Magasixth (issue 1)

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Staff 6ยบA Julia B. Quiles Santiago Alonso Aitana Rojas Claudia de Diego Mario Canalejas Silvia Ruiz Elena Gรกlvez Paula Gonzรกlez Sergio Robledo

How can you open a banana‌? With a monkey

The best archer with the feet â—?

The smallest caravan



CHOCO -NANA TOASTED What You Need: 2 Slices of bread Nutella spread 1 Banana, sliced Marshmallows (optional) Instructions: Place the bread in a toaster and toast until browned how you like. Spread Nutella on your toast. Top with banana slices, and marshmallows if you choose! You are ready to eat this awesome breakfast snack!

Riddles 1- I can fly but I haven’t got wings. ● What am I? ●

Answer: ● The time ●