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Thamesdown I am a middle-class American, and I will NOT pay any more taxes next year, not one cent increase!? Should the American people REFUSE TO PAY TAXES ?The people aren't stupid, we see what is going on, the slow changes, the totalitarian tip-toe. We are the lobsters in the luke warm water slowly getting ready to boil... the only way to change it, is to make people aware of what is happening, otherwise, it is our fault that our country turns to crap. Ignorance, and the people not doing anything about is exactly what the government wants, regardless of what they do, what they propose, total voluntary compliance, which becomes acceptable... this is not okay. Question everything the government does!!! Ask yourself, do you trust the government? Then you know what's what...they are screwing us. WE THE PEOPLE need to stop and protest in Wash, D.C., we all should skip work for a week or two, stall the economy, and make these scimbag politicans listen to us, there's is no other way, there is no solution the way things are going... PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST.The last economic recovery package, a.k.a. the stimulus bill that was quickly passed overnight that nobody read was nothing more than a misappropriation of 800 Billion in tax payer dollars, a scam folks!!! They stole our money!!! Go ahead and read some of the bill, look for dollar signs and ask yourself.... how was that suppose to help the economy, the people, or the country??? It wasn't, it was a money grab, pet pork project spending spree.... readthestimulus MORE IMPORTANTLY, STOP PAYING TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!Now that we know that our government and this administration is not spending our money wisely, and they seem to be allowing illegal immigrants to receive fraudulant tax returns - and giving Billions of our money to foreign aid and handing out our money to them insetad of the hard working people of this great country, then I guess the US government really don't need our money. It is like they are intentionally purposefully trying to bankrupt the country, let it collapse from within with gov. infrastructure in place, big government, in order to establish their own socialist government... do you see it?SO WE SHOULD ALL STOP PAYING TAXES How? When we/you file in 2013, have all kinds of tax right offs, medical expenses, clothing and work relared items needed maybe $5k, over inflate everything, donations, church, etc. max everything out, and make mistakes in your favor, etc. The IRS will be so back-logged they will never be able to catch up ever... and we the people will be in charge,... how it is suppose to be. Those who foot the bills, contribute to society are the ones who should make the rules. And folks, if you work, make sure you put down 3 or 4 exemptions or more, you can claim yourself twice to receive more money throughout the year. When tax time rolls around you make yourself either break even or make the government owe you. It is that easy!!! Fudge Fudge Fudge...WE PAY ENOUGH TAXES... to live here!!!! Ask yourself, how the heck did it get like this? Because WE let it get like this, did nothing say nothing status quo BS. Time to be proactive, and ready... prepared, and let our voices be heard. WE THE PEOPLE. Not we the Democrats, Not we the Republicans, Not we the Polticians, WE THE PEOPLE ... I am not divided by their ploys.Accounts Receivable TaxBuilding Permit TaxCapital Gains TaxCar Rental TaxCDL License TaxCigarette TaxCorporate Income TaxDog License TaxEstate TaxExcise TaxFederal Income TaxFederal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)Fishing License TaxFood License Taxfuel Permit TaxGasoline TaxHotel TaxHunting License TaxInheritance TaxInventory TaxIRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)Liquor TaxLuxury TaxMarriage License TaxMedicare TaxProperty TaxReal Estate TaxRoad Usage TaxService charge taxesSocial Security TaxRight to work taxRoad Usage Tax (Truckers)Sales TaxesRecreational Vehicle TaxSchool TaxState Income TaxState Unemployment Tax (SUTA)Telephone Federal Excise TaxTelephone Federal Universal Service Fee TaxTelephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge TaxTelephone Minimum Usage Surcharge TaxTelephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges TaxTelephone State and Local TaxTelephone Usage Charge TaxUtility TaxVehicle License Registration TaxVehicle Sales TaxWatercraft Registration TaxWell Permit TaxWorkers Compensation TaxIf it has anything to do with government, county state local federal etc,. my replies from now on are a big F%$K YOU.... there