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Letter from the Editor Wow, what a journey this has been! Who would’ve imagined that your fabulous new Glasgow mag was born one Saturday evening after a few glasses of wine through a WhatsApp chat between 3 small business owners. To say this has been a labour of love is an understatement. We have thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about this incredibly diverse city of ours. The saying is true, people really do make Glasgow. Included in our first issue is a wide range of content covering… well, everything! We don’t want to spoil the surprises ahead, so we will leave you to peruse at your own leisure. If you have any ideas of content you would like to see in future issues, or indeed be looking to contribute yourselves, then we would love to hear from you. A huge thank you to all of our pure dead brilliant contributors, without you this would not be possible.

Lots of love

Team GLM instagram @theglasgowmag Envelope facebook /glasgowlifemag

Axiom Building Lash Inc, 102B 48-54 Washington Street Glasgow G3 8AZ Contact: Louise Tierney


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Fitness Myths by Craig Reid

Ok people of Glasgow, It’s now January, that time of the year when many of you feel its time to get yourself to the gym finally, something you’ve been putting off for a while after a turkey and wine binge over the festive period. However, there are many fitness and dieting related queries in your head that are still left unanswered that I am going to try and resolve for you all.


o carbs make you fat? No, eating in a calorie surplus (eating more food than your body burns) makes

you fat!

Eating after 6/7pm makes you fat? Your body doesn’t know the time, 150 calories at noon are still 150 calories at 9pm, it doesn’t quadruple in value! Lifting weights makes you bulky? Lifting weights helps develop lean tissue to allow you to tone and tighten up, making you look smaller and help create the curves in all the right places. The more muscle your body holds, the quicker your metabolism works, allowing you to eat more without losing weight. Can you spot reduce body fat? (drop fat from certain areas) Exercising and dieting shall drop body fat from overall, but you cannot spot reduce! You should eat breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day and skipping is bad for you? There is nothing wrong with skipping breakfast, your body won’t go into “starvation” mode, nor will it store excess body fat from not eating. Just eat when your hungry (that may be 10/11am or 7/8am).

8 Fitness

Now that I have cleared up a few of these fitness myths that many people ask, including my clients during their consultation, or when they generally need support from me which I provide for them throughout their fitness journey. I am now going to touch on ‘Finding your why’ (the real reason for you wanting to make a change in your lifestyle and living an overall healthier life. Finding out your real why and discovering what your barriers are is a worthwhile exercise to get to the bottom of what your about to endure and will keep your motivation high and reasons for change. For one of my clients Anna pictured below, the questions and answers she found were these... Q. Why do I want to eat healthier and exercise more? A. Because I want to become slimmer and fitter. Q. Why do I want to be slimmer? A. So I will look better. Q. Why do I want to look better? A. So that I feel more confident within myself.

Q. Why do I want to feel more confident? A. To improve in every area of my life. Anna came to me feeling down about the way she looked, didn’t enjoy the gym environment or working out whatsoever, and really enjoyed binge eating and drinking Irn Bru 6 out of 7 days of the week. As a personal trainer it’s my job, not just to put on an hour session, give you a high five at the end of it and send you off home, but to listen to you, understand your barriers and to help and support you in order to help change your mindset towards fitness, in order to help you achieve your goals. Having played professional football for over 17 years I know how to push yourself to the limits to be the best version of YOU! Anna has done incredibly now comes to the gym 3 times a week and loves working out. If you want that push and guidance in your fitness journey, then please get in touch.




The making of a fashionista When my mum first told me we were moving back to Glasgow in 2010 I thought my whole world had ended. I had it pretty cushty back in Manchester and as an awkward 13 year old who had the same group of friends since nursery and hadn’t grew into her legs yet, the thought of starting a brand new high school in the middle of term was completely devastating.


ittle did I know the move away from my comfort zone would give me the opportunity to explore who I was and experiment with fashion and accessories I could only have dreamt of. My first experience of fashion freedom was at Knightswood Secondary School. Back in Manchester at my last school you’d be sent to isolation for having uniform that wasn’t within their code - even makeup wasn’t allowed! All of a sudden I was catapulted into an environment where kids my age really weren’t afraid to express themselves through their style completely unapologetically and without much protest from teachers. My very first day I remember seeing a sea of colour, quirky styles and a few faux pas which, we’ll allow, after all it was 2010 and the height of fashion in Glasgow seemed to be hoodies declaring your love for JLS.

random outfits for parties out of clothes in my mums wardrobe. All of which made great additions to the endless list of ‘things Victoria shouldn’t have done’! Your teen years are fundamentally imperative to shaping who you are as an adult and when I left Knightswood Secondary I was a certified baby fashionista, ready to take on the real world.

