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Birmingham How to separate mixture of butanone and isopropanol? I have a lab due tomorrow and didn't understand the concepts and data well so answering questions was hard. I'm hoping you can clarify some of my questions.Name of Alcohol: MethanolNumber of Carbon Atoms: 1Formula Mass: 32 g/molInitial temp: 21.4 degrees CFinal temp: 12.4 degrees CChange in temp: 9.0 degrees CName of Alcohol: EthanolNumber of Carbon Atoms: 2Formula Mass: 46 g/mol(I'm leaving initial temp and final temp out--- not important)Change in temp: 6.1 degrees CName of Alcohol: 2PropanolNumber of Carbon Atoms: 3Formula Mass: 60 g/molChange in temp: 3.7 degrees CNow can you let me know if my answers to these are right?1. What can you conclude about the strength of the intermolecular forces and number of carbon atoms? ~As the number of Carbon atoms increases, the intermolecular strength decreases.2. Describe the relationship between formula mass ans change in temp?~As the formula mass increases, change in temp decreases.3. Describe the relationship between the number of carbon atoms and evaporation rate of the alcohols.~As carbon atoms increase, the evap. rate decreases.4. Which has the strongest intermolecular forces? ~Methanol5. State the relationship between rate of evaporation and intermolecular forces.~As intermolecular forces increase, evaporation rates decrease.6. List the boiling points of the three alcohols.~Methanol:65 degrees C?~Ethanol: 78 degrees C?~2Propanone: 97 degrees C?7. State the relationship between BP and intermolecular forces.~As BP increases, intermolecular forces increase.Why I had issues understanding...~Wouldn't higher BPs mean the molecules are held together more tightly? Because then they would have higher intermolecular strengths. But I didn't know if that would make sense with my previous answers. Please explain this to me and let me know if my answers are correct. Thanks times a million! auto seat covers fairy moonsprite. Trick my truck new cast where do people get the idea oil companies are making a 10% profit? what layer is gas located in? thecrustor themantle???thanks! sell world of warcraft gold for cash syzol 5 mg. New jersey gov race Who will win, Ford or the person who filed a lawsuit against Ford? I bought a 2013 Ford Cmax. It is a hybrid with a MPG rating of 47 hwy 47 city. I got it because of this I am getting 33-34 MPG. I let them know right away. They told me I needed to put a few tanks through it. The mileage would improve. After 3 tanks I went back in to have the service guys look at it. They said I needed to put 5000 miles on it before it would really improve. I thought that is bogus but was willing to let it go longer. Once I hit 3000 miles with no improvement in doing some research. It is a common problem with the Cmax. I have contacted the dealership about getting something different. My feeling is they are going to consider it a used car. Which it is at this point with 4200 miles. My problem is I bought it for the mileage they post on there windows. They say those are the EPA ratings not controlled by us. Since they still post it on there window they should be accountable for that right? This auto dealership has multiple lots we have bought on average a car every other year from them. I'm beyond frustrated as I feel I have gotten the run around since I bought it discovered it was off so much.I am aware of the mileage may vary. I even expect them to be off some. I don't expect them to be off 25% or more. As far as changing my driving habits I have driven it as easy as you can. I've tested my tanks with multiple ways of driving. I drive alot of hwy miles on pretty even roads. So sitting at cruise control for 80% of my tank should be pretty easy on it. Yet sitting at 55mph on cruise for 45 minutes on even road. It will improve get closer to 36. That is with me resetting the MPG average for that time. How can they possibly have gotten a 47 MPG average?Yes I understand mileage may vary. As I said I expect it to do worse than stated. What I didn't expect was it to be 14mpg worse than stated. That is extremely off I think there should be more accountability for that. Those EPA estimates are still based on an average. Which means that there should be times it does better than

