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Maryland Intro to Programming Trouble? one of them in my previous question said chevy volt gets 95 mpg. Actual tests show 67 mpg. That's a 28 mpg exaggeration, as said in the link below. The reason that person said 95 mpg is because he/she was defending Obama on the claim of "we doubled gas mileage in cars". Turns out to be an outrageous lie. greencarreports /new greencarreports /news/1079727_2013-chevrolet-volt-gas-mileage-electric-range-tests/1079727_2013-chevrolet-voltgas-mileage-electric-range-testarticle says "The overall gas mileage for our 360 miles, combined between electric and gasoline modes, was 67.2 mpg." greencarreports /news/1079727_2013chevrolet-volt-gas-mileage-electric-range-testat least if they are going to confront me, they should confront me with facts, not with outright lies. no car can give 95 mpg. loli know both lie, but i'm being accused of being liar while telling truth. that's how ugly its gotten on this forum. see la dona's reply /question/index;_ylt=ApD2dPpy52QV3EJFtuL18VHty6IX;_ylv=3? qid=20130212220853AA5sa2Fand then later these la dona types criticize me for blocking them....if chevrolet claims their volt gives 95 mpg, then its an outright lie as all on the road tests have shown that is a huge exaggeration by GM. Just recently KIA motors had to reimburse its owners for giving false MPG estimates. I think volt will be the next onethe article even states that," The EPA says the 2013 Volt's electric range is 38 miles, and it rates the gas mileage at 37 mpg"So at best its 75 mpg. Where does the 95 mpg come from then? that's still an extra 20 mpg being stated. No engineer or scientist on earth can produce 95 mpg on a volt no matter how he drives it. mini digger uk. Ukraine model zx gas tank auto gas tank auto ufc 2009 undisputed royce gracie goodyear rubber soles shoes. Tai chi in dayton I need cold start spark plugs for my 2013 suzuki gs500... anyone know what kind i need to order? I have a 2000 Olds Alero and had a code pop up for multipule misfire and car is acting crazy. Is very hesitant when taking off. When I come to a stop or make a sharp turn it will die unless I have it in nuteral and keep the rpms up. Strong oder...possibly carbon? When started and in park the rpms bounce up and down. I have replaced the spark plugs. And was thinking of replacing the coils but I want some advise. What are these symptoms indicating and what action should I take? benefit of cd vs savings account premier league 2005 06. Waverley My Manga idea. Please help? I'm 43. My wife went through a mid life crisis and decided to divorce me. I have 2 kids under 11. I tried to get my wife to go to couples therapy and she only went to 3 sessions and quit. She had an emotional affair a little over a year ago and came out if it anti-me. She started shooting pool or playing cards and being out till 1 or 2am. I stayed home and took care of the kids. I kept hoping she would turn around. Didn't happen. We divorced last week. Both she and I have been in individual therapy for a year. So, I'm living in a state where I haveno family or good friends. (Moved here for my wifes job 5 years ago.). I'm anchored here because this is where my kids are. I love them dearly. I don't like this state. I have a great job with a great cimpany. They've been really supportive and accomodating through this. I'm trying to figure out where to go from here with my life. I have zero interest in dating right now. The idea makes me sick. Id sort of like to see if she changes her mind. She moves out in march and signed a 15 month lease. She also has a great job with a great company. It's like she took a wrecking ball through our lives and tore up our plans and dreams for our future and our kids. What should I do next? royce dieter. SAN GIORGIO (A CREMANO) smartech independent contractor? So I had an amazing job that paid great until I was laid off in December. Before I was laid off I bought my girlfriend a manual transmission car for christmas for better fuel economy since she drives an old boat car with horrible mileage. She doesn't know how to drive a manual and was willing to learn until after two weeks of learning she still wasn't getting the hang of it. I have taught several friends and family members how to drive stick in a matter of two days or less and they were driving a stick on their own like it was second nature once they learned from me. Now.... for whatever reason my girlfriend takes almost two weeks to learn just how to start in first gear without killing it. Here it is two months after she got the car and it just fucking sits in her parents yard. No ambition to keep learning never takes it upon herself to try it when I'm not around. I feel if I was given a free car id be dying to get into it. Id want to be out there learning how to drive it myself if no one was there to teach me. I'm feeling really let down and under appreciated. I searched for a great little gas saver, bought it, put it right into the shop to get a few small things fixed so it would be 100% ready for a surprise Christmas gift and now it just sits taking up space.I am so disappointed and let down that it angers me greatly. I don't know what to do. I really just wanna sell it and tell her she is an ungrateful bitch and break up with her but I can't. I don't know what to do and need some advice bmw preowned unique auto seat covers.

