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District Of Columbia 1998 ford expedition running rough at idle? ive a misfire problem on my bonnie 750 , only happens when its warmed up , just fitted new plugs as 1 was burnt out , tried to clean carb jets and needles , 1 cylinder misses on steady running , disappears when i open it up . was ok but suddenly happened . think may be a valve as not been using lead additive, any ideas , cheers , dave . any suggestions or contact for good triumph mechanic near boston england sol honda accord honda. Used boloon tires OBD Code P0131 on Chevy Aveo.? I'm 18 and looking for my "official" first car. I'm currently looking into a 1999-2013 Infiniti G20. I like this car because of the side impact airbags which comes standard with this car, the leather seats which also comes standard, and its 4cyl 2.0L engine which gets at least 28mpg on the highway. I want this car with a 5 speed manual, because it saves gas mileage, it's easier to repair compared to an automatic and it gives me more control of the car. The thing is that the G20's that are up for sale in my area have the automatic transmission which i don't want. I was talking to my cousin about this (he used to own one), and he said that I could convert it the automatic to a 5 speed manual. I'm thinking about it and it sounds like an okay idea. The thing I'm worried about is that problems may occur after the conversion is complete. Would it be worth it to convert the automatic to a 5 speed manual?What is the price range of doing this conversion?For those of you who have done this conversion, have you came up with any problems with the transmission? Thanks in advance! buick oldsmobile pic how to find blue book value of car. Zims tires hammond la How many hydrogen would needed? Pure liquid octane (d = 0.702 g/mL) is used as the fuel in a test of a new automobile drive train. How much energy (in kJ) is released by complete combustion of of all the octane in a 16.5 gal fuel tank?The energy delivered to the drive wheels at 75 mph is 55500 kJ/h. Assuming all the energy is transferred to the wheels, what is the cruising range (in km) of the car on a full tank of gas?What the hell? gas saving cars under 10000 kia motors lombard il. Amstelveen Old car question...will my car make a 12 hr drive please help thanks...? I am looking to sell my 2000 Winnebago Adventurer and was wondering what are some good sites to list it on (I have it on RVTrader). Also, what information should I include. Here is what I have now, Thanks for the help! rvtrader /listing/2000-Winnebago-Adventurer-35u-1085102092000 Winnebago Adventurer 35U UPDATED! Great Condition and only 44,000 miles. New Allure wood floors in living room, New Allure tile floors in kitchen and bathroom, Updated upholstery and window coverings, New 32" flat screen TV, New microwave, New awning fabric, New windshield, 86 gallon fresh water tank, 10 gallon gas/electric water heater, 2 door gas/electric refrigerator, 28 gallon LPG tank, 75 gallon gas tank, Ford V10 with Banks Power, 10 Watt solar panel, hydraulic leveling jacks, true air residential central a/c, exterior shower, vanity in bedroom, pull out hamper, pull out workstation, day/night shades, external radio/speakers, pull out pantry, flip up counter top to 3-burner gas range, gas oven, water purifier on sink, under couch storage, driver side door, rearview monitor system, queen bed with large underneath storage, 3 connected external storage bins, All original paperwork and manuals, $31,000 used car shopping advice. ANDRIA Im about to move to Edmonton in August with my two friends.? I'm looking to move out and start renting a place of my own (either a studio flat or flatshare). I'm currently working part time but I'm trying to look extra work. How much (roughly) would it cost me per week or per month including rent, bills, food etc? i hire trucking isuzu diesel pickup for sale. SOLOTHURN fuel Economy Xc90 do tonneau covers save gas mileage value of 2002 suzuki motorcycle. South Gloucestershire How much would I cost to go to Canada for 2 weeks? am from India. i just graduated and i love dogs every single one of them. could you tell me what the salary's of dog handlers dog trainers in INDIA,USA,GERMANY,CANADA,DUBAI,SINGAPORE...etc ?does it required experience,to get jobs as DOG HANDLER/TRAINER outside INDIA? If 'YES' how much years of experience is needed? dadi group of. 2007 bmw x5 48 i I want to close out a business that has one inoperative truck left over... What do I do? I just bought a 2013 Nissan Altima used in GA and brought it to MD. I took it to the MVA and they told me it needs one, but i have my doubts on that. peugeot car dealer in riverbank california rover 75 power up Best 2014 Cars Gas Mileage Navan Does your vehicle size imply political orientation? Preferably good gas mileage but I prefer study trucks. I like Toyota Corollas, Toyota Camrys, and two-door Toyota

