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Newcastle-under-Lyme Ford Figo, Chevrolet Beat or Maruti Ritz........? 'An environmental pressure group suggests that motorists should be forced to cut the number of miles they travel by 20%. This would be achieved by considerably increasing tax on petrol, trebling its price. At the same time, the number of air flights into out of the Uk should be frozen. Discuss whether these measures would be a better solution to solve the UK's energy problems than building nuclear power stations.' In your answer, compare social and private costs and benefits of the proposals.'- The number of road miles travelled within a country and flights into and out of it are strong indicators of how well its economy is faring. The more connected a country, both within itself and internationally, the stronger its economic prosperity.Business flights make up a fair share of flights into and out of the UK; to freeze incoming and outgoing flights may well harm the expansion of business, as the more businesses grow the more travel is likely to be required to promote the business or for sales trips etc. Therefore private costs of this measure may include potential loss of profit for business and also capped growth for the UK airline industry as it effectively cannot offer more flights/services to what will be over time a growing number of passengers. The social costs would be that some holiday-makers who want to either come to the UK or go abroad may not be able to due to the freeze on flight numbers.Emissions from motor transport in the UK are one emissions category which appears to be consistently growing over time. It is a very big contributor to overall emissions and it would be benficial to theoverall health of Uk society to see emissions from this source curbed. A large increase in petrol tax would achieve a reduction in congestion and likely encourage car-using commuters to use public transport; however punlic transport would need to have enough capacity to accomodate the extra passengers. For those dependent on motor transport (both businesses and individuals) such an increase in petrol tax would do them long term financial term damage given that they have few otehr options (ie road haulage firms etc) This would be both a social and private cost.A private benefit of such an increase in petrol tax would be the opportunity for developing more efficient vehicles and possibly more afforable hybrid cars since demand for fuel efficient cars would increase.Over the longer term, the introduction of incraesingly fuel efficient vehicles should benefit society as a whole, although the reduction in in emissions through fuel efficiency will likely be made up for by the constant increase in motor vehicle emissions over time (unless totally green vehicles are developed).Freezing flights in and out of the UK and increasing petrol tax may help curb emissions, but it will not do much to solve the UK's energy problems. It is evident that the UK population will continue to increase, as will its energy demand. Therefore what is needed (purely in terms of the energy resource) is a technically efficent resource which requires minimum resource input for maximum energy output. Nuclear power best provides this resource, although with carying costs and benefits to society and the private sector.Speaking of costs, the main cost associated with nuclear power generation is the intial outlay required to the power station. This will likely be millions of pounds, however with improvements in technology mean that nuclear power stations will have longer life stations - 40to60 years. This time span and the very small greenhouse emissions produced by nuclear power make it a relatively cheap form of elcetricity generation - using other forms of energy would lead to higher prices being paid by UK consumers.So there is the intial cost of building the plant (which could be private or social depending on whether it is from private funds or by the government, but there are other social costs. In the event of a nuclear meltdown, as with Cherobyl in 1986, the surrounding environment and its inhabitants would be contaminated with radioactive material, with potentiallu lethal effects. However, it is worth noting, in the case of Chernobyl, that the reactor was already known to be of extremely unsatisfactory design and it took hours of unauthorised testing by incompetent operators before it was taken to the where it exploded. It would be expected that any Uk built nuclear power station should be of quality build and that technology will hace improed from 1980's soviet Russia. Reactors are also equipped with many ways of shutting down within seconds.There is also the question of radioactive waste which nuclear power plants produce; it will be costly to dispose of and potetially cotaminate the environment in which it ends up. However a few cubic metres of radioactive waste produced yearly as opposed to the CO2, SO2 and other pollutants produced yearly by burning around 4milliontonnes of coal. Technologyhas also advanced so that it is possible to use depleted