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Herald-GUIDE • week of February 8 - 14, 2018

Mardi Gras

Krewe of Lul King Vernon and Queen Susette Higgins

Vernon and Susette Higgins, 2018 king and queen, of the Krewe of Lul parade.

By Anna Thibodeaux Managing Editor

Although it’s Vernon and Susette Higgins’ first time as parade royalty, they are celebrities within the Krewe of Lul. Vernon founded the parade and nurtured it for years until now it’s in its 41st year of revelry with 24 floats. One of them is the Higgins’ float, which they are expanding to include family when they ride. “Family and friends want to ride so I built a bigger float,” he said. “We plan on having some fun.” Susette called the entire experience a whirlwind. “It’s been a lot of work, but it’s worth it,” she said. “I’ve ridden on a lot of floats, but it won’t be anything like this. It’s

gonna be crazy. Vernon knows everybody in the parish so it’ll be fun.” The Krewe of Lul rolls at noon Saturday beginning at Winnwood Shopping Center in Luling. The Higgins will throw cups with the krewe logo and their names on the back. Their traditional scroll will feature “Fat Boys.” Both residents of Luling, the couple has been married 34 years. They have two children, Audrey and Caitlin. Vernon, 68, likes raising horses, gardening, painting and woodworking. He was a millwright for 26 years with the Local 1931 and employed 20 years as a maintenance mechanic with Cornerstone. Susette, 57, a housewife and

Vernon Higgins (center) celebrating the first year of the Krewe of Lul.

mother, likes gardening, sewing, cooking and baking. It was 1978, after Higgins had been riding in the Krewe of Des Allemands parade, that he decided it was time to turn talk into action about forming their own parade in Luling. He went to the courthouse and got the permit. That year, Lul rolled for the first time on a Sunday morning with six floats. He recalled the family and friends who kicked it off, including the Harmon and Tucker families, who rode on decorated 18-wheelers. John and Jennie Buscalacchi were the new parade’s first royalty serving as king and queen. Many of those floats rolled in Lul that morning and then went on to also roll in the


Krewe of Des Allemands parade that weekend. Many of them still roll in both parades. To literally get the Lul parade rolling, Higgins recalled how they sold advertising to help raise funds. Over time, Lul grew and so did the number of floats. As its organizer, Higgins recounted stories firsthand of when the train crossed the tracks and split the parade that left the front half waiting on the second half. One year, a storm blew through the night before the parade that required putting the decorations back on the floats, he said. Several times before a parade, he recalled trailers being stuck when they tried to hook up the floats. As for this year’s float, Higgins is trying to keep it a surprise. “I’m thinking it’s going to be a pretty good looking float,” he said. “But I don’t want to say too much about it.” All he would say is where he

was getting ideas. “I’ve been looking at some New Orleans style floats with the big paper mache’ flowers and some of that stuff so I’ve been incorporating that into the float design,” Higgins said. “I like to try different things on a float.” And he has done just that with past designs he recalled that included cane reed on his Bahama Mamma themed float and stucco on the Tequila Sunrise float. The effort is worth it, according to Higgins. It’s important to remember the parade is as important for the crowd as it is for the riders. “Families get together and some come from out of town,” he said. “People are barbecuing on the levee. It’s people coming together having a good time.” Higgins is also partying hearty and loving it. “I’m getting around good,” he said. “I’ve ridden in so many parades that it’s not a big

difference to me … my being the king.” Higgins said his wife and daughters enjoy decorating floats, and this is special to him as he’s concerned younger generations are not as interested in Louisiana’s longtime tradition known as Mardi Gras. “It looks like the younger generation isn’t really on it,” he said. “I don’t think others decorate floats … they’re too busy texting.” It’s why Higgins hopes to incorporate classes into the schools such as building floats and decorating them, as well as approach area chemical companies to also get involved. Susette agreed. “It’s the biggest thing in Luling … once a year,” she said. As for this year’s parade, Higgins said, “I’ve been working on it six weeks now so I’m ready to roll.”

Krewe of Lul

King Vernon Higgins Queen Susette Higgins and

Grand Marshal Maurice “Mickey” Loupe, Jr.

Krewe of Des Allemands

King Michael Cortez Queen Mary Ann Cortez

Krewe of Lul royalty from present and past parades at a recent luncheon.


