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Oregon A certain hybrid car has a mileage rating of 51 miles per gallon. If the car makes a trip of 287 miles, how ma? "We have doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas..."-- 0bama, State of the Union address, Feb. 12, 2013THE FACTS:"He claimed that 'we have doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas.' Actual mileage is improving, but Obama's 'doubled' claim refers to a desired miles-per-gallon average for model year 2025." factcheck /2013/02/factchecking-obamassotu/#.URw2c_KtbXQ@Contentious Otter0bama LIED numerous times during the speech.. prices for the cadillac navigation cd. Samsung washer What would cause the fuel guage to flip to E and low fuel light comes on when the tank has gas? the gas guage on my 97 Ford F250 3/4 ton seems to not go below a 1/4 indication level. I am not sure how much fuel I have, if it is on empty or not. When topped off it goes all the way to "F" as full. But, only drops to 1/4 and remains there. How do I get this corrected, or checked out? Any mechanics out there? The vehicle runs fine. local biodiesel stations tom manaker marcos island fl. Where were jeep j10 made Reoccuring UTI, antibiotic not working? I was going to buy a sniper and I've never really know whats good and whats not good. I was going to buy a green gas powered L96 G96D. I saw that it shoots from 200ft. to 280ft. is this good for a sniper if no what could I do to improve it. what the best car for fuel economy protons carries a. Cheltenham What are good-looking trucks with good MPG? So the science question is.. Matt Sam want to test out wax and shortening to see which one melts quicker.Something like that. Anyway, you have to set up a procedure, materials, and manipulated variable, responding, blah blah blah. What I have for the procedure so far is - First step: Take a sample of wax and put it in a container. Close lid. 2: Set the container in a safe place, leave it there for a hour.3: Take a sample of shortening and set in a container. Close lid.4: Set container in a safe place, leave it there for a hour.*****So the thing is, they want to see which substance melts faster. I have NO IDEA what else to put as my procedure, or the variables for that matter. I am reallly confused, so if you could help, thanks!So for my maths question, it goes alittle like this. *You are going to buy your first car. You can't decide if you wany a car that has great gas mileage that is more expensive or a car that is a gas guzzler but the cost of the car is cheap.The real question is: is it worth paying more now or later?* Task: Explore 2 vehicles using the average gas mileage of the vehicles and the cost of the cars. You drive 250 miles every week and you need to find out how much money you spend in one year, two years, five years and so on. Take your findings and compare and contrast the two vehicles you have chosen. You will then present your findings by creating a linear graph(up too 100 years), make a table, verbally describe the relationship, and create equations from the given information. Gas currently is $3.51 per gallon.*So what I need help for, is creating the equation(which I think I can probably do, but I need a start place), linear graph is easy, verbally describing the relationship is the same with creating the equation, and that's it.The two cars I chose are Toyota Prius- $24,000- 50 miles per gallon.PT cruiser- $15,000- 22 miles per gallon.I'm a 8th grader, and this is Algebra.Any help is needed, so whether you answer 1 or 2, Thanks!!!!!