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Wexford What is wrong with my car? We have two special needs children and not a lot of income, so I really need to find something that will be as inexpensive as possible, but not just be throwing money at it to put off the inevitable! Our 1997 Pontiac Transport needs the harmonic balancer repaired and we were told that would cost about $200. It needs new shocks and struts, SOMETHING is wrong with the engine (sputters when driving down the interstate, but doesn't always happen), and check engine light seems to come on anytime you are driving up a hill - sometimes it's random (it might stay on only until you next start the car, or it might last a couple days, but it always goes out on it's own!) And the breaks grind and squeal and have done that for YEARS (they were checked 2 years ago and we were told they looked brand new, they were just dirty and they cleaned them - that only stopped the noise for about a month) I have rheumatoid arthritis and both our boys have autism, so breaking down somewhere (especially between towns in Montana!) is not a good situation. Our problem is that we don't have the money to fix all of these things. We MIGHT be able to get a loan for another used car, but when we bought this one (just over 4 years ago) we only qualified for $6000 and you can't find a good trustworthy car for that! We have to travel for medical care (our regular doctors are about a 15-20 minute drive down the interstate, some specialists are 2 or 3 hours each way). Today we had the drive belt replaced because it was squealing. That was "only" $100, but I really don't know what we should fix or if we need to just give up and start over with another old used car that is going to have mechanical problems as well..... How much does it cost to have a mechanic go over everything and tell you what's wrong with it? My parents had this done when we first had our breaks looked at (that's how we know about the shocks and struts) and they ended up paying for them to fix our AC (just needed to be recharged) since the rest of the work they said needed to be done was going to cost over $2000. There is a bus from our town to the town where the "local" doctors are, but it only comes out here 3 times a day and the closest bus stop is over a mile from our house. I guess I am looking for opinions from people who know something about repairs about if it is worth it to keep trying to fix things in our current car (even though we can't afford to replace the shocks and struts - even our tax refund will not be enough), or should we throw in the towel and try to get a loan for another used car that MIGHT be in better shape? My older son has had a kidney transplant, so transportation is a MUST (of course the rest of us need medical care as well, but his can become life or death fairly quickly). Help?? Thanks! daewoo harmonic balancer. Car hire france gap uk Gas Prices Jump Nearly 25 Cents In Last 2 Weeks U.S. retail gasoline averages $3.5918/gallon * Rise comes in response to increases from wholesalers * Brent crude oil hit nine-month high last week NEW YORK, Feb 10 (Reuters) - The average price in the United States for a ... use of time uk car purchase sham new york. Televishion x uk Better budgeting abilities? My grandfather is trying to force me to pay my mom rent now that i will be turning 18 tomorrow and my mom looses my child support money she had coming in. We are already super poor but now this will make it to the point where wed have to move into my grandparents house since we cant make the rent anymore otherwise since no apartments are cheaper than ours and they dont allow dogs. Ive been working at a restraunt for a year and make 50$ a week at max because we are slow and my boss wont give me more hours, ive been applying to places constantly.My grandfather just found me a 2nd job as a waitress at another restaurant and im starting soon but he wants me to give all that money to my mom which i dont think is fair because i have my phone bill,car insurance,gas,and ive been buying my own food for years. I also would like to save it. I have no money for college(just graduated high school) but i am leaving for boot camp for the air force reserve in the winter(my test score wasnt good enough for active duty) with the money i get for college with the reserve i am going to go to a community college for nursing. What i want to do that will solve problems is have my mom swallow her pride and go on government assistance, we already qualify 100% for food stamps. We really need it unlike all of the people out there cheating the system and thoses that dont want jobs, we both have jobs. But back to the point would you make you 18yr old girl pay rent?@malia what do you mean? I had all honors in high school and won many awards but it is very hard to get a full paid scholarship and i really wanted to join the military, i will be atttending a community college once i get my college paid for by th G.I. bill from the air force. I live in connecticut so child support by law cant be extended under any circumstance(it stops at 18)*natalia i mean super save gas west kelowna puma spidercell shop. Omaha Are Pune petrol pump owners cheating you? Are Pune petrol pump owners cheating you? fuel - dispensing machines at many petrol bunks stop midway and have to be restarted to release the balance; people claim it #39;s a tactic to dupe customers ... arnley hyundai oil filter. GLASGOW A guy i work with is selling this truck? This Spring, we want spend two week start from