Grand Marshals Jane Fonseca & Ruby Fonseca

Congratulations to Krewe of Lul

King Vernon Higgins & Queen Susette Higgins Grand Marshal Maurice “Mickey” Loupe, Jr.

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Congratulations to Krewe of Des Allemands

King Michael Cortez & Queen Mary Ann Cortez Grand Marshals Jane Fonseca & Ruby Fonseca Parish President Larry Cochran wishes to congratulate St. Charles Parish’s Email: 13386 Highway 90, Boutte, LA 70039 985-785-8411

Mardi Gras Royalty!

St. Charles


Herald-GUIDE • week of February 8 - 14, 2018

Mardi Gras

Krewe of Des Allemands King Michael and Queen Mary Ann Cortez

2018 King Michael Cortez and Queen Mary Ann Cortez of the Krewe of Des Allemands. Right, the couple riding in an earlier parade.

By Anna Thibodeaux Managing Editor

It’s Michael and Mary Ann Cortez’s first time as royalty and they’re planning to have a great time with family and friends. On Sunday (Feb. 11) at 1 p.m. the couple will roll with family and friends as king and queen of the Krewe of Des Allemands parade. “It’s exciting,” Mary Ann said. “I was so surprised.” Michael agreed. “It feels great,” he said. “We’re just average people and we ride in the parade, but never expected to be chosen king and queen. It makes us feel like we’re something for a little while.” Their float will bear the large crown of royalty trimmed in gold and it’s going to be a family affair. “We have cups, medallions and a scroll,” Mary Ann said of their parade throws. “I’m doing the whole family. We’re not a big family so I was able to put everybody on. We were able to not leave anybody out.” The Cortez couple have owned and operated Wagon Wheel Arts & Crafts for 40 years in Des Allemands. “We still enjoy what we’re doing,” said Mary Ann of a business that continues drawing people from throughout the area. “We enjoy the people.” Mary Ann, a native of Chackbay and 40-year resident of Des Allemands, has ridden in parades for years with her

daughter but had slowed some on it in recent years. But she couldn’t pass up riding as royalty in the Krewe of Des Allemands when her family encouraged her to do it. She said the ball was beautiful. “I danced more at the ball than I danced in the past 40 years,” she said. “We knew most of the people and all our family and friends were there.” Both she and her husband, both raised in the area, agreed with the parade’s importance. Michael is proud of his Cajun roots, recalling how he was brought up on the bayou and took a bath in Bayou Des Allemands while growing up there. “It promotes our little town,” Mary Ann said of the parade. “It’s a family oriented thing and that’s why we promote it … just to keep it going. It’s hard to get people involved and we’re working to keep it going.” Michael said the parade draws many people. “It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves,” he said. “It’s a good get together because nowadays there’s not much going on that’s family oriented and something to celebrate. “Mardi Gras has been around many years and will be around many more years. It’s nice to have our hometown so involved in it and people enjoy it so much. Hopefully, people enjoy us as much as we enjoy them.”

Clerk of Court

Lance Marino

would like to congratulate the Krewe of Des Allemands and Krewe of Lul Royalty!

Krewe of Lul

King Vernon Higgins Queen Susette Higgins and Grand Marshal Maurice “Mickey” Loupe, Jr.

Krewe of Des Allemands King Michael Cortez Queen Mary Ann Cortez and Grand Marshals Jane Fonseca & Ruby Fonseca


St. Charles

Herald-GUIDE • week of February 8 - 14, 2018

Mardi Gras

2018 Grand Marshals Happy Mardi Gras!

Laissez les bon temps rouler! e of




King Vernon Higgins & Queen Susette Higgins and Grand Marshal Maurice “Mickey” Loupe, Jr.


