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East Dunbartonshire What vehicle should I buy? Looking at a chart and the UK is in the top 5 for world fuel prices, why though? seems there govemrent wants everyone using buses and trains, but ' i'd like my own transport means, other countries dont have goverments forcing them to use public transport why does britain, my uncle lives there and was saying you all have to drive small ugly cars, and drive in ridiclous road conditions depsite paying more on car ta x and fuel tax than 98 % of other countries. I live in the US and its less than half the price for fuel, i only have to pay 25 bucks for a service every 10000 miles, and for someone to check it. other than that i get to drive a nice car, and i dont have to worry about fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coming it to go out and meet people and get to work. and its not just that my uncle also said you guys pay stupid amount on insurance. I pay 600 dollars per 6 months and i drive an acura 2.8 suv, and im 16 over in the UK you someones whats been driving for 30 years would be looks to get that price? I like your country but judging from what family has said wouldn't want to live there if i wanted to live a decent life.. replacing bmw convertable top. Mrecedes benz parts seriously why wont you answer my questions ive been asking for a week now 0 answers!!!!? We are moving January 5th, 1,000 miles way. From Cincinnati, Ohio to Saint Petersburg, Florida. In my opinion if I plan the majority of the details super early in advance it will make for less stress. I already have the driving route planned, the hotels, where we will stop for gas and food, how much the rental truck will be, the apartment, the move in cost, etc. My husband thinks I'm being obsessive, but last time we moved we didn't pack until the night before the entire thing was a nightmare and that was only an hour away. This time its 17 hours away! Am I being crazy and obsessive or just smart? mack truck huck spin fastener kits protons plus nuetrons. 2002 suzuki dr Can I afford a Brand New Honda Civic 2013 LX? im saving to buy a car and pay it off all at once i plan to save every thing i make in 2 years by two years ill have at least 25,000 i still have to pay insurence on my current car which is only $60 because i have a good driving record and i need to pay for gas and my husband pays for everything else so i can save 700 or more a monthbut if i am thinking about getting a used camero or mustang only 2 years old i can get one for 15,000-20,000 used with like under 50,000 miles on it and every 5 years to 10 years i am going to get another car anyways (unless i buy chevy cruze) then ill keep that for untill i put 100,000 miles on it that'll take yearsand before people talk crap where i live cars are not that high priced thats how its only 15,000 to 20,000 and then talking them downand if i buy a new car ill be able to be worry free when i travel because i travel at least twice a month to lafayatte to houston 3 hour and 30 minute drive and 7 hours to go there and back so i put some miles on my car and having a new car will make me feel better taking them trips but im young and wan2 enjoy a sports car before im old lol sorry if i offend any older people but i see like 60 year olds in nice ass cars and im like omg lol do i really have to wait that long but now that i have priced the cars im interested in i know i can afford a used one or a new one if u look on ford u will see that the mustang if u get a regular one its 23,000 and gets better gass than the other ones that r higher priced a chevy camero is also 23,000 but a dodge charger of all cars is 25,000 and im interested in a dodge avenger too and there only 19,000 brand new so i might do that idk lol im iffy SO THEY QUESTION IS NEW OR USED -I TRAVEL-I NEED SOMETHING THAT GETS AT LEAST 40 MPG-SOMETHING WITH BACK SEATS IM 21 AND IDK HOW MUCH LONGER TILL I GET PREGO (IM MARRIED SO ITS OK)-AFFORDABLE BUT NICE IF U READ ALL MY STUFF AT THE TOP ULL SEE WHAT IM LOOKING FOR CAR WISE -GOOD ON GAS-GOOD CAR BRAND i know chevy is awesome and any gm cars so i only been looking at them and i know dodge sucks but i like the charger and the avenger lolim a female so dont judge me about my opinions on cars recommendation to save petrol yamaha motorcycle vin decode. Maroochydore Sometimes my car doesn't accelerate past 2RPM. Whats going on? 300 zx sideskirts. GRONINGEN A couple cloth diapering questions!? I'm doing it for a Homework and would like a hand with a direct answer, as I am extremely busy and don't have much time to go through loads of sites, any amount of info is appreciated, thanks! triumph street triple orange the tenth life dayton. ALASKA Ford Luton Van fuel Consumption 2006 jeep liberty turbo diesel reviews daihatsu hijet maxx. Leicester 1998 Pontiac Sunfire, won't start Brand New Battery.? What is the best for long term durability, spending/maintainance, and the best reward if decided to sell it after like 5-7 years? Also what is the best brand for young professionals? I need something small, sporty and luxurious in the same time? Any thoughts/comments/ideas are appreciated! gt 500 eleanor for sale.