are many people who feel the same way and the SHTF, We the people own this country... there is some kind of movement, something is going on, you can tell, see it, feel it, and know something really stinks... it is a huge take over. switzerland alpine cities. Ford f250 diesle oil Why wont my 80 series Landcruiser run on petrol? youtube /watch? v=39K36Rw7LYc feature=youtube_gdata_playerPlus with gas price as high as they are, do you think electric cars are the future honda rancher oil used v6 suv under 15. Car tire fitment guide What kind of used car should I buy? Well, these are all luxury cars, and some of them just seem like too much money.2013 Mercedes GL450- $77000 and 14/19 mpg2013 Porsche Cayenne Diesel- $68,000 and 29 mpg highway2013 Lexus GX460- $61,000 and about 15/20 mpg2013 Audi Q7 diesel- $63,000 and about 24 mpg highway2013 BMW X5 diesel- $57,000 and about 23 mpg highway2013 Infiniti QX56- $70,000 and about 14/20 mpg Please help. I am trying to decide which car to get more interested in, and if you know anything about diesel engines and their

pros/cons please name them. Thanks! how do hp and torque relate hyundai dual sim phone. Southampton Audi A3 TDI vs 2.0T MPG over time? I'm thinking of buying a more fuel efficient car wanted to talk to people that have Priuses... present aro. PORDENONE Will we never see another Toyota straight six gasoline engine again; too bad, truly a great engine? WHY DO YOY LIKE REVVING UP? DO YOU ENYOY THE SOUND OF THE ENGINE, DO YOU FEEL SEXY REVVING IN HIGH HEELS OR BAREFOOT, OR USING BIQUINE? settle inn lincoln ne maxxis big horn 20. AVELLINO 2007 Mazda 6 Gt fuel Economy mpg fuel economy wiki cheap car rential lax. Kings Lynn & West Norfolk California VS. Arizona Cost of Living.? I am doing a research paper on how the electric cars can be harmful in the future. I need legitimate sources and information. My outline is below, i need info on those topics. I need sources and articles! Also suggestions to twiek my thesis (Introduction).Outline:Introduction- Electric cars appear to be optimistic to the future, but actually have serious hidden dangers.I.HistoryII.Charging A.Electricity from fossil fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms(How we charge the batteries from fossil fuel http://FuelSavingTab.coms)III.Batteries A.Mining and civil unrest (Countries fight to get materials for batteries to sell) B.Disposing IV.Safety A.Quietness (How people can't hear the car coming) B.Car accident procedures (Fire fighters are in danger and stuff) C.Explosive batteriesConclusion- Electric cars have fatal hidden dangers and must be regulated and inspected to prevent these serious accidents.Most and best sources gets 10 pointsThanks!!!DONT GIVE ME THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT IM LOOKING FOR...We had to choose a technology that could be negative and i wanted to be unique and challenging so i did the electric car, so before you go on some greenpeace rant, realize that this is all theoretical and for a research paper, its no being submitted to congress jeez people. acura integra car. Car alarm system eagle 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show - KickingTires The electric motor never drives the car alone, as that would diminish the driving experience, but Ferrari says full EV operation is within HY-KERS #39; wheelhouse. European driving cycles ... Not that you #39;ll care about gas mileage . branson gmc denali new maico motorcycles Estimate Road Trip Cost Armagh WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE OF LIQUID PETROLEUM GAS ? I'm 21 and studying in my final year at uni full time in Sydney Australia. I quit my job last year due to a back injury and centrelink (government aid) has been (barely) helping with youth allowance payments. I am wondering if it is time to move out But I don't want to do it and realize I made a mistake. I have never done so before. I am constantly fighting with my parents. It is extremely stressful at home and I think I have reached my limit. I also have a pet dog which will make it hard to move because not a lot of tenants accept pets and those who do ask for a lot of rent! I definitely cannot part with my dog. It is also one of the things we constantly fight about. I only go to uni on Fridays as I am conducting research for the rest of the week from home or the library, so essentially I am home 6 days a week. I don't have a car so I use public transport or my brothers car at times. Does this seem like it is time to move? If I was to move, the government would pay me 390 dollars a fortnight as an independent student over 18 but it is not enough. the average place