47 mpg. There is no way this car is going to get over 40 int he best of circumstances. No way I would have spent 32 grand for a hybrid to get 33-34mpg. The whole point was for the excellent MPG. I would have just bought a gas motor had less things that will go wrong down the road. Yes this in the end falls more to Ford than the dealership itself. Just seems there should be more accountability for all car companies. If the EPA has taken this over. How in the heck can it be so far off? subaru diesel vehicles how to sell a junk car. Cincinnati who would win in a fight iron man or optimus prime? I have a 1985 Volkswagen Golf GTI with a 1.8L has motor in it. I know it has a lift pump in the fuel tank it also has another fuel pump in the fuel line "the high pressure pump" those pumps both have to be replaced because they are junk. I just wanna know ifthere might be anymore pumps I will have to replace freightliner sprinter 2500. FUENGIROLA What does ABS light mean? i was on a highway or road walking and i think i was lost and cars are passing by fast and then suddenly everything went slow and then cars stopped moving and it looked like no one was inside and then i was wondering why and when i looked up i saw a meteor it was big and there was fire behind it and then it hit a lake bed well i think it hit a lake bed because the bridge i was close to look familiar. then when it hit i flew up well i think its because of the impact and everything went slow again and while i was mid air i closed my eyes and i remember thinking of accepting death because on my dream i knew i was gonna go back down and die and then when i did go down i was pulled toward the thing and then somehow i managed to get hold on a grass and somehow it saved me from getting pulled toward the thing. and when i looked up again another meteor was about to hit well it was small and it was going straight to me so i started running looking for my parents and somehow i ended up in a island with talking animal penguins, girrafe, rhino and hippo well those were the animal i remember. they asked me what happened and i told them that there was a meteorite and i almost died. whats funny is i remember telling them to hold on a tree or anything that they can see if a meteor would hit. suzuki engine oil renault car dealership. SAINTE-JULIE Beechcraft King Air 90 fuel Consumption how to get best fuel economy rx8 mitsubishi usa lawn tractor. Megen Are most things that they say increase MPG scams? i got $30USD from my dad today so i wanted to buy one of these but what one should i geti know these are not the best cameras but i collect these things ebay /itm/DV150BLACK-Entry-Level-Camcorderwith-Flip-Screen-/290604992440?pt=Wristwatches hash=item43a96847b8 ebay /itm/Brand-New-3-1MP-Mini-Digital-Video-Camera-Camcorder-DV-/160718161825? pt=Camcorders_Professional_Video_Cameras hash=item256b8c87a1 ebay /itm/MiniCamcorder-Digital-Video-Camera-DV-12-MP-4X-ZOOM-Black-freeshipping-/280939410314?pt=Camcorders_Professional_Video_Cameras hash=item41694b338a ebay /itm/Mini-DV-DVR-Sports-Video-Camera-Camcorder-MD80720x480-/130642119299?pt=US_Surveillance_Digital_Video_Recorders_Cards hash=item1e6ae08a83or if you know of any better cams for $30 including shipping to new zealand let me know heartland goodyear. Used auto parts acura Feds finalize 2025 mileage regs mandating 54.5-mpg CAFE ... The Obama administration today released the final version of the 2017-2025 Corporate Average fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations that will see the mileage benchmark rise to 54.5 mpg by the middle of the next decade. sulfate 0025 mg diphenoxylate stevens and sons auto sales

Crv Mileage Gas South Glamorgan math questions please help i dont understand? The kit is available in the market to switch from petrol to LPG by click of a switch. Arnhem nissan canada recall notices. CERIGNOLA I need a dress for the semiformal dance in 7th grade? fuel economy ford explorer colors mazda car club pa. CAP-SANT ? Beechcraft King Air 90 fuel Consumption red fluid leaking out of car buick car dealership. Best Gas Saver Cars 2014 Derbyshire Beechcraft King Air 90 fuel Consumption Letterkenny fiat grande punto versions. LOCHEM I am looking for a job in Australia. How much salary should I ask to run a three children family? Who introduced the taxi to Alaska? 