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Brisbane Question for firefighters about vehicle lights? When I was a youngster I had a 1976 chevy blazer that got suprisingly good gas milage. When I tell people about it I am often accused of Bullshlinging, but this is legit... I routinely observed 28 mpg in this truck. Here is how I did it. I put a 4" lift kit on the truck right when I got it and 35" BFG all terrain tires. The taller tires didn't match the stock 3.15 to 1 gear ratio very well but I had no money left to regear it. The ratio was so high that I had to use the granny low gear to get going from a stop light. ( It had the old SM465 4 speed manual in it.). 1st gear would go all the way up to about 65 mph and 2nd was only good on the freeway to accelerate past 65. 3rd gear was so high that once in 3rd, the truck could only maintain the speed that it had already achieved, and lacked the torque to accelerate further. It would do 80 mph in 3rd and turn only about 1200 rpm. Apparently this over geared set up equals kick ass milage, because time and time again I would tell my buddies what mpg I got and they would call BS so we'd gas her up, do a roadtrip, gas her up again to see how much it consumed, and after dividing the known miles (as mapped out on gps, not odometer) it would always average around 28 mpg. Aside from the gear ratio, this truck also had an NP 208 transfer case, which is chain driven and lubricated by ATF instead of gear oil, so it doesn't take a lot of horespower to turn it. It had the disconnectable front 4x4 hubs too so it didn't waste fuel turning extra drivetrain parts like most 4x4s. This baby was bone stock with a factory Quadrajet carb and no mods other than an Edelbrock performer intake the prior owner put on. I've been appauled by the horsecrap gas milage of my wife's 2013 jeep wrangler. 18 mpg on highway! Ouch. Can someone please tell me how my old rustbucket was able to achieve this sort of mpg, and why modern trucks suck gas so badly by comparison? 2003 mercedes sl500. Jimmy jaguar vice squad How is the beginning? @PaulIt will make me energetic? LOL! Ur reply was seriously lame bro. @KD: I agree with you. goodrich acoustic redirected ferrari. 1988 saleen mustang fuel costs in uk fuel costs in uk easy tips to increase horsepower isuzu trooper tire pressure. Bathurst How do I lock my gas tank on my car? I have not been able to find one online or at the autoparts store. They only have the filler tube, but I need the rubber hose that attaches to it. They said I need to measure the hose but that means I have to take it off, and then take it there to the store. Anybody happen to know the size of the hose? triprolidine 25 mg. CHARENTE-MARITIME How bad is 2013 Jeep TJ (Wrangler) on fuel My mum works as a comunity nurse so sometimes driving in snow and ice is not an option and some of the roads she drives down aren't really roads more dirt tracks. She wants a car that can cope with this terain that is not a massive jeep or land rover and that should have good fuel economy as she potentially does 60 miles a day. She also has arthritis so would prefer a car that is not too high up so she can get in it relitivly easily. The budget isn't particullay big talking about 8-14,000 for a new car or 4-6000 on a 08 and above reg. green car insurance company rum hummer drink. VICTOR HARBOR Diesel Vehicle Tax Credit 2010 coasting car save petrol nice dadies. Grafton Best small efficient tow vehicle. ? We are looking for a new vehicle. We have 2 small children, both in large car seats. We also spend most weekends outside (camping, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing, etc.) and have tons of gear. We are often on rough terrain (sand, dirt/gravel roads, etc.), but we don't go on unblazed trails. Also, we are one of those darn environmentally friendly families, so we are looking for the best fuel efficiency possible WITHOUT buying a hybrid. SPECIFICALLY, what 2013 - 2013 vehicles would you recommend for us? (No points for answers like, "Fords." Also, no points for ridiculously low fuel economy vehicles.)Thanks!!fuel economy is high on our list/a priority. I asked for vehicles that aren't hybrids because we've already researched hybrids quite thoroughly. We wanted to see if we were missing any non-hybrid options. (In the end, we will probably go for a hybrid...) Great answers so far. dunfermline alfa romeo. Audi rs tt 2009 Cost of sealing a broken car gap? 1) What will the increase in kinetic energy be as a 1000 kg car accelerates from 10 m/s to 15m/s starting at 10 seconds?2) What will be the increase in kinetic energy of a 1000kg car be as it speeds up by 5 m/s starting at 5 m/s?3) Jamie pushes his truck up the block to a friend's house. He uses 110N of horizontal force to push the truck up at a constant speed. How much thermal energy is created? (400 J, 450 J, or 470 J)4) At what speed does a 1000 kg compact car have the same kinetic energy as a 20,000 kg truck going 25 km/hr? suzuki car and review baldwin dodge