(: a whole new world alladin. ARDS I am considering purchasing a 2013 either Kia Rio or Soul...? I'm looking to buy a used crossover SUV for basic city use in Dubai - office commuting, mall visits and maybe a long weekend drive... nothing too offroadish. The ones that fall within my price range seem to be Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage and Suzuki Grand Vitara, and maybe also the Mitsubishi ASX and Nissan Juke and Qashqai. Which one among the lot is the best option in terms of performance, safety, fuel economy, and especially maintenance, as the car would likely be past warranty period and i wouldn't want it to be bleeding me with frequent maintenance? Hit me with your suggestions please. used dodge ram 3500 houston suzuki ami free free. HAARLEM Bmw X5 Diesel Mpg 2002 2009 ford escape v6 fuel economy toyota colorado springs motor city. Colorado What do automotive engineers do? explain in paragraph form, with detail. xa station wagon. Rover resort mckinney tx Why is the sequester so bad? The poor lose out on the sequester, as does our military. Shouldn't extravagant tax loopholes for the rich(like for private jets) be closed ahead of any cuts to programs that benefit the poor including housing assistance? What's the bigger sacrifice? Losing the roof over ones head or the tax loophole for your private jet? used case equipment ontario canada basic bmw

Bj Gas Prices Haarlem fuel Cost in Sevierville | Inside Sevierville The AAA fuel Cost Calculator is a great tool you can use to estimate the fuel cost of your trip to the Smokies. The calculator combines regional gasoline averages along with your vehicle #39;s make, year and model to provide the ... Victoria freightliner fl60 crew cab. WEALDEN What car do you think is the best on gas? how to reduce the energy consumption in a house cars 2005 lotus. CROTONE Bmw X5 Diesel Mpg 2002 wagon parts horse drawn parts isuzu bighorn forum. Ways To Save Energy In Your Home Rhondda, Cynon, Taff Bmw X5 Diesel Mpg 2002 Port Augusta dueling pianos pontiac. KOBLENZ What car is best for me? People living in the West Coast have nothing but respect for Obama, though there are people that think he hasn't kept his promises and gone far enough. Yet, in the last presidential election nearly half of the country voted for Romney and Romney was not by any means a popular guy in the Republican circles. Rick Santorum was the guy to beat after Romney which is a little strange considering his big government views and thirst to spend like a drunken sailor for wars and federal programs. Clearly there were people motivated purely out of dislike for Obama that had little to do with policy. fuel economy for a 2006 nissan altima austin new trucks. Holden percentiges Whats are some good JDM's between 1988-1998 that are fast, fuel efficient and pretty cheap to buy? what's your favorite car brand that you like overall?me:i like ford because they have sedans/muscle cars/fuel efficent/trucks/etc,and they are RELATIVELY cheap compared to others.....also ford is pretty common,so if you needed maintenance/parts/etc.****what's YOUR favorite car brand overall?... Stratford-on-Avon concurrence citroen. Cairns i have a 2013 honda civic ex se and it keeps overheating? Old Car durability question...Please help! :)?I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring...It needs a little work like it leaks oil but I keep a close eye on it and keep the oil changed. I know I need a new oil pan and gaskets and the oil plug is stripped so bad they change the oil from the top and not the bottom sucking it out some how I dont know who the guy did it but he hooked me up lol! Well Like I said it cranks up and does pretty good I maintain all the fluid and I have had a new timing belt put on it about two years ago it hasn't over heated or anything...I do the best I can with the little things until I can afford to get the bigger things done...thing is I Might be moving out of state for a new job and i would like to take my car with me instead of renting a Uhaul and bringing it with me ( I have to get a Uhaul anyway for my furniture) BUT i wanted to drive my car and put my furniture in storage and come back for that stuff later...I want my car so I wont have to ride the bus to work..Thing is my new state is 12 hours away and I'm wondering will my "hoompty" make it the 12 hour drive?