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Thurles taking off the gas tank on a 1993 Honda Shadow. i have the seat off, the tank bolt. It has a long gas stop.? I was on the road doing about 60km and then suddenly the bike was chocking and then stopped running. When I tried to start it again it wouldn't start. It turns like it want to start. I tried with the choke on and then off. I tried also on the reserve. Battery seems fine. It feels like there is no gas going through. Help pleaseThank youthere is still a lot of gas in the tank. I tried but nothing. Won't start. I put the switch on the reserve and still won't start. could it be the gas filter? mercedes benz home page. Approved used porsche Whats the Better Spark Plugs? Motorcraft or Bosch? I have a 1996 Mercury Sable 3.0 OHV (Vulcan) with 139k miles. I'm planning on doing a tune-up this weekend and want to make sure that I'm putting good, reliable parts on my car. I'll be changing the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, cabin air filter, spark plugs, and plug wires. The following is a list of parts that I was planning on using.Oil - Castrol GTX high mileage 10W30 - $15 for 5+ quartsOil filter - Purolator PureOne PL20195 - $6fuel filter - Purolator F65455 - $9Cabin Filter - Fram FCF8109a - $13Spark Plugs - Autolite Double Platinum - $20 for 6Spark Plug Wireset - Bosch Premium 09743 - $36So is there anything wrong with any of these parts? or are they all pretty good? Any suggestions for better parts for around the same price range? Is there any other work that I should do along with this tune-up?- brake pads should be good for a few more months, maybe close to a year- I could use a coolant drain/fill, thanks for reminding me- I'm up in the air about doing a trans fluid change, it's been a very long time since the trans has had the fluid changed, and I don't want to shock it by putting in new fluid dongfeng nissan planning review of convertible car seats. Alfa romeo concessionarie milano Managerial Accounting? I just recently got a new job that also contain the typical benefits (health insurance, 401k, etc...). My questions are more related to my present financials and possible future financials.My new salary is $100k and I have the following monthly bills:mortgage: $2200 (Presently owe $350k) and recently refinanced at 3.75% for 30 years. I presently have a family member who rents the back house for $700. This brings down my mortgage to roughly $1500 a month surance: $120utilities: $300student loan: $100 (owe $6k total)Car payment: $210 (owe 12k total)I'm presently bringing home about $2500 net every 2 weeks...since I have yet to make some benefit elections, which will drive down my net take home money.I have a wife who works part time and does not really assist with any monetary responsibilities...not complaining. She takes great care of our 5 year old boy and 1 year old boy. Previously to my new job, I was laid off for about 2 months and did have some money to keep us afloat during these times. We also opted NOT TO HAVE health insurance during this time and did have to go to the doctors a couple of times during these two months. Ironically we didn't really visit the doctors the whole year, besides for normal check-ups. We spent about $250-$350 in total for these two months, which would make it roughly about $500 for the year. We are not planning on having another baby, for the time being, and realizing the cost of family insurance and how often we visit the doctor's office, I may want to gamble on health insurance and go without it for the rest of the year. The total savings would come out to roughly $5000 for the year in premiums. Here comes the question: I shamefully only have about $8000 to carry over from my "old" 401k at my old job and I'm trying to change this now. I'm 35 years old and finally considering looking into the future, financially for my family. I believe my new company matches my 401k contributions and want to maximize this opportunity. I also would like to begin paying off my mortgage of 30 years. I need assistance in putting this down on paper and having it make financial sense. Should I go heavily into paying off the mortgage or putting money into 401k and possibly a college fund (529)? Or is it a combination of all three? fuel savings devices that work lancia sk. US Virgin Islands Can I put my car into neutral from drive while driving read more!? I have a 2013 Corolla with almost 200k miles and my check engine light has been coming on and off for months. I got the car over two years ago and I have put on about 40k on it. I cant really say how the previous owners treated it because it was bought at an auction.I have noticed symptoms like bad gas mileage, loss of power and a hesitation when hitting the gasI have changed my O2 sensor, cleaned my MAF sensor, pour sea foam in my gas tank and had my throttle body cleaned. I dont know what to do because the light keeps coming back and its two of the same codes. Could it be something as simple as needing a full fuel system cleaning?p0171 system too lean bank 1 sorryi change my air filter with my oil changes wolf auto in new jersey. SHROPSHIRE Is the FIAT $99 a month Lease a good deal? Hey Yahoo,So, having my first car troubles with my 3rd car. A 2000, Ford Taurus SE with over 309,000km on it. I got it last year and had no problems. The mechanics I got it from insured me that I would be problem free for the next three years while I am in school. I even got my car a check up last month when I changed the oil and they noticed NOTHING!However, earlier today, I see a trail of leaking fluid and a wierd smell coming from within the car when I turn it on. I noticed the leak is coming underneath the car. I checked to see where the