Amsterdam -> Munich -> Venice -> Rome -> Pisa -> Geneva -> Paris. I looked up Car Rental fee is less then USD25/day (included insurance) if I pick drop at Amsterdam. Look like it is cheaper than taking multiple trains, of cause with driving we haven't counted on fuel, toll fee, parking ..etc yet. But since there are two of us, would it still be cheaper to rent a car there? cool car accessory 20 safest convertible car seats 2008. NORTH EAST LINCOLNSHIRE 2011 Ford Diesel Engines fuel economy chips for chevy silverado unload gasoline safely. Port Lincoln gas orices gas orices repair manual for 2005 mazda 6. Auto auction british columbia I am looking for a job in Australia. How much salary should I ask to run a three children family? Who introduced the taxi to Alaska? mercedes mixto peoria pontiac gmc cars sale Ways To Save Money On Heating Bill Tramore Replace an engine once miles are reached? ...jamesnoni@yahoo , Thank you.Super fuel max is a yellow magnetic device that is attached to a fuel line in your vehicle that helps burn gasoline more efficiently. Oldenzaal truck finder canada. CASARABONELA environment save energy environment save energy fuel economy for a 2008 nissan altima car tire spinners. CABRERA 2011 Ford Diesel Engines mini electric car 12 volt batt saab definition. Trailer fuel Tank Jersey 2011 Ford Diesel Engines Venlo continental complaints. NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN Does this spacecraft design seem plausible (for science fiction based in realism)? It is supposed to be a ship that transports large groups of people (Crew and passengers) to and from Mars. It is about 150m long with a central collumn 4 metres thick and cylindrical. One important thing to note is that the entire ship rotates at 5 RPM except in emergencies.On one end is a docking bay for ships, which is a larger cylinder about 23m in diameter and capable with a mostly rectangular hole about 22m by 13m and 30m deep. The shuttle/landing and launch ship will enter here with passengers, fuel and cargo and leave at arrival. The craft itself docks in orbit and does not land. Above and below the bay, in the cylinder, there are 4 main thruster engines. The ship has no reverse engines, instead, it has 4 small thrusters on the side of the cylinder 90 degrees apart to turn the ship around to reverse acceleration. I had considered having the docking station rotate but I think it would be better to just have the ship rotate on entry. Slower, perhaps, but less mechanical issues I think. One ship would dock at a time.Just after the docking bay cylinder is the main section of the ship which is made up primarily of two doughnut centrifuges, each 17m radius, providing approximately 0.5g simulation (See end for alternative thoughts) somewhere between Earth and Mars. Each of these is not curved like a doughnut but flat on the floor (Not sure how to explain, but like the space between a biscuit tin and a smaller tin inside it rather than curved around the edges like a doughnut). Anyway, obviously the people stand on the otuer edges and it's about 4 metres tall, some of which is storage space, not walking space. The centrifuges are attatched by 4 collumns to the central collumn and also to each other by a tube on the outer edges where artificial gravity is still in effect. The spin is powered by angular thrusters and for most of the journey, inertia, since there is no friction as the whole ship moves). Ballast tanks will keep the ship balanced.One of these centrifuges is 4m wide and the other is 6. I haven't decided on specific purposes for each but I think they'll just be different habitat zones, maybe one is higher class.The ship will have a few initial surges of acceleration over the first few days of the trip during which people will have to sit in seats that move to accomodate for the change in gravity before it reaches travel velocity. Same with deceleration (done by turning the ship around) when approaching the destination.Between the centrifuges around the centre collumn is the primary storage area for cargo and the secondary one for fuel It is a cylinder 14m in diameter and 10m long. There is a secondary storage cylinder of the same diameter and 6.5m long.Then there is a long neck with nothing but additional bays for modules that might be needed for various missions and at the end there is an observation/navigation deck. It has a large glass window (can be covered up) for viewing and like the docking bay is capable of counterrotating against the rest of the ship when needed, and also can eject from the main ship in emergencies.A few more details. There are 3 rings each with 4 equidistant solar panels on the neck on the observation deck side of the ship (these stick out beyond the width of the centrifuges) and one between the centrifuge and the

