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Kent Can a vector component be negative? A student's car stalls right in front of a speed bump while she is on her way to physics class. To pull it over the bump, she ties a cable to her bumper and to a nearby tree, and pulls with a force, F, of 87.0 lbs (387 N) at the midpoint in a perpendicular direction.If θ is 12.4°, what is the size of the force pulling the car in lb horizon mazda motor group. Holden performance driving centre gold coast Gas Needle Issues...maybe? Hi I put 15L of gas into a 60L tank in 2013 Volkswagen TDIMy car was low on diesel and in a rush I put in the gas. I drove about 10 km to get to my destination, towards the end the car was a little bit jerky. Later on I realised what I did and I tried to start it once and it wouldnt.It seems to me I have 3 options:-mix in 45l of diesel and let them mix then see if it starts and let it iddle for a while if it does. (this is probably a bad decision.-drain the tank myself and then fill it with diesel-have it towed and have it trained by a professional.if i siphon out the gas myself and then fill it up with diesel and it starts am i okay to drive it or does it still need to be taken in for inspection reprotec fiat international car shipping uk. Car videos online Conservatives: What is your chain of reasoning to reject Obama? I'm looking at a 2013 Mercedes Benz C300 AWD, 2013 Honda civic SI, and 2013 Toyota Tacoma crew 4X4 TRD sport. All of them are used cars/truck.My question is, even though the Tacoma seems "more practical" for me(it's my first car, Love toyotas)) should I get it even though it gets lower gas milage?I'm not hauling anything, I'm don't want to drive people around, but want the practically of a 4-door. I'll only be commuting to school and work, sometimes to the store. I kind of want the civic cause it's cheaper to own, but in the winter my school marks you as "skipping school" if you show up late when you drive. And I'm afraid that a FWD car would get stuck in the snow, since it snows may really hard in the winter.I like the Mercedes Benz but my parents used to have one, it was a 2013 not 2013, and that thing has something wrong with it every couple months. And I don't want to spend money on $1000 repairs every now and then.Now I think the Tacoma is a safer choice, cause it blends reliablity and 4wd at the cost of fuel economy.So which one should I take and why?During the spring summer and fall 4wd isn't a must, and I can turn off 4wd in a truck. Thanks how to increase torque of induction motor does a battery in a motorcycle work the same as. Maroochydore 1998 gmc sierra k1500 1998 gmc sierra k1500 cherie kidd franklin ohio. CHARENTE-MARITIME Do you think most kids cartoons made nowadays are too adult? I know the obvious already, like flannel, ripped jeans, band shirts, cardigans, Chuck Taylor All Stars and Doc Martens, but I've also heard that jackets like denim jackets, leather jackets, Members Only jackets and military jackets are included in grunge fashion as well. Also, how popular was corduroy and what kind of shirts were worn, besides flannel shirts and band shirts? Are there any clothing brands or fashion lines that came out in the 1990's while grunge was popular that I can use as a reference?By the way, I'm a 14 year old so I wasn't around to see for myself what was popular while grunge was popular. cigarextras bugatti skoda garage winchester. CARMARTHENSHIRE Ford F150 4x4 Ecoboost fuel Economy top 10 diesel cars 2012 youtube anderson cooper kelly ripa. Cornwall How can i maximize horsepower in my 2013 ford focus SE? Listen, I have a 2013 ford focus SE with 160 hp stock. im trying to boost my hp up to improve performance. i have already got a injen cold air intake. i need other ways that arent to hard to do, or exspensive. i dont want to make my car look dumb, so dont say "add a cool loud exhaust and a spoiler." im not trying to make a not fast car, totally fast. just boost the performance. so please, im looking for simple things i can do. the injen air intake was 270$ and is said to add 10 HP and boost fuel economy. PICKING BEST ANSWER FOR 10 POINTS. Thanks! 1990 mercedes benz 30 belt. Southwest florida auto dealers jobs Hypertech Max Power Shift Point Advice? Ok.... to start of with i have a 1992 GMC sonoma with the 2.8L engine, Manual 5spd transmission. it has new air filter,oil filter,oil, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, ect. doesnt really idle rough,it runs and drives, exhaust is broken off to the rear of the CAT converter, has valve cover gasket leak (fixing that tomorrow) now to the problem. I AM GETTING THE WORST GAS MILEAGE EVER! i traded my 1997 expedition with the 5.4 for this to get BETTER gas mileage, and this thing does WAY worse! i would say it gets like 6-7 MPG. what are some fixes if any? someone please help!to add: there is no check engine light on. oxygen sensors have been replaced. could it be bad injectors? one of the mechanics here in town told me it will never do better than 12mpg!? you have got to be kidding me! i need to improve gas mileage NOW i use this to deliver goods and i pay for my own gas! really need a good, solid answer on this, i bought a glass pack muffler to put on it today as well, so, let me know new york 10k race tomorrow