After settling in to Knightswood I felt myself blossom, I wore what I wanted to wear on a day to day basis, completely depending on what mood I was in. If I was in a boho mood, I’d put

After I left school I went straight into an apprenticeship and spent a lot of time travelling too. At work, I found myself adding colourful, vibrant and unique pieces I had found in charity shops around Partick, to regular office attire - most of the time I’d get compliments on my looks which would only encourage me to believe in myself more. Although, like all creative people I had bad days were my colleagues would describe my outfit as nothing more than ‘a walking car boot sale’. I spent a lot of time in warmer climates during this period, for this I blame my inability to stop wearing summer clothes in winter months and constantly wishing I was living in a bikini, which as we all know,

on a flowy dress, a crochet jumper and shove my hair up with one of my grandmas scarves, not one person would bat an eyelid. I experimented with hair colours, makeup looks and made

would be less than ideal in Glasgow! The time I spent in these countries shaped my fashion direction massively, from the hippy markets in Ibiza to finding handmade statement pieces in

10 Fashion

the backstreet boutiques of a tiny Greek island, I found myself veering more and more towards a full time bohemian style. Fast forward a few years and I’m back in Glasgow town, I’m now the proud owner of Petra’s Wardrobe, an online clothing boutique I started when my daughter Malala-Rae was just 4 months old. I knew I needed to start something I could build upon and provide a future for us with and fashion has always been something I have never gotten bored of. I knew a lot of people liked my sense of style and decided I’d capitalise on it, selling pieces I would only ever wear myself and putting together looks for my customers that I would also be proud to wear. My advice to any young fashionistas out there would be in the words of Bruce Boyer - “real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose”

instagram @victorialee7373 instagram @petras.wardrobe

Fashion 11 @petras.wardrobe Use code GLM15 for 15% off your order

iConic Beauty Boutique Your Brow, lash and Beauty bar Your one-stop shop to enhance the beauty you already have

all readers get 10% off by quoting 'Glasgow MAG'

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Laminated brows, The brow for 2020! by Deboragh Hendren

Laminated Brows, Fluffy Brows, Feathery Brows, the Brow Lift or the Brow Perm? No matter what you call it, Im telling you now, this is THE brow trend for 2020!


hink insta-perfect glossy full brows that are natural, yet fierce. This “new” trend is taking over and we are here for it.

Brow lamination, is thought to have originated in Russia, where beauty culture is a huge industry, however we have reports of a this treatment being performed, albeit with perming solution, in the 80s in the good ole’ US of A, when a fuller brow was coveted and everyone wanted to be like Brooke Shields (the original Cara Delevingne for those not old enough to remember!) Brow Lamination is a godsend for anyone who is looking for a fuller brow, and with lots of us turning away from the rather saturated microblading market, this is a real hero procedure that can literally transform your face, pain free and in under an hour. As any good brow artist will tell you, there have been some fad brows in the last few years, but the results of this are particularly astounding, its like you have grown actual hairs on your brows in the short time you are in the hot seat, and we have seen clients cry real tears at the results.

We had a client in a few weeks ago, who had suffered a bad fall as a child, and she cut open her forehead. When she had her forehead stitched back together at the hospital as a small 2 year old child, there was little regard paid to the fact that the scar was going to run diagonally through the start of her right brow. Fast forward 28 years, and you have a 30-year-old woman, who has one eyebrow slightly lower than the other on her face. Upon meeting, (for a henna brow application) I immediately noticed the lower brow and asked her about it, when she told me the story of her childhood accident, and, after a pretty lengthy consultation, I offered to patch test her for our “new laminated brow” and arranged to see her in a couple of days. What happens next is like a real life miracle (ok – that’s maybe a little dramatic, but keep reading!!)

The result at the end, was a pair of brows that were no longer “distant cousins, 3 times removed”, but definitely related, and as close to being “sisters” as we could make them. The client was shocked, and cried real tears as felt her face had symmetry for as long as she could remember. Since then, we have been inundated with clients looking for the “laminated brow” and the satisfaction of seeing your clients brows appear, like magic, is just perfection. If you haven’t booked onto a training course to learn this new procedure, then why not? Every good Lash salon, Lash bar or Lash tech should be looking at learning brow techniques to offer to your clients, after all Brows are no longer the supporting act, they are quickly becoming the star of the show.



Using our knowledge of how to style the hair, we used the treatment to our advantage and manipulated the brow hair on the right hand side to sit slightly straighter and taller on her face, all while avoiding that tell tale “surprised” look!