Tacomas. I realize trucks don't have good gas mileage...but I won't be driving too much and plus I have a job making $7.25 an hour. Even though that's not much I can still pay for gas. I would prefer a truck but I'm just looking for some suggestions for first vehicles. I have an auctioneer friend who said he can get me any kind of vehicle for under $2, now I'm just trying to choose:) Thanks for the input!@Jayme... I love Ford and Chevy as well...why not suggest some of their makes or models? I'm a country girl so the redneckier the better :p Cessnock solar eclipse conjunct natal mercury. BRECKLAND Can Metformin cause you to become underweight? I've got a 998cc early 2000 Nissan March Auto (Japanese Import).It actually runs pretty good apart from two annoying points:1. It's only getting about 23mpg even when cruising. I know it's an auto, but shouldn't it be a bit better than that?2. It's got a shudder when idling in drive and reverse (especially in reverse), but not in neutral or park.I've checked the o2 sensor - it seems to be working.I've checked the tps - it has the right resistance.I've checked it in the diagnostic mode - no fault codes, exhaust test come back good (light flashed about 20-25 times in 10 seconds during test).I've tried re-soldering the maf - no difference.The car has been serviced and had all spark plugs, distributor, oil, brakes, air filter, fuel filter etc changed.I've checked the vacuum hoses as far as I can see all are fine.The engine mounts are in good condition.I'm out of ideas. I could clean out injectors or change throttle body - but these are either expensive or tricky options and not even sure they'd make any difference.None of the problems it has are fatal, but they're driving me mental...Can anyone think of something I've missed?Appreciate your help. how to help reduce alcohol consumption ug l to mg kg. CAVA DE' TIRRENI fuel Economy Xc90 ferrari signs water pump removal plymouth breeze. Diesel Gas In Car Ballymoney fuel Economy Xc90 Bakersfield sno x races. SCAFATI Should I get a 2013 Mazda6 i Touring or a 2013 Volkswagen Passat SE? So as the title suggests, I want to build my own car. I was wandering where to go to learn this skill (as im still in highschool so I want to take the right courses in collage). I want to build a car similar to the late 60s camaros mustangs chargers and chevelles, with a carburetor and a good american v8. I'm hoping to use this car (maybe not this EXACT one) to start my own car company, which sells cars similar to old cars, which looked great and had a lot of power and were VERY affordable. I dont want any features in it that wouldnt be in old cars (save for fm radio, and ability to run on unleaded gas with low octanes). ANY help would be great, I want to go to North Carolina state university to learn more about how cars work but if there are any better schools please let me know. Some styling guidelines for THIS car (in order of what i want it to look like most to least): Camaro, Charger, Chevelle, mustang, challenger. Thanks alot and Im sorry its such an odd question! ford 6.4l diesel fuel economy lamborghini pics for myspace. Tax benefits for buying a new car Canada is "energy independent." It exports petroleum. Does this make gas cheaper there? I remember hearing mentally challenged Republicans whine he would do all these things in a first term, but it never happened, he never came. Everyone still has their guns and bibles, and I don't see c0ns being rounded up in droves.Will it happen in a second term??????? Neath Port Talbot car classic old sale. Isle Of Man State Farm Renters Insurance Question? So next year I'm transferring to a different high school. I took a tour of the school a few days ago and it was awesome. Well I told my friend (who already attends the school) that I really want to go there and she cautioned me that it's "NOT AS GOOD AS IT SEEMS!". Anyways, this is going to sound really stupid, but I fantasize about the school and how great of a life I could have if I went there. I know my expectations are too high, but I don't know what to do. I know that if I don't lower them, I'll just be super disappointed when I get there. I guess my question is how do I lower my expectations? I don't want to be disappointed when reality hits. PS- I had no idea which category to post this in :P best diesel tuner for fuel mileage how much can i borrow for a car loan. fuel Efficiency OLMILLOS Hey middle class, how do you like the new 6.2% Social Security payroll tax? Hey, to put this all short...I have been looking at going to University away from home in 2014. I should be able to get a maintenance loan of over £4000 and the £9000, but I don't think I'm entitled to any grant.My parents earn over the £25000 but CAN'T SUPPORT ME due to becoming redundant to a job which covered their housing and wages (and eventually became homeless and lived with a relative.)We now live in a new house and they have good jobs BUT got in a lot of debt during that time.They can't support me when I move because I don't actually cost them any

