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Norfolk My First Car, I need help!? I am 16 and I am looking to find a car that is fuel efficient, looks nice (sports car sudan), and is affordable. I have looked at a Mazda rx8 but it seems with the rotory engine that would give me more problems than I would like. I have also looked at the ford mustang as well as other types of sports cars but I need better gas mileage. P.S. Im not a big fan hatchbacks or convertibles. If i had to choose between the two I would choose the convertible though. getting rid of car parts. West springfield nissan dealer What catalytic converter should I chose? I have a 1989 Jeep Comanche, and i was wondering if there was any performance chips or upgrades for it. Maybe even something that might save me gas, such as upgraded oxygen sensors and stuff like that. Ive looked but really cant find anything. I know performance and fuel efficiency do not go together lol, but i am just wondering if anybody knew of anything and if maybe you could point me in the right directionThanks, and I would appreciate it. triumph finned motor mounts town car orange county. Auto plymouth grand voyager wiring diagram need help to study microeconomics plsssssssss? Hi, I have a 2013 H2 Hummer and with the high cost of gas I wanna make a change and do one of the LPG or CNG conversion kits on ebay. I thought I seen before that LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) will get me more gas millage? But ive also heard CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is better? average fuel consumption for ships audi austin bentley. Lancashire How much will it cost me to travel from Portland Oregon to tennisee? I have a 1995 ford f150 that I've decided I'm not going to sell but I'm going to just rebuild it. I want an engine that I can put in it that will make it reasonably faster but better gas mileage. It's a 4.9L V6 RWD standard. I was thinking about some type of V8 maybe. i want to get at least 20 mpg or more and 0-60 in under 8 seconds. But if I can't do that I'm just going to do something insane and put a V12 with twin turbo. I know if I do that that it will ruin the MPG. But Idk what exact engine to put in it. Idk what's something cool I can do? utter cadillac in spokane wa. WREXHAM MAELOR How is New York City ? is it Expensive? i wish they were over $6 gallon. becuase i think its so cheap to begin with that ppl are way overusing gas to a point there will be none left. it is not unlimited. it hurts our world and enviroment so bad. if you live in the city, NJ like me. its amazing how many ppl drive. ppl drive for anything. now i dont own a car. i use public transportation, if i had a car would my opnion be different? well im not going to lie, but not much. i would be willing to pay a little more. i pay more to find organic local farm food. i pay more to eat at chipotle mexican grill rather then the cheap taco bell. i earn minimum wage. dirks bentley pray on off road motorcycle. BAGHERIA fuel Efficient Cars And The Environment yamaha r6 2011 fuel consumption hare chevrolet. Derby Hummer h2 vs Ford f-150? I really need to know your opinions I'm thinking about buying one since ive heard good reviews and who couldnt use the great MPG...does any one know do they come stock with AC? hows the defrost in winter time? should i check for alot of rust?and generally what should i check for when im looking at buying a used one? Thanks alot I appreciate all commentsalso, do they handle pretty well in winter? Where i live there isnt too much snow its just every once in a while thanks motoczysz motorcycles. Brooks tire and auto Does a school bus use truck or auto diesel fuel A little back story.. I own a 1997 Honda Civic ex coupe, with just 143,000 miles on it. I have poured my soul into this car.. I bought it back in 2013, for 8k. Current problems is that, the muffler.. you can hear coming from over a mile away. This is the 3rd muffler I have had for this car. The other day a new ticking noise began.. since I am severly hard of hearing I can't place it. Also, the power steering is gone, my arm muscles have gotten pretty strong turning this car. I have replaced the muffler several times since I have gotten it, replaced the transmission two years ago, I have had problems with the fuel pump, the windows.. well the passenger side doesn't really go all the way down. No cruise control, (I discovered it stopped working on a cross country trip) and the windshield wiper fluid dispenser doesn't really work.Half the front bumper is gone, since my exbf hit something while driving it. I have also replaced the radio, since it was broken into... that is the nicest thing about this car besides the sunroof and the rear spoiler. So.. last weekend a dear friend bought a new van.. so she offered to sell me her olde car a '94 toyota with over 250k on it for only $800. The only problems is has is the breaks.. she's going to take it to a shop this weekend, and then her plan is if I say "NO" is she will put it up on cragislist for 1,200. That car has only really been in Wisconsin, while I used my car to drive back and forth between DC and WI.. for college. I have nothing saved up for a down payment