uranium as a fuel for creating nuclear energy using light wave reactors such as those developed by the firm Terra Power. This would save on the costs of having to dispose of nuclear waste as it would greatly reduce the amount of it. This technology is also relatively affordable compared to other energy options given the amount of energy produced over its lifetime.Nuclear power stations have already saved millions of tonnes of CO2 and S02 being releasedd into the atmosphere and would be a far better solution to sloving the UK's energy problems than effectively trebling petrol prices and freezing flight numbers into and out of the UK. The two latter solutions may curb emissions but they do not address the underlying energy problem. The development of nuclear power stations as well as more economically efficient measures to reduce transport pollution would be an ideal combination to minimise the costs to UK ( ultimately globalsociety) of energy consumption and the resulting

environmental damage.- I feel my answer is too long, feedback/comments would be v. appreciated.Thanks :)Beery: Thank you for your answer; of course less use is the ideal but how can that happen with a population that is increasing growing and dependent (increasingly) on energy consuming technology.Also, solar isn't an option in this question, although I do think installing solar panels on every home (at least in England) would have been a better investment than £billions on the iraq war.It also appears that 'market forces' wouldn't have an interest in letting consumers reduce their consumption, although I suppose consumers should theoretically be able to choose for themselves.Hmm. new world order obama news. New hampshire rsa off road motorcycles Can you explain how axle ratios work? I was thinking acuras bit I want another's choice of cars austin healthy southwest auto austin. Geo trax remote control toys Tennessee #39;s per-gallon gas price average increases 10 cents ... The average per- gallon price of regular gas in Tennessee was $3.63 as of yesterday, an increase of 10 cents compared to the figure from the previous week, according to AAA. In comparison, the national average price was ... fuel economy booster review cheri wright anderson. Amstelveen What is the differences and similarities between energy efficient and renewable energy technologies? Is there even a difference? I am asking in the context of Printers. porsche specialist sussex. TERNEUZEN Tips for clutching in a standard transmission (stick shift) Audi? Just for knowledge sake, what are the main differences between the gallardo and the superleggera? interior/exterior and performance differences? Also which one do you believes looks better and in what colour? Thanks:) man united car seat covers toyota truck tonneau. VAL-D'OR Gas Guzzlers Save Game fuel consumption holden cruze maxxie sid. Strathclyde Any advice on how to find a part time job (for a college student)? As a liberal, I say we should cut military spending by at least another 25 billion, end the war on drugs, end oil subsidies and factory farm subsidies.I don't use food stamps. Since I live in a blue state, I am the one who pays for the food stamps used in red states. smart car collisions. 1991 gmc sierra heater hose connection how can you say that alternative fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms are less hazardous to environment? Well my graphic card requires 500w which I understand. It says I need 38A which to my understanding refers to +12V at 38A which I can read on my PSU and confirm.But what I don't understand is what if on the PSU box it reads: +12V118A, +12V2-18A, +18V3-18A and +12V4-18A (there are other different volts at different amps also but I'm only including here the +12V)...Can someone please explain what this means please? Why are there four sets of 12V? Would this suffice for my requirement of 38A? trenton illinois chevrolet dealer krusteaz alpine fuel Saving Ideas Flintshire Could I run a 20hp electric engine off a battery? need to know how many and where exactly are the o2 sensors on my 2000 f250 v10? Dungannon holden village elca wa. MONTEFR�O How many miles should I buy a toyota Rav4 for? hello i have a 1994 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2 litter 4x4 i wanted to know what i can upgrade to get better gas millage and performance from my car but mostly better gas millage any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciatedthank you 2011 toyota yaris fuel economy social work training plymouth. SANTA FE Gas Guzzlers Save Game used jeep wrangler 60148 suzuki vitara road tax. Gas Milage Estimator Hervey Bay Gas Guzzlers Save Game London hummer jalopnik. NEVADA Shocks on '98 GMC sierra? I have a 98 GMC Sierra. I am wanting a girll guard for it but when I select model it dose not have Sierra. It's a 1500. kancil 850 manual fuel consumption athens chevrolet. Toyo tires truck What is the diffrence between a Toyota sequoia limited 5.7 and a Toyota Land Cruiser? I'm planning a trip to South Africa with my family (4). 2 adults (between 45 and 50), 1 young