hyundai tiburon used cars Car Reports Newcastle-upon-Tyne how does a vehicle trade in work? I am getting my license in a couple of months but I am planning on hopefully getting a car this year to get me around to all my extracurriculars and summer jobs. I'm not getting a Prius or anything like that. I'd prefer a sedan or compact SUV, reliable, has decent to great gas, and can maybe last awhile. I really like the sporty kind of styles but any is fine. I have been looking into Infinitis lately and was wondering if those are good too? Benalla chery launched. VALCOURT gilbarco gas pump gilbarco gas pump save money on heating oil coupe bmw 5. CORNER BROOK Ford F150 4x4 Ecoboost fuel Economy dodge pickup restoration acne oil tea treat tree use. Canada fuel Economy 2014 Nowra Ford F150 4x4 Ecoboost fuel Economy Youghal jeff ferrari train crash. KNITTELFELD best small car gas mileage best small car gas mileage fuel economy chevy diesel trucks bristol downs. Cheap car rentals tampa bay area 2013 Chevy Suburban z71 general maintenance 149,000 mi plus? hello and thanks in advance for the help.i am looking to bulid a boom box and am going to use a mini amp, ive seen two i like but one has Speaker Impedance of 8ohm to 16ohm and the other has a Speaker Impedance of 4ohm to 8ohm and i dont know which is better, what speakers should i use for these amps as well? car speakers or home audio speakers?these are all the specs from both mini amps, also i have sent an email to the sellers of the 2nd amp asking if on the amp the RMS Power Output is 30W in total or 2 x 30, i have gotten an answer yet but does anyone know if it would be 2 x 30 or just 30? and in general which amp is the better of the two? 1st oneSpecifications:- P.M.P.O : 2 x 180W- R.M.S : 2 x 20W- Input power : 12V 6A DC- Input sensitivity : 200mv- Input impedance : 47kFrequence response : 20Hz - 20kHz- Speaker impedance : 4 - 8ohm- Minimum THD : <0.05%- Signal noise / ratio : >100db- RCA input : 1slot (MP3/ MP4/ CD available)- Tripath IC2nd oneSpecifications:Output Power: 180W + 180WRMS Power Output: 30WPeak Maximum Power Output (PMPO): 180WInput Power: 12V 6A DCInput Sensitivity: 200mvInput Impedance: 47KSpeaker Impedance: 8ohm to 16ohmFrequency Reponse: 20Hz to 20KHzMin. THD: <0.005%Signal/Noise Ratio: >100dB Features:RCA input ideal for an ipod mp3/mp4 deviceTwin power IC chips Hialeah billings public auto auction. Wiltshire classic camaro value? should I keep putting premium? because it doesn't require itSome people say I should just use the recommended regular and I don't want to use premium if its going to have adverse effects on my cars performance later on. diesel economy eko buy a car under 500. Plastic Gas Tank TIROL PLEASE HELP! ITS AN EMERGENCY!? GOING TO JAIL OVER LEASE TO OWN CAR? I am a strong minded woman who has been used to taking care of myself. My boyfriend/fiance/ex <--depends on the day is also a very strong minded person. After having our first son, i stopped work planning to return a few months later but was instead suprised with arrival of our daughter. When she turned 4 months, to save my sanity I went back to work and could tell a huge diffence in my stress and anxitey levels. I felt i was finally getting ME back. Due to him making it difficult for our babysitter (his mom) she quit which meant i had to quit and go back home due to high chilldcare cost. I am a very social person which is honestly why I love to work. I feel it gives me the socialization i require and a break from the constant stress of home and relationship. Currently due to vehicles being in the shop, I stuck stuck. I've read a lot on the burn out symptoms and i can say yes to all.... even some of the depression symptoms which is were im trying NOT to go back to. Im so desperate to get some type of help im asking complete internt strangers. Truly lost. Sunderland hyundai troubleshoot keyless. Calculate Gas Mileage Cost For Trip CIVITAVECCHIA I have to write a "Casual Argument" essay on recycling...? How do you and your family affect the environment, it is for science homework and I dont completely understand Humberside corsa sedan 10 consumo. Orkney Ford F150 4x4 Ecoboost fuel Economy save fuel slogans in english surrey classic car hire. ORL�ANS jeep wrangler 2015 gas mileage jeep wrangler 2015 gas mileage Dorset maintanance 1998 buick lesabre.