/ I only drive it to work and back here now and occasionaly to the mall which it about 30-40 minute drive...that's the farthest I have driven it. I bought this car from a friends husband who said it's a decent car and so far it has been good to me. I'm wondering will my car make it on a 12 hour drive...a small portion of the drive is through mountains even though the transmission seems to be pretty strong with a car that old and those little problems would I be better off just putting it in storage with my furniture and getting a tow dolly and bringing it later when I save some money?? P.S. it get CRAPPY gas milage lol! I get like 200 miles per tank and my new state will be about 768 miles...I'm more worried about will it make the trip than the gas cost...HELLLLP! THX!! ways to save gas and electricity limousine rental ajax ontario. fuel Saver Module QUINTANILLA DE LAS VI�AS Commercial turboprop planes in U.S? Can somebody please help tell me what the most accurate mpg for a 1989 Honda Accord is? I've looked on SEVERAL sights containing statistics, hosting forums, and giving reviews on the car, but I can't find a single consistent answer. The lowest City: Highway ratio I've seen thus far was 21:27 and the highest being 27:34. I'm planning a trip soon and I would love to have an accurate number to base my cost calculations on for gas money. Does this car's mpg just vary that much year round depending on mother nature and it's condition, or am I just looking in the wrong places? Thanks Broome mercury jet drive motor. Top fuel Efficient Vehicles LAS BATUECAS Is my Innovation correct? This country consumes the most electricity. A lot of it is not needed and costs so much money. Put the amount of military spending on top of that. Can't we go the eco friendly direction, save energy, and save

money over course of many years ?.. We have the capacity in this big country. Is America so materialistic and consuming so much garbage ?.. If I look at countries that are the opposite, they are doing the best. They have a stable government as well. I could careless about the "good ol America", I'm embarrassed about how much we big mouth being the most powerful country, when we're environmentally stupid wasting money on non-sense, have a weak education system, have horrible crime rates, and have one of the worst social systems in the world, inlcuding healthcare. And lastly, not liked by many other nations, for which I understand. Lexington white volkswagon pedal car. West Lothian Bmw X5 Diesel Mpg 2002 increase horsepower jeep 4.0 honda car dealership in atlanta georgia. VARESE Biodiesel: How much can be made from a specific quantity of oil? Hertfordshire cardinal trucking canada. Shields mitsubishi day 1 of my master cleanse? Alright so i have this invention that i feel like could be really successful. Its an invention that would go inside of cars or other vehicles. I don't really have any money to get anything off the ground and I'm wondering if anybody knows how i could get funding to try and make this a reality. Garland plymouth nursery plymouth michigan. Scottsdale Bmw X5 Diesel Mpg 2002 how much gas does a hybrid car save ef sedan for sale. Daewoo television image strected How many miles will I be able to drive? okay so im planning to buy a 1983 chevy c10 truck and i realize that it has dual gas tanks so how come it comes with dual gas tanks???also if i switch to the deiseal instead of gas will it increase my mpg and will i get the full power out of my engine just like if i was using gas or even more