Beauty 15

Facial Aesthetics treatments: where are we now?


suspect I’m in the minority here, but I love January. February is the Miserable Month we need to watch out for, but January! Its a month of self-care; wearing cosy pyjamas we got for Christmas, catching up on tv shows and drinking Options hot chocolate (because we’re all trying to secretly cut back on the festive excesses, but still love sweet things). I really do try to avoid the ‘New Year, New Me’ hype surrounding January, and I think it’s important to use it instead as a period of self-

16 Beauty

reflection and give ourselves a pat on the back for how far we’ve come. Because really, saying you’re having ‘a fresh start’ in January kind of sounds like the old you wasn’t good enough, and that kind of negativity about ourselves can be so destructive. Life should be all about continuous learning, whether that’s about yourself, your relationships or your career. In the 10 years since I graduated from Dundee Dental School, I’ve never stopped learning, and I’m always striving to become a

better, more caring and competent dentist to my patients. One of the paths that this took me down was into the world of Facial Aesthetics and skincare, and I have been treating patients with dermal fillers, medical micro-needling and wrinkle relaxing injections (most commonly known as Botox©) for around 8 years. Even in that time, Facial Aesthetics has changed hugely, as new products come on the market and practitioner skills increase. For example, when I started, it was mostly plumping

lips and smoothing foreheads, with a ‘one size fits all’ approach that often left patients expressionless or with unnaturally full faces. There wasn’t the same approach to safety, or what to do if something went wrong either. For example, a practitioner with a sub-par knowledge of anatomy could accidentally inject filler into a blood vessel, essentially causing a blockage. We’ve all seen the pictures of botched treatment. There have been documented cases of people going blind or being permanently scarred from this, yet it wasn’t until the third course that I was shown how to properly dissolve filler! How terrifying is that?! Thankfully though, regulations have come on leaps and bounds since then. In 2016, Healthcare Improvement Scotland started regulating independent clinics in Scotland, essentially driving a lot of businesses out of salons and back into doctors and dental surgeries. Independent companies such as Save Face and the ACE (Aesthetic Complications Experts) group encouraged practitioners to get registered, and there are now dozens of courses on managing complications, which was virtually unheard of 7 years ago. When you visit a practitioner for a consultation, it is worth checking if they are registered with any of these bodies, as they will then have a network of experts within easy reach should any issues occur. Unfortunately, though, January can also bring the blues with it. Dark nights, miserable weather and being back at work can all contribute to your mental health taking a dip. A lot of people want to change their appearance at this time of year, but be careful how you do it. Instagram

recently banned some Facial Aesthetics accounts for essentially false advertising, selling ‘Kimmy K packages’ of large amounts of filler for a cheap price. For once, I agree with Insta, as the only way to drop the stigma of Facial Aesthetics is to practice ethical treatment. For example, when a client comes in to see me for a consultation, I always ask why they want treatment. Is it because they get headaches from frowning at a computer screen all day, or is it because they think having a face that looks more like Kylie Jenner will make you a better person? If the answer is the latter, I’m the wrong practitioner for you! Don’t get me wrong, if your anatomy allows it, I can make your lips look more like hers, and it might make you more confident, but I can’t sell you a Kardashian lifestyle that will magically give you happiness, a dream job or lots of money. It’s important that patients recognise the difference, and my treatments reflect that. Secondly, I try to go with the minimum volume of filler or Botox© you will need. I’d much rather you gradually built up treatments over a few visits; it gives a better, more natural result and ultimately you’ll be happier. Most of the practitioners I follow on Instagram do this as well, and there are now whole courses designed around minimally invasive treatments that work with your face to give you a better look. Thirdly, there are so many more uses of Botox and dermal fillers than just lips and foreheads! One of my most successful treatments was actually on my husband. He’d been going through a stressful time at work and was waking

up with headaches from grinding his teeth. I was able to place some Botox© into his masseter muscles (the big ones at the side of your jaw when you clench), and it relaxed the muscles enough to stop his grinding and his headaches. Treatments can also be used on your armpits to stop sweating, and a little spot placed just below your nose can help drop down your top lip, which is great if you show a lot of gum when you smile. There are literally so many applications for these treatments other than the ones you most commonly see celebrities with. So now we’re not only into a new year but a new decade, where do I see facial aesthetics leading us? Well, I hope the trend for natural, subtle enhancements continues, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook start to take more interest in regulating pages that fuel the fire of mental health issues. I also really hope that Facial Aesthetics starts to lose some of its stigma and that if you do your research properly and find the right practitioner, you’re in safe hands. Dr Jenni Cherington BDS MFDS graduated from Dundee Dental School in 2009 and became qualified in facial aesthetics in 2012. She works at MyDentist in Carluke, offering dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing treatments, medical micro-needling and NHS/ private dentistry. She aims to be a source of knowledge and information for any patient looking for dental or rejuvenation treatments. Outwith dentistry she enjoys travelling to music festivals and gigs and lives with her husband and two guinea pigs.



