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Fife What MPG will a Prius get if I drive it @ 85 miles per hour on the interstate ? Hello I am considering getting a car today .I have come down to the last two choices which are 2013 d0dge avenger 84,940BBB Value:1 accident 3/16/20132 owners : Rental , Personal21/30 3.87 per gallon price yearly gas : 2.317and also 2013 Honda accord lx 73,8021 accident :6/14/20133 Owners : commerical, personal, personal mpg:21/31 3.87 Per Gallon price yearly gas:2,276Im really in love with the look of the dodge but ive also heard some really amazing things about the honda . any personal experiences ? or opinions ? cheri gearhart. Led zeppelin apollo tattoo Does anyone have Perfume Recipes? Today the family Smith has an old oilfired boiler installed to heat up their house as well as to provide the family with hot water. The efficiency of the boiler is and the family’s total annual oil consumption in 2013 was 2342 liters.1. Calculate the useful annual oil consumption in 2013 (unit: L) for the family Smith. Mr Smith wants to compare the family’s oil consumption with other alternative energy resources, and in order to do so he must convert the oil consumption into the unit kWh. He knows that 1 L oil = 10 kWh.2. Calculate the total 2013 annual oil consumption for the Smith family in the unit kWhMr Smith wants to calculate how much the family’s oil consumption affects the environment in terms of CO2. (Hint: transport and burning of oil affects the environment by 2.65 ton CO2 for every 1000 liters of oil) 3. Calculate how much the Smith family impacts the environment in total in 2013 (unit: ton/year)Due to the negative influence of their present heating on the environment, the family wants to exchange it for a more effective heat source. There are a lot of alternatives such as heat pumps and district heating; however Mr Smith has an uncle who sells gas boilers at a very attractive price. The new effective gas boiler has an efficiency of .4. Calculate the total 2013 annual gas consumption for the Smith family in the unit kWh. Gas is measured in the unit m3. 1 m3 of gas equals 11 kWh. For every 1000 m3 of gas the environment is affected with 2.26 tons of CO2. 5. Please calculate the Smith family’s annual reduction (2013) of CO2 outlet in tons if they choose to substitute the old oil-fired boiler with the more effective gas-fired boiler. used valkyrie interstate motorcycles for sale chrysler crossfire thousand oaks 2004. Safety rating mitsubishi endeaver 2013 best mpg vehicles 2013 best mpg vehicles The Best Diesel Cars and Diesel Powered Trucks for 2013, chosen ... Good . Here are my top diesel cars and diesel powered trucks for 2013 . Best Small Car : 2013 Volkswagen Golf TDI. The Golf hatchback is one of my favorite small cars no matter what #39;s under the hood, because you just can #39;t get its combination of versatility, European dynamics, and upscale ambiance anywhere else. But when you ... What #39;s more, the EPA says it #39;s good for 30 mpg city/42 mpg highway, and I #39;ve seen realworld results near 50 mpg on the open road. 2001 pontiac aztek gt gas mileage w220d hyundai. Amber Valley what's more environmentally friendly diesel, natural gas, electric, propane, bio-fuel, or cooking oil for auto? I drive a Q45 and only average 260 miles (at best) from a full gas tank till empty...I recently read that the averages should be at 342 mi / 470.8 mi. ( road/ highway ) I know things like tire air-pressure, weight on board, and how heavy footed you are make a difference... but my tires are fine, I have no problems with my engine nor do I have a lead foot. Whats going on here? why is my gas mileage so terrible? my gas tank is 21 gallons and I get 260miles per tank at best. once again i drive a Infiniti Q45 4.1 liter V8 ....Not a hummer H1 lol. HELP!When I say averages, I mean the averages for my car specifically. winch for 2006 gmc canyon. WINDSOR Book recommendation: medieval fantasy? Let me start by saying I have looked through other yahoo answers and have been unable to find a solution to my problem and I also apologize for the below novella but I feel like you need all the details to understand my problem.I am a 19 year old male and second semester sophomore in college. Starting around a year and half ago (halfway through my first semester at college), I have been absolutely wasting my life in bed. I currently need to sleep between 12-16 hours a day. If I do not get at least this much sleep, I feel exhausted the rest of the day and lack any energy. Usually I am too tired to get out of bed, let alone focus on any sort of school work or go to class. If I do let my body sleep this much I feel perfectly normal however and am able to hit the gym, do schoolwork and go out to parties on the weekends. I have tried switching up my sleep schedule and nothing works; even if I go to bed at 10 every night I still sleep to mid-afternoon the next day. My doctor has done full blood-work on me including tests for anemia and mono, but everything has come back negative. He did mention that oversleeping is a sign of depression but frankly I do not feel depressed. My family life is great. Parents are extremely supportive and I have great relationships with my siblings and parents. I am in a top fraternity at my school and have plenty of friends. I will usually go to fraternity events and parties at least twice a week. I drink alcohol recreationally at parties but no more than twice a week and never by myself. I go to the gym usually 3-5 times a week for heavy lifting and cardio. I have good aspirations and work diligently on my programming whenever I have enough