leak is coming after popping the hood and it's close to the transmission fluid compartment. It's more under some black rubber hoses, but I can see that there's engine coolant all over it. And there's a noise coming from it too after turning off the car.But it's dripping heavily. So, my question is, what could be the problem? I really hope it's not a head gasket and just a hose replacement or tighetning, but I need to know how serious the situation is. Luckily, I have an auto shop very close to me within walking distance, so realistically, I can drive to there and it wouldn't fuck up my engine. I'm gonna go there tomorrow and get a quote, however, I fear the price. Can anyone diagnose the problem just from reading this? Thanks volvo car dealer in mindenmines missouri toyota of greer. BADAJOZ Best Diesel Cars In Usa 2012 2003 honda accord ex-l v6 fuel economy oil nozzle jaguar. Buffalo Why do people not like having their credit card ran twice in a row? I'm in first year university now, I have a steady part-time job and I save about 400$ a month. I'm planning to move to either Vancouver or Victoria in my fourth year of university to finish up my degree in education. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of how much money I'd need to save to make that feasible? How much should I expect to be spending in the move? Tips on getting a job? mitsubishi motors virginia beach va. Selling cars to mexico Where can i find really cheap apartments in Chicago? I need something that has good MPGs, that's big enough for not only myself, and a Passenger, but also 1 or 2 car seats in the back and let's just say a load of groceries too. and it has to get me to class, work, errands and back home everyday every dayalso, i'll admit, i'm not the best drive in the world and i've had a finder-bender or two and i hit curves now and again...also, since i started driving, i've always had an SUV so i'm not really sure how i'll fair with something small but my Explorer is just taking too much money for gas so i'm looking to make the transition from American gas-guzzlers to German engineering...but i need some what model is best for me and my lifestyle? thanks!p.s. i'm not quite sure yet if i'll buy new or used...but if it is used, it will be at least an 03 or newer...but i've herd that Volkswagen's are really well-priced (aka cheap) this true and are they a goo make of cars in general? thanks again.. cout entretien citroen c6 asa auto skoda Cars That Consume Less fuel Canterbury What should a I do to a 2013 Jeep wrangler unlimited? Hi,i've been playing guitar for 3 months now.My amp has only overdrive,high and low knobs and the sound choices are very limited.I saved some money to buy a pedal/effect unit but i cant decide which one of the following is the "best".1.ZOOM G1u2.Behringer v-amp 23.Digitech rp-904.Line 6 pocket podThese are all within my budget(100 euros) and i need your help to decide.Ps in my town the music stores don't have them in stock so i cant try them out,they are available only in their website. Coventry tire new technology. CORR�ZE Question about Hybrid Cars? Im aware of the price But i cant find how much it will cost me on my electric bill to charge it. If I do get a Leaf i will get the Level 2 leaf.I drive AT MOST 60 miles a day 6 days a week from home to work then to school.I live in Texas and TXU is our energy provideri want ford diesel cars chrysler cars for 1. PRINSENBEEK Best Diesel Cars In Usa 2012 triumph trophy 900 road test toyota motorhomes in canada. Gas Calculatir Lismore Best Diesel Cars In Usa 2012 New Forest yarra honda. SITGES Would a 2013 Acura TL be a good first car? So guys, I'm 16, and on my way to getting my license. I just need some advice on car purchases:1. DO NOT tell me to get a Honda, Toyota, or Nissan. I know they're very reliable and not as expensive as European cars, but I cannot stand the fact that everyone and their mother has a Civic or Corolla or Altima. I don't want to have just another jap car. 2. I want a SAAB or a Volvo. I love Swedish things, and they're good cars from what I've read. American I won't mind either. German (BMW, Audi, VW, etc) will be too much---unless I get like some 1996 318i or something. No thanks! Alright, so are SAABS reliable cars if they're used? It seems like people are saying that they're great cars if taken care of well....but I don't want to invest some $7,000 into a SAAB that's going to give me problems because the previous owner didn't care for it should I veer away from that company for USED vehicles? And Volvo? I love the S70s. An 850 T5 with Manual transmission and a sunroof is pretty much my dream first car. But that's not so easy to find. I feel more confident with getting an old Volvo compared to an old SAAB. I also like Chrysler Concordes.

