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Flintshire I'm looking for a car, its my first car, 20,000 dollars is the restriction help? By Neela Banerjee, Washington Bureau of The Los Angeles Times August 28, 2013, 11:17 p.m.WASHINGTON — The Obama administration announced fuel economy standards Tuesday that would require car makers to almost double the average gas mileage for passenger vehicles to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. The automobile dealers association contends that the 2025 rules would drive up the average vehicle sticker price by $3,000. video transmission standards. Wooden hummer car if you are ignorant about what is going on then vote for obama? I think Romney is alot less bad than Obama.Obama is nothing but bad. He's got Russians training with us, has taken even more vacations than Bush, has put a Spanish company in charge of the votes. I dont even think he's a true liberal, I think he's just an opportunist.Mitt is kinda a opportunist too but he seems to stand for something more. corrosion alfa romeo 147 mini tamiya cars. Warren suzuki maui Are RVs just a waste of money? I set my alarm for five because I had to take a shower and finish a big assignment, but clearly I'm not worthy of a f*cking shower, because I clearly remember JUST telling my b*tch sister to stay the f*ck away from the shower. Oh well, I guess, she obviously needs to smell nice, her boyfriend lives all the way across the country. Heaven forbid he smells her pits over skipe.And then for some reason when I get up at five the clock magically goes 40 minutes in 2 seconds, and I was just mad at myself. Then I told my mom and she asked me why I got up this early when I had JUST told her why, and I'm already mad so I asked her why the hell she got up at this time. So she just got up, walked to the door, and said, "Well, considering what a b*tch you're being, I think you needed that extra hour of sleep."I think she needs an extra layer of ice on the f*cking road if that's how she feels about me.But it's not just now when she hates me, it's all the time. I walked in and found my mom checking our grades and she was giving my sister 50 bucks for her c average, while I just walked my straight A butt into my room.It's even affected my contact with my dad's side of the family. He died of cancer when I was six after my mom kicked him out for pouring the milk in the bowl before the cereal. That's not a phrase, he seriously got kicked out for pouring milk in the bowl first. They got divorced after she kicked him out, but she still walks around and talks about how stupid her husband is. He is not HER'S to talk about, she needs to shut up. Every time she lies and says he hit her is just makes me love him more when I think that they loathed each other as much as my mom and I do.Now, like I said, it's affected my contact with my family. I have a dieing uncle who lives 3 hours away, and he's so nice to all of us despite the way my mom treated his brother. I asked if we could go see him before he dies, we go half the trip all the time to get crap for my sister to give out to her whole family. I suggested we get the gas and shopping money we would spend, than hide it away for a while, then the next time we wanted to go we'd just drive through and see my uncle. She said it was a good idea and that we'd do it, but I still have a bunch of homos coming to my house to thank my sister for some freakin hair extensions from the mall.Ugh, I really hope my mom wrecks. Even if I'm willed to her brother at least he wouldn't be such an *ss. I don't know what to do when she gets home, she's probably gonna yell at me and then take my sister shopping again.The first half of my dad's name, my mom tried to change it when he died.She's just that bad.I had already told my sister I was showering, and she showered last night. The only person who will go out with her is in Texas, we're in ND, he's not gonna smell her. Neither of them should be allowed to keep me away from my uncle while he's dieing. He's gonna be dead within the year and I'll never get to tell him I love him one last time.HUMAN ENOUGH FOR YOU, F*CKER??? I'm crying now, so thanks, go suck a f*cking d*ck you lonely little looser. 2007 toyota yaris epa fuel economy cng and propane conversion kits. Wichita hybrid electric cars hybrid electric cars mini cooper hardtop. COLOGNO MONZESE Can you canvert a CNG car to normal gasoline powered? The car in question is a 1995 Opel Astra F 1.4 petrol,with a LPG kit.,I had both the timing and fan belts changed yesterday.Today I got in the car,started it and let it run for 20-25 minutes maybe.It was cold and I left the engine running and the heater on while I was cleaning the snow.I switched from petrol to gas a couple of times.No warning lights,no problem.Then I switched from gas to petrol and it died.Turned the ignition on - nothing.The started didn't turn.Opened the hood to check for a disconnected cable,but all looked OK.Turned the key again and the started did turn,but only for a second.I did this 2-3 times with no success.The battery waring light is not on.Maybe I should try to push-start it.I measured the battery voltage.It was below 12,something like 11.7.It turns out the alternator isn't charging it.I recharged the battery,put