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World Of Warcraft Karazhan Raid Guide: The custodian

If you are looking for a Karazhan Guide and Walkthrough for The custodian, then this is often wherever it's at.

The custodian is that the initial of 2 bosses in Karazhan that drop T4 gear. he's not associate degree nonmandatory boss.. He will provide raids somewhat of bother, however bear in mind that observe makes excellent.

Ideal cluster Composition: 1 Main Tank 3 Healers 6 Good DPS

Most of your raid can most likely be in a minimum of 5-6 epics if less before you'll systematically kill The custodian. Your DPS must be robust as you wish to be able to kill the esoteric Flares he summons inside ten seconds otherwise you can get overpowered by them.

NOTE: Be extraordinarily careful after you initial get into to The Curator's hall as a result of he encompasses a terribly giant irritation radius.

The positioning for this fight is fairly easy. Line up all of your ranged DPS and healers against the inclose The Curator's space. they must all be unfold apart roughly in a very semi-circle. The tank can then pull the custodian concerning thirty yards removed from the ranged DPS within the middle of the hall.

For most of the fight The custodian summons stellar Flares to attack the raid at a rate of 1 each ten seconds. All DPS must attack these for many of the fight. Whenever there's a flare, DPS must be offensive the flare.

Periodically, The custodian can flip blue and use Evocation to revive his mana. whereas he's blue he does not attack anyone and takes two hundredth harm. He will this for twenty seconds, then goes back to shooting stellar Flares once more. once he's Evocating is once your DPS can attack him. DPS should additionally bear in mind to remain on stellar Flares till the last one is dead, even once he Evocates. For

this reason we have a tendency to sometimes simply assign 2 specific DPS to require care of the last Flare once he Evocates, this fashion the remainder of the DPS is liberal to exchange directly.

He goes back and forth between shooting stellar Flares and Evocating for nearly the full fight. you simply got to continue killing Flares so offensive him once he is Evocating till he gets all the way down to 15 August 1945. Before that, though...

The custodian additionally uses one thing known as Hateful Bolt, that will 5-6k esoteric harm to whoever is second on threat. For this reason, we have a tendency to sometimes have one DPS member with plenty of health keep second in threat and simply eat the Hateful Bolts. you'll additionally use associate degree off-tank instead, tho' we have a tendency to found this slowed our DPS down an excessive amount of during this DPS race. He enrages and can kill the raid once ten minutes thus DPS is extremely vital during this fight.

Once you get him to fifteen, the custodian hits tougher, stops Evocating and stops shooting stellar Flares. At now, all there's left to try to to is DPS him down. Pop cooldowns and keep all heals on the most tank trouble and Hateful Bolt tank. Once you get him all the way down to 15 August 1945, you must be able to kill him unless you hit the anger timer.

If you're having issues with The custodian, bear in mind that almost all of the issues you've got with him will solely be solved by going and coming with higher gear, higher raid specs, higher consumables or some combination of the 3. The custodian was the primary boss in Karazhan that almost all of our raid required to use flasks before we have a tendency to were able to down him. unhealthy DPS cannot and will not be tolerated - whereas Subtlety rogues is also fine in 5-mans, they are horrifying raid DPS for instance. Of course, you'll continuously go PvP for on a daily basis or 2 and are available back with some further epics, it will build a world of distinction.

World of warcraft karazhan raid guide  

World Of Warcraft Karazhan Raid Guide: The custodian If you are looking for a Karazhan Guide and Walkthrough for The custodian, then this is...

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