PR�VOST Best Mpg Diesel Motorhome how to increase swap space in hp ux x treme motor scooters. Australian Capital Territory Centron Diesel fuel Treatment Provides Superior Performing Diesel ... December 21, 2013 -- Centron diesel fuel additive is achieving high marks by many fleet managers as arguably the best all around performng diesel fuel additive in the market myfuel http://FuelSavingTab.compartner . Centron Diesel fuel ... xtla michelin. Toyota sports cars 2009 what is a fun car to drive but still good on gas? I juss got my permit... So me an my parents are looking for a car, doesnt matter it can be manual or automatic because im cool enough to be able to drive a manual.... Anyways i live in dunsmuir california... So anywhere near there.... Like inbetween Yreka and Redding... Ive looked on craigslist. and its shit.... So it would really really help it it was under $1,000.... But yeaaaaa.... garman morris concept cars scion Cars With The Best Gas Mileage 2015 South Carolina gas prices 2014 gas prices 2014 Chula Vista fiat doblo leicester. CORPUS CHRISTI how much is gas how much is gas best diesel cars to convert to vegetable oil eugene dadis. CARIHUELA Best Mpg Diesel Motorhome turbo renault espace oregon mercury gibson motor junction city. Top 10 fuel Economy Cars 2012 Den Helder Best Mpg Diesel Motorhome Horsham buy ford truck parts. NORTHWEST TERRITORIES bowser gas pumps bowser gas pumps fuel economy 2003 cadillac escalade 1997 suzuki bandit 1200. Renault megane cabrio How to deal with a loved one addicted to crack? This is a very smart 14 year old.Who has a PC, Xbox, radio control planes, helicopters, cars boats. We don't know what games he has and he has 3 cellphones.Surprisingly he is a great boy, and a great brother to his brothers and sister. He goes on many outings and doesn't really seem bothered by his appearance. We have $300 to spend on him.. :/ Ideas please? gadgets maybe but what sort? California dodge colt auto. Trafford is there a way to tune your truck without buying a chip or tuner? There is a Dodge Ram I want, Almost everything I want from a truck. Only one problem, It has a V10. Not that I really mind it's just that I need more MPG.So, I was wondering if I could get the truck, then get a smaller V8 in it and keep the V10, just in case. Would a V8 fill the big space of the V10? Would all the parts and wires line up and fit? Would it even be possible because the truck needs to function with a V10? Should I find a Diesel engine? And would it be worth it doing, or should I just put a bunch of performance chips and such to get better fuel economy? All I need it for now is to get me through High School and Collage. Im alittle tight with money so what would be the better route if I do choose to get this truck. It's a 1996 2500 Dodge Ram, and please, don't tell me to look for a different truck, or a different model truck like a Chevy or Ford, I know what kind of truck I want. average australian car fuel consumption toyota car dealer in glidden iowa. Is Manual More fuel Efficient CHARLOTTETOWN how can i finance a used car? This is not a condescending question.Should I be worried about my student debt? (80,000) If I move in with parents and save up all my income why would I not be able to pay off my loans in 2-3 years?I am going to have a criminal justice degree Zutphen black book for auto pricing. Self Service Gas LAVAL How do rvs get water and electricity? I was on a road trip. Half way to my destination i pulled up at a gas station to get some refreshments and i noticed the engine running rough. The car was shaking at idle.I opened the hood but couldnt figure out the problem. Thought it was a vacuum leak and decided to solve it when i got to my destination.350 miles later, i pop the hood open and started going through all the possible reasons why an engine would idle rough...then i discovered the loose injector connector. Plugged it back in and it immediately got smooth again.So i was basically driving on 5 cylinders. Its a Buick LeSabre 3800 V6.Car is running fine now but im worried i might have damaged something in the engine.Any insight? Edam converting a car to biofuel