it back in the car at 12.1 volts,tuned the engine on and measured again.The voltage stayed the same so it really is the alternator.Thanks to all of you. lionshead tire and wheel knoxville new auto. INNSBRUCK fuel Consumtion Propane Generator top fuel efficient family vehicles kleber rubber. North Carolina Do most people get a first car this nice? I know nothing about prices and km on cars or anything so maybe someone can help me.I'm looking at a 2013 gmc sierra for sale. It's 4900$, it's in great condition, has 1200 dollars in new parts, and inspection is good till june 2013. It has 230000 km on it. It's also an extended cab.Worth it or not?I know, but i've asked in the correct category and got no answers. I would really like some help so I asked here, it's a popular category, and it'll probably catch someones eye. hybrid ford car. Daewoo nexia 3 Has anyone ever taken a cross-country trip before? If I'm in ohio, and havening to pick up a friend in chicago, and then go to atlanta georgia, would it be cheaper to fly, or drive? how should we go about this to make it cheapest? i c technician for reliant subaru car history How Much Gas Will I Spend On My Trip Nothern Territory The NAFC is BUGGIN me!!? hes leaving anytime between march 18 and mid-may. They told me they could post pone my rent utilities and gas while hes in boot and just pay it all back at once because i wont be working because im having a baby very soon. I dont want these cancelled just held off. I was also told he can start having bah accumulate in boot but his recruiters said no..i dont understand.. Jersey City suzuki swift sport images. DELAWARE What will happen when the world runs out of oil? save your gas review inf dodge. EAST SUSSEX fuel Consumtion Propane Generator kumho touring a s 795 tire price rolls royce 200ex. Gas Station System Durham fuel Consumtion Propane Generator Wodonga used commercial semi truck values. CAPILEIRA What is dry air(environmental question)? 1) The compound TNT (trinitrotoluene) decomposes explosively into carbon, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and nitrogen. What volumes of hydrogen and nitrogen are produced if 5.8 L of CO is produced? The balanced equation: 2C7H5(NO2)3 --> 2C + 12CO + 5H2 + 3H22) Nitroglycerin decomposes explosively to produce carbon dioxide, water, oxygen, and nitrogen. What volumes of nitrogen and oxygen are produced if 4.3 L of carbon dioxide is produced? The balanced equation: 4C3H5(NO3)3 --> 12CO + 10H2O + O2+ 6N2Can someone help me with these 2 problems please? I've been working on chem homework for the pass 3 hours and these are the only 2 i don't understand. Thank you. Steps are much needed! beechcraft king air fuel consumption nissan car dealer in lancaster wisconsin. Renault scenic service guide Why is my fuel economy so bad? Okay so I'm not trying to come off as a pretentious asshole, just describing my situation. I'm currently 19 years old. I've always wanted a nice car. Here are my two options: Jaguar F-Type (Approx 35k lease, 60k buy) Aston Martin Vantage V8 Roadster (Approx 60k lease, 120k buy). So I was thinking of saving up to 40k then leasing the Aston, and obviously I'll have the other 20k by the time I'll need it. I have nothing else to save for, college, dorms, bills, etc. are paid for by my parents. So basically I'll just be saving for like 2-3 years for the car. I plan on getting 2 small full time jobs (Starbucks + Server) and saving everything for 2-3 years then leasing an Aston. Or should I wait until I have a higher paying job to BUY the Aston and just but the Jaguar F-Type instead? I need help and opinions. Please DO NOT be rude and say I am spoiled as I am saving up my own money for the car. Thanks (:That might be true but they're most likely buying it in full right after 1 year.. I'm talking 4ish years and 2 jobs with nothing else to pay for. If I make 25k from 2 jobs for 4 years thats 100k ... Warwick los angeles times acura transmission 2002. Merseyside is a vw golf really great on gas? We have a trailer that we load and can get very heavy. We have a dodge durango with the 5.9L awd that the trans just went out from use and pulling the trailer. The durango has always had problems towing the weight. I am trying to convince my dad that we need to get a diesel. He has the same excuse every time. "they get bad milage, they are expensive to maintain, blablabla. I need to find a way to convince him they are way better off then gas. and the fact that there is less to maintain on them then any gas engine. And not just that, but our durango gets 12 to 13 mpg, and he thinks diesels get worse then that. I have never seen a diesel truck get less then 15mpg. Please give me ideas to help convince him that we need a diesel! ship fuel consumption vs speed weight oil in a nissan truck. Money Saving OXFORDSHIRE What do you think of the Jeep Patriot? Real good, or real bad gas

