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Montana What is the best economy car out there? 88 oldsmobile parts schematic. Tires for old honda motorcycles History questions please help? 50-40 years ago, people were moving in flocks to live in Cali, but now a lot of moving out. How did this happen? chrysler corporations gas turbine car ford car dealer in millersburg kentucky. Mercedes fahrertraining What job would I be good at in the national guard? Im a junior and I'm really not that excited for prom. For one, its way too expensive, and two, i don't want to go this year and then expect the same thing senior year, i want it to be special just one time if that makes sense. All of my friends are begging me to go and the more they beg the more i don't want to go. Im going senior year but i think junior years a waste to go. Some of my friends are seniors but none of them are leaving our hometown when college starts so its not like i won't see them again after that. They are making me feel guilty for it saying "oh its their last year you have to go." money doesn't fall from the sky . My dad gets paid a lot but i care about him and save money so i don't want to waste it on a dress, limo, ticket, etc. Its getting on my nerves and thats all my friends talk about now. what to do? thanks! motorcycle torque and horsepower nfl car seat covers. East Lindsey If people believe in global warming, than why don't they do anything about it? newest, most fuel efficient and not horrible looking.Only cars ive found have been a jeep grand cherokee and a chevy malibu. Im in NC, if that makes a difference. customized truck seat covers. APPINGEDAM Which consumes more gas? Hi all,I would like to ask if anyone knows what are the greatest modern day achievements for Chemical Engineering?andMechanical Engineering?Currently what are the prominent areas of and RESEARCH and common areas/industries of WORK for Chemical and Mechanical engineers? Does anyone have any examples of what would constitute a topic for a honors bachelor's degree project thesis for each of the 2 disciplines? Any input is appreciated as I am trying to decide my University major between the 2 disciplines. Thank you. yellow porsche 2007 gt3 matchbox jdm motors for toyota. LINCOLN Best Gas Saver Motorcycles can engine torque information no signal dodge 59cummins auto transmission heat problem. Gladstone Can I put a new engine in my 2013 Taurus x limited SUV? OK so I am looking for my first car. I'm looking for something with really good miles per gallon but also looks good. I'm not looking for something very flashy but fits a guy. That's the problem, it seems that every car that has good miles per gallon is made for women. So that's what I need your help with is finding a car that has good miles per gallon, that fits a guy, and still looks good.I'm looking for an actual car but if you can find a vehicle such as the size of a Jeep cherokee then that would be great as well. OH! and For this day and age do you think a Jeep cherokee gets good gas mileage? goodyear 15206. Freightliner rebates Is it okay to ask my boss for gas money? And how much itll cost. I'll be driving roughly 1,031.9 miles from louisiana to north Carolina an am trying to figure out how maby times I will have to stop for gas. I usually drive 80mph on the high way but for the trip I plan on keeping my speed down a bit. I have a 2013 v6 ford mustang. And I keep the overdrive on. Okay where I live, gas is $3.69 I filled my car up when the miles was 93436.8 and had to fill it up again at 93674.7 (it was on E but the gas light didn't come on yet). And it costs me $48-$50 to fill up usually. So ROUGHLY how many should I have to fill up going there and back ?I'm really bad at Math and know nothing about cars centerville lincoln town car who shoot abraham lincoln How Much Does Cars Cost Buren Any one intrested in buy my car? I am looking at purchasing a smaller, more reliable car then what I currently have. I recently was offered 2 different honda civics. One was the 2013 Honda civic sedan and it was an LX model and automatic transmission. The other was the manual 5 speed coupe EX model. They both have a little over 100,000 miles but I have been religious with the matinence schedule of my previous car. They both have clean records. The coupe is priced at 7900 while the sedan is priced at 8500. My real problem is I have no little experience driving a manual and am afraid its going to wear the car faster. The sedan is priced higher though and I would have to take out a small loan to purchase. But the owner said he is willing to hang on for it for a year and put at most another 5000 miles and sell it to me for the same price as the coupe. I also need to consider realistically what is the better choice as I do realize that the manual in the coupĂŠ could become a Hassel for me. On that note, I will inform you I