Maine Best Mpg Diesel Motorhome cheap diesel cars essex apollo app. GATESHEAD Brand of premium gas? - SRT Forums - SRT4, SRT6, SRT8, SRT10 ... I buy Sunoco #39;s 93octane gas for my car just about every fill up and I #39;m wondering which brand of premium gas is best or are they all the same? Aardenburg scion tc wood grain. Oxycontin use in canada Passenger vans for big families? Ford F-150, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado or Dodge Ram? Those are the only for trucks I like. So don't say anything about any oher models except those four. F-250, 350 and 450 are fine. The Sierra and Silverado HDs are fine to list. The Dodge 2500 and 3500 is OK to list, too. The higher duty models of those for trucks are OK to list.Reason to ask this: I am two years from graduating high school and will sell my first truck after it reaches 100,000 miles. So then I will buy a brand spanking new truck. Cumbria sedan car seat. Uaimh Best Mpg Diesel Motorhome 2004 ford f350 diesel fuel economy the michelin star guide. Buick car dealers in peoria My daughter died.... Why should I live now ? Was it because there were not a lot of doctors, nurses or surgeons?Or was it simply because they did not know how to treat the wounds? spitfire triumph capital mercury apparel. Athy made a new life, but still thinking of my ex? I need some information about Passive House, actualy that cansave Highly energy. ? old car program toyota camry aisin a241 auto transaxle. BRIVIESCA fuel Doctor Finale: No, It Really Doesn #39;t Work. At All | Car and Driver ... A few months back, we looked at a number of fuel devices and found out that, not surprisingly, none of them worked. The fuel Doctor FD-47 was one of these devices. After we published the story, fuel Doctor president ... engine torque brace zero engineering custom motorcycles. Volkswagen sp2 Best Mpg Diesel Motorhome studebaker sedan 1941 sterling truck motors inventors. ANTIBES what is most powerful diesel or petrol? I'm 17 and looking for my first car. I have heard more "If I had bought a nice small, fuel car when I was Your age..." speeches, I could die. So if you'd like persuade me...go away. Otherwise, i've got $7,000 to spend and I need some advice. I've been looking at 80's - early 2000's camaros and vetts. I want some genuine american muscle. I quickly learned how ambitious my craigslist searches for 70 buick GSX's and 69 camaros and GTO's were but I'm confident theres some combination of badass muscle and affordability out there. I just down have the knowledge or experience to know what it is. Any advice is appreciated. fuel economy 2009 jetta 2007 mercedes benz e350. Veere best miles per gallon suv best miles per gallon suv orton auto fire 3000 instalation v6 conversion jeep. BRANDON what is vehicles frontal area? I know that European sports vehicles logically go faster because they are made of carbon fiber and American's are made of steel/iron. But this is for a high school debate. I was considering arguing that buying American vehicles helps the American economy. Any ideas? fuel economy honda accord 2005 benz parts online. Mitsubishi galant car stereo help So Ive been prescribed Xanax I need help!? Here's the thing. I have this little farm in a far far place where there's no electrical power. I only have a generator that I can't afford to have on all day... I have this chickens I need to keep warm at night among other things, like turning on light bulbs (both old and energy saving ones), tv, radio, etc for a few hours. Here's the thing, I was looking online and I found a descent price on a 130 watts solar panel, 12 volts output so I was thinking of buying it. I'll explain what I know so far so you can maybe help me out with my doubts:I am supposed to sum up the amount of watts consumed by the devices connected to my panels right ? for instance, if I have three 40 watts bulbs that would mean 120 watts per hour, which means the panel would do the job right ? Let's assume for a second we have ideal weather conditions. So that would mean that if I need the bulbs on for 4 hours that's "120*4= 480 watts hour" .. the panels would need to be working under ideal conditions 4 hours as well right ? That would mean "130*4=520 watts hours" so I should be fine, right ? No energy storage involve so far. Just direct energy consumption right? Now, here's one of my main question. I couldn't fine panels that could provide more than 130 watts, so what do I do when I need more energy than that ? am I supposed to connect several panels in parallel to keep the same voltage or am I supposed to connect them in series and deal later with the voltage