mileage? It needs to be under $20,000 msrp. I wanted a Jeep Liberty, but they're kind of unsafe. I also liked a Toyota Tacoma, but it doesn't fit my personality apparently. I really hate sedans because they all look the same and I don't like being low to the ground. I ALSO HATE HATCHBACKS. Please no Pruislike cars. Any good cars out there that have good gas mileage and would suit a teenage girl? Thanks! Renfrewshire ford great deal. Road Trip Plan BELLEVILLE aaa prices aaa prices South Gloucestershire suzuki 425. Thurrock fuel Consumtion Propane Generator savings on gas and electricity tire size for 1999 nissan altima. GIRONDE 2013 Honda Accord Pennzoil Oil 10W 30? I'm horrible at math and I've been trying to figure this out for the past 10 minutes >.< -According to a few websites my 1993 Honda Accord LX should get approx. 24mpg. -If I drive my friend to work one way which is 8.5 miles, how much would that trip cost? Like how much should I charge per mile, in my car?-Gas is about $3.80/gallon something right now where I live.-I don't know how many gallons fills the tank yet because I just got the car and I've barely driven it, I don't know if I need that or not.I'm not ACTUALLY going to charge people per mile all the time, I just want to know so I can know if I ever need it for some reason :) I'm too nice to constantly charge Stockton of mimicry and membership africans and the new world society. Used roll off truck Will I really save choosing the meal plan at Disney World FL? I am disabled and dying. I am receiving state assistance to supplement my medicare. For a year now my husband was getting millage reimbursement (nothing else, just millage) to assist me to all my medical appointments and there are a lot of them, plus sometimes I am required to travel over 300 miles to the hospital that is in charge of all organ transplant tests, surgery, and basically everything in that area of my medical.We are living on my disability checks which are $840 a month. My husband has zero income, he had to quit his job and become my care giver. (we don't tell the state that is why he quit, it was less expensive for him to be my care giver than for me to pay someone else to do it.) Now they send us a letter telling us he will no longer get millage reimbursement checks because they don't reimburse millage to someone who is providing the service for free.I have to put gas in his car because he doesn't have an income. So I am paying for the gas we use. Without these millage checks, I can not afford to go to my treatments and Dr's visits. We barely stretch our money through as it is, in fact a friend has bought us tires and paid for car repairs we needed. Than our car was dying and we were told it was a death trap and could kill us almost any time. We looked around and found a very good deal on a better car in good condition and very low millage. It should last us a few years if we take really good care of it. We got it for 1/3 of its value. The only problem is we have to make payments of $100 a month, for a year until it is fully paid off.We figured if we really tightened our budget a lot tighter and with the millage checks we could barely afford it and the need was too great to not try. Plus the asking price was so low that we could not have purchased anything in that good of condition for that price. All cars in that price range come with plenty of problems.Now we have a new case worker. Our old case worker worked with the social worker and the hospitals to work out a way for me to get to my treatments. If I don't get to my treatments 3 times a week, I will be dead in 2 weeks. The new case worker cut us off cold and we had just turned in over 1,000 miles that we will not be paid for. I plan to file an apeal on this new decision.Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I could write and how I should appeal this ruling? I can use all the help I can get. I live in the state of Michigan in a very rural area.I really appreciate your replies and help. For those who like to pass judgement, I worked hard all my life and never took any help or assistance even when it was offered to me, until now. I paid into this system while I know so many who get this assistance and never worked a day in their lives. So please don't judge me until you have walked in my shoes.The 300+ miles is round trip to the transplant hospital and it is when they decide they want to see me. My treatments are local and most of my other medical visits are also local. A couple are close but a little further away.I can not afford to move, I don't own my home anymore, but have a life lease and don't have to pay rent. We live on only $840 a month and we are barely making it with a LOT of careful budgeting. On my good days I can pretty much take care of myself now. I do need help with household chores and cooking. I am just starting to do a little cooking now. On my bad days, I do need a lot of help because I am totally confined to bed. I have vision problems and can't drive. And sometimes I am vomiting too much to drive or do other things. I never know when I will have a bad day until I am full blown into tt. I also deal with a LOT of diarrhea and wear diapers.I was eligible for Hospice but I choose to defy my odds and have improved my health some from where I once was. I am no longer eligible.I go to Grand Rapids transplant hospital and the nearest city where I live is Gaylord.The state of Michigan will not pay a spouse for services rendered. (care giving), it was suggested by a counselor that we divorce so he can be paid to care for me. My husband refuses to divorce me under any circumstances. Torbay texas used chrysler.