Oem navigation display 2003 acura tl Any idea how much the average electricity bill for 2 people in Milwaukee, WI? My fiance, daughter and I are relocating from Milwaukee, Wi to Houston, Tx and we are trying to find the cheapest way to get all of our things down there. I looked into uhaul and it's about $1,400 for a truck and trailer for the car to get down there. That more then we would like to spend, does anyone have any other ideas on a cheaper way move all our furniture etc..? Illinois car covers fr volkswagen rabbit. Wycombe Ford F150 4x4 Ecoboost fuel Economy how to save gas bills and electricity bills sma 1 boyolali. 1999 bmw m coupe specs Im 17 and looking for a good first car! Help! (Car buffs only please)? I'd go to the 1950s. I'm a classic cars enthusiast, the economy would be better, and maybe not the best music but still better than anything today; Not to mention, I could make predictions to make people believe i'm from the future, and prevent the hippies from ever happening. Mmm, the beauty of time travel. 37 ford replica kit cars volvo v70 d5 test. Nebraska What is causing a loss of power at high speeds and steep grade in my truck? I trying to hook up an 1978 johnson 140 hp vro. Now theres a big plug that comes off the motor that hooked right up to the plug from the front of the boat, and the electronic choke works (push key=choke) but when i go to start the motor nothing happens. the cables from the battery to the starter are correct. But theres a small 5-wire plug also that comes off the motor, now my guess is that plug is for the ignition, but im not sure so does anyone know for sure. And for the vro oil pump, do i need to add a separate container for the oil and then run a hose to where it need to be like the gas tank? Because i dint see a oil reservoir anywhere and im assuming its 2 cycle otherwise there would be no reason for a vro pump. any advice or insite would help, and for the ignition plug, if i need to wire it up by hand i can i just need the advice so i dotn mess something up boats /parts/search/BRP/JOHNSON/1987/J140TLCUA/IGNITION%20SYSTEM/parts Now the if you click the link the small plug is number 10 and the big plug is 16Plug 10 is what im trying to figure out.copy and paste link then go to ignition systemOk so i went and looked to make sure i knew what i was talking about and i was wrong, plug 10 isn't the one i was talking about. so theres just a random 5 wire plug coming off the motor and i don't know what its for so any ideas?Its plug #25 that im talkign about val morris cortes island british columbia how to teach a horse to rate for barrel racing. GEELONG What average does the BMW 525d 3.0 (2013) give in city and highway? i just bought a 150cc scooter and i have about 50 miles on it so i know its probably not broken in, but it doesnt really get good gas mileage i mean ive filled it up half way the first time and all the way the second time and its near empty with 50 miles on it.any advice or suggestions? diesel cars you can buy in the us new york trucking temporary permits. Used jeep parts online inventory Ford F150 4x4 Ecoboost fuel Economy replica porsche for sale goodyear p275 55 r20. ROMA 1975 camaro with 350 ..heads? Let me start by saying that I have horrible anxiety, 2 days ago I went to a gas station to pump gas. Recently I read an article that stated there were ppl leaving hiv infected needles under gas pump handles. Anywho when I got back in my car I saw a little red dot under my skin on my index finger. There was no blood I even squeezed my finger to see if blood will come out but nothing...2 days have passed and I still see the red dot... almost looks like a blood vessel and there is a couple if I look hard.. and I also didn't feel a prick. I'm freaking out. Would I of known if I got pricked I would of course bleed right? please help :( best fuel economy mid size sedans price mini cooper car. Wodonga hydrogen assisted motors. do they or do they not create any benifits? I am hooking up an HHO generator cell in my 88 GMC Sierra. The cell pulls a huge 30 AMPs so I'm going to hook it directly to the battery with an in line fuse and a relay switch to turn it on and off. I can hook the relay switch to the ignition switch but for safety purposes I would like to find a way that will make it so it's hot only when the engine is running. The reason for this is cause I don't want HHO building up under the hood if you have the key on and the engine off. If that were to happen you could blow your hood off.Simply put, is there a wire that is only hot when the engine is running or is there a way I can hook some thing up that will give me a wire that is hot only when the engine is running?Other information:I've considered hooking it up to the headlights but this will shut off the HHO system when the brights are on, and will be dangerous if you leave your lights on.I've heard some one say to use the fuel pump but I think this is hot when the car is on and engine off so I don't trust that idea.I plan on hooking this up to several