don't drive like a racer and push the vehicle to its limits. However the coupe does have more standard features but with less space and I do drive with more than one passenger at least 3 times a week. I am 18 and have a clean driving record as well. So should I wait a year to buy the sedan or JH UST get the coupe right now. My current vehicle is an 2013 Chevy lumina with 140,000 miles. I am not in a rush to get a new vehicle. Just want something with better reliability and millage, if someone can estimate the estimated cost of the civic sedan next year and give me a suggestion on which one to buy, that would be great. I drove them both and they both seemed the same to me besides the coupe being more work as it is a manual. Mayo fiat cars making. ARENYS DE MAR 7.3 powerstroke chip 7.3 powerstroke chip how does an exhaust increase hp pittsburgh dealer cadillac. PASP�BIAC Best Gas Saver Motorcycles find asia honda acord sedan 08. Best Mini Suv Oisterwijk Best Gas Saver Motorcycles Akron acura tl brake pads. CENTRAL How could a Church weed out some "bad apples" when offering free meals? So last time i asked this no one understood my question clearly no one understood the '""YES I UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF SMOKING. SO IF YOUR NOT GOING TO ANSWER MY QUESTION, PLEASE DONT COMMENT AT ALL.'"i only got one answer to my question and the rest telling me to stop. HEY ITS NOT YOUR BODY SO DONT GIVE ME LECTURES THATS NOT GOING TO MAKE ME STOP. anyway so I've been asking people for cigs. but i want to know how i can get them in montreal. So i live near montreal street. and there, there is a long street of stores and stuff, i know you can get them at depanneurs but there's also a gas station, and could you buy them there too? i'd get someone else to buy them. i just recently read that they are hidden in stores so its not to be seen by public eye, just incase more under aged people try to buy them. so im kinda of clueless where to get them and what kind of person to ask to get them for me, and how much to pay the guy or is it better off being a girl? suggestions? save gas money road trip ibanez geo. New 2007 auto Can a car pass smog in CA with the service engine light on? I changed the pcv valve and vaccum lines and this codes still there, any ideas?? , im thinking of changing egr valve , Cherwell panama city beach car dealers. Fremantle Green Car Congress: MIT study finds fuel economy standards are 6 ... The sooner efficient vehicles are introduced into the fleet, the sooner fuel use decreases and the larger the cumulative decrease would be over the period considered, but the timing of the standards will also affect their cost. .... Even if we gave incentives on top of the mandate...dirty word (but the 1%ers pay 33%+ of all income tax... top 5% pays 50%+ ) it would have less of an effect on the average joe than by raising taxes on gasoline, or placing a mandate by itself. fuel economy 2010 dodge cummins suzuki caribian. Diesel Jerry Can WIRRAL What do you think of Paul Ryan"s proposed budget? I live in a remote hilly area in India where literally there is no traffic at all and Ioften turn off my engine in a downward road to save fuel My question is , is it a good thing to do to save fuel am only concerned about fuel saving, I am not interested in safety and all that as i essentially push brake while i am in neutral to avoid acceleration, i don't cross 50 kmph ~ 30mph while doing it) Tendring suzuki dt99. fuel Efficient Family Cars 2011 PEMBROKE What Are your opinions on electric cars? Do you think they are actually good for the environment? As we are using up all our, well, everything in the world, (e.g oil, water) the cost of everything rises. But what will happen in the future? I can easily imagine hardy anything to be left so the cost if an apple will be like $100 or something. How do you guys think the world will deal with this? Especially if the government is spending more money on politics than space exploration, which pretty much is what we must do to ensure the human race goes on. I'm not saying I'm correct about any of this, just asking for opinions. Fingal huanghaibus website. Angus Best Gas Saver Motorcycles tips on saving gas money west coast mazda. FERRARA Is This A Good Gaming PC Build And What Games Can It Run? I'm building a website to sell collectibles and antiques in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and while it would be ideal to have it accessible to the internet and therefore the world wide web...shipping prices here are insane. To

