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OUR TRAINING PRINCIPLES Our trainings embrace six key principles which we believe are the ingredients required for building capacity for social change makers. When developing a training course these six key principles have to be integrated and applied in all our trainings: PARTICIPATORY TRAINING We learn from each other! We practice peer-to-peer learning where participants are also co-responsible for their own learning. In the training we are all equals and the participation and experiences of the participants are seen as an essential resource in the training.

POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT Share your vision and act on it! If we want to challenge today’s unequal power structures, we need to be conscious about our own role as citizens, we need to be able to analyse political realities and articulate our collective vision for the future. Promoting political empowerment is about facilitating poor and marginalized groups and individuals to analyse their predicament, understand their rights and acquire the skills to engage, influence and hold accountable institutions that affect them.

LEARNING BY DOING Practice what you learn - learn from your practice! By focusing on practice in the trainings, participants are able to develop, preserve, and link together relevant knowledge and experiences to concrete change processes on the ground; in the organisations they work with or in their everyday life.

PUBLIC PUBLIC ACTION ACTION LEARNING LEARNING Act it out in public! We will move beyond traditional classroom teachings and unfold our concrete actions in public with real audiences and authorities. We engage the learned skills and concepts that participants bring from real life during the training in order to learn through experiences, moving beyond the classroom to using the “Act – Reflect – Apply” method and engaging with real audiences and authorities within the training process while we learn (public action learning).

INNOVATION, CREATIVITY AND SOCIAL IMAGINATION Break the norms - rethink social change! We will push the mind of our participants to go wandering, imagining alternative ways to make social change. Ways that will break the norms – ways that will rethink concepts.

RELEVANT AND APPLICABLE Apply what you learned and add value! AADK’s Trainings fits the context of the participants, the country programs, the partnership agreements and/or internal organizational requirements. The Skills, knowledge and attitude that is gained through training has to link to the context where the participants come from and give added value to the organizations they come from.



August 2013 - Design by Lasse Baek-Soerensen

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