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Anaheim What is the best spark plug? I bought Champions (stock) 570 and want to know what is the proper gaping on the plugs? Ive heard .045, is this true? additional honda crv. Honda europe motorcycle parts Okay I'm looking for a hip-hop video and all I can remember is that there are two guys in a big SUV.? So, my Suv was totaled in a car wreck in which the other person was at fault. I'm now in the process of finding a new vehicle which is VERY hard, considering I had bought my Suv through a family friend it was a great price. The insurance company has appraised my vehicle I get $4000, which is more than what I paid for my Suv. Even though it's a good price, it's still hard bc I have no job. I was attending College had to drop out of the semester due to hospitalization from the wreck as much as I want a job, I have no transportation. I've been on Craigslist found some good vehicles but they're about $5000-$8000. Out of my price range. But I am going to try to talk the seller into a lower price. How would I go about this? With whatever car I find, I will be going to see it drive it also will be taking it to my mechanic to be checked. Do I try to talk them down before I do all of this or wait until after? Also, not sure if they would ask to ride to my mechanic with me, but is this normal? I need a bunch of info. This is my first time having to go through this. should I bring up the situation of me being in the wreck? It was a tragic experience I'm still recovering it happened on Vday. Do you think by explaining my situation would help the seller to understand why I'm trying to negotiate? Thanks for reading!With some extra cash, the MOST I can spend on a car is $4500. ford motor company new products amount of oil extracted and used to date. Daimler chrysler car new releases What happens to fuel economy of a diesel engine if it's compression ratio increases? i want to increase fuel economy of my diesel engine. how to make your car more fuel economy judith holden facebook. South Oxfordshire what is mean by redundancy mean in the storage devices? We have a registered pure breed german shepherd puppy, about 10 months old. This dog is driving me and my wife to wits ends. This dog will not potty train for nothing. He knows what he is supposed to do but continues to pee on the floor and when you catch him he cowers down and pees more. We do not scold him anymore for it makes him pee more. We very calmly take him outside after he has an ascendant then lock him in the kennel for half an hour or so. He will not let us know when he needs to go. My wife has had it with the dog and wants to get rid of him but the dog was so expensive it would be a waste of money. I honestly think there is something wrong with this dog, because we spent enough money to get a good smart breed. Please help us with some tips. We have tried so many different techniques and nothing has worked. Please help goodyear national accounts. SALMON ARM Coordinating head unit, speakers, amps and sub? i want to tint everything except the fron windsheild and i may do that too if its possible whats a good estimate of what it could cost for a quality job? new model of maruti swift wicked van hire uk. BOURNEMOUTH fuel Economy Jeep 2.1 Diesel best fuel economy in mid size car audrey talbot dress shirt. Limburg fuel efficient 2013 cars fuel efficient 2013 cars nuova lamborghini polizia. Buying selling cars for profit how to improve gas mileage of a 2000 dodge ram 2500 8.0L V10? THIS IS NOT A HIGH-PERFORMANCE QUESTION BUT AN EFFICIENCY QUESTION.I inherited my grandfather's 1972 C-10 truck which he bought new in april '72. It has an original 350/350 combination with, what i think, are 3.08 gears. The truck is almost in mint condition. The only thing I don't like about it is its gas mileage. It might get 9, at best 10 miles/G. My dad tells me it has always been that way. It was worse when it was new until my dad installed a holley economaster to replace the quadrajet in 1981. That increased fuel mileage by 2 miles. I would really like to drive the truck more if I could get better economy. I did some research. As we all know, GM took the compression out of their engines to meet the EPA's requirement for all cars to run on the new unleaded fuel beginning in 1973. This truck came factory with 8.6:1 compression. It is fairly gutless with the throttle floored. This is my question: Does lowering compression also decrease efficiency? I'm thinking it does. Regardless of compression ratios of two different 350s, volumetricaly, it would be almost the same in terms of how much air and fuel enters the cylinders at a given rpm range. Making better use of that fuel charge seems to me the way to go. I'm thinking of increasing the compression ratio by going to a flat-top piston, maybe even a small dome because it has 72cc chambers. I realize I have to use higher octane, but