Lul’s grand marshal is a veteran parade rider who just wants everyone to have a good time By Anna Thibodeaux Managing Editor

Being named grand marshal of the Krewe of Lul parade is a family affair for Maurice “Mickey” Loupe Jr. Loupe’s parents, Maurice and Lucille Loupe, reigned as king and queen in 1985, in the eighth year of the parade, and his sister, Betty Muller, and brother-in-law, Donald Sr., also reigned king and queen in 2007 in the parade’s 13th year. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience,” Loupe said. “I think it’s an honor to be there.” Although it’s Loupe’s first time as a parade royalty, he’s ridden on many parades and been involved with the Krewe of Lul since 1977. This will be special year for him with his nephew driving the vehicle he’ll ride in the parade. A resident of Luling for 70 years, Loupe, 73, retired from Hooker and Occidental after 32 years. He enjoys hunting, fishing and gardening. He is a

Lul’s Grand Marshal Maurice “Mickey” Loupe Jr. honored by Parish President Larry Cochran at Monday’s council meeting.

parishioner of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. When the Krewe of Lul rolls at noon Saturday, Loupe’s throws will include a scroll with a drawing of his father and mother’s business, a combined beauty shop and furniture store called MA Loupe Furniture and Appliance that

had been on River Road in Luling for years. “It’s a good outing for a family to come and have a good time,” Loupe said. “Everybody just come out and have a good time.”

Des Allemands’ grand marshals are parading with family


King Michael Cortez & Queen Mary Ann Cortez and Grand Marshals Jane Fonseca & Ruby Fonseca



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Krewe of Lul

King Vernon Higgins Queen Susette Higgins and Grand Marshal Maurice “Mickey” Loupe, Jr.

Congratulations Krewe of Des Allemands King Michael Cortez Queen Mary Ann Cortez and Grand Marshals Jane Fonseca & Ruby Fonseca


For more information visit our website @

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By Anna Thibodeaux Managing Editor

Krewe of Des Allemands grand marshals Jane and Ruby Fonseca are celebrating the honor with family and friends. When they roll with the krewe at 1 p.m. Sunday, they are bringing family with them on the float. Jane is a founding member of the krewe and remained a member until becoming disabled in 2009. She retired from Spahr’s restaurant after working there 40 years. “I think it’s nice and I appreciate all the work they’re doing,” Jane said of the krewe members. “They’ve been doing good.” Both Jane and Ruby owe this experience to their children, who told them they’d back them up. Jane’s son, Melvin Crochet Jr., and daughter, Rhonda St. Amant, and her four grandchildren and two great grandchildren are all supporting her in the parade. She marveled over how their husbands and wives are helping, too. She’s excited about riding in the parade with her sister-inlaw, Ruby. Jane, a Chackbay native, moved to Des Allemands when she married Herman Fonseca Sr.

Jane and Ruby Fonseca will represent the Krewe of Des Allemands as its grand marshals.

This is Ruby’s first time in a parade and carnival club, but she agreed to ride with her family, too. “It’s my first time in anything with the club,” she said. “I wasn’t into parades, but I’m excited about doing this one, especially for my kids.” Ruby also enjoyed the Mardi Gras ball. “I was excited to do it,” she said. “All my family was there with me. We took lots of photographs. They were excited.” Ruby and Jane agree that



family and friends are the reason for this season. “Most of the people in the carnival clubs are usually family members riding on each float,” Jane said. “It’s really something that’s really nice for them to do.” Ruby added, “I think it’s important to the ones involved in it to raise money for the community and to have a get together. It’s a family thing they do together.”

13270 Hwy 90 Boutte, LA


Dr Laurie R Glaser • Dr Erin Sauzer-Hymel

Congratulations to Krewe of Lul King Vernon Higgins Queen Susette Higgins and Grand Marshal Maurice “Mickey” Loupe, Jr. Congratulations to Krewe of Des Allemands King Michael Cortez Queen Mary Ann Cortez and Grand Marshals Jane Fonseca & Ruby Fonseca

St. Charles


Herald-GUIDE • week of February 8 - 14, 2018

Mardi Gras

Krewe of Lul Parade Route MIS































Krewe of Des Allemands Parade Route




LA 6

START/FINISH: Winnwood Shopping Center (CVS)


Krewe of Montz Parade Route

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Mardi Gras... Gras...



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...or any

Congratulations to the Krewe of Lul and Krewe of Des Allemands Royalty!



The Krewe of Montz will hold its 34th Mardi Gras parade through the streets of Montz at 10 a.m. Feb. 10. Curtis Dufour organizes and directs the parade. The parade is held in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Wascom, the founders of the parade. It is strictly an ATV parade consisting of three- and four-wheel vehicles, go carts and golf carts. The St. Charles Parish Council declared “Krewe of Montz Day” for the event.


