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In erms of tiPS, Mana eMphasized that It'S such a shame to complete a stunning makeup and fall to set rt wren a water spray. ma eup IS the eye treatment.

"A refreshing water spray Will hydrate your makeup

Mana says. "I used 3 shades of

a'lO keeo it from caking and fading. Just the lIghtest

LA Splash eye shadow. LA Splash

touch IS 'leeded but it's amazing what a difference

,s affordable and amazingly funky.

a light mist of water will make on your makeup's

The colours are Intense and

lastingness. The one I love to use IS Suisse

vibrant. Firstly, I applied a blue

Programme Bio Cellular Oxy Water.'

base over the whole eye area. then turquo'se over the eyelid, and outlined the whole eyes. mcluding Inner corners. With a

Come l'1to Sa Sa and put the 'Glamour Fantasia'

glitter tone The shades I used are among my favourites - 'Eye

rtems on your shopping list. Go on... make yourself,

Sparkle' In Near Tetra and Aquamarine, and 'GI ttel' Splasr' in

and your life, a little more beautifUl,

Whale Tale. LA Splash's one of those cult mai<eup

Suisse Programme Bio Cellular OlCY Water 50ml $1920

lines - once you try It. you'll be hooked for life."


ana added olack Cyber Co ors Lash Blooming Mascara to

Priscilla's lashes, then apphed the fantastic fake eyelashes ­ Beauty Perfect Eyelashes. Available from Sa Sa. they're a Cinch to app y with a gerte yet strong liqUiG glue. "After ~he layer of mascara, which IS necessa')' for your own lashes to blend Wth tne fake ones, I recommend always clamping both natural and fake lashes togetner wrth an eyelash curler T'lls gives them a pretty lIft and cur and the resutt is more natural." Afte"- the eye Makeup, Mana used I ~IjOVI FIX It, wh'ch sne a15 is bnliiant at I Nuovi Fix It $16

setting powder eyeshaoow and so easy a apply

ith sponge applicator.

I. I Nuovi Blush On • Pink $22.00 2. LA Splash Eye Sparkle· Neon Tetra/Aquamarine $1390 3. LA Splash Glitter Splash. Whale Tale $ 1.90 4. Beauty Perfect Fake Eyelashes $2.40 5. Suisse Programme Hydrasoft Foundation with case· Porcelain $83.20 6. Cyber Colors Sheer Loose Powder -Ivory $2290 1. Cyber Colors Lash Blooming Mascara· Black $17.90 8. Electric Eyelash Curler $1 i 90 9. Cyber Colors Honey Lip Sheer Lipstick $ A90 I O.Cyber Colors Cyber Gloss $ "90

SASSY Summer 2006 19

Makeup Eyes

LA Splash

Eye Sparkler D,recl from California, there ore over 95 colours to drool over! 513.90

LA Splash


Liquid Eyeliner Opens up and ,sparkles up your eyes with amazing drama! 512.90


Eyelash Growth Double Lash Unique nutritive product for lashes which stimulates lash I;Jrowth. Simply brush it on nightly. $16.15

Do Best Palette Eye Shadow ~ Assorted Colours GlOriOUS, gorgeous colours in sleek packaging. 510.70-511.85



'.' , (

Fiberwig Mascara



With doubfe the fibre of most mascaras, Fiberwig enjoys cult status in Japan. Loyer it on for gorgeous thick lashes which won't clump. 524



Cyber Colors Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 20%


.~.., COLOR~


Gentle yet eHeclive. Kind to sensitive eye area. 57.90

Cyber Colors Fancy Eye Color CVlBfiR


Four perfectly matched colours in handy compact size. $19.90

SASSY! Summer 2006 25

do yo Sa Sa has wo der-filled gift sets which truly save you headaches and $$? Yes! The secret's out! We've Ii ed up an absolutely adorable trio of gift sets wi

very pleasing price-tags, prettily

packed for your gift-giving convenience. Just decide whether the lucky recipient is pink and pretty, a hone bunch or a beach girl, and select accordingly. Smiles and hugs guaranteed. Sa Sa... it's yo r ultimate gift-giving solution!



Pink & Pret




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50 So Pouch $12.90 So So Lip Gloss 57.90 So 50 Eyeshadow $9.90 LA Splash Glitler $11.90 American Beauty Fake Nails $9.90 Pinkey Nail Polish Remover $2.90 Total value $55.40

~ .•.•.•.•~4_'.·-.~"". A.

Sumrn r

06 26

NOW $36.90 (Save $18.501)



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