sell a 20 dollar item and then have to charge another 40 dollars to ship it is totally unreasonable to my customers but this is the reality we are facing. We try many different outlets to ship (CanPar, Canada Post, Fed Ex, UPS etc.) but it's just not feasonable. I'm stuck having to make this a local website with pickup in person which limits our customer base to only one city. How do other Canadian websites sell their products with such high shipping costs??? I HATE having to limit our products to just Winnipeg.Thank you Wespe for your detailed answer, it does cost us much time and work though. At the moment we don't have a car and the closest post office is about a mile away. By the time I package up an item, go there and return home I've spent about two hours and used up some packaging materials to email the customer (knowing they won't want to pay that much for shipping) and have them say that very thing. I've done this 4 times already and no one wants to pay that much and I don't blame them...unfortunately, because of our position (job wise) I HAVE to sell this stuff via a website. I'm too broken to set up at shows and travel around. I was just hoping I was missing something that would help us with out of city delivery. Thanx again for your answer Wespe. South Yorkshire lincoln financing. Bmw originals Bad credit car loan? Is premium fuel more efficient than regular? my vehicle recommends regular grade fuel, however, since it's a big V-8, my "logic" tells me that it may be worth the extra 20-cents a gallon to use premium fuel, because my thought is that premium will burn more efficiently, powering the engine "easier". Make sense? Is there anecdotal or documentation evidence to support my thought? THANKS! West Wiltshire blue star auto transports. Coventry Best Gas Saver Motorcycles what diesel pickup gets the best fuel economy michelin 2007 jelsoft enterprises ltd. Margera lamborghini What american midsize/small SUV would you buy? I am in search of a hatchback or station wagon to replace my 11-yr old Saturn SL1. My husband and I are looking for a new vehicle that we can take on road trips and feel comfortable as well as to transport larger items such as furniture or supplies from the home improvement store. I would like an engine that is more powerful than my current 4 cylinder, 1.9 liter engine, but I would prefer to buy a car that is relatively fuel efficient as well. I know I want four doors (5 if you count the hatchback). Our family will be expanding soon, so I want something that scores high in safety and reliability.Price: less than $25KPlease pick which cars you would recommend out of the following choices:VW Jetta Sportwagen (my favorite)VW RabbitMazda 3Toyota MatrixPontiac VibeHonda FitNissan VersaToyota PriusHonda InsightSubaru OutbackSubaru ImprezaAny additional suggestions would be great too. Thanks! 1966 vespa super sport volvo s80 t6 parts. Baton Rouge 87 octane gas 87 octane gas yokohama advan rg skoda liverpool. SOUTH CAROLINA 2013 ford explorer 4.0 v6? The fuel economy of a car companys compact is 40 mi/gal. This is 6 mi/gal less than twice that of the mid size wagon. Find the fuel economy of the mid size wagon??? how to save gas commuting michelin power one race tires. Vehicle speed sensor dodge caravan 2000 Best Gas Saver Motorcycles exporting used cars to canada which car battery to buy. BROCKVILLE What is an RV camshaft? We have a big dodge truck, and we were told not to bring it by a few people, but then others say it will be ok! I do not know what to expect! We have a dog and a cat, and now I am debating on whether to bring our dog with us since I just found out that there is no back yards. We are due to be there Oct of 2013, but he will not return from Iraq until May-June. I would really like some input on what to expect and what I can do now to help make the moving process somewhat smoother! vehicle fuel efficiency booster great wall china history kids. Albury Could the regenerative brakes on a prius be a fire hazard?'? I'll be getting my first car in a few months and my dad told me to start looking for cars. I would really like to get the Escape (used, not brand new). I want the hybrid because it gets better gas mileage. My only worry is that it might cause me more trouble than the non-hybrid. So in your opinion, would it be better to get the hybrid or the non-hybrid? And what are your reasons? I don't want it to break down and me be stranded on the side of the road. And I don't want to have issues with the battery. What do you think? goodyear tire in arizona bankruptcy car loan us. ALESSANDRIA Why do I have to be the strong one in the family? I have a test i would like to know if i got the answers right or wrong. If i got it wrong,

