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Reno How can I build credit as a teenager? I lost my wallet two days ago and just got a call today from the ice cream shop I left it at. There's no more than $50 in cash, but a ton more on my card (that I've already cancelled).I'm about to go pick it up, but now I'm thinking I should definitely give the person who found it a reward. The internet says homemade goods, a thank you card, or all the cash in the wallet, since it might as well have been written off.I'm no cook, a thank you card seems "cheap" and as stingy as it sounds, I kind of need the cash. At least for gas. What would you expect after returning a wallet? honda extended warranty rules motorcycles. Bf goodrich l t 16 Can u help me looking for car info? OBAMA: "After years of grueling recession, our businesses have created over 6 million new jobs."THE FACTS: That's in the ballpark, as far as it goes. But Obama starts his count not when he took office, but from the point in his first term when job losses were the highest. In doing so, he ignores the 5 million or so jobs that were lost on his watch, up to that point.Private sector jobs have grown by 6.1 million since February 2013. But since he became president, the gain is a more modest 1.9 million.And when losses in public sector employment are added to the mix, his overall jobs record is a gain of 1.2 million.___OBAMA: "We have doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas."THE FACTS: Not so fast.That's expected to happen in 12 more years.Under a deal the Obama administration reached with automakers in 2013, vehicles will have a corporate average fuel economy of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, twice the 27 miles per gallon, on average, that cars and trucks get today. Automobile manufacturers won't start making changes to achieve the new fuel economy standards until model year 2017. Not all cars will double their gas mileage, since the standard is based on an average of a manufacturers' fleet.___OBAMA: "Already the Affordable Care Act is helping to reduce the growth of health care costs."THE FACTS: The jury is still out on whether Obama's health care overhaul will reduce the growth of health care costs. It's true that cost increases have eased, but many experts say that's due to the sluggish economy, not to the health care law, whose main provisions are not yet fully in effect.___OBAMA: "Real reform means establishing a responsible pathway to earned citizenship — a path that includes passing a background check, paying taxes and a meaningful penalty, learning English and going to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here legally."THE FACTS: The seemingly stern admonition that illegal immigrants must go to the back of the line, often heard from the president, doesn't appear to have much practical effect except in the most obvious sense. Everyone who joins a line, whether for a movie, a coffee or citizenship, starts at the back of that particular line. It's not clear he is saying anything more than that illegal immigrants won't get to cut in line for citizenship once they've obtained provisional legal status.Like those living abroad who have applied to come to the U.S. legally, illegal immigrants who qualify for Obama's proposed path to citizenship will surely face long waits to be processed. But during that time, they are already in the U.S. and will get to stay, work and travel in the country under their new status as provisional immigrants, while those outside the U.S. simply have to wait.Sending illegal immigrants to the "back of the line" is something of a distinction without a difference for some legal immigrants who dutifully followed all the rules before coming to the United States.For instance, some legal immigrants who are in the U.S. on an employer-sponsored visa can't easily change jobs, or in some cases take a promotion, without jeopardizing their place in line to get a green card. In other cases, would-be legal immigrants in other countries wait for years to be able to settle in the U.S.Obama is using "back of the line" somewhat figuratively, because there are multiple lines depending on the applicant's relationship with family already in the U.S. or with an employer. Generally, a foreign-born spouse of a U.S. citizen or someone with needed skills and a job offer will be accepted more quickly than many others.OBAMA: "Study after study shows that the sooner a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road. ... And for poor kids who need help the most, this lack of access to preschool education can shadow them for the rest of their lives. ... Every dollar we invest in high-quality early education can save more than $7 later on — by boosting graduation rates, reducing teen pregnancy, even reducing violent crime."THE FACTS: Dozens of studies have shown Head Start graduates are more likely to complete high school than their at-risk peers who don't participate in the program. But a study last year by the Department of Health and Human Services that found big vocabulary and social development gains for at-risk students in pre-kindergarten programs also found those effects largely faded by the time pupils reached third grade. The report didn't explain why the kids saw a drop-off in performance or predict how they would fare as they aged.___OBAMA: "I urge this Congress to pursue a bipartisan, market-based solution to climate change, like the one John McCain and Joe Lieberman worked on together a few years ago. But if Congress won't act soon to protect future generations, I will. I will direct my Cabinet to come up with executive actions we can take, now and in the future, to reduce pollution, prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of energy."THE FACTS: Obama failed to get a global warming bill through Congress when both Houses were controlled by Democrats in 2013. With Republicans in control of the House, the chances of a bill to limit the gases blamed for global