Gas Calculatro Detroit conservation of energy physics question? A motor vehicle has 700kg and is travelling at 36km per hour on a level road; it is taken out of gear and allowed to roll to a halt. Question:1. How far will it travel if the rolling resistance between the road and the wheels is 155N and the friction force with the road is 158N?The same caras in Task 1 when travelling at 36km per hour accelerates to 108km per hour in 10sec and at this point collides with another car of mass 1200kg which is travelling in the same direction at 54km per hour.2. whats the the combined velocity of the cars after impact?The two vehicles become locked together and continue on after impact into a sharp bend. They hit a wall bringing them a complite halt; the crumple zone of the front car is deformed to a depth of 600 mm.3. Whats the energy lost in stopping the two vahicles?4. If 50% of this energy is absorbed by the crumple zone, calculate the impact force transmitted through the vehicles due to the energy abosrbed by the crumple Zone. (the crumple zone of the rear car has no effect)5.Calculate kinetic energy vlues of the vehicles in Task 2 before and after impact.6. What have you observed about the conservation of momentum and the conservation of energy?It would be really helpful if anyone could help answer this :) Horsham aston martin 2009 models. RAGUSA How can i maximize horsepower in my 2013 ford focus SE? Listen, I have a 2013 ford focus SE with 160 hp stock. im trying to boost my hp up to improve performance. i have already got a injen cold air intake. i need other ways that arent to hard to do, or exspensive. i dont want to make my car look dumb, so dont say "add a cool loud exhaust and a spoiler." im not trying to make a not fast car, totally fast. just boost the performance. so please, im looking for simple things i can do. the injen air intake was 270$ and is said to add 10 HP and boost fuel economy. PICKING BEST ANSWER FOR 10 POINTS. Thanks! gas saving cars under 10000 kenda mountain tires. SAARBR�CKEN Diesel Vehicle Tax Credit 2010 volkswagen convertable tops canada peugeot mills usa. Trip Petrol Cost Calculator Nevada Diesel Vehicle Tax Credit 2010 Maitland neutral automatic transmission. RALEIGH fast cars with good gas mileage fast cars with good gas mileage fuel saver ratings nz 1986 honda car parts. Convert gasoline car My Volt gets 40,000 miles per gallon | MinnPost Last week there was a news report that your old Uncle Al found even more annoying than the endless coverage of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock: General Motors #39; new Volt gets 230 miles per gallon ! It was everywhere. It was bigger news than the arrival of Krispy Kreme. .... This may have effected the calculation , and it would make me happy to see Americans using anything but strict dollar-cost as a basis. Then again, the scientifically honest method might be this: ... Bray new world record moose. Louth highest gas mileage cars 2013 highest gas mileage cars 2013 best fuel economy cars 2011 canada seat mobile. How To Calculate Gas Prices PURMEREND How can anyone praise Obama's SOTU when it was full of lies? I have a 2013 Honda civic, it gets 36 miles per gallon in town and 42 on high way. I need to drive 527 miles to get to new jersey. Gas is approx $3.40 p/g. How much money do i need to get there and back?Honda civics take regular gas. Not this petrol stuff. It's a 2013. Not a new car. Northampton honda motorcycle parts direct. Areas To Save Money LOCHEM What are the average gas prices for a teen to drive 45 miles per day? I get about 30-32 mpg and gas is running around $3.80 per gallon right now. Port Augusta tiny tinkers plymouth. Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Diesel Vehicle Tax Credit 2010 dodge cummins diesel fuel economy skoda oktavia 1959. WIENABBOTSFORD What's a good first vehicle to buy? My teenage daughter is graduating and we would like to buy her a car. Under 20 grand would be best. She has her heart set on a Beetle, but I am not sure if that would be the best choice. What are some other cars for teenage girls? Thank you, God bless! Oostburg stricklands auto sales stratford. Purchase pinewood derby car decals Does my brother have ADHD? My family is really cheap, so the only time we go to the doctor or hospital is for check-ups or if we sprain or break something. So, pretty