Beauty 17

by Louise Tierney Owner of Lash Inc Ltd

World Lash Day 23rd October

World Lash Day was set up in 2015 by Glasgow company Lash Inc Ltd to celebrate everything eyelashes. At the time it was set up it seemed that every industry had its own day from Hairdressers to Accountants but not for Lash Artists. World Lash Day was set up to focus on the Professional Eyelash Extension Industry (Lash Artists), however recently we have had other industries and members of the public celebrating with us.


akers making cakes with eyelashes on, Makeup artists featuring certain looks to accentuate the eyes using strip lashes and also various makeup brands doing special

cycle in on his unicycle. Mike is a fantastically fun person and he shared with us how to get to page one on Google, almost instantly! Each speaker covered various topics. The topics

I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who celebrated World Lash Day or plans to next year. We would love to cover what you did in one of our next issues of @lashinc Magazine.

offers in addition to lash brands offers. Planoly the Instagram planning took also added us last year as an Official International Day on their calendar. As Lash Inc is based in Glasgow we thought we would keep it local and celebrate in the hotel just across from our office in Washington Street.

ranged from work-life balance, striving for perfection, pricing, how to get your lash work published, brow lamination and personal branding.

If you are interested in being involved next year please get in touch

Our speakers were Mike Berry @dynamicmike1, Jessika Aude Gautier @starlashesworld, Deboragh Hendren @iconicbeautyboutique, Olivia Conlon @oliviaconlon, Shey Peral @lashey_s & Wendy Maltman @themaltinghouse Mike Berry an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert, opened the event with a

18 Beauty

The day finished off at Pink Inc Cafe @pinkinccafe. A cafe/ coffee shop that opened a little earlier this year by myself and my boyfriend. We thought the event attendees might like a little bit of pink and flowers to brighten up a chilly Glasgow evening. We love hosting international attendees and speakers and bringing them to Glasgow. We had visitors from the USA, Canada, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Ireland who all travelled to spend the day with us.

Louise Tierney Owner of Lash Inc Ltd Louise is the co-editor of Glasgow Lifestyle Magazine, Lash Inc Owner and co-owner of Pink Inc Cafe. Social media accounts below.

Instagram @worldlashday Instagram @lashinc Instagram Instagram @pinkinccafe

Beauty 19


The Dockyard Social "A Sunday well spent brings a week's content." - unknown


undays can be an odd day in this house. After the usual commotion of getting to the church on time, we usually get a mammoth dose of the Sunday blues as we count down the hours to the working week (I say usually only because I'm still on maternity leave, sorry Kevin!) When we were invited to The Dockyard Social by One4Events it seemed the perfect way to beat the Sunday blues away and enjoy the last few hours of the weekend with some family time. When we arrived we walked through the corridor of quotes from famous chefs, if you weren't already in the mood for some fantastic food you soon would be! The food court was lined with fantastic smells, flavours and tastes. We walked around each stall, eyes bulging at all the choice and tummies rumbling at the smells. It was the great dilemma; to eat or not to eat choose wisely!

After making our choice of 'salt and chilli anything!' we sat down to take in the all of the space. As old warehouse, yet it was hard to imagine it as anything other than this vibrant social space. Everything just seemed to belong there. From the purpose built chip wood toilet walls to the mish mash of furniture, everything had character and a reason to be there. The food was delicious, it was also gone in minutes as was my hope of sharing the food with my husband. We drank in the atmosphere as we dreamed our soft drinks were something more. (We just don't drink when watching baby, it's no fun for anyone involved.) There were games, stalls and activities for the children. You were hard pushed to sit back and say you were bored. The children were even treated to a Frozen surprise, with a visit from Olaf and Anna who sang, danced and played

games. There was a story teller and arts and crafts all lead by helpers, for those of us who are clueless about how to make a sporky, keyring or mask. Despite being too young to participate Daniel was in his element watching the children toddle, dance and enjoy themselves. Our two hours flew by, we could had stayed later but baby needed a nap and we had bought some brownies for taking home. Before we left we had a nosey at the stalls, buying some birthday cards and eyeing up some Christmas gifts. If your looking for special and unique gift then you had come to the right place. It really was a fantastic family day out, one which we hope to repeat soon with the upcoming parties at Dockyards Social.

instagram @the_wee_mammy_diaries

" Family. Today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories" - unknown Food & Drink 21

Street food markets boosting the food scene in Glasgow by Caterina Bassano

Caterina Bassano is the girl behind Glasgow Foodelicious – a food blog and high-spirited Instagram feed committed to exploring and reviewing eateries in Glasgow and sharing food inspiration.


treet food can often be associated with vendors on bustling city streets, where the aromas of local food drive the attention of walkers looking for a quick hunger fix. In Glasgow, however, street food comes with a few characteristics of its own: it mostly takes place indoors (ahem, not the best weather?), it’s culturally diverse featuring mixed culinary origins; and its climax is in the ever-changing and compelling street food markets.

dynamic hubs comprising quality produce and entertainment. Platform at Argyle Street Arches

Street food markets in Glasgow are revitalising the concept of street food in the city. Rather than food you get in a hurry, it’s more about creating an experience. In these markets, you find a range of choices to please any palate – think juicy burgers, vegan food, loaded fries, tacos, chocolate churros; pretty much anything. You can go with your pals, your kids or dogs, you can enjoy music in the background, food that is freshly prepared and very affordable, and go for drinks at the bar or some entertainment. Glasgow, a city where international gastronomy has harmoniously come together with Scottish cuisine, has recently seen the evolution of some fantastic street food markets that are taking the city by storm with their

22 Food & Drink

Sitting within the refurbished Argyle Street Arches under Glasgow’s Central Station, Platform could not enjoy a more central and convenient location. It brings together independent food traders every weekend,

frequently changing them to ensure a fresh line up. With a vast space under colourful lights in the arches, the atmosphere in Platform is always lively. There’s plenty of seating space and an impressive bar from craft brewer Innis & Gunn.