warming and to create a market for businesses to trade pollution credits are close to zero. The Obama administration has already acted to control greenhouse gases through existing law. It has boosted fuel standards and proposed rules to control heat-trapping emi sfgate /news/politics/article/FACT-CHECK-Overreaching-in-State-of-Union-speech-4273381 well, neither of you 2 first answers, addressed the question. totally dodged it.....mike: the people who get blocked are just like you -- totally dodge the question. meaningless answer that has no relation to the question in any way, shape or form.ichte: its not my rant. its what the link says. many people don't have habit of clicking link, that's why i posted what link contained. previously i saw weird answers which proved the link was never clicked. if links are clicked, i wouldn't be doing this.ichte: you're right. not only are links never clicked but even if the content of link posted, that isn't seen either.....ichte: don't blame me for block. as i said if question is totally dodged, i am obliged to block. i do have the right to do thati quit watching SOTU like 11 years back because i learned they are all loaded with lies. this is nothing new what happened in tonite's SOTU's. For years and years SOTU is full of this. Its becoming a tradition now holden speak gasoline car engines. 36 oldsmobile making green power source to run 120v for 8 hours? Volkswagen is going to make a car that gets 261 miles per gallon with diesel fuel (Y! Auto News)A recent estimate shows the US and Canada may have as much as one trillion barrels of oil reserves, including shale oil.It looks like we will never quit using oil and will not run out for hundreds of years. Now ain't that grand? (Sean Hannity's radio show)Docar is a dope. He claims the world is using 83 million barrels of oil a day. Liberals just cannot handle the truth. how to improve fuel economy in a semi 1998 gmc fuse box cover. Dubbo I am looking for a retirement expense calculator? freightways freightliner. DYFED How does a 'young adult' such as my-self go about moving out of home? I'm 23 years old and I'm wanting to move to Seattle from Kansas. I was just wanting to know how much you guys have saved to move halfway across the country and I don't care for like moving company costs etc. I would like all the other stuff!! Please Help! If you could give me like a breakdown for how long you were out of work and your approximate monthly expenditures and so forth. I will be moving alone and more than likely not taking a car with me. The only bill I have currently is my phone bill!**go with the flow** I appreciate your response, however, I have an excellent work history and education. Out of my entire life I have a living history of two homes. They do usually ask for that information and I willing to provide it. The employment thing should not be an issue as I can work anywhere. I just needed to know what the job market is like around there. Thanks.**rtfm** I do understand the cost of living. I appreciate your answer, however, nobody seems to be answering my question... lincoln hotel urbana illinois cheri lucas templeton. MONTR�AL fuel Economy 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel fuel consumption renault clio 1.2 lotus cars deutschland. Oostburg Why do people not like having their credit card ran twice in a row? I ran out of gas on the road recently and the officer wanted to push my car to the side of the road with his push bumper. I said no because I didn't want any damage to my car. My question is, so I know if this happens again, do push bumpers cause damage to the cars they are pushing? sales tax new car missouri. Tom harrison subaru Math help!!! In desperate need of help?!!? one of them in my previous question said chevy volt gets 95 mpg. Actual tests show 67 mpg. That's a 28 mpg exaggeration, as said in the link below. The reason that person said 95 mpg is because he/she was defending Obama on the claim of "we doubled gas mileage in cars". Turns out to be an outrageous lie. greencarreports /new greencarreports /news/1079727_2013-chevrolet-volt-gas-mileage-electric-rangetests/1079727_2013-chevrolet-volt-gas-mileage-electric-range-testarticle says "The overall gas mileage for our 360 miles, combined between electric and gasoline modes, was 67.2 mpg." greencarreports /news/1079727_2013-chevrolet-volt-gas-mileage-electric-range-testat least if they are going to confront me, they should confront me with facts, not with outright lies. no car can give 95 mpg. loli know both lie, but i'm being accused of being liar while telling truth. that's how ugly its gotten on this forum. see la dona's reply - /question/index;_ylt=ApD2dPpy52QV3EJFtuL18VHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130212220853AA5sa2Fand then later these la dona types criticize me for blocking them....if chevrolet claims their volt gives 95 mpg, then its an outright lie as all on the road tests have shown that is a huge exaggeration by GM. Just recently KIA motors had to reimburse its owners for giving false MPG estimates. I think volt will be the next onethe article even states that," The EPA says the 2013 Volt's electric range is 38 miles, and it rates the gas mileage at 37 mpg"So at best its 75 mpg. Where does the 95 mpg come from then?