They're big and comfy--my mom used to have one. I know to avoid the 2.7l V6, and get a 3.5 or even 3.2l. Don't really like Chevy at all. Dodge is nice! My mom has an '08 Avenger. Cheap interior, but it's got a good motor so would be a hand-me-down car for free I suppose, but should I be worried about safety given the cheap feeling interior? Are there enough airbags and will they even work? Sorry, I asked like 10 questions for different cars and car companies, so hopefully you know about the makes and models I mentioned above. Thanks so much for your help!!!P.S...does it even make sense to buy a car right now? I'd only have it for a couple years, because once I graduate H.S. in 2013, I can't use my car in college since apparently most universities don't tolerate Freshman parking -_____- Maybe putting together a savings until 2015 (when I'll be a sophomore in college) would be more ideal, since I'd have more money by then... hmm... thanks again!!! :) fuel economy calculator km l oldsmobile intrigue front bumper. Triumph motorcycles specifications I NEED HELP ASAP SCIENCE? I hear a nuclear explosion happens but if so why do we need radio active elements for that ? And do all types of atoms explode if they got split? Larne yamaha motorcycle serial number search. Cheltenham Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings: Save Money, Save the ... Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings : Save Money, Save the Earth Increasing the energy efficiency of your home can save you money, help the environment, 6.4 powerstroke horsepower and torque mazda cars second hand. Gas And Electric TASMANIA MPGe: EPA #39;s electric vehicle fuel economy ratings explained ... One is a measure of energy consumption while the other is a measure of energy efficiency: using less energy (be it kilowatt-hours of electricity or gallons of gasoline ) to travel a given distance makes a car more efficient than ... Gosford wray volkswagen. How To Find Cheapest Gas DUNGANNON I accidentally put two gallons of deisel fuel in my hybrid car? North Tyneside novi renault megane berlina. West Yorkshire Best Diesel Cars In Usa 2012 2013 dodge challenger rt fuel economy craftmanship honda. PUERTO BAN�S is it just me??? or has the big 3 forgotten about their customer.? New York kia daimler chrysler fiat. Used car dealerships central florida Truck transportation has an energy cost of 0.76 kcal kg-1 km-1, and it is about 3700 km.? I wonder if someone can help me. I have a 3 and a half year old son and at present my ex (his dad) is not giving me any money for him. When he was younger he used to give me £10 or £20 a month if I needed nappies but for the last 4 months he has not given me anything because he said he can't afford it (he works full-time on about £18k). He has said that from the end of November he will start to give me some money again and he will give me £100 a month and any money he has left over he will be saving to put towards a deposit on his own place (he is currently renting a room at his mate's house). Firstly, I'm not sure of the "going rate" when it comes to maintenance although, in 1986 my dad left my mum and he HAD to pay £75 a month and that was 23 years ago, so for him to just give me £100 a month doesn't seem a lot. Secondly, is it right that I have been struggling to bring up OUR son on my own for the last 4 months with no help from him and in November, when he is going to start paying me the £100 a month, rather than give me some towards the months he's missed paying, he's going to be saving towards a deposit for a house? I am not in a position to save any money for anything, let alone a deposit for a house and it does seem a little unfair that he can, whilst my son goes without. I've looked on the CSA website and they have a maintenance calculator on there. However, it is just an estimate and obviously doesn't take individual circumstances into account, such as outgoings etc. As I said, he is on £18K a month and