All traders produce locally, seasonal and sustainably sourced food, so whatever you go for, you can be sure to find something tasty. And Platform is free entry! My foodie recommendation: if you find them on-site, get a bao from Ginger and Chilli;

these buns are fluffy and packed with flavour! Complement it with some loaded sweet potato fries from Freddy and Hicks, which you can top with halloumi cheese for the ultimate side. The Dockyard Social

My foodie recommendation: Yalla is a MiddleEastern food stall that makes flavourful and rich shawarmas with lamb, pepper hummus, roasted chickpeas or other ingredients. Give them a go

My foodie recommendation: if you like duck meat, then The Duck Street stall which is usually at the Big Feed will be right up your street. Their burgers and roasted duck pancakes are

if you see them! For a fiver, the lamb shoulder shawarma was amazing value.


Big Feed Last but not least, Big Feed: the other big contender for the street food marketplace, with a big and exciting indoor space, a fully licensed bar and a wide range of vendors, plus outdoor seating for when the sun is shining! This is also a kid and dog friendly market. There’s usually live music and DJs making the place buzz with good tunes, and a play area with cool arcade machines to entertain the little ones (or the big ones too, let’s not pretend!).

Street food is definitely having a moment in Glasgow; it’s all the rage and everyone’s loving it. I can’t wait to see how the movement further develops in the city, with new vendors appearing constantly and the markets getting trendier and busier than ever – I know we can expect great things to come our way!

instagram @GlasgowFoodelicious

Entry to the Big Feed is only £2 and there’s free parking.

The Dockyard Social in Finnieston made a comeback in 2019 after a break for refurbishment and has quickly grown in popularity as a vibrant social dining place. Occupying a spacious industrial unit on Haugh Street, it features murals and colourful graphics on the walls, a well-stocked bar, ever-changing food stalls, live music or on-site DJs and pool tables. The Dockyard Social certainly creates a great atmosphere for people of all ages (and dogs) to enjoy the best of Glasgow street food. It’s open on the weekends; the entry ticket is £5 which includes a food item, and under 16's can go for free.

Food & Drink 23

by Louise Tierney

The Pink Inc Explosion onto your Social Media feed. In just 5 months Pink Inc Café has made its mark on the Glasgow food scene. • Hailed the most Instagrammable place you’ll visit by Glasgow Live, One of the top 5 Pink Cafes by the Evening Times, • Glasgow's most Instagrammable Café by Glasgows Best Food and • Winners of Leading Purveyors of Afternoon Tea – Glasgow by LUX Life Magazine.


ink Inc Café is in trendy Shawlands and if you like pink and flowers you’re going to love it!

The café is on the popular Kilmarnock Road in Glasgow’s south side encompassing all things pink including floral walls, pink chairs and the cutest accessories. Selling an amazing range of cakes and snacks, including vegan and gluten-free options, you won’t be disappointed with the tasty treats on offer. Also, on the menu are mouth-watering pancakes, salads and what the café has been best known for morning & afternoon teas. Unsurprisingly, the café also acts as a venue for events including birthday parties, baby showers and business networking events, so if you’re looking for an event space with a splash of

24 Food & Drink

colour, look no further than Pink Inc Café.

looking for a small place to start up.

You’ll find it hard to resist posting this little gem all over your Instagram.

One of my other businesses is called Lash Inc a trade beauty magazine and I wanted to keep with the Inc theme so thought the name Pink Inc would be perfect!

How Pink Inc was born – from Louise the co-founder. Pink Inc was born on my 40th birthday in London. For my birthday I wanted to visit a flower café in London which I had been following on Instagram for over a year. So I made the 415 mile trip to London to spend my day in lovely eateries. I made the trip with my boyfriend Ilir Myrta who had been working long, exhausting hours as a chef and after chatting for a while I suggested we should try bringing something pretty and Pink to Shawlands. He was keen to give it a try and after we returned to Glasgow we started

I am not much for traditional business planning, I usually get an idea, plan things in my head quickly and go full throttle into it to get it up and running as fast as possible. Most of the time ideas work, sometimes they don’t but you always learn from your experiences, so I believe that Business Failure doesn’t exist. Something hasn’t been a failure if you learned a lot from it. For more information about the cafe, head to their Instagram page