power??if you can give me any other information about the dual gas tanks i would greatly appreciate it wrecked chevrolet express damage photos reset chrysler check engine. Mildura Why were the germans called jeries in world war 2 ? silver car gold rims what is convertible debt. CORSE-DU-SUD What constant speed (between 50 and 65 mph) minimizes the cost of operating the truck? SOCIAL BENEFITS IN GERMANY INCLUDE FREE COLLEGE, VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL TRAINING, 100% HEALTHCARE BENEFITS AND BASIC DENTAL, LEGAL INSURANCE, 8-10 WEEKS PAID VACATION, PAID SICK DAYS, PAID SICK LEAVE, FREE OR CHEAP DAYCARE FOR CHILDREN, NURSING HOME INSURANCE,WELFARE(HOUSING AND MONEY FOR LIVING) GENEROUS PENSIONS,ETC. MERCER SURVEY INDICATED THAT SWITZERLAND HAS THE HIGHEST WAGES IN THE WORLD AND GERMANY IS SECOND( THIS IS AFTER TAXES AND COST OF LIVING INCLUDED) THE AVERAGE GERMAN MAKES ABOUT $40,000 EUROS OR $55,000 A YEAR WHILE ONLY WORKING ABOUT 1688 HOURS. THE SOCIAL BENEFITS ALONE WOULD COST AMERICANS AROUND $60,000 OR $70,000 A YEAR SO ADDING THE AVERAGE $55,000 SALARY THE WAGES/BENEFITS EXCEED $100,000 IN AMERICAN MONEY. HOW DOES GERMANY DO IT? THE AVERAGE GERMAN PAYS AROUND 36% TAXES ON INCOME WHILE LAND TAXES ARE DIRT CHEAP ON PROPERTY*$300 A YEAR). CAR INSURANCE($400 EUROS YEARLY) AND HOUSE INSURANCE($200 EUROS YEARLY) IS MUCH CHEAPER IN GERMANY VERSES AMERICA. AVERAGE MONTHLY ELECTRICAL BILLS ARE LESS THEN $100.00 WHILE INFLATION AVERAGES AROUND 2-3% YEARLY WHILE IN AMERICA TRUE INFLATION IS AROUND 8-9% YEARLY. GASOLINE IS MORE EXPENSIVE IN GERMANY BUT MOST GERMANS USE DIESEL AROUND $4 EUROS PER GALLON BUT MANY OF THEIR CARS GET 50-65 MILES PER GALLON AND GERMANY DOES NOT SPEND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON FIGHTING OIL WARS. GERMANY WILL HAVE A BALANCED GOVERNMENT BUDGET THIS YEAR WHILE AMERICA WILL HAVE A 8% DEFICIT. GERMANY WILL HAVE A 7% CURRENT ACCOUNT SURPLUS(WORLD'S LARGEST TRADE SURPLUS) WHILE AMERICA WILL HAVE A 4% DEFICIT. GERMANS HAVE MUCH LESS CONSUMER DEBTS VERSUS AMERICA AND THEY SAVE ON AVERAGE 14% OF THEIR INCOMES. IN FLORIDA WHERE I LIVE THE AVERAGE HOURLY SALARY IS AROUND $12 AN HOUR AND VERY FEW BENEFITS OR ABOUT $9.80 AN HOUR TAKE HOME. IN GERMANY AFTER TAX INCOME PLUS SOCIAL BENEFITS WOULD AMOUNT TO $55 AN HOUR IF PURCHASED IN AMERICA. HOW DOES GERMANY DO IT? SOME RANDOM WAGES: AUTO WORKERS IN GERMANY MAKE AROUND $70 AN HOUR IN WAGES/BENEFITS WHILE IN AMERICA NEW HIRES ARE STARTING AT $12 AN HOUR. TEACHERS IN GERMANY START AT $60,000 A YEAR PLUS THE SOCIAL BENEFITS OR AROUND $58 AN HOUR AFTER TAXES IN WAGES/BENEFITS WHILE HERE IN FLORIDA THEY

ARE STARTING TEACHERS AS TEMPS MAKING $12 AN HOUR WITH LITTLE OR NO BENEFITS AND MOST AMERICANS GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE WITH VERY LARGE TUITION DEBTS SOMETIMES OF $100,000 OR MORE PLUS INTEREST. IN GERMANY THEY HAVE CODETERMINATION WHERE WORKERS SIT ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MAKING DECISIONS ALONG WITH THE COMPANY OFFICERS. WORK COUNCILS, UNIONS AND WORKER COOPS ARE ALSO VERY COMMON IN GERMANY. THE TOTAL PERCENTAGE OF GERMANS COVERED WITH CODETERMINATION AND OTHER SOCIAL ECONOMY ASPECTS IS AROUND 80% WHILE OTHERS HAVE THEIR OWN BUSINESSES OR THEY COLLECT SOCIAL WELFARE AND WORK UNDER THE TABLE SO BASICALLY EVERYONE IS INCLUDED IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. AMERICA ONLY 10% OF THE WORKFORCE HAS A UNION WHILE MAYBE ANOTHER 10% HAVE THEIR OWN BUSINESS LEAVING 80% POWERLESS IN THE ECONIMIC AND POLITICAL PROCESS MANY EUROPEAN COMPANIES AND INVESTORS COME TO AMERICA AND USE THE PEOPLE AS CHEAP LABOR AND ALSO BUY THINGS ON THE CHEAP WITH THEIR STRONGER CURRENCIES BASICALLY AMERICA HAS BECOME A COLONY WHERE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SHARE CROPPERS AND OTHER FOLKS FROM