for something super nice, I do have good credit, but I want to pay off some of my credit card debit and then save up for a down payment for a totally awesome dream car. Should I take my friend's offer? crv honda city s80 volvo serice light Best Gas Mileage Hyundai Bathurst Please help me with this algebra question:( GCSE level? >>>>>Story<<<<<Hello, my father decided to look and get a new SUV. Our SUV was a 2013 IsuzCrosswind here in our country, it ran around 79,000 miles. My father decided to get rid of it, I don't know why, maybe it was starting to fail. >>>>Here are our requirements:<<<<<Price: Our budget has a maximum of $40,000fuel Economy: 20 MPG in city is the least we can have, highway doesn't matter>>>>>Engine: We're looking for diesel-powered enginesIf ever your recomendation is gas-powered: Displacement should be less than 2.5-literIf ever your recommendation is diesel-powered: Displacement could be more than 2.5-liter. In our case, our Crosswind's engine had a 2.5-liter diesel engine.We're not looking for a racecar for top speed and acceleration, and we're not looking for a truck for towing boats or trailers.<<<<<Seating Capacity: We're needing a 3rd-row. If ever your recommendation has no 3rd-row, we'll put it in consideration.We're not looking for a cruise ship for hauling 7+ passengersCargo Space: Enough boxes, those standard boxes you use to move from house to house.Transmission: Either of the two, we're fine with it. Warranty: AnythingFeatures: Any safety features, we're contented with anything your recommendation has to offer.Size: As much as possible, we're looking for a small Crossover/SUV. My father wants easy parking.Dimensions: As much as possible, we're looking for a compact-sized, my father doesn't want problems with parking. If your recommendation is big in size, we'll put it in consideration.>>>>>Our Candidates<<<<<All models are the latest, either 2013 or 2014.Chevrolet Trailblazer (Not sold in the U.S)Chevrolet Captiva (Not sold in the U.S?)Ford EscapeFord Everest (Not sold in the U.S?)Honda CR-VHyundai Santa Fe SportHyundai TucsonKia SportageKia SorentoMazda CX-5Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (Known as the ASX in our country)Mitsubishi Montero Sport (Not sold in the U.S)Subaru XV CrosstrekToyota Fortuner (Not sold in the U.S)Toyota RAV4Can you please help us find our SUV? Thank you for taking your time reading this. We'll put all your recommendations in discussion. Muinebeag caterham stock. AVERSA What is the cheapest way for me to get from Monterey to Humboldt? So this stomach pain is insane. It hurts right under my chest in the center center and it's a tiring sharp pain. The pain is intense and I start shaking and sweating, Feels like my breath is running out, Like I just finished running the mile on a hot summer day and you have no water... I get dizzy and want to in a way faint, but I dont. First time it happened I went to the doctor asap all he told me was it might be acid. I then visited another doctor and he did tests on me, I did not have a virus, he said it was acid reflux. So I started taking Omperazole, which was what he prescribed and it helped when the pain would start.This sharp pain has probably happened about 4 more times since the checkup and that was last year... And each time it lasts a little less then the first one... I just don't know what it is. Im sick of it. 2 of the times it's happened, I had finished eating Burger King. (Haven't had BK in the longest btw.) but it's weird...Some details about me, I'm 21, I used to be around 280 pounds and now I am about 160... I workout about 4 times a week, dont drink soda, dont eat 'acid-y' foods or spicy foods.. Haven't had meat in a while.. Haven't had junk food in the longest. I don't smoke ,I don't drink. My parents think this is acid reflux and that I am getting sick because I 'don't eat a lot'.. I don't starve myself either. P.s. In the same area I get the sharp pains, when I do get them, I feel gas and i've felt like 'balls of electricity' moving in there.. like they pop but don't make a sound.. its like an electric feeling.. And when I feel that, the pain vanishes right after... Any ideas? Thoughts? Sorry for the huge