energy to. The main problem is my schoolwork. I consider myself a fairly smart kid. 3.5 at a tough private high school and a 2200 on my SAT and 800 on both my SAT-II's but cumulatively have less than a 2.0 in college. First semester I got a 3.5, but then the sleeping problems got worse. I got a 0.0 second semester because I frankly just couldn't get out of bed to go to class, sleeping to 5 p.m. nearly everyday. I missed my midterms and finals because I literally could not summon enough energy to wake up that early. I really know I could get good grades if I could just get out of bed and want to make my parents happy by doing so. I knew after the 0.0 I needed to do anything I could to save my GPA and turned to the use of dextroamphetamines to help out. I usually do not use drugs and do not smoke weed currently (though I have tried it several times in the past) but the problem was so bad I turned to adderall once or twice a week just so I could do homework or get to class on important days. This helped significantly and I got a 2.7 last semester but the sleeping problem persists and I do not feel like intermittent uses of adderall can actually serve as a permanent solution, its just barely keeping me afloat right now. My diet is not great but should be sufficient, with a lot of protein and hopefully a sufficient amount of vegetables. I also take a sublingual B-12 every day in conjunction with a multivitamin which have proved relatively ineffectual, and am forced to take a pre-workout supplement just to get my lazy self to the gym.All I want is to be able to wake up at normal times and have enough energy to get through the day. Does anyone know what is going on or how I can fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am desperate for a solution. pictures ferrari f60 model aston martin db5. CHATHAM-KENT Engine Head Torque Settings 2009 duramax diesel fuel economy system smart. Carmarthenshire How to write a "while loop" in a program in Dev C++? I'm trying to create a gas mileage calculator using a function and ByVal in Visual Basic. I can do it using other methods, but I'm not very familiar with using a function to do it. I would get the miles and gallons and that would tell me the miles per gallon. Any tips or suggestions would be awesome!Thanks dev ria achille. Cheap uk car hire portugal Help with the production of copper from its ore? What is the process of extracting copper from malachite ore? I need specific information to do my experiment. What acid and concentration to dissolve the ore for the leaching process. What to use to carry out the electrowinning proccess. Thanks in advanced. shoes adidas goodyear standard oil gasoline Hi Octane Gas Fort Wayne Is the Mazda RX8 worth getting? gas consumption for both manual and automatic in simple terms please? thank you :) Cleveland maruti. ASTURIAS how to get better gas mileage on a truck how to get better gas mileage on a truck 6 apps to save you money on gas welcome wagon baby shower. LA ALPUJARRA Engine Head Torque Settings used motorcycles new york city gmc safari conversion. 2014 Jeep Wrangler fuel Economy Warrington Engine Head Torque Settings Wirral zogis 8800 gt review. DOVER 10 products produced from oil? I just bought a new f250 diesel and my buddy's smoke me out and I'm kinda like wtf my diesel doesn't do that it has a act performance chip in it and it only smokes when I tap my gas in park otherwise it doesn't. Someone tell me what to do I was told out a bag over the air filter or take it out but idk if that would hurt anything on the the truck. What type of bag would I have to put over it? I need some deep detail if possible thanks ahead. do diesel cars run vegetable oil coggiola linfodrenaggio manuale. Youtube buick airbag Gas Mileage Calculator - Free Download - Tucows Downloads Gas Mileage Calculator is a program that enables you to easily calculate your fuel consumption in Canada or the United States. Oldham tire tubes truck. Mid Bedfordshire Is it true carbon taxes will raise the price of every moved by fossil fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms, made with fossil fuel energy? Take a gander at how North Dakota is doing. Why is their economy exploding in all businesses and industries and they can't build schools, housing and roads fast enough to deal with it all? Ya' think this has something to do with it? 2013 --> money.cnn /2013/09/28/pf/north_dakota_jobs/index 2013 --> businessweek /videos/2013-06-27/north-dakota-jobs-boom2013 --> cnsnews /news/article/gallup-oil-boom-fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms-north-dakota-highest-payroll-population-rate-uHow's your state doing?==> As one person says it...." "But when I came here, I thought I was on Mars. It's just so crazy that the rest of the country has no jobs, and here's this one place that doesn't have enough people to fill all the jobs."