2011 dodge diesel truck problems 1999 volkswagen golf gt tdi problems. Mitsubishi tv repair green ford f-150 ran out of gas and now run very poorly, missing badly I used gas can maybe some diesel or water in? I am looking for a used, very strong but at least somewhat fuel friendly work truck. We need something strong enough to haul horse trailers and work trailers so it will need to have a lot of torque, generally a diesel is best. however I do not know of anything right off hand. It need to be able to hold at least 5 people. We currently have a large Ford Excursion that does the job, but we need better MPG. We are looking for a 2013 and BELOW!! Please give me any recommendations you may have. Thanks!Needed: Strong enough to pull loaded trailers, crew cab, but gets decent gas mileage. years 2013 and below!Oh, It needs to be a diesel as well. Thanks! Strathclyde continental tires europe. Dundalk 3 Solvents other than water and what their used for? What is an indication that this dirty business is going on?it seems like it would hard to make a profit that way pinky buy you might knowyou say more pink bunnies LesLie. S, what does that mean? 2005 chevy silverado duramax diesel fuel economy daewoo microwave magnetron wm1010cc. Gas Engine Price VIGEVANO Tax Question - Section 179D Heavy HELP!? Merseyside oldsmobile shifter knob. Gas Prices In Las Vegas DALLAS How can you manage with ever increasing costs? I plan to sign up for beauty school soon. I unfortunately come from a very broke family. I have no help at all like financial help. Is there any way at all to get loans/grants for school and money for me to live on while I'm a full time student? I will be living with my friend and have to pay rent, my food, gas money and other bills. I would love to work but it's hard going to school full time, no car, and there's no busses in the area. Any help I can quality for? Please giveme info. And details. Thank you guys Apeldoorn how to put tpms into learn mode on 2003 cadillac. North Somerset Beechcraft King Air 90 fuel total number of diesel vehicles in india electric blue electric car.


PRINCE RUPERT How bad is 9mpg by today's standards? I have a 92' Chevy Z71. My question is how much gas would a 350 motor bored 40 over use compared to a regular 350? North Down jim reed hyundai of nashville. Freightliner sprint How do you explain the latest spike in gas prices? Lisburn lotus exige track car. Oregon Beechcraft King Air 90 fuel drive a manual car to save gas disarming subaru airbag system.

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Corporate officials fiat group Is the 2013 Ford Mustang GT a reliable car? I was asleep in my car on Saturday, March 2, 2013. It was between midnight and 1'oclock in the morning when I decided I wasn't going to drive, but I was going to fall asleep until I felt safe to drive. I had been drinking a few amount of beers (4-5) a few hours before that. While I was asleep somehow my car moved backwards a little bit (it was on an incline) after my emergency brake WAS already up. Yes, it is a manual transmission car. The store clerk called the cops while I am still passed out asleep in my car, engine was on (it was 20-25 degrees outside, way to cold to sit in there witout heat), and I was in the drivers seat. I got out of the car when I was woken up by the cop knocking on my window. He claims he smelled alcohol and my eyes were bloodshot (I just woke up from good sleep, of course they would be). I was asked to perform a few sobriety tests while in a t-shirt and jeans at a 5'10, 130lbs, slim person in the below freezing cold. I told them I would not do them out in this cold, they insisted on still asking me questions and to perform another test, which i still refused to do in the cold, but I was very cooperative and was respectful to them which they acknowledge to me and thanked me for being respectful and under control for them later on that night. Finally, I had enough of the freezing tempature sending me chills and shivering all of the place, I asked if we could go inside and perform these tests and talk inside, they agreed. I walked ahead of them into the store, they never grabbed me and helped me walk nor did they ever NOT understand me when I was speaking to them. I had to walk on the skinniest line ever, which they did in between the chips isle and candy isle. They were behind me so they could not see how well I did from me doing my nine paces away from them and slowly turning towards them. A clear view of me to see how I did is the only way to rate how I did, but they put "poorly". From there, I did the finger in my face and follow it with my eyes, for the second time that night (the first being outside in the cold shivering) like he was unsure on if I was truly intoxicated at all or not. Once I was done with that, we walked outside (no help yet again) except they walked in front of me (two cops). After we got outside, they turned towards me and advised me to turn around and that I was going to be taken in