Instagram @pinkinccafe





The perfect place to brunch with pooch by @btchzandbooze brunch. Dogs are even welcome at the live music nights that they regularly host if you prefer a livelier atmosphere.


e've been on the hunt for that perfect place to take your dog out to brunch and after many tasting sessions, we have finally tested out more than enough to serve you with the best of the best. We have been all over Glasgow testing out the food, atmosphere, customer service and all-round dog-friendliness of cafe's to find that perfect spot that we know you'll love. What do we look for in a dog friendly cafe? Well, we think the most critical aspect is a warm welcome for our four-legged best friends. Although lots of places say they are dog friendly, you sometimes find the reception you get is not always as warm as you hoped. If you're anything like us, you don't want to go out for a lovely brunch and continuously be on edge worrying if your dog(s) are annoying other customers or the staff. So here they are, our favourite extra dog-friendly cafe's in Glasgow: Church On The Hill Battlefield Looking for the perfect place for a bite to eat after a walk in the park? You're in luck, Church On The Hill is straight across the road from Queen's Park, and your pup will be welcomed with treats, water and a loan of some of the toys kept behind the bar especially for your furry friends. With such a welcoming atmosphere and an extensive food menu this is the perfect spot to try out with your dog. Might we add the cocktail menu is extremely good if you fancy a boozy

The Bungo Strathbungo You can expect the warmest welcome and a free dog chew to keep your pup entertained so you can enjoy the delicious food on offer at The Bungo. Perfect for a casual lunch, with comfy seating and a relaxed atmosphere, you are guaranteed a stress-free visit with your pooch. We highly recommend trying the full veggie breakfast alongside one of their amazing bloody marys for those looking for some hair of the dog (pardon the pun). If you're after something a bit more adventurous for your brunch, the Mexican cheesy beans on toast pairs excellently with their tequila-infused bloody maria. This is another spot where the staff are great with dogs, and they have the option of booths if your dog isn't keen on busy places or isn't the most sociable. Pot Belly Strathbungo If you fancy something a bit different, then Pot Belly is undoubtedly the place to be. The hotcakes are absolutely delicious - you'll want to work up an appetite first though because they are too good to leave a single bite. You have the option of indoor or outdoor seating which is great for the dogs because we know some of our more anxious pups can take a while to warm up to new experiences, so having the outdoor seating area is a massive bonus for the dogs. We will warn you though, as space is on the smaller size we wouldn't recommend taking any puppy bigger than a cockapoo. Singl-End Cafe & Bakehouse Garnethill / Merchant City If you fancy something a bit lighter pop into one of the two Singl-End cafes' around town, it's the perfect spot for a coffee and cake shopping break. So, if you've tired yourselves out at those John Lewis January sales, you and your furry friend can pop in for the ultimate rested refuel. The unique cakes on offer are constantly changing, so there's always something to suit everyone. Don't worry if you're after something a

bit more filling there is a wide-ranging menu to choose from - we just love cake. Bramble Giffnock Bramble is one of the smaller cafes on our list, but as they say, good things come in small packages, with limited seating it's not always the easiest to get a table (especially because they don't take bookings) but trust us the food is definitely worth the wait. We highly recommend the chimichurri or if you fancy something sweeter the winter spiced french toast is the perfect comfort food and remember you can add the winter spiced batter to any of their french toast options this time of year. This spot was a massive hit with our pups, they received lots of attention from the welcoming staff and were even allowed on the sofas, which was a big yes from us - who doesn't love dog cuddles with their brunch? Cafe Strange Brew Shawlands Here's another popular one, you'll have to wait but grab a coffee and have a seat in the comfortable waiting area - you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see the food. Your dog will be greeted with all the attention they could want. The menu is to die for and with ever changing specials you're guaranteed a new treat to try each visit. The coffee is definitely one of our favourite things about this place, as well as the cosy atmosphere and incredible menu. This spot is another one where you can't book but we can guarantee waiting is worth your while. You can even order your pup a sausage or two so they can join in on the fun. Don't worry, this list isn't exhaustive! Glasgow is one of the most dog friendly cities, so our list is constantly growing. We'll keep you guys posted on what pops up around town, and not just for brunch, next we will be branching out into the bar scene to give you the best boozy spots to take your four-legged friends for the perfect night out.