that's still an extra 20 mpg being stated. No engineer or scientist on earth can produce 95 mpg on a volt no matter how he drives it. used car sales in flagstaff arizona roberts auto dealer downingtown Cars That Get The Best Gas Mileage 2014 Raleigh Your small remodeling business has two work vehicles. One is small passenger car used for job-site visits and? So the question is, the number of gallons of gas a vehicle uses varies directly with the number of miles traveled. You travel 120 miles and use 5 gallons of gas. Write an equation to model the situation. I already did all the work I just need to know if the answer is going to be 1 because that's what I got. Laois isuzu pregnant. CARPI cell phones and gas pumps cell phones and gas pumps Cell Phones and Gas Pumps SiOWfa12: Science in Our World ... Pumping gas the other day, I mindlessly read (with my cell phone in hand) the quot;Do not use cell phones while pumping gas quot; sticker on the side of the pump . While this may seem daring - or just downright stupid - I #39;ve seen the ... 2006 honda cr v 4wd fuel economy mansory vincero custom bugatti veyron. TH�RINGENACERRA fuel Economy 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel volvo tuningcom 1990 jeep yj wrangler. Best Vehicles For 2015 Youghal fuel Economy 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel Louth dayton city. CLARENCE-ROCKLAND Should I consider not getting a smart car? So right now I have a 2013 Ford Expedition XLT and I know I could get 20,000 for it no problem,, but the reason I'm trading it in is because it sucks in mileage! I get like 14 mpg.. it sucks! Anyways, my question is what kind of new car would be good in gas mileage? that's my main concern because i literally drive at least 1200 miles a week.. anyways, what would be a nice car i could get that has a good mpg and gas tank size, or SUV because i really like having an suv. thanks! how does missing gears save fuel border cars kia. Future hummer h2 Is it necessarily to put a conversion kit on my Mercedes Diesel if I live in the south? mercedes ml 320 fuel pump location Colchester saturn vue aftermarket sunroof. Chicago Why are we running out so fast? I know the answer, about 20 lbs, but I would like to see the math of how that answer is obtain. Please help me. gas aga fuel consumption bizzarrini credited. Cars With Best Gas Mileage Not Hybrid LIMAVADY how to save gas on your car how to save gas on your car Plano 1972 buick drag car. Increase fuel Economy Truck BELLEVILLE article on save energy article on save energy Orlando portland oregon car sales. Rotterdam fuel Economy 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel 2008 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon fuel economy 170 70 16 pirelli. LINZ Can you put bigger wheels on a small dirt bike? I bought a 2013 Civic LX, 4 door from an Acura dealership after I totaled my Scion tc. It has 40k miles on it, automatic with a spotless car fax and service record (other than periodic maintenance). When I picked the car up there was 1/2 of gas in it. After driving it until the gas light came on, I got 75 miles out of it which seemed bad to me. A few days later the engine light came on so I took it in and ended up having the thermostat replaced. 3 Full tanks later im only getting between 275-310 miles out of a full tank which is about 23-26 MPG. I do about 85% highway miles every week. I dont drive aggresive at all. I check the tire pressure and the air filter and they are both good. I know this thing is rated for 30/40 city/hgwy. I also know that those numbers are just a farce. However 23-26 average seems really low for a car that is suppose to be the best in its class in fuel economy. It is still under the 60 day warranty, should I bring it back to the dealer to have them look at it or is this an issue im just going to have to live with???FYI- I was getting 30-31 average in my Scion tc which has a bigger engine. Bantry acura mdx radiator. Alpina sp 45 What SUV's have second row captain chairs? I have an 02 BMW E46 Sedan (325i) with the business class sound system. In short, this system blows. Underpowered and a lot of blown speakers. I know they royally pissed on us by using uncommon sizes and weird brackets which is why I'm having a dilemma. Am I really going to have to buy the 700 dollar upgrade from Bavarian Sound

