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Illinois Can someone paraphrase this paragraph for me? 10 points!? so i made an add in craiglist and i got a ew email for jobs and am intrested in this one , does it sound legit?Hello ,Thanks for your response regarding the cleaning job. I want you to understand that this is a contract job that will last for 2 months or more depending on how good you relate with my dad during the time of working . My father is coming down to your area for some church program and that would last for some months so i need someone honest , friendly , caring and loving (person )to take care of the house cleaning for him during his whole stay in the area and sometimes run an errand for him , there will be extra pay for the errand though..He will be needing your cleaning service 3 hrs everyday and for three times in a week making 6 times in a 2 weeks i will be paying you every 2 weeks.I will provide necessary updates about the arrival time, the date and his destination address as soon as we reach a reasonable conclusion about the contract.I believe you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself a reliable person. His arrival date is next week .As for the errand you will be running for him sometimes i would prefer you having your car ready available,but if you don't have a car,i would provide a car in order be assured of his convenience.I am offering you $40/hr and additional $20 for gas in case you do drive, depending on the hour you fit for and i can also pay you weekly if that is what you want that wouldn't be hour pay but it would be reasonable pay. you have to make yourself available 3 times a week and 3/hrs a day for the cleaning, that makes it $360 per week and $720 per 2 weeks depending on which one you choose..I will greatly appreciate if you would accept this offer and I look forward to your reply Also I want you to know that i will be sending you the payment in form of a Bank Certified Check so that everything can be set and you can be ready to work before his arrival because i don't want any inconvenience for my father , I hope you understand my point .Please honest is a very important thing i want you to do around my dad.Kindly get back to me with the information below required :*Your full Name.................................*Your Home Address..........................*City......................... ...............*State......................................*Zip Code....................................*Your phone number...........................*Your age..................................NOTE: Get back to me on time with your details so that the payment can be issued in your name and send out to you asap . Hope to hear back from you soonest. the lotus sutra book. Lr4 land rover What makes the exhaust system on a 2013 F-350 so valuable to thieves? I am interested is getting an SUV, but with so many out there i am having a hard time finding what i want. I currently have 2 small children and need one that can fit 3 car seats (for my nephew when needed)I work in a downtown area where parking spots are small so really large i can't do. I'm looking to spend about 20,000, it doesn't have to be new, but it does need to be reliable, as i am looking for a card to last about 10 years (flashy isn't nearly as important as reliability)does anyone have suggestions of where i could look, compare, or suggestion of what i should be looking into? gmc topkick tandem dump truck dodge ram oil change light. Fuqi receives With rising fuel costs is it worth getting a vehicle that has a carb and convert it to LP? if you converted a street car to electric, could u even hope of squeezing the same power out of it as opposed to being combustion? what would you have to do besides the engine swap to make a car fully electric electric? I know it would cost obscene amounts of money lol, I'm just curious. how do electric engines work anyway? is there any other type of electric other than lithium batteries? the reason I ask Is cuz I may build a street car but the prob is when I sell it 2-4 years(maybe) from now it'll be hard to sell a cop magnet that gets 16 mpg when gas is $5 a gallon u know, whereas electricity is and likely will be cheap for quite some time. thanx! :) try not to be a dick either, nobody likes an asshole. thanx again :) how much horsepower and torque does a cold air intake add rover badge insignia. Nuneaton & Bedworth Which truck is the best? After hearing and seeing a couple trucks and SUVs with a Cummins diesel engine after a swap I've wanted to do this myself. However some people say that using the older 6BT is cheaper than getting the 4BT. Not sure which engine to get either. I am looking at getting either a 1996 F150 or the same year F250. I am not looking at getting a Ford PSD one because I hate the idea of having to replace High Pressure Oil pumps, glow plugs and not having the ability to run on pure bio-diesel. The 6BT is fully mechanical and so running pure bio-diesel will not be an issue nor clog it up. Plus I also like on how easily the 6BT and 4BT are to work on.If I get the F250 I would use it for plowing snow in the winter and use it to haul some stuff around. If i get the F150 it would mainly be used for hauling some stuff around and used as a daily driver as with the F250,minus using it for snow removal since I don't want to add a snow plow to a 1/2truck.From forums I have read that the F150 truck frame may not handle the torque or weight of the 6BT nor will the stock rear end be able to handle the torque and so switching to the Ford 9" will help out greatly. But also I have heard that the 6BT will need the transmission moved back 4" but the 4BT will not since it is shorter than the 6BT.Only reason I am considering the 6BT in a F150 is because a guy I went to college with bought a 1990s D150 that had a cummins 6BT in it that also had working 4 wheel drive as well.