for a DUI. I replied ok, turned around, and had my hands behind my back before I was even turned around for them. I was put into the cop car, taken to the jail, and they did my breathalizer once I got there with the machine, INTOX EC-IR II. I have done research on it and it has a lot of faulty readings most of the time and sometimes reads way higher then what you truly are that day or night. I also did other research on it and officers haven't been properly trained on it or do not properly know how it works, and that has made an impact on the outcome of if someone recieves a DUI or not. Is this fully true??? Also, is there a way to get them for neglect for letting me freeze out in the cold instead of taking care of a United States civilian??? Also, I read that a cop was asked by a lawyer how many grams the machine was set forth by him for the person doing the breathalizer and couldnt relay how many per every 210L. Since he could not relay that information the case was dismissed. Is there anyway to ask the lawyer a question about how to dumb it down where it isnt so hard to explain??? Also, my BAC level was .121. That was at 04:44:11AM, I was arrested around 4:15AMish. Is there anyway I can recieve help as to the best questions for my lawyer that I will be meeting on Thursday and he will be going to court for me on 11 MAR 2013. Also, I have nothing else on my record EXCEPT this DUI now. My bond was $500, which is VERY VERY VERY cheap for a DUI. I just need legal help and questions I should ask my lawyer! Thanks!The whole "it wasn't to cold for the police, it wasn't to cold for you", doesn't apply. If I would have gotten frostbite for some odd reasoning, or highly sick, it is possible to get them on something... even if they were super warm and I wasn't. Next time leave an answer that will actually matter instead of putting someone down in every aspect... if I don't have a defense, that's great to tell me, but actually go with my question on what to do. Your opinions are NOT an answer for me. rover discovery workshop manual tata nano crash rating. Peterborough hybrid technology hybrid technology individually fits hummer submodels volkswagen golf oil filter. HARROGATE alculating the Elasticity of Demand for Car Trips in Central London? The

data for the acceleration a(t) of a car from 0 to 6 seconds are given here. t(sec) → a(t) (ft/sec best way to increase horsepower in a truck rainbow beach car hire. Dodge intrepid part find on motor Beechcraft King Air 90 fuel Consumption using gasoline to clear drain new mexico oil and gas. SUMMERSIDE How to get better gas mileage (and save a little time) | How To - CNET aCar is another Android app that tracks fuel economy, as well as a plethora of other costs involved with your car, like parking and maintenance. If all you #39;re looking for is a simple way to calculate gas mileage from your ... reducing fuel consumption in ships jackson acura ga. Wagga Wagga 75 ways to save gas 75 ways to save gas auto loan account info prices for maserati. SAN SEVERO What energy source do you think has the possibility to replace oil by 2050 or later? I am a singer/guitarist and I need something that I can record with just for songwriting purposes. It doesn't have to be studio quality or anything. I'd like it to have a mic so I can record a live set or acoustic stuff, but it would also be cool if there was a direct input jack for electric guitar or external mic or whatever. I have used the Zoom H2 handheld recorder and I liked it. But I was thinking something with multiple tracks might be more suitable. Most importantly, I need something that is gonna be CHEAP. Working on a low budget here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. diesel motorhome fuel economy ferrari 360 360. Daihatsu charade and REPUBLICANS, do you need 10 more reasons why Obama will win the 2013 election ? I want to buy a 2013 Honda CR-Z, the main reason I'm buying it is because my new job requires me to drive all over New York City and places within a 100 miles radius to meet with clients. Using public transportation is a huge down time and using a limo service is too expensive. I'm getting this car because it's comfortable and fuel efficient. Could I also write the gas off as a business expense?I'm an employee, but I'd be paying out of my own pocket for gas and the car. North Lanarkshire bad credit auto refinancing lease buyout. Solihull Beechcraft King Air 90 fuel Consumption what are fuel efficient vehicles achilles lyrics.

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