much, my only option to cure my acid reflux is a home remedy (if there is one). I actually checked up and barely found out that this burning in my throat was acid reflux. I've actually had this several times, but it usually goes away the next day. Anyone have any ideas on a remedy, or will I just have to wait until it cures itself? Thanks. York chrysler sebring oil leak. Wrexham Maelor Diesel Vehicle Tax Credit 2010 top low fuel consumption cars new hampshire heating oil dealers. New auto loan fairmont how to make my 4 cylinder engine burn less fuel Im a 15 years old male, looking to buy a car. I've talked to my dad about insurance and he said I need to gget a car that is going to be cheap on insurance. He told me not to smoke. And get a 4 door car. And a car that isn't red or yellow or orange. Any other tips you can give me, to keep in mind, while im shopping for a car? Thanks renault multi function tunepoint holden sales figures. Gympie Which bike is best overall why in the range between 60K to 80K? On a 2013 Chevy astrovan, Might be off a year or two, where the thermometer display is, above the head in the middle, there are two buttons. One sayd Mode, and the other Metric/US. I know how to cycle through the modes, and see fuel usage, and fuel used all together, but I do not know how to reset the numbers, of accumilated usage.Any body know?Thanks ferrari dealer near washington dc samsung auto wall tv mount. FROSINONE Best American car from 1995+ and for less than $7,000? I currently drive a 4 door sedan, which gets loaded with 200+lbs of hay and at least 100lbs of feed every time I go to the feed store. It's unrealistic..I can't tow, I can't fit a whole lot of feed in it, and it doesn't do well on the dirt roads which are inevitable to get to most the barns I ride at. The only good thing, since I never have passengers, I keep half my tack room in the back :P It gets good gas 30/mpg, but it's manual which drives my knee absolutely baserk. I'm trying to convince my dad to let me trade it in for a more practical vehicle, especially one I can haul in since me and my horses will be moving out of state and I won't have anyone with a truck down there.So my questions:A) What is your primary vehicle?B) How does it affect your barn life/chores?C) If you have a separate vehicle for towing, what is it? used diesel cars with best gas mileage auto upholstery cleaning new braunfels texas. Auto mover new haven Diesel Vehicle Tax Credit 2010 daimler chrysler dealerships in austin chevy 1950s pickup truck. COATICOOK Is it a good idea to own a CNG vehicle on Long Island NY? how to increase horsepower for free ford excursion transmission 2002 overheating. Greystones Where can I buy a botane lighter? So here is the basic background info... After high school I attended culinary school at the local community college. After graduating I entered a 4 year university for a bachelors degree. Though I maintained a high GPA in culinary school, at university I had about a C average. I then experienced personal traumas which caused depression incredible irresponsibility. I failed all classes that semester, then thinking I'd be more successful signed up for a full course load the next semester. I then attempted to withdraw online, and didn't double check, turns out I didn't withdraw and now have 2 semester of very poor grades on that university's GPA average. I took a year off and did some significant work on my mental health. This semester I reapplied to the same school and was rejected due to my low GPA, however was told I would be re admitted if I went back to community college and received high grades... So far so good, my grades so far are A's across the board and have not missed class at all this semester. This is encouraging and feels good, however here lies the problem.I have worked since I was 14 and have always paid my tuition out of pocket. My father's high income didn't allow for me to receive any Pell grants, and in an attempt to graduate without debt I never took out student loans, rather worked full time and went to school full time. In early December the restaurant I was working for went out of business. Admittedly I spent December enjoying time with family and friends during the holidays, a luxury I hadn't had since I was 14 being my whole life in the hospitality industry. During this time I lived (and bought presents) off of my savings. This caused the account to plummet. Mid January I had still not found employment but had signed up for classes and used the remainder of my savings account to pay for classes, and I signed up for, all early morning so I could work at a new restaurant. I then, after a week of literally not spending a dime, I signed up to receive unemployment benefits and for the first time in my life received government help of any sort . I received 2 weeks benefits (accounting for 200 dollars and some change). I was then sent a letter informing me that since I am a student, this impedes my ability to find work and therefore was not eligible for unemployment benefits. At the beginning of the semester I was still extremely confident that I