This is mainly a project that I have wanted to do for awhile. I first got the idea when reading about this guy from Canada who converted his Dodge Dakota with a susuki diesel. I know that this not a cheap build and it takes a lot of work but I am just wanting to do this for the fun of it.Which transmission would be better suited NV4500 (5 speed) NV5600 (6speed), some automatic transmission or I believe its the Z6F or something manual transmission? Is it also easier to convert the vehicle to 2wd instead of beefing the transfer case to handle the torque of a diesel? What places could I call up to have engine mounts, transmission mounts and whatever else I would need to complete this project safely?With some of the forums I have been on I have not created an account on them to fully access some of the threads so I haven't fully seen every detail. I have heard that 4BTswaps has full details and step by steps on how to do these swaps but most of those threads are really hard to find.With the red line of the 4BT being 2500 and the 6BT of 2700 is there really a huge difference between the 2 other than a 2 cylinders difference? What are the pros and cons of the 2?I like the idea of the 6BT just because they are cheaper to get a hold of and easier but fuel economy in the 4BT is slightly better but the torque output of the 6 is better. Any input on your thoughts would be much appreciated. I know if I just use regular diesel fuel the mileage difference I get with it over the price and mileage of a gas V8 the cost difference is more so in favor of the V8 gas.Other vehicles i would consider in dropping a cummins in:Ford Bronco (I)Dodge RamchargerChevy/GMC SuburbanChevy TahoeAnd for the record this is legal in my state I live in. Emission laws have not been enforced in my state for about 10 years (Minnesota and Nebraska).And what would the insurance difference be if I left it stock over swapping out to diesel? girls in pickup trucks. YESA 2013 Challenger, is 50k miles okay? I'm pregnant and I would like a safe car that's good on gas and isn't always going to have problems. My Boyfriend has a 2013 Ford Explorer so we just want the opposite of that which is a small car that is good on gas. 683 hummer infiniti i35 floor mats. LEDUC Best Diesel fuel Economy Blog fuel consumption of airplanes general tire pressure. West Sussex Looking for a used car to fit these specs. Any ideas? I am looking to buy a sunfire , it's my first car. I'm not for sure in the year, it's not brand new but it's not super old. It's a four door- is it possible to have a six cylinder ? Or only 4? Also what is the gas mileage? And if you have one or know how much is it to fill the tank? Are they good cars? (I've read so much stuff online thought I would ask on here lol) THANKS!!! :) new car ads searcy ar. Mercedes four What are some logistical problems we face in trying to fuel cars with hydrogen? Think about what makes up our energy industry and how the green movement affects it. mercury power trim motor troublshooting auto trader south africa used cars What Car Get The Best Gas Mileage Reigate & Banstead Iphone 5 Cheap price Legit? I'm looking into getting a tablet but I'm not sure which to get. I was looking at either a kindle fire or an amazon tablet, not interested in an iPad. I want access to apps. I want to have kindle books on my tablet, so either by having a kindle or by downloading the kindle app. I want to be able to use wifi and maybe 4g too. I like to be able to use it when I want to. I have an android phone and an acer laptop. I use my laptop mostly for doing papers for school. My phone does everything else. Id like to be able to do smaller assignments on my tablet (I think u can buy a keyboard for them...right?) Id like to bring it with me wherever and maybe use it for note taking in class.It might be cool to have a front facing camera. Mostly, I'm on a budget so I need it to have a relitively small price tag. Any help would be great! Thanks y'all! Tampa vespa sccoters. LACHUTE diesel storage diesel storage what vehicles have active fuel management discussions hummer car. EDINBURGH Best Diesel fuel Economy Blog xmas lights switch on plymouth used book sellers in canada. Do You Get Better Gas Mileage With Premium Delaware Best Diesel fuel Economy Blog Lelystad renault fuego sale. DUDLEY Is Acetone safe to use in your engine? I have a 396 out of a 68 chevelle that has a 12-1 compression and my mechanic said if I put in the super unleaded gas (93-95 octane) I should be fine. I talk to a few people online and they told me I should be in the 100-105 area. Now my question is since I live near Philly and there is no gas station that offer race fuel should I just stick with my super unleaded gas that I been using or should I add an octane booster. My car runs fine with the new motor in it and the super unleaded gas. Also it is mostly a show car and maybe 4 times a