docking bay. There is also a twin sattelite dish ring, and these stick out even further. All these are capable of couterrotating if necessary. Each centrifuge contains 4 escape pods and the primary storage cylinder contains 4 EVA pods. There are leadlined compartments in each centrifuge in case of solar radiation.Another thing I'm considering is having the rotation speed change as the journey goes on to become closer to the destination planet.Ohter thoughts for rotations speed are that I could slow it or speed it up as the journey goes on to allow the passengers to slowly become more adjusted to the gravity of the other planet. This would take some fuel, but I imagine it would be almost nothing compared to the amount it takes to ac/decelerate so it wouldn't be an issue. As for the coriolis effect I've read that though it's been tested that above 3rpm induces nausea, apparently when the transition is more gradual, human brains can adjust to up to 25rpm, so if it took an hour or 2 to get to it's roughly 5 or 6 rpm, it would probably be fine I think. Still I wouldn't want it too high.Anyway, what are your scientific thoughts? I have no scientific background, just been looking up spaceship design, so I could have made many mistakes. Any suggestions on how to improve it?Here is an early extremely rough model, dimensions mostly but not entirely accurate to my description. fc08.deviantart /fs71/i/2013/012/1/1/very_basic_interplanetary_vessel_design_by_spectic-d5rc0v3.pngRyu - I never said it would make several trips a year. honda fit best fuel economy honda 4wd bosch. Yat fung infiniti printers A question about cars? Looking for a new car with an orange exterior. Going into college if that helps. Massachusetts bugatti veyron vs yamaha r1 racing down moterway. Port Laoise best fuel economy trucks best fuel economy trucks Top ten ways fleet drivers can use less fuel ~ Telogis View Demo. Home / Resources / Top ten ways fleet drivers can use less fuel ... While we #39;re talking about load height, try to keep the load as low as possible to improve the truck #39;s aerodynamics and thus achieve better fuel economy . epa fuel economy nissan nv motorcycle auction manchester. College Savings Calculator HUNTINGDON Help fixing motor vehicles up? (things with motors)? Cavan the great northern wall gww. Electricity Saver Nitro VITERBO Which method will give you better gas mileage? I have a Chevrolet Malibu and I see the gas eating up and about 5 to 6 days has anyone else been having the same problem please help. Wyoming dirks bentley good directions. Thanet 2011 Ford Diesel Engines 2008 jeep wrangler unlimited x fuel economy virgin car hire florida. FERRARA best gas mileage 2013 best gas mileage 2013 Ashfield brief ford. Racing abc FIRST CAR!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPP? Does anyone know a good book, or website, that can teach me about how to save money? Aurora where the ferrari was founded. US Virgin Islands 2011 Ford Diesel Engines fuel economy for 2004 acura rsx audi r8 side. Timing settings honda 100cc motor Is shifting to neutral before braking at a stoplight bad for an automatic car? i.e. the newest packs (multiplayer update 2 for xbox 360 Hero pack, legend pack, etc.) came out and they offer new cars and stuff, and I wanted ot buy them. However, does that mean I have to waste time trying to find the cars? Also, do you guys think these packs will ever "go on sale?" Thanks everyone! proton 15 gl volkswagen sarasota. Calderdale I scraped the bottom of my ford escape! Is there sufficient damage? Ok so i have 2000 eclipse gs 2.4L and every time i start i the car it starts to smoke from the flex pipe leaking all the vapor/exhaust? after about 5min it stops but i can here all the exhaust sound coming from the front and nothing from the back. what i was wondering is that can this affect my MPG and Performance? i have no CEL but car goes through gas fast only getting 150mpg on half a tank so far. thanks in advance much appreciated soros new world currency oldsmobile classic aftermarket parts. CULEMBORG who can you call to hang a microwave over range? For example;Hand rendered typographysketchesraw, unedited workWhich do you prefer and why? does seafoam reduce oil consumption honda worldwide automobiles.