fuel consumption for jeep cherokee renault scenic rear brake pads. Nissan fuel Economy SHEFFIELD Which of the following accomplishments by Pres. Obama are discredited by Conseratives? Do people not understand the concept of "net energy" when they claim there's "two trillion barrels" of oil "locked up" is U.S. shale deposits? Do they think that shale oil is going untapped due to a conspiracy? Do they consider that it may simply not be economically feasible to extract it yet, if ever?For comparison, a liquid crude oil reserve of just 1,000 barrels, easily obtained near the surface, would yield far more energy than a trillion barrels from shale if it took a trillion barrels of energy just to EXTRACT the oil from that shale (null net energy). It's a case of input vs. realized output, not just big hypothetical reserve figures."Peak Oil" means the cheapest, easiest-to-get stuff is long gone (since 1970 in the lower-48 states and the late 80s in Alaska). What part of that isn't clear to Peak Oil deniers who keep claiming that the U.S. has vast reserves of oil left?It looks like neither of the first 2 answerers really understands that oil shale may NEVER be cost effective because it could require more energy input than the output would ever render. That's what Peak Oil means!A analogy is spending $1,000 in energy and labor costs digging a hole to reach a single nugget of gold that's only worth $999.Web-search for: +"oil shale" +"net energy"Look up EROEI, also. It stands for energy returned on energy invested. Dorset rozine sims apollo theather. fuel Economy On Cars WARRNAMBOOL Jeep liberty or Chevy trailblazer? I seriously barely know anything about cars? This will be my first car (15 now, but I am thinking ahead as I will be getting a car soon) But I don't want to get an audi or anything super expensive, so I've decided to get either a toyota corolla or camry OR a honda accord - those are really the only cars I like, in terms of looks?The mpg thing doesn't seem too bad either? I don't understand all the little "EX" "EX-L" etc things? (in the honda anyway, but I think the camry and corolla have something similar to that as well) Which is better? I don't need that much space since i won't be driving with others very often, maybe a friend or two every once in a while but yeah - after I get my license that is. The cars I'm talking about are the new 2013 models, I am NOT talking about the accord hybrid plug-in, just the sedan! thanks. Which is better for a teen? As for mileage, maybe speed? Please list the pros/ cons for each car? thanks also please don't suggest getting a car that is cheaper - i wanted an audi/ mercedes but no doubt I will mess it up somehow and fixing it will be priceywhat are good mpg things? and speed things? like cylinder? or something i really have no clue!I'm really leaning to the camry/ or honda ugh help NoordHolland mercedes bonnet star. Highland Engine Head Torque Settings 2004 explorer sport trac fuel economy fiat ducato f f6rs e4kring. YONNE gas millage gas millage Colorado sell you car fast central nj. Compare car hire charges Problem Solving - Math? I want to cause a huge explosion. My plan is to purchase some tannerite and tape the container it's in to a stake that is in the ground. At the base of the stake I will have about a gallon of gas in a typical red gas container. I have seen other people suggest that one may simply tape the tannerite to the gas can, but that will not allow for any human error in terms of shooting the tannerite, which is why I have it on the stake. I also want several burning candles surrounding the stake, approximately 5 feet away. The way I see it, the tannerite will explode once shot, causing the gas, and more importantly, the gasoline vapors, to fly everywhere, and igniting once reaching the candles, causing a huge fireball. Will this work? Could any improvements be made? Keep in mind this is only for educational purposes. I am not going to blow anything up. Nashville updating to jaguar. Castlereagh Engine Head Torque Settings best retirement savings vehicles harrisburgh auto auction. Northeast indiana car dealers How can I buy products at discount rates and save huge money? My mom feel in love with the iPod and was thinking of springing for the iPad. I was thinking since she's just useing it for games and not music an android tablet might be just as good. I saw one at Walmart that was less the 200 it has built in access to google play and android market and it can use a micro as card. I was thinking of suggesting that instead of the iPad to save money and give her access to even more game apps then she would have if she went with only apple. Do you think that might be a workable idea? smart risk century bmw. Wisconsin VW BlueMotion fuel Economy Challenge | Mapawatt The new VW fuel models are geared toward helping people get to and from their destinations efficiently as possible. Obviously, gas prices continue to rise and Americans are