year take it to the drag strip. ways to save diesel fuel best dodge custom auto decals. Chevrolet pickup truck ingnition coil problems FIA wants green Formula 1 cars, why? Didn't we learn anything from last year's tax rebates? Remember all that money that went right back to China, where it came from? The republicans are a one trick pony. Don't they ever learn from past mistakes? How can we spend our way out of a recession when we live on imports? Why borrow more money from China, just to give it back to China?I notice that most of you choose to ignore that our industry has been shipped overseas. We live on imports. We spend; it leaves the country. Quite a coincidence that it goes right back where it came from. Rebate or tax cut, it will be spent on imports. WE DON'T MAKE ANYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY ANYMORE.Yeah Apollo! And isn't it something, that while the Fed and the government are giving all this money to the banks, presumably because they're "too big to be allowed to fail", that they're also asking some of these corporations to merge and become even larger? Dumb? Dumb doesn't begin to describe what's happening. It's criminal! Port Macquarie rollcage mazda rx 7. East Dunbartonshire I have a classic 900 Saab and I want to know what it would take to convert to RWD? The question says it all. If ALL the oil wells ran dry tomorrow. I know we would not be able to have gas in our cars or be able to make plastic and so on but what would happen to the world? How would people get around? Would we have to go back to horse and cart? What would happen to the economy? How would countries that export oil as one of their major resources get by? Would there be a war over the remaining barrels of oil that had not been shipped yet? used diesel cars sales in chennai fiat doblo in canada. Credit Cards For Gas LIMAVADY Where Have Ford Ranger Buyers Gone? - PickupTrucks News quot;Buyers of compact pickups basically could be divided into two groups, quot; said Mike Levine, Ford Truck communications manager, quot;those who bought them for their relatively good fuel economy and cheap price, and those who needed .... As the Ranger is no more, I considered a Nissan Frontier -- familiar with them as several friends owned them -- but instead ended up migrating to an Escape for better mileage , and that it will still suit most of my small truck needs even if ... Mandurah used cars for sale with no credit. Efficient fuel SEDANO How do I know when to get a "Tour" Golf Club? Maine 48m gmc. Trim Best Diesel fuel Economy Blog reduce pc power consumption windows 7 gt transeo 30 bike. INNSBRUCK I have a 02 peugout 50cc luxoor. It has 2 reservoirs one for oil and one for gas how do I mix? I have a 2013 f150 fx4 with a 5.4 and automatic tranny. Aslong as I keep above a 1/4 tank of gas she runs fine. But when it gets below a 1/4 tank it will die when trying to take off from dead stop, unless you take off very slowly. Sometimes it just cuts off for a sec then starts back up but sometimes I gotta put it in neutral and turn the key to start it back. It will do the same thing if I take a sharp curve to fast also. The truck does have 113000 miles so I know I need to change my spark plugs, but idk if that's the whole problem. Any info would be appreciated. Also the truck has a 6 inch lift and 38x12.50s, incase that matters any. Burnie toeki jac wong. Fulda germany genealogy Maths homework help without a calculator!? Find the decibel level for each sound with the given intenisity IA. Average car at 70 km/h, I= 10 West Midlands used minivan beaverton or. Idaho Best Diesel fuel Economy Blog how does a car fuel gage work alice cooper live montreux. The race for a new game machine Why do you have to tip the delivery guy? i am purchasing a used car from a dealership. when paying, is the tax, title, license and registartion included in that price? and if not, what ones do you take care of at the dmv. i am financing. so the title will go to the bank. orbiter 2006 apollo porsche speedster windshield installation. Charlotte Solid hydrogen fuel could help shield satellites from radiation | News ... It was developed as an alternative to the compressed or liquid hydrogen used to power hydrogen fuel cells, particularly in vehicles . It releases the hydrogen upon heating to leave a solid waste that can then be recycled and ... new mexico auto dealer acura ledgend.

SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE Should I buy Lexus hybrid 250HS or Toyota Prius IV? Hello everyone, I need to have some advice on the benefits and disadvantages to having 20 inch wheels on my 1995 Dodge Ram. Also, if you could, tell me a good wide tire to go on them. Thanks.Would it be worth it to just change the gears then? how to increase horsepower in a 4 cylinder car ferrari vintage aviator sunglasses. Faw digest of significant legislation Best Diesel fuel Economy Blog yeast free recipes rolls abroad dongfeng domestic automakers. OJ�N is there anything that may be done to improve the stock performance of a 1984 mercedes benz turbo diesel auto? Hi all, i am looking for a car, my budget is 8k but someone is offering me a fair condition 60K mileage 2013 prius for 6K... do you think its fair enough ? is prius a good investment, cos i dont know what i might have to change after 60K (timing belt?) if its not, i dont mind putting another 2K for a better car. Thanks. 2011 chevy volt fuel economy reliable pickup trucks. Port Hedland Renting in Las Vegas? Someone on another answer said credit cards were for emergencies and to not buy gas with it. I get 4% of my money back when I use my credit card. Why would they say that? What's the harm? mitsubishi car dealer in cottonwood mississippi 2009 alfa romeo 8c spider price. BRIDGEND Electicity, gas and internet best flat rates ? Hey all,I calculated the cost to go to my choice of University. To live on campus will be 25k + a year including tuition. Now, my school has a regional campus that is like 8k a year. I really want to live on campus, but I am afraid of going into a lot of debt (looking at a maximum of 100k if I live all 4 years). Is it really worth living on campus? I live about 30 minutes away, but rush hour is horrible on the highway I have to take. Also, I dont believe I would make a lot of friends with commuting.I currently have a car and I work part time at a grocery store. My car would be sitting at my house, while my current job will be frozen until I can work on my breaks. What do you guys think? does driving out of gear save petrol arc de triumph racing. Los angeles range rover car sale What are my car trade-in options? The Knicks Loss two important Momentum changing games against Miami and Oklahoma. Carmelo is banged up and hurt. There Starters are: James White SF, Iman Shumpert SG, Raymond Felton PG, Kurt Thomas PF, Tyson Chandler C..... (When Carmelo is out of the lineup Hes SF/PF) WHAT KIND OF STARTING LINEUP IS THAT???? Amar'e Is back and hes coming back little by little stronger than ever put him to start!! If I was the Knicks My lineup would of been: Raymond Felton PG, J.R Smith SG, Carmelo Anthony SF, Amar'e Stoudamire PF, Tyson Chandler C, nOW THATS A LINEUP!!! They have a awesome team Y not give this lineup a shot and watch us start winning the big ones!!!!!!!!!! Wagga Wagga epc volkswagen passat. Mount Isa Best Diesel fuel Economy Blog ford f250 diesel fuel economy 2011 starplex san marcos.

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