AROUND THE WORLD OWN THE ASSETS(WARREN BUFFETS OWN WORDS). DURING EUROPEAN ELECTIONS ALL CANDIDATES ARE FUNDED WITH PUBLIC MONEY AND THEY GET EQUAL MEDIA TIME SO NOT BUY ELECTION WITH MONEY. GERMANY HAS 7 MAIN POLITICAL PARTIES AND MORE MINOR PARTIES. GERMANY IS EMBARKING ON A RENEWABLE ENERGY REVOLUTION WHERE THEY ARE AIMING TO BE FOSSIL fuel FREE BY 2040 AND USE HYDROGEN AS THEIR MAIN ENERGY CARRIER. GERMANY/NORTHER EUROPE ARE THE WORLD'S LARGEST CREDITORS AND RICHEST PEOPLE'S EXPORTING TWICE WHAT AMERICA EXPORTS AND HAVING A MUCH LARGER MANUFACTURING BASE,ETC....BECAUSE GERMANY/NORTHERN EUROPE HAS A HIGH WAGE/VALUE ADDED/HIGH TECHNOLOGY/EXPORT ECONOMY IT ALLOWS THEM TO HAVE THEIR SOCIAL DEMOCRACY.Germans again receive about 50 days a year off including holidays(weekdays) and the standard work week is around 37-40 hours. German workers have one of the shortest working hours in the world in actuality places like Greece have much longer working hours on average but an inefficient/low tech economy. Germany rivals China in exports and Germany is the world's largest exporter of high end/high technology products. Germany's Free College and also paid Vocational/Technical training helps form a very potent workforce and knowledgeable people. Other Northern European Nations also have short working hours because they also have value added economies. Northern Europe has a 500 billion current account surplus while China is running a 200 billion surplus and America is running a 600 billion yearly deficit which has been high as 800 billion. 2004 hyundai sonata lx fuel economy buy tire chains online. Jac de villiers Bmw X5 Diesel Mpg 2002 kempinski beijing great wall mitsubishi tv 57732 reviews. SMITHERS Does a subaru forrester get good gas milage? I've noticed that in the Canada and the USA, the Chevy Spark gets drastically different MPG... It's listed as 50+ in Canada and only around 41 in the US.Why is this?Yes I know that we use different units for the most part... but MPG is MPG... no matter what 1 liter of water equals pounds bank repo car sale in pa. Salisbury fuel http://FuelSavingTab.comeconomy fuel http://FuelSavingTab.comeconomy opinion of tour edge bazooka geo max hybrid club new orleans kia. VIBO VALENTIA V4 engine car? suv/crossover? In a multi-vehicle accident, sport utility vehicles generally fare better than the passenger cars involved in the accident. Why is that so? 2011 nissan versa sedan fuel economy hongqi car. Modified car sale What is the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis? Gas prices are high because speculators see no change in his policy, he is doing nothing to enhance the countries energy supply. This emboldens our enemies who control production and they keep supplies at maximum profit levels. If their was an effort to increase other sources like natural gas, keystone, and other things like power plants and refineries, the Opec counties would up production to stop such competition, that is what kept price down for years, they would produce enough so profit was high, but our will to replace them as supplier was low.With liberals blocking all energy for 30 years, Obama showing his cards so clearly, working with Soros to close the Gulf permanently, there is no fear, no competition, no need to worry for OPEC.They know that our environmentalists have put us years behind, and that our regulations will protect their market for years.Obama say's, it's not my fault. Please.Supply and demand are laws of nature, they always work. Only government can cause this artificial price spike. Prices would be dropping right now had Obama made different choices 3 years ago.Your ideas please. Bedfordshire

maxxis 6029. Gympie Bmw X5 Diesel Mpg 2002 engine torque definition child car seat ford mustang.

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