bear in mind, I'm already using mid-grade. I'm also ponder a slight upgrade in cam profile to go along with the increase in compression. Also, I'm not too concerned with ruining its originality as the engine was opened once before many years ago. It's stock specs however it would continue to look stock on the outside. What are your thoughts? Does this seem a rational approach?BTW: If you want to see the truck I have two videos of it on You tube. Use search word, "C-10 Highlander." It's two-tone green and white. victoria beckhams new car kent venturi How To Figure Out Gas Mileage Birr IPod Charging FM Transmitter WITHOUT Car Adapter? >>>>>Story<<<<<Hello, my father decided to look and get a new SUV. Our SUV was a 2013 IsuzCrosswind here in our country, it ran around 79,000 miles. My father decided to get rid of it, I don't know why, maybe it was starting to fail. >>>>Here are our requirements:<<<<<Price: Our budget has a maximum of $40,000fuel Economy: 20 MPG in city is the least we can have, highway doesn't matter>>>>>Engine: We're looking for diesel-powered enginesIf ever your recomendation is gas-powered: Displacement should be less than 2.5-literIf ever your recommendation is diesel-powered: Displacement could be more than 2.5-liter. In our case, our Crosswind's engine had a 2.5-liter diesel engine.We're not looking for a racecar for top speed and acceleration, and we're not looking for a truck for towing boats or trailers.<<<<<Seating Capacity: We're needing a 3rd-row. If ever your recommendation has no 3rd-row, we'll put it in consideration.We're not looking for a cruise ship for hauling 7+ passengersCargo Space: Enough boxes, those standard boxes you use to move from house to house.Transmission: Either of the two, we're fine with it. Warranty: AnythingFeatures: Any safety features, we're contented with anything your recommendation has to offer.Size: As much as possible, we're looking for a small Crossover/SUV. My father wants easy parking.Dimensions: As much as possible, we're looking for a compact-sized, my father doesn't want problems with parking. If your recommendation is big in size, we'll put it in consideration.>>>>>Our Candidates<<<<<All models are the latest, either 2013 or 2014.Chevrolet Trailblazer (Not sold in the U.S)Chevrolet Captiva (Not sold in the U.S?)Ford EscapeFord Everest (Not sold in the U.S?)Honda CR-VHyundai Santa Fe SportHyundai TucsonKia SportageKia SorentoMazda CX-5Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (Known as the ASX in our country)Mitsubishi Montero Sport (Not sold in the U.S)Subaru XV CrosstrekToyota Fortuner (Not sold in the U.S)Toyota RAV4Can you please help us find our SUV? Thank you for taking your time reading this. We'll put all your recommendations in discussion. Milwaukee new mercedes benz car. KANSAS CITY Advice or recommendations for aftermarket dual exhaust abd cold air intake for a 2013 Silverado? I'm paid as a 1099. the company I work for will pay for my gas, but not the wear-and-tear on my truck. I do long distance traveling (several hundred miles a pop). Should I let them reimburse my gas receipts or should I just pay for it and deduct the 55.5 cents a mile on my taxes? I did the math and it seems like with my fuel economy, reimbursing gas is equivilent to a 33% effective tax rate write-off. (If I understand the way taxes work, you deduct the deductions from your taxable income, or essentially you get whatever % of your effective tax rate back on your taxes for that expense). If I had a more fuel efficient truck, I could get that lowered closer to 16% effective rate, which is lower than what I currently am at, therefore justifying taking the writeoff instead of the receipts. Am I understanding this right? can spark plug save gas mileage triumph spitfire model car. GRAFTON fuel Economy Jeep 2.1 Diesel chery eastar forum used honda motor cycle. How To Calculate The fuel Consumption Of A Car Newcastle fuel Economy Jeep 2.1 Diesel Guildford morris gold. EAST LINDSEY gas estimator for trips gas estimator for trips jet fuel consumption in the us ebay motors porsche cayenne. Bmw 2009 m3 convertible What are some good car/truck mods to save gas? i was looking on partstrain and they are selling a tornado fuel saver its about $50 and supposedly it will get you 1 or 2 miles more per gallon. do they really work? i was told its a gimmick.---------------------heres the link- 2.partstrain /store/?D=fuel Ntt=fuel Dx=mode+matchallpartial Ntk=Main Ntx=mode+matchallpartial N=1588+4294967267+9987 Nty=1just copy and paste Nowra skoda fabia elegance 14. Bury Buying a car in a week and a half. I need some opinions.? Im going to be turning 16 soon and getting my license and I've been wondering about the type of car I should get. I know a Chevy Camaro isn't exactly a great car for a teenage driver to get but Ive loved that type of car since i was 10. Im an A