Nails goodyear az how much to fully build a civic? HiI have bought my eclipse about a week ago and i am in love with it but i noticed something unusal on my car. When I switch to semi automatic and drive on the first gear and release the gas pedal (staying on first gear), I feel something is basically automatically holding my tires from spinning and slows the car down faster than me driving on automatic. Is this normal or is there something wrong?Questions about tuning and lawsHow much HP do you guys believe do I get with the following tuning-Cold Air intakeHeaderBrola Cat back exhaustThrottle body spacerSpark plugs and wires= how much HPmore ideas are more than welcome for more HP (lol no turbo)cosmetic changes and laws=My car is silver and I have a good friend of mine that is some type of art genius. So i asked him to make me a TRIBAL design that goes across almost half of the body and I would like to paint it black metallic. Do you guys believe that this is going to be against any laws in new york state?I also thought about putting in Projector Halo Headlights. Are these any good and safe? -also will this be against any laws in new york state?Thank you for the help steelers jaguar tickets gainesville police car auction How To Calculate Tolls For A Road Trip Mandurah Could the shift towards fundamentalism in Islamic nations be caused by the comparative prosperity of the West? I was wondering on the best ways to safely boost the performance of a 2013 Chrysler Crossfire Limited. Also take in account price. For the money what is the best way?I settled on a G Force performance chip but have not purchased yet. What are your thoughts on this chip and is this the best way? thanksOk, if air flow is where i should start then what should i buy first? Air filters? or what. sorry for the incompetence but kinda new with crossfires Gosford cadillac car dealer in inglewood california. CALPE Can i take legal action against a power supply company that signed me up without my consent? My fiance and I of almost three years are expecting twins, 14 weeks along. I'm 21 and he's 20, and we were actually trying for a baby. Now that we're actually expecting though, I'm starting to wonder what kind of father he's really going to be. He can be very selfish and puts himself before me a lot, and I'm always the one with everything on my plate. I keep track of the bills, the rent, the groceries... We're both making the same amount of money yet I can save mine and his is always gone within two days of getting paid. Yet I'm the one who is usually buying us food and providing, I still somehow have more money because he's going out every day and buying cans of Mountain Dew and bags of chips (he honestly thinks this doesn't add up). Now that we're expecting babies, I told him we should start buying diapers and some baby things, yet today first thing he did when he got paid was buy an Xbox Live card. I can't recall the last time I bought myself anything fun. We're living in a rather crappy trailer at the moment, and we both have agreed we need to either rent a new place or buy a house (we've been pre-approved for a house loan), yet I am the only one looking for places, and when he has the time he is hanging out with a friend or playing video games. Another thing that bothers me is he cusses like a sailor, and I mentioned he's going to really have to try cutting back on that. Honestly, I think it's gotten worse. On purpose. We'll be talking about a future situation with our kids, he'll quote what he'd say, and it's full of cussing and I'm always like "...please tell me you're not going to talk like that around the kids." I just think it sounds ignorant. I guess I'm just feeling I'm really starting to see his immaturity more than ever, and I'm wondering if there's any hope that it will change once the babies are born? Do men like, automatically suddenly grow up once they hold their babies? haha. I know he loves them and can't wait to be a daddy, I just really worry sometimes he doesn't want to try giving them the best. His dad had very very very poor morals and so does his mom a little bit, I think I might see that in him a bit, despite how much he's changed since we got together.It's a little too late for that, Shaun. :p huge gas savings kmart cure for sma. HOUSTON Ford Luton Van fuel Consumption 1990 350 gmc remanufactured engine telefon samsung. Compare Cars Hobart Ford Luton Van fuel Consumption Iowa bridgestone battlewing 501 502. REVELSTOKE used or new SUV? which model? So im having to pick between these two cars (it would be my first car) they are both around the same price but the jetta has about 97,000 miles and the cr-v has about 135,000 miles i heard that Honda lasts longer but i just cant decide which one to get. gas saver cars bmw pricing reviews. Torque specs chevrolet 350 What is more important displacement or volumetric efficiency? Time Dilation by G-forces. home cast /~wrightworks1/future09 Does this calculator only go by G-forces or by relativistic speed (special relativity) too? Dungarvan gmc envoy xl speakers.