searching for ways to save money. Many of us make long morning commutes to our job or take trips to see our ... Break out the calculator and figure out the money you could save every day with one of these cars. Gas prices are unlikely to drop significantly anytime soon, so consider ... sprint car parts online holden rodeo fuel econemy. M�LHAUSEN What is best used fuel efficient car? I have a 2013 ram 1500 that I owe around $14,000 on and pay $260 a month. The truck has 80,000 miles and has a light rear end accident reported to car fax. I have had the truck less than 6 months. I have a friend who works at a dealership in finance who has a 2013 Toyota Camry LE with 80,000 miles. They are asking 10,700 but will sell it to me for $8000. They offered me $12,000 for my truck so I have to add te extra to the Camry and I qualified for a very very low interest rate and for 60 months I will save $86.00 a month. I only drive my vehicle a couple times a week so has mileage don't mean much even know the Camry gets 2x the mpg. I also don't use a truck for a truck much maybe 5x a year for mulch, and basic household chores. My question is this smart? Is saving $86 a month worth it? The deal he gave me is the best they will do, I tried to get another $500 and was told no. cheap diesel cars sale sheffield proton pairs. Tom mason michelin tires Engine Head Torque Settings suv by fuel economy royce buiders. HERTFORDSHIRE Getting me a new car? My mom and I are moving to a different state and we currently don't have a car.We are thinking about getting one but we're not exactly financially advanced.So a cheap, safe and preferably a good looking SUV car. Not too big, not too small.My dream car is a Range Rover sport and a Jeep so anything that may look like the type would really be prefered. (like example, a toyota car that looks a lot like a range rover sport)The car model should be less than 28,000. Thank you!Also, I would really like it if you would share you're own experiences and also, I think that we would be getting a used car. so anything that we should look for or something. suv fuel economy compare rolls royce ae3007h turbofan. Amsterdam what car should i get for my first car? chassis sku qty hummer bburago alfa romeo. CHARLOTTE What car/truck would be good for me? Looking at the basic concept of a spark-ignited engine such as a lawnmower or an automobile, if hydrogen research and production continues to increase over time in the United States (ignoring development in other countries), it is reasonable to assume that the cost of producing hydrogen will decline. While the US has its own oil reserves to tap and we are diverting current fuel costs with ethanol added to the gas (a poorly made decision with not enough research done, in my humble opinion), we nonetheless have many years of gasoline and diesel fuel production left (though, my main focus is on gasoline). While it is known that hydrogen not only burns cleaner than gasoline but also offers more BTTs, if we eventually get to the point where we can produce both products at the same price, will we eventually see a hydrogen market take off? e.g. 1 gallon of liquid gasoline costs the same as 1 gallon of liquid hydrogen, not factoring vehicular differences and what not.I'm not looking for a best answer here, more just some opinions from people of whether or not we will ever see the US take off as a hydrogen economy. And please, no "big oil kills people" kind of talk. I've heard this talk before, but it is not on the books anywhere, and if there's no paper trail, it's kind of hard to say oil companies kill people to save their profits. Oil rig explosions, on the other hand... ways to save petrol while driving renault clio espana. Yamaha motorcycle panniers ACC Football 2013 Travel Distances: Boston College Logging Some ... If the Eagles struggle down the stretch, get ready for the quot;road weary Boston College football team quot; to become the #ACCNarratives of choice as BC is logging some serious frequent flyer miles this season. The Boston College ... Memphis lamborghini p140. Logan City Engine Head Torque Settings neo socket fuel economizer for car - save fuel 10 -30 (12v) hyundai motor corp.

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