money as I pay my own way with food, etc but not enough to save. I am also diagnosed as dyspraxic and dyslexic but I don't know if I'm entilted to anything..Any ideas? Albuquerque fiat 505. Automotive Gas NORTHWEST TERRITORIES What are some bad points about recycling cars? 5 years ago, I was a child of a middle class family. My dad had a decent job, we had a nice big house, nice vehicles, decent sized yard. It wasn't that terrible for us.2013, about mid way through the year. We all moved to The west(lived in the Midwest), things are worse there, but not enough to leave just yet. After a while of loving there I noticed that pretty much everyone in Oregon is Mexican. I know they're not Hispanic given that speaking English is required to become a US citizen. (Point being there are way to many illegals now) (at the time there weren't many in the Midwest though)After about 2 years of being out there, parents got a divorce, and my mom was pretty much fired for no reason. We had to move back to the Midwest where things were more mild. So we thought, turned out it's economy went to hell to. Gas prices are higher than 5 years ago, illegals are everywhere, jobs pay shit for shit now. They're just no way to possibly make a good living now unless you were already working a great Job and didnt get fired within that time.Well now here I am, in the Midwest, poor family, can't do anything worth livin for. It wasn't like this 5 years ago. People say employment rates have gone up, I'm seeing things get worse and worse as time goes by. I don't see how they're going up. So why do people like someone who hasn't done anything to strengthen this nation? All he has done is banned drilling on our land, funded other countries to drill for themselves, trying and succeeding to force health care on the public(unconstitutional,should be impeachable), I'm pretty sure he said in his book how he wants to make America on the same power level as his brother countries in the Middle East, allowed americans to be killed in Libya, gave weapons to a Mexican drug cartel(also impeachable), Weakened our military,and gifted some military equipment to countries who hate our allies.There's a lot more I could say but for your sake I'll keep it short,why do you like him? Flushing aston martin ohoto galery. Zutphen fuel Economy Xc90 how to save petrol on a motorbike aro 10 off road. WHITE ROCK Hyundai Warranty transfer to new owner? please can someone can tell me how my letter looks like. i am writing a complain letter to my car dealer. please be free to make a correction or rewrite the sentence . English is my second language. Dear Manager,On April 2013 I purchased a motor vehicle form your dealership Honda Accura 2013 and the registration number is 4789534. Within a few years, I began to experience the following problems related to the vehicle. I can notice for example like the engine is shaking very bad. Yesterday I went to see the mechanic in my neighborhood. He said I need a new engine for my car and he confirmed that the engine was rebuilt in the car. All time I kept junk the car to the garage. Couple weeks ago, I try to resolve the issue with the dealership; I was rudely treat by one of your employee. He was screaming on me and told me to take my car and go somewhere else. I am certain that employee is not the type of people you want representing your fine company. I would appreciate it if could organize to resolve the problem of my car. Pembrokeshire chevrolet freeport. Wholesale auto abs san diego dealer Auto Repair amp; Maintenance : Does Dual Exhaust Increase Gas ... Dual exhaust doesn #39;t increase gas mileage , but it does increase a car #39;s performance. Find out why a person who uses dual exhaust may see a slight increase in... Knowsley gratis local indonesia sma. Westmeath fuel Economy Xc90 list diesel vehicles usa withnell hyundai salem oregon. Wagon train dog products Why do so many people hate Hummer H2's? If you think about it, that 14.5 mpg will take you 7 daily trips, so every week or so, you will only use a gallon of gas. Plus, because they are over 8,000lbs, it is considered great gas mileage, plus the fact it has towing capabilities, Off roading capabilities, Great cargo space inside, etc. Plus, it is 14.5 mpg city, but highway it gets 16mpg. What is your opinion? yamaha new bike fz bristol auto moto festival 2009. Blackpool Are All Cold Air Intakes Legal To Have? I'm into diesel modifications, not to keen on the gasoline side. My uncle is trading his 99 F250 7.3 for my dads 02 V10 Excursion. I was talking to him about bumping up the fuel milage on the Excursion with a programmer from Power Hungry Performance. But what else is there? Headers? Thats not a big improvement for a diesel, but may be for a V10. Is EGT's a big concern on a V10? Should he do a cold air intake and exhaust mods? Not looking for a turbo or blower....just looking to increase fuel economy mainly. ThanksFribble, so you didn't read the question? Try doing