Aylesbury Vale WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH 5K? MYR / RM 5000 = USD 1609.79with 5k in malaysia i can buy a Yamaha 135LC tinyurl /aepce9jother than that i was thinking about doing a simple businessmaybe an online business but i just don't know what kind of business should I do?with modal of 5k what will you guys do?i'm a student, on may i'll get 5k study loan for jannuary - may 2013 (first sem)well, if I buy a motorcycle it would be easy for me to anywhere to go to classbut just that.. then i got no money left..if i do a business.. i can made a rolling money but no vehicles..i can save the money from the business to buy the motorcycle..but sure it would take times.. long, what do you suggest?if business what kind of business?-i prefer online..-becomes a broker should dosorry for english what diesel vehicles are available in canada opinion rueda pirelli diablo rosso. 2015 Honda Accord Mpg WAVERLEY Improving mpg with k n products? Just catching up here on my journal...*Dream #1: I wake up (in dream), walk downstairs, and go to the kitchen. I go to our cupboard where we keep cups and grab one of our atlanta.ebayclassifieds /collectibles/duluth/disney-burgerking-cups-brand-new/?ad=17291584 (but it doesn't have the picture on it anymore, and it has a fracture on the bottom that doesn't leak). I go to the fridge, get some milk, pour it in the glass, put the milk away, and start drinking the milk. When i'm almost finished with the milk, a crack shoots up the side of the cup, so I quickly drink the rest of my milk. When I'm done, I hold the cup out in my hand and I look at it. All of a sudden, it crumbles into dust. (I wake up suddenly.)Dream #2: I'm swimming underwater and it looks like the ocean in a movie like "The Little Mermaid" or "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". It's so pretty that I don't want to leave, but then I realize that I can't breath. I put my hands above my head as I prepare to get out of the water, but they hit ice. I was stuck under the ice and I couldn't breath. (I woke up with a start; in reality, I couldn't breath cuz I had a cold.)Dream #3: My brother and I are older (i somehow know that we have kids, like we hav background stories, but they arn't apparent in the dream, other than my being consious of it) and we're driving in a car and we pull up to a gas station. We got out of the car and there was a black SUV, with a mini motorcycle and SmartCar (that had "Cars" faces on them) following it on their own ,across from us. My brother and I walked up to the car and cycle and told them that we'd save them.(Next part is same dream, but has nothing really to do with this, i think.) my bro and i are driving down a highway, and we're being chased by someone (but we cant see them) and we crash into something so we ditch the car. we run down an embankment and run alongside railroad tracks. then we end up at a motel. when we're there, i shower, and i find some weird yellow carrot soap. my brother looks out the window and says we're fine for now, but then i hear car tires on gravel and we start to run away from the motel. (I gtg, but i'll add the rest in an additional info thingy...)*In first person. Minnesota tuscaloosa jeep dealer. Gasoline Prices In The Us NIEDER�STERREICH Name of Song in the Movie 'Reality Bites'. Help?!? Reno hummer cars coupes. Edam Ford Luton Van fuel Consumption average us fuel economy by year gmc sonoma wheels. PINOS PUENTE Buying a gaming computer? Hello, I have to write an outline for my persuasive speech due tomorrow. I guess it is my topic that is kind of throwing me off. I want to expose the truth about wolf hybrids, and plan on addressing common misconceptions and beliefs about hybrid animals. But I can see no possible way to incorporate a call to action. Is the call to action necessary in persuasive speeches? I mean I am trying to persuade the audience to change their mentality about this sufficient? Wollongong starting a car on biodiesel fuel Uk selling prices can anyone give specific examples of alcohols and their uses? I have heard that rubbing alcohol or moth balls would do it does anyone know about these things? Mountmellick recall geo trak trains. Northern Mariana Islands Ford Luton Van fuel Consumption 2003 nissan xterra se supercharged fuel economy installation guide for position sensor for 2004 nissan sentra engine. Authorized kia dealerships car repair 76 bmw wholesale daewoo discount daewoo. Michigan HOW CAN I INCREASE MY GAS MILEAGE? I dont know what it could be, we are taking it to get a tune up today and fix the tires and alignment. But its a Jeep Liberty and is only getting 7 miles per gallon right now and it just started doing this! It was getting 25mpg. I know the alignment is messed up, could this cause it to be so bad on gas?we havent taken it in yet. im trying to get an idea of what it could be so i can guesstimate a im not totally sticker shocked! Its also having a hard time

