.What I need:Ballpark estimates on what to expect to pay on a sailboat about 20 foot long(25 foot max) in fair to good condition. Outboard engine strongly preferred. Single mast.Rough estimate of typical marine insurance in case of accidental sinking or unseaworthiness due to damage.Serious answers only please. If anyone also wants to donate websites or reference material to my research of life on the water then I will gladly accept those sources.Thanks in advance. peugeot reverse switch nascar racing shirt. MIDDELBURG Does the amount of radiators i have on make any difference to my bill for my heating? I've failed school horribly since elementary and have always hated school, never really liked it especially public school, I just hated being around people. I got into homeschooled around January of 2013 and it was great, my teacher was the best and it was the first time ever I had received straight A's, but then I became a 12th grader and got a new teacher who was more strict and failed me I felt she didn't even like me or anything and was purposely trying to get me kicked out.I got recommend to an adult school yesterday and didn't like it as I don't like to get up early nor be at school all day, every day. I'm thinking about taking some online classes to at least get my GED or High School Diploma, but I hear it's important to recieve a diploma, but also people say it's nothing but just a piece of paper, but yeah I do also feel like I'll never pass or finish school no matter how hard I try. I just plain do not like school and suck horribly at math, give me a problem I will not be able to solve it and not only that I feel as if I wasted my whole entire life in school I know I won't graduate I'm below 50 credits and I do not know what to do! I really want to work with animals. Help!? how does k&n filters save on gas steve and sons auto sales. Piese skoda octavia cruise control mileage cruise control mileage Navan citroen grand c4 price. South Oxfordshire Gas Heating Save Money what is the average vehicle fuel economy suzuki new zealand outboard motors.

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