Borders fuel Consumtion Propane Generator best diesel sedan cars in india below 8 lakhs 2007 nissan truck frontier. Ways of disease transmission How beneficial will it be for an intake? Hi, I'm considering getting a year 2000 Lexus ES300. It has 140k miles on it. I really need something reliable and need opinions on this car and it's quality. So far, it looks pretty good being the platinum edition. I know when it comes to reliability, you can not go wrong with a Toyota....ahem Lexus.I don't want a car which is going to give me a headache by having problems all the time. I do plan to take good care of the Lexus if I do get it. Many of my friends have older Toyotas and Hondas which seem to run just fine. I know these cars go well above 200k miles. I want to know if the Lexus will do the same?So is this a sensible buy? toyota rav4 oil filter wrench best goodyear tires for luxury cars. Dubbo Straighttalk or Net10. Which service is better? Hello. Currently I drive a 03 Mazda Tribute. It's my first vehicle I've ever had, sitting around 155k miles. I purchased it from someone I knew for 5k when it had 106k miles on it. I'm interesting in getting a better gas mileage vehicle, and not sure if I should go for a new one or used. I have about 7k saved up right now. So lets say I'm interested in the Mazda CX-5 and it's 22k. If I applied the 7k for a down payment, would the monthly pricing be affordable? :o Thanks for any input/opinions. volet coupe mercury boat motor 115 pulls right. SIG�ENZA Why do democrats welcome the prospect that Americans will be even worse off...? There are millions of Americans who think Obama is a bad president.Are they like Muslim extremists who are brainwashed by lies and propaganda? The truth is Obama has done a fantastic job of recovering our country from the abyss created by right wing policies like letting the free market police itself and waging useless and mismanaged wars with no means to pay for them by letting tax breaks continue for a decade. does a cold air intake increase fuel economy pirelli meola fi. Ceats for path of neo fuel Consumtion Propane Generator mercedes shift knob phantom purple mazda 3. TEST VALLEY What is the amount of fuel saved for each kilometer per hour speed reduction? i am 20 years old, dont have a girlfriend, i dont have any kids, i go to college, work 20-25 hours a week earn about 700 a month. i love driving truck based suv's, i need 4 wheel drive, luxury, V8 power and lots of passenger and cargo room (100 cubic feet or more) because im 6 feet 230 pounds. i want a 2013-2013 lincoln navigator for $10,000. i have good luck with fords. will insurance be expensive- i pay $1600 a month on the explorer no tickets/accidents, i can afford the gas, my ford explorer gets the same gas mileage, i use nothing but shell gas, i get 10-12 miles per gallon on a good day with cheap gas. my explorer isnt a piece of crap. i wanna hand it down to my brother or sister whoever gets their license was $1600 per year 2009 gsxr 1000 heads ford winning. Nenagh Why is natural gas not used as much as oil? I read that a natural gas car had a regular engine. That it could be compressed into a gas and puts it into the spark plug which ignites the gas and makes an explosion. And this explosion moves the pistons which create mechanical energy. So does a natural gas like hydrogen need a special engine? Or just a few tweaks to a regular engine? repairing 2002 hyundai elantra timing belt what is the pontiac rebellion. LINCOLNSHIRE consumer reports best vehicles 2013 consumer reports best vehicles 2013 fuel consumption in cars transmission diagram 1987 mercury topaz. Armi2 ferrari fuel dispenser: Knuckle Boom Sale Across the globe different businesses managing in different industrial sectors take advantage of knuckle growth cranes for you to load and also sell heavy supplies and also products. Knuckle growth cranes are some of the ... Utah triumph 5 dlx car seat. Dallas fuel Consumtion Propane Generator hyundai accent diesel used cars in coimbatore uk volvo club.

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