getting up to speed. My tires are all bald too like there are wires sticking out! use northwest miles on continental dodge experiments. WELS is lpg money saving as compare to petrol for car? how to reduce water consumption in your home ferrari dreamway sp car seat. Volvo 940 wagon parts Ford Luton Van fuel Consumption the smart cycle usa trail tires. ALBANY can high pressure air or water really high pressure,can run the wheel of car having 2 people inside it? I drive a 500 watt TaoTao ATE 501 and it only has a top speed of 20 to 21 miles per hour and only drives 10 miles per charge(I think) Is there any upgrade parts I can get for this scooter so that it can drive 30 maybe 35 miles per hour and get better battery life? I'm tired of being on a street legal scooter/moped and not being able to keep up with average city traffic flow. I hate being tailgated because I'm driving slower. I think it runs on 48 volt batteries and uses three of them. Not sure about the control box because its kinda hard to get to. why is my motorcycle getting bad gas mileage suzuki auto makedonija. Helmond gasprice gasprice peter sharpe cadillac diet review for smart for life cookies. KRIENS STATISTICS HOMEWORK HELP #4? It has almost 94K on the clock, has had regular oil changes/air filter changes a flush thru of the fuel system last year. I'm seeing the gas needle drop a bit faster lately and even though my in car computer says I'm getting 30mpg, I didn't get 100 miles out of a 1/4 tank after just filling up yesterday. I keep my speed around 65/70 mph; and 85% of my driving is highway. Do I need to have anything specific checked soon? Any ideas/input/suggestions from people who know about these things please? Thanks! fuel economy airbus modellautos barkas. Xe tai suzuki Help with planing to build a muscle car? Read the word problem, set up an equation and solve.1.I have $250 to buy food for one month. I get a paycheck each week. How much money do I need to take out of each paycheck for food? (show your equation)1month=4 weeksPaycheck=$250/month=$25 week$250/month 1month/ 4weeks =$250/4=62.50250/4=62.502. If George is 68 inches tall and his baby brother is 1/3 of his height. How tall is George's baby brother? (show your equation)George is 68 inches tallBrother Is 1/3 of his height 68(0.3)=20.4 68(.3)=20.43.If I run a mile in 8 minutes, how long will if take me to run a marathon which is 26 miles? (show your equation)8mins/1milex26miles=3 hours 28mins or 208 mins 4. If I run a mile in 7.5 minutes, how many miles can I run in 12 minutes? (show your equation)7.5(12)=90 mins 5. If an American Airline Jet spends 12 gallons of fuel per mile, how much fuel does the airliner need to go 564 miles? (show your equation)12gal./1milex564=67686. I paid $1207 for my television but the store had marked it 25% off, how much did the television originally cost? (show your equation).25x1207=301.751207-301.75=905.257. John's yearly salary is $78,987. He will have to pay 18% in taxes this year and 8% in health insurance, how much would John pay in taxes and health insurance together? (show your equation)78,987 x 18% = 14,217.66 Taxes78,987 x 8% = $6,318.96 Health Insurance8. My insurance covers 75% of my medical bills plus a $20 co-pay. I went to the doctor today and the visit costs $350, how much do I owe? Hint: Add the 20% plus the co-pay. (show your equation)Insurance covers=75%Co-pay=$20Doc Visit $350350 x 25% = $87.50 87.50 + 20 = $107.50 Total amount owed9. I have a savings account with .0875 percent annual interest. How much will I make in 16 months on $18,000? (show your equation)18,000 x .0875 x 16/12 = $2,100 Interest Earned10. Joann wanted to make $750 on her investment of $25,000 in the next 5 years. What rate of interest will Joann need to secure to earn $1500? (show your equation)1500/25000 = 3/50 = 6% Kansas window mechanism for an acura. Bundoran Ford Luton Van fuel Consumption how can you increase horsepower on a car red book auto values.

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