that before answering. My UNCLE that is TRADING THE TRUCK is wanting it for the room when he travles....vs the space available in his F250 super crew. fuel economy vs interior capacity is a trade he is willing to make. YES chips and tuners can add/take away fuel economy depending on the programming. Just like with my F350 7.3 powerstroke. Started out getting 12mpg hwy at stock. With a list of mods (but most contribution comes from the chip) I now get 17-19mpg hwy. So lets go to the low side and say I'm getting 5+ better mpg with a 30 gal tank. Thats another 150 miles I can go on a tank thanks to the chip. Now lets do some math...**correct me if my method is wrong**: 150 (more miles) / 12 (mpg at stock) = 12.5 (more gallons I would have used at stock) current price of diesel (central Louisiana) is $3.19. So, take the 12.5 x $3.19 = $39.88. And thats PER tank I save when filling up. The chip costed me $250 when I bought it, but now you Got cut off........(but now you) can't get one for no less than $350. So how many tanks would it take to get the pay-back for the chip? $350/39.88 = lets round up to 9. That's 9 fill-ups that it took for the chip to pay for itself. Not bad in my opinion. Heck, in 1.5 yrs the chip has paid for new injectors. And been running the chip for over 2 yrs now with no problems to the PCM. Most ways ppl screw up the PCM/ECM is not disconnecting the batt's before installing/disconnecting the chip. Or not disconnecting the chip when jumping another vehicle (not a major problem but it has happned). Programmers...not a fan of them. ALSO...not to mention improved shift points.. creased transmission line pressure, both extending the life of your transmission. And more "umph" when pulling and power through the power band. The book value of the vehicle is not a factor for considering buying a is not being bought with intentions for being re-sold. Interests in the chip is for less frequesnt stops at the pump. toms biodiesel towing puma rocket high football cleats. DUDLEY What's your expectation regarding consumer response to fuel prices? Im looking at this car on craigslist right now and im debating on buying it this weekend. newhaven.craigslist /cto/3650531953 Im 21 years old, going to college finishing up in 2 years. I own a honda civic with 160k. Its pretty much falling apart. Couple weeks ago the ball joint snapped off. Little things like that has been pushing me to buy a better car due to the hassle of having a car being unavailable. I love how the TSX is very modern and high tech. The only thing that scares me is the mpg, the premium fuel and the fact it has a 17 gallon tank. Going from a civic to something large like that is a bit of a change. So, did you ever regret buying your TSX? luxury car tax fuel efficient vehicles consumer reports best buy car. Auto loans blackfoot id fuel Economy Xc90 honda cars of katy texas 2001 c class mercedes. ALCALďż˝ DE HENARES formalities for opening the new petrol bunk? hi l want to buy Vespa (with cash) and lm wondering how much it costs monthly to run it? with fuel + tax + insurance? is it worth it? or better stick to tube (ÂŁ117 per month) any experienced Vespa owners? top 10 most fuel efficient cars of 2012 tom wood infiniti. Flintshire Moving from NY to florida but im only 18 and ill be on my own need help? I understand that changing an engine can increase your miles per gallon, but is there any other way which I can also increase it? I have a 1972 T-to Corvette and my friend and I are going from Western NY to Eastern NH. Now that's fine, except that's 600 miles and the typical Corvette only has around 12 miles per gallon. As we all know, that can add up! Any help/suggestions? yamaha motorcycles san diego fantastic hummer. VENEZIA Should I get a piano or an electric guitar? So today i brought AROMAVEX and EVOTEST from BSN. On the labeling, it clearly says i can stack them (stack Aromavex with Evotest, and vice versa on both products). Yet when i looked them up online, people are insisting you take EVOTEST first, then after 3 weeks, stop and take AROMAVEX as a PCT.CAN'T I JUST TAKE THEM TOGETHER?? am i misinterpreting what "stack" means? thanks. 2006 honda civic hybrid sedan fuel economy low interest secure online car loans. Headers for nissan truck Why do the oil companies want to keep things secret from the masses? i have a 2013 f350 6.7l powerstroke diesel i have it lifted 6 inches all black 40 inch tires on it and i just want some nice black smoke to what can i do to get some to pour out of the stacks thanks for your help if you can. Cornwall silk motorcycles gallery. Donegal fuel Economy Xc90 gas safety certificate uk los angeles ca party limousine.

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