is looking at around 400 dollars a week. How much will I need to make while working to be able to survive? Including taking care of my dog? Also, The government will stop paying me in February once I graduate. So if I don't find a full time job then, I would probably have to move back which I don't think I will want to. Do rent prices include bills? I am willing to live anywhere in Sydney as I only need to travel to uni one day a week so even if the train ride was 2 hours I think it would be fine. I don't really have much saved either as I gave most of it to my parents to help out. Is a loan a bad idea? if not how does one go about getting a student loan with minimal interest? I finish this semester in 2 weeks so I can start planning then. Please, any information will be so helpful.Also, I can probably get my casual job back, working at coles supermarket, if I really needed to...and transfer stores if I needed to. There is no fixing the problems. The choice is either to stay and live in misery or move and be happier but struggle financially. Cork used kia new jersey. GASPďż˝ Save Money on Gas | The Madison Energy Group Here are a few road -tested ways to save money on gas . Of course saving money isn #39;t the only goal: the more gas we save, the less pollution we create, and the less beholden we are to those who control the oil supply. ... By one estimate , you can improve fuel economy 20% by reversing bad habits. That #39;s like spending ... When making trips , combine errands so that the trip home from work also

includes the trip to the grocery store (and thereby cuts your gas bill in half). chevy diesel engines crate find used auto dealership. ARMIDALE 2007 Mazda 6 Gt fuel Economy samsung yp s3jab subaru uk diesel. Best Epa Cars Dyfed 2007 Mazda 6 Gt fuel Economy Port Hedland fuqi killed. SINT-OEDENRODE Volkswagen GTI - 0-60 in 6.5 sec and 36 mpg - 2014 Press Release: VOLKSWAGEN DEBUTS NEW GTI AT THE GENEVA AUTO SHOW - Available with two levels ... | Wolfsburg, Germany | Volkswagen GTI - 0-60 in 6... 2008 ford f-250 diesel fuel economy used mobile air compressors uk. Uk property auctions guide cheap gas nc cheap gas nc Cookstown acteco chery. Oklahoma City Do I have a bad fuel pump? Hello all. This is my first post. I just bought my 07 Wrangler Rubicon JKU at the beginning of 2013. I am an import tuner guy, especially Honda sport going from that to my first Jeep, not only that but my first non-Japanese, non-car vehicle ever. This is totally uncharted territory for me. Its uncomfortable not knowing everything about my vehicle. Actually I know nothing. I'm slowly trying to learn. Its a totally different ball game with the Jeep. I love it. But in a different way than my Civic, which I sold. I still love my cars, and pethaps one day I will tske on another project. But right now I am focussing on my Jeep. Its daunting, the amount of mods available. The parts on the market are vast, which I'm usef to but I don't know my stuff yet. I'm a big war history buff and I feel passionately about the Jeep history. My jeep is the dark green. I have thoughts of making it a kind of militsry ish looking, non-fladhy, rugged, tough, utilitarian machine as far as mods go. Its bone stock. I just tried the side narker light mod today. Got the passenger side working but not the driver. I put LED bulbs in the backup lights, and LED lights in the domes. I can't for the life of me figure out how to pop the dome light housings back into the roll bar assemblies. I tried pushing so hard and they won't pop back in. I also put an AEM dry flow panel filterin, my question about that is, when I get my snorkel assembly, will a cold air intake work with thst or does it have to be the stock set up? Also, will a supercharger render those parts incompatible? What do you guys tjink of thr bully dog computer for fuel economy and power increase? What is the hood flutter thing about? I have read a lot on it but I dont notice any hood flutter. What does anyone know about sound deadening insulation removal? I notice when my gas tank is low (less weight), my power, acceleration, braking, fuel economy increase. I imagine road noise will increase but is it tolerable? I guess that's subject 2011 mazda 3 gt fuel economy shaun rankin michelin. The Best Vehicle NEW SOUTH WALES What's the easiest way to increase horsepower on a 2013 jetta vr6 withouth turbo or supercharging it? I was wondering if this acura rsx is over priced and i should even consider buying it sacramento.craigslist /cto/3620897520 Mount Gambier cars over ten years old. Tank Of fuel LECCO Old dodge and international restoration projects is it worth it? If I took homemade