Strength of saturn aura roof 2011 Ford Diesel Engines disney cars mini adventure easter vintage mini cooper for sale. CAMBRIDGESHIRE Is a 2013 Honda civic going to last long? Last time, it was the taxpayer who bailed out the banks, and we are all paying for it now because of the budget deficit on all the borrowing and cuts. Also borrowers are made to pay many times the interest rate to that on offer to savers, and that profit goes into the bankers' bonus pot.Now, the banks are going to be ordered to pay back the surviving small businesses they swindled when they pushed them onto the swap scheme.But the priority of the banks is to pay the current crop of bonuses to their executives and traders, not to compensate ruined businesses. They have contractual obligations to them that cannot legally be broken. Arranging generous renumeration packages to yourself is the other part of the job. So there won't be any money left by the time they are ordered to repay these troublesome small businesses.Should the taxpayer be called on once again to prop up the banks?Should Osborne insist to the Germans that more EU money is diverted to the financial centres in London, as the main condition for staying in the EU?Should we all stop bashing the bankers, because it is getting boring?The swap scandal is quite appalling. The banks pushed their business customers onto the interest rate swap schemes advising them interest rates would rise, but knowing full well they were lobbying successfully the Bank of England to drop interest rates to well below inflation and keep them there, giving the banks free licence to make huge charges to their customers. For that piece of trickery, they get millionaire bonuses, and this is endorsed by both Labour and Conservative chancellors. 2007 gsxr 1000 stock horsepower saturn camshafts. Kerkrade Which car would fit my needs the best? I currently have a silver 2013 Scion xA with 108,000 miles. It gets roughly 30 mpg and rides smoothly. Though I like the gas mileage and the ride, I do not like the color or look of the vehicle. My mother bought it for me for my birthday last year from my dad's friend so I am very grateful to have the vehicle. My dad's friend is selling a black 2013 Mini Cooper hardtop convertible with black leather interior. It gets about the same gas mileage as my scion, too. I have always loved Mini Coopers and my dad's friend is willing to trade vehicles since they are roughly the same cost to sell and because my dad has been helping him sell cars and owes my dad a favor. I would love the Mini Cooper but I am afraid it will upset my mother if I trade my Scion for the Mini. Should I get the Mini?My Scion: tinypic /view ?pic=15weblk s=6Mini Cooper: tinypic /view ?pic=9pq1c1 s=6 tulsa porsche for sale general tire ameri g4s. CENTRAL Would you buy the Prius Plug-in or the Chevy Volt? The approximate amount of money for gas (I'm looking for to get a crown vic V8 engine down to myrtle beach, sc from upper marlboro, md). Please be as precise as possible... 10 pts to the person that sound mostly accurate. Please and thank you ( hint hint: planning a trip down there for the beginning of summer break). Also please add in there the cheapest gas stations on or throughout I-95 S, I-74 E/U.S.toward wilmington, and US-701 S. Pretty please and thank you sooo much.Also need physical proof on where you got your source from so i can see to believe.... thank you my fellow gracious citizens cheap ways increase horsepower maps of lincoln ca. T j edlich philip morris Hydrogen stores wind and solar energy-Innovative �Power-to-Gas ... In the short and medium term particularly popular are fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms that fit into the existing infrastructure: Natural gas pipelines, heating boilers, gas power stations and motor vehicles . Natural gas , gasoline and diesel fuel are such ... Lancashire used car sales in new york. Ardee 2011 Ford Diesel Engines most fuel efficient cars for cheap review chilton auto repair manual geo tracker.

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