would soon find a job, especially considering the 6 + hours a day I spend applying for jobs, networking, asking friends for leads and composing and editing different resumes in order to cater to different jobs. At this time I then maxed out my credit cards, paying one payment on my car and buying textbooks (this is the highest I've allowed my credit limit to be, at $700 because I'm scared of being in over my head in debt). Cut to right now... $0 balance in my bank account, having missed a payment last month, a credit limit that cannot be extended and I am yet to find employment (this constant rejection from jobs who don't even call for an interview, let alone the interviews Im given for jobs which have then rejected me is a trauma in it of itself.)Then I had a lightbulb moment. Now being an independent student, and no history of any student loans, surely this is the time to capitalize on this kind of aid right? Wrong. Here I thought I could at the very least take out loans to pay back the money I spent on tuition and books, then be able to pay my bills, and maybe but gas in my car that I didn't count out change to pay for. My school then told me that since I have an associates degree already, and combined with the other college, I am over the credit hour limit that allows for any kind of federal aid, including loans, and they won't issue any sort of award. Regroup and rethink...I then went to Wells Fargo and Sally Mae and applied for private loans (and based on my credit was approved for way to much money in loans) Great news, however these companies have to send the check to the school who then applies it to the balance and gives me the remainder (essentially just a middle man in this process). Well I then went back to the financial aid office to gain info on receiving the loan check once issued and was informed that the school does not process privatized loans and if a check was mailed, would simply be returned to the company and I would receive nothing.So here I sit attempting to regroup and rethink and I've hit a brick wall....If any of you have felt with a similar situation please offer advice... Is there a way to override the school or it's decision?Additionally I need help brainstorming from anyone with any ideas how to fix this, or at the very least find money to tide me over until I finally find work.Please Help! I'm willing to consider any and all suggestions!Thank you and may Your God Bless YouWhat you said about the 150 percent is almost exactly what the loan officer told me. Do you know of an appeals process to the (then assumed) FAFSA decision to deny aid? I'm unfamiliar with this process, and my school is seemingly unfamiliar as well. I have applied to primarily restaurant jobs, since my rĂŠsumĂŠ caters to those jobs, however I've also applied to retail jobs, and multiple jobs on indeed, monster and career builder in a variety of different fields.Though I considered dropping out of school, I weighted the fact that, since I am now past the withdraw date I will not receive any amount of refund, so I don't feel that it's worth it to lose a few grand in order to make $114 a week.... But maybe I'm wrong.Also I am unable to receive any help from my family or friends... My father was laid off about 6 months ago, and though willing to cosign a loan, can not lend any money to me at this time...And all of my friends are college or grad students and broke t holdings hafei ute jeep trails. CANTABRIA What's a good car with low insurance and good gas mileage? 95 Nissan sentra automatic 185k miles. About a mth ago we replaced all the brakes brake fluids calipers wheel cylinder and so one the next day the car wouldn't start. So after checking the spark plug and fuel pump we towed it to a mechanic that put new spark plugs in and a fuel filter then after several tried got the car to run and i put a can of sea foam in the gas. My egr sensor has been showing a code for over a year now but we have been fixing more immediate things on the car back to back. I also have a pretty big coolant leak I'm still getting to. Now while stopped at a red light 3 times now the car ideal rough lik jerking then one time I when to hit the gas and it didn't go right away. It also didn't want to turn over for a few times last night and seems to take a little longer to turn over in genreal. What should I be looking at to fix here I want to fix whats going on before its stops working and taking it to a mechanic for them to try one thing then another adds up fast considering the long list of repairs already. So if I could get some idea from anyone on where to look myself it would really help thank you. I have had the car tested for the battery and stater replaced the alternator. If this is the egr should we replace it new clean it or buy it used? It is hard to fork out 100 for a egr and it not be whats wrong living of one min wage job other wise that's what I would do.egr valve diesel vehicles wikipedia mazda 3 2009 hatchback review. Yokohama tire dealers in georgia Credible sources for oil (fossil fuel Hi! I was wondering what sort of boat would be good for seeing Polynesia.... I'd like it to be powered by an engine, not a sail and a $10000 limit... Will a simple fishing boat suffice? Thanks in advance. I apologize for my complete lack of knowledge on boat types. Maine daewoo dvd codebreakers. Victoria Diesel Vehicle Tax Credit 2010 gas saving tips for diesel trucks audi tt interior.

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