Werks or has any figured out a way to have a nice sounding system? I would also like to swap the head unit for something with MP3 connect and have this professionally done for my steering wheel controls. Any advice on the speakers though? Somerset aberdeen mississippi dodge cars for sale. Listowel fuel Economy 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel calculation of fuel consumption of diesel generator kooperation daimler und bmw. James farley ford motor company Can you convert an LP Commercial Grade Char-broiler to Natural Gas? skyline car auction incentives deals find buick. St Helens Why don't the New York City Gas stations get their gas supply from the USA states that weren't? affected by Hurricane Sandy? So New York New Jersey citizens won't have to wait on line for 4 hours just to buy Gas for their car.For Example----------------TennesseeGeorgia Kentucky geo tracker kelly blue book uses for databases in the business world. MATAGAMI Fish and wildlife conservation, funding, implementation of leasing ... Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development urged Jewell, if confirmed as secretary, to implement overdue oil and gas leasing reforms to conserve fish and wildlife, uphold hunting and angling opportunities and sustain ... toyota dual fuel vehicles citroen car dealer in pleasureville kentucky. Remove car radio chrysler fuel Economy 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel bad credit rating car loans canada diesel new season retro contrast sunglasses. MURCIA Scion FR-S or Hyundai Genesis? A new peer-reviewed research paper, published by the Science Daily web site, indicates that a solar wind powered economy plus good batteries and other power storage technologies could power the US electric grid -- 99% of the time, by 2030, at acceptable cost.Is investing in this energy model maybe the best way that American capitalism has of escaping from its current economic doldrums?Invest in the "creative destruction" that conservative fans of capitalism love, and count on the creation of a new energy economy to fuel renewed prosperity in the US, as well as a solution to climate change? sciencedaily /releases/2013/12/121210133507 fuel economy z3 suv rear window privacy screen. Tulsa Future cruise control to have environmental, safety features Rakha also indicated that quot;we needed a good fuel consumption model to evaluate the efficiency of cruise control . Consequently, we developed an equation that is a function of power squared to replace previous quot;bang ... 1999 gmc jimmy 4x4 random front axle engage amg hummer h1. GATINEAU How much does it cost to live on you own in colorado with 2 other room mates? I need a breakdown of cost pleas? I have been feeding my 12 week old cocker spaniel iams, which is what he was weaned with. However, I am thinking about switiching dog foods to a more natural brand.I have had dogs all of my life and they have all been fed Iams pro puppy when they are puppies and then iams weight control when they got older. All have lived exceptionally healthy and long lives. All of my ckckers have lived at 14+ years.But, I know that Iams has chicken by prodcut corn fillers and beet puplp among other things and that they also test on animals. But, I can nnot say it is a bad food because all of my dogs have done great on it.SO, I have been reading about Wellness brand and Nutro. (i need a good food for a good price) Are these foods realy all they are cracked up to be? I have read alot of reviews online and most are negative concerning vomiting loose stools and bad gas. I am willing to pay the extra price for a better food.Should i switch or stay with iams?Thanks.Please no rude snarky comments about how hollistic food is the ONLY choice. I read enough of that on here. =) fuel economy guide 2011 canada san marcos tx methodist church. Hybrid cars hyundai Credit card question...? If a coffee maker uses around 1,000 watts or 1 kw then does this mean that I could run 15 coffee makers on a 15kw generator? A 15kw generator is big and it just seems like it should run more than this. Katherine kit embreagem citroen c3. Kalgoorlie fuel Economy 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel horsepower torque weight motorized mini choppers.

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