post. transport canada vehicle fuel consumption ratings volvo s80 transmission moise. LUGANO fuel Efficient Cars And The Environment used dodge truck bed 2004 goodyear lawrence ks. Work Out fuel Consumption Banbridge fuel Efficient Cars And The Environment Cardiff phoenix motorsport lotus. PORT LINCOLN 5 gallon jerry can 5 gallon jerry can does a supercharger increase fuel economy mac mini installed in car. Wade cooper teasdale Best Desktop PC build for ÂŁ1200? I'm a single 26 year old male, and I make about $30K annually. I recently found out that I will be inheriting $14,000 a year tax-free every year for the rest of my life. I will receive my gift for this year in a couple weeks, and after that, I will have about $18K in liquid assets and $3300 in my retirement 401K account. My question is what should I do with the money? I rent instead of own. I've already been approved for a $150K mortgage if I wanted to buy a house. My car is 11 years old and has about 150K miles on it. I love to travel -- a nice vacation would

be fun. Or, of course, I could save the money, but I don't know anything about money or investing or how to get the maximum return on my money. I don't want the money to just sit there in my savings account, so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. Glasgow recycle cooking oil new york. Tulsa How do I get my car to Saint Paul Island, Akaska? I have a 2013 Honda Fit Sport and I want to trade it in for a truck. The lien holder is my credit union. I still have a lot to pay off because I've only had it for about a year. Though, with the conditions of living in Hawaii, I really want to get a truck. The only reason I got the car to begin with is because I had to at the time commute 30+ miles a day to and from work. So, I wanted a fuel efficient car, and 35+ mpg/hwy ain't too bad with the fit. Great and powerful little/big car, but I want a truck.I've already viewed some trucks at a couple dealerships. My eye is on a used 2013 Chevrolet Colorado EXT Cab for $14,xxx. I'm unsure of how to approach this. Should I go to the dealership or consult with my credit union first? I got a quote from KBB, an my car is worth $13,xxx in great condition. Though I expect to only get 8-9, and that's all fine with me. I'm just unsure of how my current loan will be balanced off with the new car, or if it will be at all.Price or monthly payments isn't an issue, I have exceptional credit along with a co-signer with flawless credit.Just to say, I'm not an idiot. I know I don't own the car. So being a smartaxx and starting your answer with "First off" is not necessary.I'll be seeking advice from family and friends also. Just wanted an opinion of someone who has been through a similar situation or just knows about the topic.Anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks again. jcb fastrac fuel consumption used car sales in orlando florida. The Most Economic Cars ELMBRIDGE Im looking to buy a car...? The Chevy cobalt has about 89k miles on it and orange in color and costs about 6,500. Nothing wrong with it. It's also a 2 door coupe. The Mazda 3s has 131k on it but I think I can bump him down to 5,500. Both are manuals. The Mazda has a few problems(cd player is broken, flex pipe sounds like it needs to be replaced) not big things but they are there. People have told me that the Mazda can usually get up to 200k miles without major problems. And the cobalt is good I hear as well. They both are manuals. 5 speeds. The cobalt is the 2.2L engine and the Mazda I believe has a 2.3L. The Mazda gets better gas mileage which is something I meed(it's only like 2 miles better to the gallon which can add up). I'm just stuck in between and I'm wondering what other people would do, the mileage makes the cobalt seem like the obvious choice but I was in the Mazda and just liked the overall look and interior. If anyone can help that would be great. Thank you! Kirklees sarah brown carly general hospital. Latest Gas Prices IQALUIT Are you allowed to Camp in the Redwood National Forest not at a campsite? For the past few years i have become increasingly interested about going on a northern California hiking/ camping trip to the great redwoods. However i have done alot of research and would still like to get the perspective of someone who's been or hopefully even lives in nor. cal. What i am looking to do is find out what the best places in northern California are for hiking in the mountainous redwoods, overlooking beautiful lakes and breathtaking natural wonders and scenery, (natural dirt paths, not paved) . My main research on the trip has been mostly looking into Humboldt county and the surrounding cities and have heard about the amazing redwood hikes, bikes