and B student and a girl if that would help me a little. My parents have money but id like something thats in the $15,000-$22,000 price range because id hate to make them pay to much. Id get it as a used car if possible also. Im also wondering if its a safe ish car(of course the car is only as safe as the person controlling it)like what are the pros and cons about the car itself and what would be the pros and cons of me buying one right now. How high would insurance on it be? What other cars are similar in looks to it? Thanks so much all serious answers appreciated best fuel efficient non hybrid cars 2012 biodiesel future in us. Saving Gas LOCHEM driving tips for better mileage driving tips for better mileage Broome porsche ups model. fuel Tank Additive HAARLEM how to put qaudra trac II in two wheel drive? I have an '06 ford f-150 with an automatic tranny. Every time I am at a stop light, drive thru line at a resteraunt, waiting for a train, ect. and i know i will be there for more than about 20 seconds, I always shift to neutral. I do this because i think it can wear out the clutches in the transmission if it sits in gear (Drive or Reverse) without moving, since it is putting pressure and stress through the transmission and trying to move the tires. But i started wandering that maybe it is wearing out the transmission even more by engaging and dis-engaging gears, for example when you put it in N at a drive thru, then after a minute put it in D again, move up 10 feet, then put it back in N, then put it in D again, untill you get your food and leave. I'm not really doing this to save gas or wear on the breaks, just wear on the the transmission because a rebuilt tranny is expensive. But if it is actually hurting it more by going in and out of gear than it is sitting for long periods of time in gear while holding on the break then i will definately stop doing it.I am pretty sure it is a good idea to always shift out of gear when at stops, but i never really thought about the wear it might have by having to always putting it back into gear. So please help me out and thanks! Hertfordshire adidas goodyear race shoes. Gosford fuel Economy Jeep 2.1 Diesel gas savings calculator widget volkswagen passat 1998. ARIZONA 2(s squared) x t. The distance traveled in that time is s x t. a. Write a method heading for each method.b. Write preconditions and postconditions for each method.c. Write some Java statements that test the class.d. Implement the class.Thank you! Fremantle used trucks austin tx. Tricks to selling cars Which car should I pick for my next vehicle? I'm 19. Ever since I was a kid, my dream car has always been a mopar C body, the big land yachts. Well, I've found a 1969 Chrysler 300 in my area, for $2000. It has the 440 V8 and appears to run AWESOME, and the interior is pretty much flawless. The body is straight except for the front driver side fender and bumper, which could be replaced at some point. The seller said put new tires and new brakes on it, and I should have no problem using it as a daily driver, and even driving it back home for the summer.I have a few questions.First of all, what is the extent of the brake work I would probably need to do and what would be the cost of the parts? I helped my dad overhaul the brakes on a 72 Ford pickup a few years ago so I'm somewhat familiar with the work.Second, would it be smart to use it as my daily driver? I currently have a nice 1995 F150 4x4. I figure the maintenance needed for this Chrysler wouldn't be more than my truck, and I could probably get $3500 for the truck. So I would have $1500 to use to work on the Chrysler. Gas mileage is about the same on the two cars.As far as using it as a daily driver... I used that 72 Ford as my daily driver when I was 16, but ended up getting my 95 shortly after because the 72 was not reliable enough. But when I bought that 72 I bought it for 1000 from a guy who just got it off auction and was about to send it to his ranch. It was a classic you get what you pay for story. This Chrysler appears to be very well taken care of, and it probably would have been used as a family car, and not a work truck over the years. Is it feasible to think I could get tires and brakes, and just drive it with about the same maintenance as my 95 f150??I'm really liking this Chrysler, but I need to think practically here. Hoping some of you can help me outIm thinking I should take a mechanic I know to look at the car with me, and he can tell me what he thinks of the car. Is that good? Hereford & Worcester accelera car. Louth fuel Economy Jeep 2.1 Diesel 1 joule equals ft-lb medieval alpine monastery. Custom motorcycle parts accessories How do I go about changing a career in today's economy? I am buying a car in a couple months just need to save some more money but I don't know much about cars so what would be a nice first car doesn't have to be fast just automatic trans and look cool and be pretty roomy my budget is between 1200-1500 dollars its not very much please give me a make and model of what type of car I could get for that amount of money I'm from Maryland if that makes a difference luxury

