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La Societe D’elite, your Global Partner in Luxury (Padalelux) “Giving you the world, as you desire”

~ La Societe D’elite~

Global Benefits, Rewards, & Acceptances Business Comforts $600 Vi rtual Assi stant and More Cre di t Busi ne ss E qui pme nt Cove rag Busi ne ss E qui pme nt Re ntal Cove rage

société Protections and Insurances $1 ,000 Lost W al l e t Insurance $1 ,000 Ce l l Phone Insurance Luxury Bl ack Car Insurance "3 hours pe r day ove r 3 days" $45,000 Col l i si on/Loss Damage Insurance $50,000 T rave l Acci de nt Cove rage $2,000 Pri ce Prote cti on $1 .1 00 Re f und Prote cti on $50,000 E me rge ncy Me di cal and De ntal $250,000 E me rge ncy Me di cal T ransportati on E xi sti ng Me di cal Condi ti on Cove rage

la société d'élite Lifestyle Charte r Je t Se rvi ce s and Cre di t Automoti ve Sal e s Se rvi ce s Di scounts N.B.A Luxury Car Se rvi ce , LLC Di amonds & Je we l l e ry Di scounts Luxury Hote l Re sort & Spa Accommodati ons Opal Col l e cti on

Mandari n Ori e ntal , Ne w York Morgans Hote l Group SLS Hote l s Marri ot? Pi ne appl e Hote l s ? Marri age De sti nati on Col l e cti on Pre f e rre d Gl obal Fi ne Di ni ng E xpe ri e nce Compl i me ntary Li f e ti me Fi tne ss He al thy Li f e Me m be rshi p Gol f i ng wi th la société d' élite VIP Ni ght Li f e E xcl usi ve VIP E nte rtai nme nt & E ve nt Acce ss Gl obal Fl oral Arrange me nts

Stress Free Luxury Travel Compl i me ntary Gl obal W i re l e ss Comm uni cati on De vi ce Ai rport Conve ni e nce Me e t -and-Gre e t? $ 3 00 Che ck Luggage Cre di t $1 ,000 De l aye d Luggage Insurance $1 ,000 Lost Luggage Insurance Luggage Fre e T rave l 30% Annual Crui se Di scount Pe r Ye ar Compl i me ntary Gl obal Ai rport Lounge Acce ss $250 Comme rci al Ai rl i ne Cre di t Up to $250 Ai rl i ne Change Fe e Cove rage $1 ,500 ye arl y at $1 50 dai l y l i mi t , T rave l /T ri p De l ay Cove rage $5,000 T ri p Cance l l ati on Prote cti on $5,000 T ri p Inte rrupti on Prote cti on Fre e T SA Pre -Che ck Compl i me ntary Gl obal Ai rport Lounge Acce ss Passport Ini t i ati on & Passport Re ne w al Re f und

A Lavish Right Hand No Such T hi ng As A Li ttl e T hi ng

All rewards can be redeemed

Rewards Program No more complex, complicated, and confusing points -reward programs. No m ore disappointing fine print and non-applicable rejections. La Société D'élite keeps it simple and e asy for you to understand. W e have partners that go above and beyond to ensure that the quality of life that you desire i s yours. To show appre ciation f or usage of these services, you will continually be rewarded. T he more of La Société D 'élite’s gl obal luxuries that you take advantage of, the m ore that these same l uxuries will be rewarde d to you complimentarily. Must reserve through La Société D 'élite to qualify. *Coupled with your corporate rates, when you book 40 nights in a calendar year with one of our luxury hotel or re sort partners receive a $2,500 hotel credit to the affiliated hotel or resort of your choice. You m ay take advantage of this reward at any time within the same calendar year. *Re ceive an additional $2,500, off your charter flight after Chartering 10 flights within a calendar year. *Re ceive 10 hours of complimentary Global Luxury Car Service when you hire 50 ho urs of luxury car service wi th La Société D 'élite and N.B.A Luxury Car Service, LLC within a calendar year.

All rewards can be redeemed Al l rewards can be redeemed across the board for your desired service. *Hotel rewards credit can also be redeemed for $2,500 credit towards a Charter Jet service or for 10 hours of complimentary global l uxury car service. Or $2,000 cash back. *Charter Jet Credit can also be redeemed for a $2,500 hotel credit at any of our affiliated luxury hotels and re sorts or 10 hours of complimentary luxury car service. Or $2,000 cash back. *Gl obal Luxury Car Se rvice credit can also be redeemed f or a $1,000 credit towards a Charter Jet service or a $1 ,000 hotel credit to any of our affiliated luxury resorts or hotels. Or $1,000 cash back. *Re ceive $11,000 cash back if all three luxury reward goals are met within a calendar year or double rewards cre dit towards your next service. Charter $5,000, Hotel $5,000, Car Service $2,000. *Re ceive a $7,500 al l-inclusive hotel credit or $6,000 i n cash if the charter jet and hotel rewards are met in a cal e ndar ye ar. Re ce i ve $4,000 cash i f e i the r se rvi ce i s m e t al ong wi th the car se rvi ce .

Travel Policy Modifications Online Claim Filing 24-Hour Assistance Global Acceptance your credit card now has luxury benefits better that AMEX’s Black Card

La Societe D'elite - Full Global Benefits, Rewards, and Protections  

La Societe D'elite was designed to afford global luxuries, insurance, benefits, coverage, and protections to our members that stretch beyond...

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