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The Rise of the Mummy Bloggers by Charlene Espie

Charlene Espie is a writer from Glasgow who documents her no holds barred new normal type of motherhood


nstagram has changed the face of social media like no other this last year or so. We have it to thank for our daily dose of all things #mumblogger as the adorable sweet snaps fill our feeds each day. All you need to do is type #mummy into your search bar and you're flooded with bright little squares full of fresh-faced mums wearing white with the perfect blow-dry, perfect figures and dewy makeup sitting proudly beside a cute chubby little baby in the most gorgeous (usually expensive) outfit. Not a mark on either of them. Maybe this is a world away from your own postpartum experiences. On a bad day, it may be enough to tip you over the edge. It may be that you are one of the many sleep-deprived mums out there who find there are not enough hours in the day to even grab a quick two-minute shower in amongst feeding, nappies, washings, ironing, housework, bath times, dinner times etc never mind finding the time to pose for that “perfect Instagram pic”. You may feel the inadequate insecurities rise in you every time you click on that little Insta app on your phone. Almost like it is a little troll just waiting for

you take them up on their offer of making you feel inferior as soon as you log in. You may think that these mums are winning at motherhood while you are slowly delving into a filled pit of despair where you would give your last rolo for a pee in peace or even a hot coffee that’s not been reheated in the microwave 4 times. But is life really all-white outfits and smiley babies in their realities? Do the little squares of happiness really show us the full picture so to speak? It is thanks to the mummy bloggers who are “keeping it real” so to speak like Rosie Ramsey, Bryony Gordon and the Unmumsy Mum that we know it is not. These inspiring and empowering women have banded together with other like-minded mummies to break the barrier around Insta vs Reality and keep it real. They tell us that being a mummy is hard work and they struggle just like all the rest of us at times. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously or judge others parental choices. They just do their own thing and help so many others along the way by doing so. They provide us with real-life

posts and stories that are funny, real and above all relatable. They show us a day in the real life of their motherhood journeys, a behind the scenes of what life is like when you’re on day five of no sleep trying to console a child who is in the midst of a sickness bug and you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may have caught it too. They show us that life is hard, mum guilt is, unfortunately, a very real thing and life is one big constant juggling act of prioritising while trying to keep sane somehow at the same time. The love they have for their children shines through with their authentic ways. We need more of these kinds of “mummy bloggers” in our world who make it OK to feel less than some days but know that above all you are the most important person in your little blessings life and that is really all that matters at the end of the day. Instagram @forfrancesca GLOBE

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Baby Stepps Pregnancy Ultrasound clinic. Sisters and business partners Eva Rae and Lee Lafferty launched their new family-friendly pregnancy ultrasound clinic, Baby Stepps in October 2018.


va, a Midwife and Sonographer with 19 years NHS experience (NMC registered), joined her sister, Lee, an Auditor with 20 years of business management experience, to offer soon to be mothers the opportunity to have a variety of scans currently not available on the NHS. As the demand for parental bonding scans grow and technologies improve, Baby Stepps provides a much sought-after service to clients through all stages of pregnancy. “Pregnancy is a very special time for everybody involved. As you will already know if you are on your pregnancy journey, ultrasounds are an important part of being a parent-to-be. Scans give parents a very special opportunity to see and bond with their unborn baby, they also provide valuable information about the health and development of your baby. Our private ultrasound scans offer longer appointment times, a spacious and welcoming clinic allowing you to bring friends and family along with you of people who can attend. It’s a great opportunity to get your baby’s siblings involved in the pregnancy journey too” Equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology that provides a higher level of detail in pregnancy imaging, clients can expect a range of scans from 8-14 weeks early reassurance scans, 16+ week’s gender reveal, 24-40+ wellbeing scans as well as 3D and 4D ultrasound scans and video.

30 Motherhood

“We offer early reassurance scans, gender reveal, wellbeing, 3D picture and 4D video packages. Our state of the art ultrasound machine is equipped with HDlive technology to provide amazing images of your baby.

women through pregnancy and beyond. From birthing classes to mum & toddler groups and fitness classes, we ensure that we inform our mums-to-be of the options available, to support both their physical and mental health.”

In addition to receiving printed photos on the day, all photos, videos and wellbeing reports will be available for you to download via a secure link to our medical cloud storage (Triefy) at no additional cost.

Having recently celebrated the clinics oneyear anniversary, Lee & Eva have been reflecting on the success of Baby Stepps.

For an extra special memento, we can record your baby’s heartbeat into a beautiful Heartbeat Bear. We also offer reveal cannons & balloons, to announce the baby’s gender with a bang!” At the heart of the business is a drive to look after the wellbeing of the women who attend the clinic. With perinatal mental health problems affecting around one in five women, it is important that the clinic provides a service that supports mums-to-be. Eva has extensive training and experience in counselling through her NHS and private work.

“We have been overwhelmed by the wonderful reviews we have been given, and have been honoured to be part of each and every pregnancy journey. Our aim was to provide a clinic that allowed longer appointment times, a relaxed welcoming environment and friendly service. The amazing feedback we have received tells us that we are achieving what we set out to do!” The opening of Baby Stepps pregnancy ultrasound clinic is an exciting development for East Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and surrounding districts as there are limited private ultrasound clinics out with the Glasgow Boundary.