increase ? My "common sense" tells me that I should connect them in parallel (assuming I'm buying the same panel several times), so I get the same voltage output, to them connect them to a power inverter. But, will I get a wattage increase, will it just keep adding up ? For instance if I have four 130 watts panels in parallel will I get total of 520 watts ? *Crucial question*Also, among all the doubts I have, I would also like to ask how to select my system. Like I said before, my main issue is to keep the chicken warm. I would like to light up say, 6 old light bulbs just so I can heat up the room for the chickens. Let's say 60 watts (maybe?). According to my logic that would mean 360 watts so one panel wouldn't be enough, so how to I get more wattage ? How to I get enough wattage to light up these light bulbs plus a couple other energy saving ones for the surroundings of the farm, and old small tv and maybe a small fan ? The "warming bulbs" would be on all night, that's the goal.. the other things I intend to power would be on for 4 hours average. Last but not least, actually this is quite important... how to I store enough energy to keep this things going on once the sun is gone. As you may have figured out already I need energy at night, once the sun is gone, to keep the chicken warm at night an to light up the patio I guess. I'm gonna need an arrangement of batteries for this.. but which ones ? How many ? in parallel (of course?) ? How much time will they need to charge before I need to use them again ? Remember I plan to use them on a daily basis.So as you can see I'm pretty much an ignorant when it comes to this, but I'm really trying to figure it out. I know this sounds a bit nuts but I'm basically asking you to teach me to set up a whole systems for my needs. Is it even possible ? Given the case that I can't keep the "warming bulbs" on, I would still like to set up a system to light up the patio with energy saving bulbs, to turn on a small tv and perhaps a fan, that would still help a lot.Even if what I'm asking is too crazy, do you know of any other affordable way to produce or store enough energy for any of this things ? Like maybe wind energy? or (I don't know) is there a way to charge an arrangement of batteries with my generator and then use these batteries with an inverter to keep the rest of the things on at night ? Because I don't keep the generator on all night, it would probably break after a while. Sounds like waste to have such a huge thing on for hours every night just to keep a few bulbs and a small tv on.Well anyway, thanks for your time. I hope this doesn't sound too crazy and I hope you can help me out or maybe guide me in the right direction.ROWLFE: Please, I hope you read this. You seem to be well informed, more than just well. Thanks by the way.. but I need to flood you with a bunch of other questions if that's alright. So I assuming I have a established storage battery system (which I don't, I don't even know where to start, but let's just assume I have it) would it matter if I have a 130 watts panel or a bazillion watts panel ? What I mean is, since I'm using the power almost strictly when the sun is gone, then I can't consider the panel a "battery" as you said. I absolutely need the so said storage unit... so if I had this unit, any panel would do the trick to charge it ?I don't know if I'm explaining myself well, what I'm trying to say is that my energy consumption will be strictly supplied by my batteries, the solar panel in this case is just one of the many ways to charge those batteries. If I could charge the batteries with anything else then I would.. but I need powbut I need power at night to light up incandescent light bulbs. So would I need an specific solar panel to charge an ARRANGEMENT OF BATTERIES THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN DESIGNED TO POWER MY NEEDS ? or any panel/wattage would do the job since I would not be feeding directly from it ?By the way, since I have no clue where to start, do you think you could maybe recommend some panels/wattage for what I need ? and batteries, specially batteries. I know I can't use just regular car batteries since they are not designed to be charged and discharged so often. I heard something about golf car batteries, I don't know. Man if you could maybe show some quick schematics/designs of a system that might work for my needs, that would help me out a lot. Even if its just a block diagram... I'm sorry to sound so stupid but this is the first time I try to do something like this so I'm still on the trial and error stage. I promise I'm a bit smarter than this. Thanks for your help! Huntingdonshire hot wheels ferrari schumacher. Sluis Best Mpg Diesel Motorhome how does missing gears save fuel tvr race car for.

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