moonshine and mixed it with homemade vegetable oil and put it in my diesel truck it'll run, right? Cessnock lowe alpine dryflo spirit tank top. Memphis 2007 Mazda 6 Gt fuel Economy volvo xc90 2.9 fuel consumption storm damage cars and pickup trucks. HAUTE-MARNE Americans whining think they have life so hard..oil prices etc..? I am interested to know what it does to the gallon. It is an automatic if that makes a difference Madison wu triumph method. Barricade saleen ford mustang police Institute for Energy Research | Why Are Gasoline Prices High and ... Motorists are paying more for gasoline at this time of year than they #39;ve ever paid, according to AAA spokesman Michael Green As of February 20, 2013, Hervey Bay requirements build bmw. Delft 2007 Mazda 6 Gt fuel Economy fuel economy rv class street slam neo geo. Alfa romeo model 145 Do you think it is a good idea to burn food as fuel for automobiles? It seems for 2014 many electric cars will be released.Should government provide

subsidies for these cars to encourage production?Surely this helps remove c02 emissions and petrol prices for consumers. best time sell used car cadillac 2005 new york auto show. Gympie The average price of a gallon of gas - Gawker The average price of a gallon of gas has risen to $3.67 across the U.S. Maybe cars can run on printer ink instead? lowe alpine tundra review michelin 285 16. VICTORIAVILLE Are gas prices ever going to go down? My mind is on 3 cars that are automatic2013 Chevrolet AVEO, 2013-2013 Pontiac Vibe Honda Civic 2013My budget is $9,000 and I'm 16. Any ideas? does driving with your tailgate down save gas navi 360 rl disc acura. Goodyear maricopa 2007 Mazda 6 Gt fuel Economy diy hybrid electric smart moves aligners recommendations. AUSTIN about how much does gas cost in Joplin, MO? Jet turbines work by sucking in mass of air and ejecting the air backwards.Lets consider a jet plane flying at constant speed u=500m/s motionless frame of refrence "a" (at rest wrt ambient air) the air, which is initially at rest is sucked in at rate μ kilogram per second and ejected with velocity v. Lets consider case μ = 200 kg/s,v=100m/s.Power of the engine is Pa = 1/2 μv² = 1 MW********In the frame of reference "j" of the jet (this frame has airspeed u) the air moving with velocty u = 1000 m/s is sucked at the same rate μ=1000kg/s and ejected with velocity v'= u+v = 600 m/s, and power is equal to change of kinetic energy:Pj = 1/2 μ(v'² - u²) = 11 MW.******So what is real power of the turbine?I need to know. I am VP enginnering at Lockheed Martin and the government demands now fuel efficient jet planes (boy gas prices hurt, do not they) and the engineers around here are no use. Please help us.Sorry my secretary messed up again.Should be********In the frame of reference "j" of the jet (this frame has airspeed u) the air moving with velocty u = 500 m/s is sucked at the same rate μ=200kg/s and ejected with velocity flashlube valve saver fluid lpg the mercury program rapidshare. Glasgow how do auto loans under 15k work? I am considering a job offer in California, long beach to be mor specific. Currently I live in Memphis TN where the median income is approx 59k. At this time I make around 70k before taxes and live very comfortably (single no dep.) the job in CA pays 110k, and I was wondering, with the cost of living being so high, would the pay be comparable? Could I live the same life style? The median income in that area is about $64k I believe. I do have a mortgage, car payment, and all the other bills of your average adult. Does anyone out there live in the LA/Long Beach area? How much do you make? Is it enough? pickup bed covers denver truck accessories car trailer uk hire. TAUSTE fuel Pressure Regulator/Map Sensor? What would the approximate starting salary be of a nurse with a bsn, fluent in spanish, and working in the pediatric icu be? Also, the approximate starting salary of a police officer with a four year degree and also fluent in Spanish be? If possible an estimate of the combined salaries of a married couple after taxes. The living place will be chicago. Please and thank you (: top fuel car facts online motor car race. Scrubbers remove mercury World Of Cars And Games: Top 10 fuel Efficient SUVs Ford Escape Hybrid: 34 City/31 Hwy (32 Avg.), Base Price: $30,570. 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with 177 hp. Reaching 0-60 mph in 9.5 secs. The Ford Escape Hybrid is sure to turn heads with the progressive styling of an SUV . Coffs Harbour 1983 mazda truck sliding window. Tampa 2007 Mazda 6 Gt fuel Economy toyota hilux surf gas mileage volvo ocean race game tips.

2007 mazda 6 gt fuel economy