adult (21), and a teen (15). I want to be able to do the whole safari thing; being outdoors for a few hours, seeing animals up close, etc. I know it's probably going to be expensive, especially since we are planning on doing everything ourselves. No travel agents. They caused a huge mess last time and we ended up paying about twice of what we expected. It just causes a huge mess. We learned from our mistake, and even though it may work out for other people, it just didn't for us. But, if any of you have used a travel agency before that you are pleased with (and went to South Africa) then please let me know! I am still open for inquiries if you really believe in this agency. Okay, so my main thing is budget. I want to be able to get it down to less than $10,000 (airfare depending on the prices) I'd be leaving in July or August. I guess it's their winter, so it'd be a little cooler and more tolerable. Again, if you have a suggestion as to a better time to go please do so! I'm just trying to incorporate school summers and everything. Depending on that, i'll be able to make the trip work. Hotels and everything would be great too. I know it sounds like i'm pretty much asking the Yahoo Community to plan my vacation for me... and you would be right lol it's hard to plan a vacation on a small budget, and i can't be the only one who's trying to make it happen. I'm sure lots of you are trying to make it work, or have made it work in your favor. What i'm asking for is advice: how much should i plan on spending for a 5 night vacation?what hotels should i be looking into? 3 stars are enough, as long as it will accommodate to our American lifestyle. how we can arrange for daily meals; does the hotel accommodate with meals? Are international foods going to be an option? (we're primarily vegetarian, so it's going to be hard to adjust, but we'll try!!)transportation is also important!! is it going to be easy to hire a car with driver who speaks English? A primary concern is whether it would be worth planning a trip without a large group. Should i try to arrange something with other people or stick to traveling alone (with family of course)? Maybe other family members will join us. My aunt and her family, my uncle and his family, and us. But all that is tentative. Okay i'm done rambling lol if anyone out there can help me, i'd love you forever!!!! <3 hahaha Caerphilly volvo the hunt puzzle clues. Pittsburgh increase mpg diesel increase mpg diesel best diesel car to buy reliant financial corporation. Car Best Gas Mileage SALMON ARM Toyota GT86 convertible - Magazine More cars coming soon. Volkswagen XL1 VW XL1 1. Class: Sports/ convertibles . VW #39;s revolutionary XL1 coupe is claimed to be the world #39;s most fuel - efficient car - and it #39;s actually going into production. Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo ... South Carolina venturi the gordon wu hall. fuel Economy Cars CHARNWOOD i have to go 160 miles and my truck gets 15 miles per gallon and the price of gas is 3.45 a gallon? Use appropriate values for the x-axis and yaxis, label each axis (see graphs above).Graph the points.Draw a line through the points to represent the graph of the equation. John began his job making $25 the first day. After that he was paid $6.75 per hour. y = 6.75x + 25. Use x-values: 0, 20, and 40. A membership to Movie Night Movie Club costs $10, plus $2 per movie. y = 2x +10. Use x-values: 0, 5, and 10. You are using 0.05 gallons per mile of a SUV gas tank that holds 16 gallons. y = - 0.05x + 16. (Or, if you wish you may use y = 16 - 0.05x. They are the same equation.) Use x-values: 0, 160, and 320. The temperature was 56 degrees this morning, but dropped one degree per hour through the rest of the day. Y = - x + 56. (OR, you may use Y = 56 - x. They are the same equation.) Use x-values: 0, 5, and 10. Your weight-lifting class cost you a $20 fee up front, and $5.50 per class. y = 5.50x + 20. Use x-values: 0, 10, and 20.I have tried everything! Nothing worked. I really want to know how to do this. My brain is just confused when I look at these questions!Please help! Thank you! =) Kells sabn marcos. Launceston Gas Guzzlers Save Game top ten fuel efficient suvs 2011 top marks renault. COATICOOK SUV Driver Shoots at a Lada, Uncomfortably Waits for Green Light ... If you had to guess where this video came from you are clearly not familiar with some of our favorite videos we regularly put on Carscoop. In our latest installment of quot;From Russia with nonsense, quot; the driver of a Volkswagen ... Ceannanus Mor penzoil oil goodyear az. Refinancing auto loan priority number dx How much money would I need to go to Alaska? Ms.Stubbs' car gets 15 miles per gallon of gasoline and Mr.Henry's truck gets 48 miles per gallon.When traveling from Columbus to Atlanta, they both use a whole number of gallons of gas. What is the shortest distance possible between Columbus and Atlanta?If gas cost cost $ 2.27 per gallon, what is the difference in the money each will spend on gas for a round trip? Falkirk asia encompasses. Mallow Gas Guzzlers Save Game fuel economy jeep liberty 2008 innovation ford.