he is looking to give me £100 and save towards a deposit £200+.He seems to think that he doesn't have to give me anymore than £100 because "it doesn't cost £100 a month to raise a child", forgetting the cost of nursery, food, clothes, shoes, diesel to take him to nursery, trips out at nursery etc. He said that if I take it further (through the courts) I won't get a penny more because they'll see his outgoings mean he can't afford to give any more to me. Although, he thinks they will let him save £200 a month. I don't know, will they? Just wondered if anyone else going through this kind of thing could advise me. On a separate note, he has not seen our son for about 12 weeks! Reason being he is decorating his house and it's not a suitable environment to have a child in. I have suggested that he just takes him to the park or somewhere that doesn't cost anything but that's too much trouble and he doesn't have time!Also, I'm in the UK.Thanks :) Muinebeag white dodge caravan 1993.

Victoria Best Diesel Cars In Usa 2012 best 4x4 fuel economy michelin cross terrain 235 70 16 mfg rebate. Zeeland auto sales Why do cars have such a complicated manual system to change gears? Have a Honda Fit has been a good car, but not the greatest in the winter months. Is there a hybrid SUV that would have 4 wheel drive and still get great gas mileage? Husband has all electric car, so looking for something we could still use for longer trips. Suggestions? The SUVs I've seen all have really poor gas mileage. (I'm used to getting around 37 mpg) I also love cute small cars--if there is one that has 4 wheel drive, even better...Thanks for the great suggestions! Had been looking more at hybrids hadn't thought too much about a Subaru, but does sound like a good option. My Fit is so low to the ground that I'm not sure snow tires will help much--we have a few roads that don't get plowed often it just needs to be higher to get through. I'm not terribly familiar with all the new hybrids electric cars out there--was hoping there might be one with awd and great mileage, but so far the mileage still seems pretty meager for the ones I've seen. subaru throttle position sensor shift problems minnesota new chrysler voyager. Manchester fuel economy small cars fuel economy small cars mini car club of auckland sma recipes. LINCOLNSHIRE diesel cars in india diesel cars in india save gas how pre paid gasoline card. 4 speed auto transmission Best Diesel Cars In Usa 2012 crossroads toyota park 2010 harga daihatsu 2009. JACKSONVILLE Calculator Adds up Cost of Nat Gas Switch - Environmental Leader The Drive Natural Gas Initiative, a collaboration between utilities and producers, has launched a calculator to help fleet owners analyze the cost of converting vehicles to natural gas . kmart big gas savings ad great wall in bedford. Thuringowa Is it ok to clean my bike with water? of time National Rifle Association enthusiasts wiped out every passenger pigeon on earth? Why didn't God just send Dick Cheney to wipe out the Nephilim? He could have saved 10% or more on His water bill. electric car kit car loan financing jeep wrangler steering assembly drawings. PORTSMOUTH how to save money on heating how to save money on heating dodge diesel engines for sale warlock triumph and agony review. Ferrari telling Your review of the Honda Fit? I have a mustang V6 some of my co-workers were telling to get a V8 becuz my V6 is doing double the work as a V8 does and I told them becuz V8 are more expensive. So is it true what they've been saying to me because once i get a better job I was thinking about buying a new mustang but I dont know wether to pick first stage, premium,or GT Mustang? By the way what is the difference between a first stage mustang and a premium MustangMad Jack I believe u won Sir Teignbridge review 1999 mazda miata. Tyne & Wear Best Diesel Cars In Usa 2012 how can i save diesel yakima towers honda element 2007.

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