and walks that the small towns offer. I would ultimately like to go up there for at-least a few days and really get a wholesome experience of nature at it's finest. Lush redwood trails that lead to mountain view and lake views, any help would be much appreciated, thank's guys. Bakersfield civil aerospace engineering at rolls royce uk. Redcliffe fuel Efficient Cars And The Environment dodge diesel engines which year is the best wina toyota tacoma. GREATER SUDBURY Are Chevrolet Malibu a good car? okay so im planning to buy a 1983 chevy c10 truck and i realize that it has dual gas tanks so how come it comes with dual gas tanks???also if i switch to the deiseal instead of gas will it increase my mpg and will i get the full power out of my engine just like if i was using gas or even more power??if you can give me any other information about the dual gas tanks i would greatly appreciate it Ballinasloe bmw motorsport. Hickman motors used cars Ideal gas law? volume, pressure, and temp. PLEASE HELP? Hey all, I have a 2000 Honda Civic EX with 221,xxx miles on it. The last two times I've filled up I have noticed it only takes about 8.8 to 9 gallons but the needle will be bobbing dangerously close to "E" without the light coming on. (Don't really know if the light works or not, I never drive it that far down on gas...) So I have a few gallons left in the tank but it seems I'm on empty. Also I track my trips using the tripometer and I used to get to about 284 miles at a 1/4 of a tank left by the needle. Now it's like 234 miles and it's near empty according to the needle but AGAIN there is still a few gallons left. I used to be able to get to

about 313 miles before it was really close to E and I would have about a gallon and a half left still. So with this poorly given information what could be the problem?? Also, I think it's been about 2-3 years (and a lot of miles!) since I've done a tune-up, could it simply be time for a tune-up again? Thanks in advance. Louth coverage chrysler. Longford fuel Efficient Cars And The Environment fuel consumption aveo vs vios control cars hummer remote. Subaru shares best 7 seater suv best 7 seater suv waterhog premier buy one car another 99 cents. Manchester Why is the price of diesel fuel higher than gasoline? Would they rather a huge ugly potentially dangerous nuclear power plant? Because that's the alternative So you'd prefer the nuclear power plant then??I'm not trolling thats so rude I'm just curious and looking for opinions and info from folk with more knowledge than I possess which I believe is the point of this site shortly bmw uhaul suv storage. DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY Macroeconomics help please? For each of the following, explain whether quantity demanded changed because of a demand shift or a price change: a. As a result of decreased military spending, the price of Army boots fell. b. Fish prices fell after the Pope allowed Catholics to eat meat on Friday. c. An increase in gasoline taxes lowered the consumption of gasoline. d. Local Wages increased after Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area. toyota diesel truck iveco daily manual. Austin aboutus fuel Efficient Cars And The Environment saturn station wagon 1994 smart learners. CASTROJERIZ fuel price now fuel price now suzuki hayabusa 2010 fuel consumption opel record 1969. Windsor & Maidenhead Tips and tricks on how to save gas? I'm 18 and i want to get out of my sisters house. i have just enough money to move on my own but i need to know EVERTHING about how to do it. My sister doesnt think im ready to be on my own since she thinks im prone to not being responsible. i feel i need to move out to not only prove to her that i can be responsible but to myself as well. i have no other support other than her and i think thats fading out...No parents to help, just me. please give me all the information you can. Thanks for your time. i also am still in highschool about to graduate. i want to be on my own by then. Thanks for your time. understanding my mercedez benz a190 hummer h3 bumbers. SEINE-SAINT-DENIS Dodge Announces Improved fuel Economy and Bestin-Class ... CHELSEA, MI ďż˝ Powertrain choices in all-new 2013 Dodge Ram models will offer improved fuel economy plus more power, torque, and refinement than ever before. fuel consumption by airbus a320 window truck stickers. Robertson holden dealers Do different gas brands deliver different fuel mileage results? Either the FC or FD. Since I am currently taking driver's ed at age 16. Bantry toilet seat covers canada. Trim fuel Efficient Cars And The Environment short essay on save fuel zanesville dodge charger.

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