please explain to me. Thank you :)1. What number can be added to the following data set in order to raise the Mean to 25?Data Set: 12, 12, 18, 20, 32A. 6.2B. 18.8C. 31D. 56 ***My answer2. A church youth group wopuld like to make a directory of the members of teh congregation. Which type of study should be conducted in order to collect the data necessary?A. Census studyB. Experiment studyC. Obsercational studyD. Survey Study ***My answer***3. A band is considereing what typeof music to play in order to draw the largest number of fans. They plan to ask a representative sample of all the residents in the neighborhood before making a final decision. Where should they conduct their survey if they want the least amount of bias and have the most representative sample of their community?A. Their high schoolB. A beauty shop ** My answer**C. A gas station**My answerD. A senoir citizens center4. A group of college students were chosen to participate in a trial experiments of a new herbal remedy for allergies that claims to reduce the effects of allergies without the side effects associated with other medications. Which of the following statements would NOT compromise the caildity of the claim?A. Some of the students that participated in the study did not follow the directions given for the studyB. There were only 5 participants in the study ****My answerC. Some of the students that particpated in the study were not officially diagnosed with allergiesD. Some of the students that particpated int eh study lived in differnet states.5. The median age of the 4-H members at the fair this year was 13 years based on this information, which of the following statements must be true?A. Half of the members were 13 years old.B. Most of the members were 13 years oldC. Half of the members were 13 years old or olderD. Most of the members were 13 years old or older **My answer6. The cafeteria at your school is expanding their selection of side dishes and wants to determine what the students would like to see added. Each cafeteria worker stands at an entrance to the school and asks every fourth student that enters their opinion . What type of sample is this?A. Random sample B. Representative sampleC. Convenience sample **My asnwerD. Survery response7. Results from an Old Navy online survey this past weekend showed that 60% of all sales were in the childrens department, 30 % were in womens, and 10 % were in the mens. The survey department did not account for the fact that old navy was having a huge clerance sale of all childrens apparel. What can be said about this Survey?A. it is intentionally biased because more women complete online surveys after shopping. B. It is unintentionally biased because the survey department did not know about the clearance sale in the Childrens departmentC. It is not biased because anyone could complete the survey , whether they purchased childrens items are not.D. The reults of this survey are invalid becaue it was conducted online *My answer8. Sara is condicting a survey to determine what the most popular pizza place is among the 10th grade class. Which sample would sara use? A. Random sample of the entire student bodyB. A random sample of the 3rd period study hallC. A random sample of 75 sophmores ***My answer**D. A convenience sample of her biology class9. Sarahs is on the city public relations committee . Her Comunity has ecperienced an increase in noise due to the new concert center that was recently built . Sarah wants to see if anyone feels that the increase in noise level is a problem. Which survey location would provide the least amount of Bias?A. A hosptal center **My answer**B. A music storeC. A senior citizen centerD. A shopping Mall10. Jenna has 6 necklaces , 4 pairs of earrings and 3 bracelets that are all gold. How many different combinations consistings of one necklace, one pair of earrings and one bracelet are possibleA. 13B. 24** mY ANSWER**C. 72D. 3611. How many different combinations of 4 letters can be formed using the letters from the word MATH?A. 1B. 4C. 24D. 256 ** My asnwer** best car to save gas 2012 bugatti veyron blue centenaire. William morris ivy tech eltric car eltric car Durham chrysler car dealership in kinston nc. South Tyneside Best Gas Saver Motorcycles top ten best gas mileage used cars honda dec cst honda.

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