US 9


St. Charles

Herald-GUIDE • week of February 8 - 14, 2018

Mardi Gras

des allemands parade from page 1A

Lul Parade from page 1A Lul’s Grand Marshal Maurice “Mickey” Loupe Jr. also represents a line of parade royalty with his parents, as well as sister and brother-in-law, who all served as king and queen of the parade. “It’s great to have that family history,” Landry said of the area’s longtime parade. The king, queen, and grand marshal will throw a scroll commemorating the parade and their family. Beginning at Winnwood Shopping Center, the route will turn onto Paul Maillard Road, take a right onto River Road, a right onto Sugarhouse Road, another right onto Angus Road and circle back to the same shopping center. “It brings the community together, provides quality family entertainment and it’s a great parade for a family environment,” Landry said. “People show up early to socialize and even cook …

tailgating before the parade.” The parade’s units will include a first, Destrehan High School’s ROTC Color Guard, drill team and drum line, as well as the Hahnville High School band, along with dance teams, dance academies, fire trucks and festival queens. Debbie Vial, also a team captain, said a special presentation is planned at the reviewing stand in Monsanto Park for the HHS band for marching in the parade since its beginning. The parades past kings, queens and grand marshals also will be in the stand. “We’re looking forward to it being a fun-filled day for family and friends and to have a good time,” Vial said. Along with Landry and Vial, the parade’s captains also include Randy Lauve, Russell Lauve, Wanda Candies, Charles Oubre III and Quincy Berthelot.

Each float will have its own theme and throws. “The fun thing about the parade is you know people on just about every float so you feel you know everybody who’s riding or standing alongside you trying to get catch beads with you,” Landry said. “A lot of people treat this parade as their Mardi Gras.” Parade goers are asked to bring a jar of peanut butter to the parade. St. Charles Social Concerns will have a peanut butter truck in the lineup collecting the jars or cash donations for the food pantry. This is a longtime tradition for the parade. At the end of the parade will be the Arc of St. Charles collecting beads from any one who wants to contribute them. The Satellite Center students also will be recording the parade, which will be played on the parish channel.

Crowd members who won awards as best dressed at the Krewe of Des Allemands parade.

The parade is set to roll at 1 p.m., beginning on Whitley Road before traveling up to U.S. Highway 90, turning into the town’s business district, heading down Dejean Street toward Old Spanish Trail and then backing up Lorraine Drive to the highway. A new addition to the parade will be the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who will partake in the Des Allemands parade for the first time. The historical group is comprised of ancestors of those who served in the Confederate armed forces and its stated purpose is to “encourage the preservation of history, perpetuate the hallowed memories of brave men, to assist in the observance of Confederate Memorial Day, to aid and support all members, and to per-

petuate the record of the services of every Southern soldier.” The group has performed historical reenactments across the state. “They carry all the battle flags,” Tregle said. “They’re big history buffs and love to talk about it. They’ll do reenactments for holidays and for veterans. We’re going to enjoy having them come along with us.” Tregle believes the event has endured so long because it’s truly geared to be a quality outing for families and friends to spend time with one another. “It’s very family oriented,” she said. “It’s just a good time to be out with family and friends along the parade route and enjoying themselves. Especially when you’re right outside your house on the parade route, it’s

the perfect time to have everyone over … to boil seafood, grill and just have a good time in your yard as the parade goes by. It’s good food and a good time.” The king and queen of this year’s krewe are Des Allemands natives Michael and Mary Ann Cortez of Des Allemands. The grand marshals are Jane Fonseca and Ruby Fonseca, her sister-in-law. Tregle added that Hahnville band and ROTC will be part of the parade again this year. The overall number of floats had not yet been settled as of press time, but the parade has traditionally had approximately 10 to 13 floats involved. To join the parade, contact Mitzi Tregle at

The ever bigger crowds gathering the Krewe of Lul parade route calling to parade riders for beads.

Congratulations to all past, present and future Kings, Queens and Grand Marshals!

2018 Herald Guide's Mardi Gras Section  
2018 Herald Guide's Mardi Gras Section