Washer pump for 2005 kia optima where is it located Shiseido Bio Performance - Eye Care | Pretty Healthy Looking Shiseido Bio - Performance Super Eye Contour Cream is a powerful, time-fighting, multi-benefit treatment that recharges the eye area with youthful-looking vibrance. the overland rover chop shop 2001 gmc jimmy oil filter location. Test Valley How much would gas be if I drove a school bus 140 miles? Me and my friend are 15 but we are anticipating, going on a huge gap year roadtrip across America and basically everything. This is ages away but I wanna start planning ahead. Basically we want to start with a roadtrip across the US in an old van, but I thought that all this would cost a lot. So how possible is all this? And how do you live cheap and go Farr? Thanks used toyota camty se 2005 2006 near grand rapids mi used subaru pittsburgh. LATINA Simplex method maths question that i need help with to study for test next week,? 1. Some leaders of developing nations tried to speed development after independence by A. Shifting to market economies B. Shifting to command economies C. Paying off all loansD. Selling off farms2. To what does the Green Revolution refer?A. New farming methodsB. Cash paymentsC. Large scale farmingD. Cheaper crops3. Among the problems that developing nations face are:A. a lack of child labor and economic dependence B. an increase in women's rights and religious fundamentalism C. rapid population growth and poverty D. Malnutrition and lack of natural resources 4. Although they are now politically indepenedent, many develpoing countries are A. fighting guerrilla wars against their former colonial rulersB. returning to traditional econimies C. economically dependent on former colonial rulersD. exporting new technology to former colonial rulers5. Women in developing countries haveA. more opporutunities B. become less educated and poorerC. fewer rightsD. not assumed leadership roles6.While developed nations control much of the worlds capital, theyA. depend on low-paid workers in developed countriesB. depend on low-paid workers in developing countriesC. are strongly opposed to free trade agreements D. are stongly opposed to globalization 6. Critics accuse mulitnational corporations ofA. having too much influence on profits of goodsB. not having enough influence on world prices and resources C. using their power to support undemographic governments D. creating too much debt and causing economic downturns 7. The EU, NAFTA, and OPEC are allA. international treatiesB. reginal trade blocs C. anti-globaliztion movements D. multinational corporations 8. Supporters of globalization argue that it has A. Reduced global pollution B. fuel http://FuelSavingTab.comed specialization C. kepy prices generally lowD. hurt indigenous peoples fuel economy hyundai accent 2004 lead spring bushings on buick regal. Auto dealer internet marketing Gas Guzzlers Save Game marcos pires biodiesel kelapa sawit. THUN gas saving programmers gas saving programmers 2009 ford f150 5.4 fuel economy com aston martin dbr9. Amersfoort What is / are the differences between an S.U.V and a C.U.V. (cars)? I'm thinking about buying a Toyota Sequoia.. anyone out there drive one that can provide feedback as to the quality of the vehicle? Is it reliable? Gas mileage decent? etc etc.. sell secondhand cars volvo t6 alternator bolts. NORTH AYRSHIRE I have a Ford Focus and the MPG is quite bad? My Ford Focus, 1.6 Zetec, Petrol, MK2, 2013 has an average of 25.5mpg just town driving. I spend ÂŁ30 a week (7 days) on petrol getting only 110.5 miles all together just driving in normal roads like 20/30 mph. Is that normal or quite bad for a small car? And I drive normally not agressive on the accelerator. how to reduce water consumption toilet 2010 gmc sierra fog lamp kits. Cheap car insurance in the usa How much would it cost to go on a road trip from the east coast to the west coast? I am interested to know what it does to the gallon. It is an automatic if that makes a difference Fermanagh donate old car charity canada. Reigate & Banstead Gas Guzzlers Save Game 2005 volkswagen passat tdi fuel economy gasket hyundaiaccessorystore.

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