cars, trucks, motorcycles, and a semi so if there is a universal answer that will work on all vehicles that would be great.I heard rumor of a switch that you can hook to your oil filter that will give you a hot wire only when you have oil pressure, but I can't find one for my vehicle.I have thought about using the wire that tells your dash how much oil pressure you have, but I can't locate that wire.I know this is a loaded question, but I appreciate your time, thoughts, and help. eclass mercedes benz tire size calculator. REIMS What tech are you aware of to provide non-fossil transportation fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms? entire automaker industry if he hadn't bailed out GM?Don't they notice that the car they drive was not made by GM.......? /question/index;_ylt=Asu.sLeakUVG4F8xKIxwGuTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20131018060010AAyuc8RSee the answers from Democrats who say they drive Fords gas n save seaside hafei light. Where to buy remoulded tires Is it worth to build a wind farm that cost USD 332,495(332k) that can yield electricity for 2.8 megaWatt? When ever I post an add on Craigslist it all runs together in one huge, meshed paragraph. Even while preparing the post and double spacing it and everything and changing paragraphs it just all runs together in one clump paragraph once it is posted. Please help. I want to post it like this:Hi there!! My husband and I are looking to sell our 2013 Volkswagen Jetta 4D Sedan GLS TDI DIESEL FULLY LOADED!! The vehicle is in great shape and has no major mechanical, interior, or exterior damage that we are aware. The car is not in MINT condition but it is in Great condition. This Jetta model gets OUTSTANDING miles. I would say on highway between 39-52 miles per gallon is what I have personally clocked. The VW Diesel models are very popular now.**1 Owner Only!*****PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR ADDITONAL PICTURES. I COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUBLISH MORE PHOTOS, SO I CAN PERSONALLY EMAIL THEM TO YOU***FEATURES:TURBO DIESEL ENGINEDIESEL fuel http://FuelSavingTab.comPOWER LOCKSSUNROOFAIR CONDITIONINGREAR DEFROSTERABS BREAKSALLOY WHEELSAM/FM STEREOCASSETTE PLAYERCD PLAYERMONSOON PREMIOUM SOUNDPOWER STEERINGCRUISE CONTROLLEATHER SEATSPOWER SEATSELECTRONIC SEAT WARMERSPOWER MIRRORSMULTIPLE AIRBAGS (FRONT, OVERHEAD, AND SIDE)TIPTRONIC AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (IS BOTH AUTOMATIC AND 5-SPEED)TRACTION CONTROLALARMPOWER WINDOWSThe exterior of the Jetta is a dark GRAY and the interior is a lighter GRAY.The Vehicle is in fact a 2013 model. VW made two different 2013 Jetta body style models. This is the earlier 2013 body style.The Vehicle was in a minor accident in early 2013. The back left door was hit. All body repair damage was done at Haddock's in Cary NC. VW of Cary recommended them. Haddockâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s guarantees their work for the life of the vehicle.The Kelly Blue Book Value is at $13,835.00 Check it out for yourself: more than $1,000.00 less than it's Blue Book Value!Also I have the full report from Carfax for serious interests only. Great Little Fun Facts and Savers: -NC Inspections are only $9.00 for this vehicle anywhere in the state. -Diesel engines run for a very long time-You can now help the environment and use Biodiesel fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms! Thanks everyone for looking at my car! We hope to hear from you soon! Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have at any time!Take care!Not like this...(example only) All meshed together in one paragraphSTANDARD EQUIPMENT: 3.5L V6 DOHC 24V FI Engine, 17 Inch Wheels, 4-Wheel ABS, 6 CD Changer, iPod connector, Alloy Wheels, AntiTheft Alarm System, Bucket Seats, Clock, Driver and Passenger Front Airbags, Front Side Airbags, Front and Rear Head Airbags, Intermittent Windshield Wipers, Leather Seating, Overhead Console, Power Door Locks, Power Exterior Mirrors, Power Windows, Rear Window Defroster, Stability Control, Tachometer, Traction Control, Air Conditioning, Aluminum Alloy Interior Trim, Automatic Climate Control, Center Console, Cruise Control, Fog Lights, Keyless Entry System, Leather Shift Knob Trim, Lighted Entry System, Power Brakes, Power Driver's Seat, Power Steering, Rear Bench Seat, Remote Trunk Release, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, Tilt Steering Wheel, Xenon High Density Discharge Headlights OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: 5-Speed Automatic Transmission, Bose Audio, Power Moonroof, Spoiler Please help!Many Thanks! South Kesteven buy japan used car. Hawaii Ford F150 4x4 Ecoboost fuel Economy top fuel efficient hatchbacks volvo concept car 2009.

Ford f150 4x4 ecoboost fuel economy