sedan rentals in dallas texas fiat 130 fiat. Jersey City Country Repair Often Asked About Premium vs. Regular Gas ... People in Nampa Idaho often ask the question: �Will using premium gas make my car run better? ... There #39;s a sticker on your gas tank filler lid that tells you the minimum octane rating your manufacturer recommends. For help ... mg midgets for sale uk fiat sedici fap. SWAN HILL Average cost of relining an inglenook type chimney? Pentane is one of the most volatile of the hydrocarbons in gasoline. At 298.15 K, the following enthalpies of formation are given for pentaneliquid: -173.5 kj/molgas: -146.9 kj/molEstimate the normal boiling pointEstimate delta G for vaporization at 298K honda fuel efficient vehicles bmw seat covers uk. Cheap leather auto seat covers fuel Economy Jeep 2.1 Diesel biodiesel eere fulda pneus. TRIESTE Money questions (math stuff)? Have just bought a big old house which has an oil fired heating system instaled. I'm having work done on the house at the moment so haven't even tried the heating system yet. To be honest it's prehistoric. The oil tank outside is very old and rusted to the point of failure. The boiler inside is like something from the stone age. I've managed to locate a nearly new used plastic oil tank for sale but was wondering if anybody can give me an idea of the cost of a new oil fired boiler plus instalation and connection of the new sytem to go with it. The radiators all look reasonable. I was also wondering if it would be more economable to change the whole system over to gas and install a gas tank instead.There is no mains gas in the area. Thanks for any help in advance. 2003 vw beetle fuel economy used aircraft rescue fire fighting truck. Humberside Calculus: Inflation problem.? I just finished getting my degree and am working full time with an annual salary of 83K but Ive literally just started working so I have no proof of income yet. I am living at my parents home saving up money and in a few months plan to have around 60K saved up for a downpayment (with my savings and parents help of course). My credit score is 750 and my only costs are food, gas, and insurance. If age is taken into consideration I am 24 years old and it will be my first home.With that information, could any loan agents or bankers let me know the price range of homes I should be searching for in California in the San Fernando Valley as well as their monthly payments if possible. Ive done the online calculators which tell me to look in the range of 420K to 460K with monthly payments of around 1700 but I want to know how accurate those estimates are to me personally.Thanks so much!@falsi: Thanks for the information but the only people Ive ever heard refer to the 3x salary figure have not been knowledgeable in the area and furthermore it is not the case with any of the people I know. For instance a relative makes 250K annually and purchased a home for 1.3 million which is close to double your estimate. I continually hear of the rule that states that 30% of your monthly income should go to your mortgage which in my case is $2075, if you know about this rule can you elaborate. guelph red car video jaguar restoration. SAULT STE. MARIE Does the United States make diesels impractical to use for commercial mainstream use in cars? All i hear is "Barack obama blah blah blah they can't make a deal blah blah fiscal cliff blah blah blah....." im sick of the news. if there's a physical cliff i think the media and barack obama and all the presidents who ever lied about everything should jump off it. and i hope george hw bush dies a horrible painful death.anyway, what is the fiscal cliff? what are your views on it?MJ Lim: ok man 1st of all i would like to say that i agree on the fox news thing, but obama? are you living under a rock? no president has ever not done horrible things to this country in order to leave it in the wrong direction. "he is leading the way" are you smoking pot? becuase im sure he wouldnt have a problem with that how can we reduce our energy consumption bridgestone firestone scholarship. Bike of new york M S are promoting a duel fuel deal, £2400 p.a. fixed for 2 years; is this good, in your opinion, compared to? I'm looking for a cool project, was gonna make a show car but I have heard that the copper corrodes extremely quickly Idaho car hire stockport uk. Portland fuel Economy Jeep 2.1 Diesel is gasx safe for pregnant women peugeot watch company history.

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