“Our clinic is like other medical facilities in that everything shared with us is treated in the utmost confidence. We know how overwhelming pregnancy can be, and that for many of our families it has been a long and often heartbreaking journey. Our parents-to-be know that we are always available to help with any queries they may have.

The clinic is based at 9 Station Road, Stepps and has onsite parking facilities and disabled access. The clinic is open 7 days and hours range from 9 am-9 pm.

We have also linked with other local businesses that are beneficial to the wellbeing of

Enquiries can be sent to: / 0141 779 9325

facebook @babysteppspregnancyultrasound Instagram @baby_stepps

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My Pancake Baby by Jennifer Boylan

"As a breastfeeding mother, you are basically just a meal in heels." - Kathy Lette


reastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world.

How can one statement be so right and so wrong in equal measure? Breastfeeding may be the most natural way to feed your baby, but it doesn't come naturally. Baby Daniel was born after 3 days of labour, assisted delivery in an operating theatre. So when we finally had a quiet minute on the recovery ward I asked to get some skin to skin time. As soon as Daniel was on my chest his instincts kicked in and he lunged, mouth wide open onto my boob. At that moment I thought I have this whole breastfeeding business licked! I blame the drugs. Daddy was sent away at 3 in the morning when I was wheeled up to the ward, just what I needed after 3 days of no sleep, food or water, to be left with a hungry, screaming baby. That first night with Daniel was awful and magical in equal measure. I had my baby, who I had waited months to meet and years to have. Yet this baby seemed anything but happy to be in my arms.

32 Motherhood

I also had an auxiliary shouting at me for not drinking through my labour and that it was my own fault I wasn't producing enough for my baby. Not the start I had hoped for. Daniel was a big baby, 9 pound and 14 ounces to be exact, and I was repeatedly told that all babies have the same sized stomach regardless of birth weight. I still struggle to believe this. I had known I was going to have a big baby, my bump was enormous! So I had packed some premade formula in my hospital bag should I need it for my hungry baby. I shouldn't have bothered, no one would let me give it to him. Instead, I was encouraged to cluster feed my starving baby all night and all day. I was exhausted, frustrated and couldn't shake this feeling that I wasn't doing the right thing. When the nurse practitioner came to check Daniel over before we were discharged she commented that he was dehydrated and his little mouth was all dry, he even had chapped lips. I had been a mum for less than a week and already I felt I had failed my baby. When he was weighed at his first home visit we found he had lost more than ten percent

of his birth weight. My baby was starving, the midwife could pinch a handful of loose skin from his tummy and I felt like a complete failure. The midwife fed him a formula there and then and so my journey into combination feeding began. My milk took five days to come in, so Daniel was topped up after every feed with formula. After a week I bought a hand pump and tried to express for him to be bottle-fed breast milk over formula but I couldn't produce enough. As much as I would tell myself fed was best I couldn't help but feel the pressure to pick one and stick to it. For me, after my hours and hours of research pre-baby I knew breast was the way I wanted to go. But it felt like the choice was being taken out of my hands I hired a hospital-grade breast pump but never got the time to use it, it literally sat in a corner making the room look untidy and served as a constant reminder that I wasn't producing enough milk. I was at my wit's end trying to do what was deemed best, natural and expected. All the while Daniel's formula feeds were overtaking his breastfeeds.

I was encouraged by everyone, I mean everyone to pick a side. If I visited my in-laws I felt the pressure to have bottle feeds for them to feed him with so as to bond with baby. I would come home from my in-laws in agony, desperate to feed to baby or pump. One time I was feeding the baby after a whole day of bottle feeds when I heard water running. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from till I looked down and saw a constant pressurised stream of milk spitting from my boob all over baby. I laughed because there was no point crying over spilt, or squirted, milk and I didn't realise at the time the damage I was doing to my supply. Everything I now know about combination feeding I have found out through my own late-night research or in dribs and drabs from the health care professionals who I've come in contact with. I wish I could go back five months and tell myself all this information but I can't and now my breastfeeding journey with Daniel is coming to an end I can help but feel sad at what it could have been like if only I had known. I wish I had known that the more bottles baby has the less boob time they will want because the

bottle is so much easier for them to feed from. I wish I had heard about pace feeding when I began combination feeding so I could avoid this bottle preference. I wish I had found out about Haakkas before I spent hundreds of pounds on useless breast pumps. I could wish my whole breastfeeding journey away but I don't want to. Breastfeeding gave me the chance to build Daniel's immune system while bonding with him in a way most mums can only dream of. I had precious moments and nights with him to myself watching the changes in him and wondering at this baby I had made. I loved the first early morning feed, watching him in the light of the dawn and catching his first smiles of the day. For that I am grateful. I once heard someone refer to their firstborn as their pancake baby, you never get it right with the first one! I think that is a very fitting description of my breastfeeding journey. If I am lucky enough to have another baby then all the little titbits (excuse the pun) I've picked up along the way will help me and baby number two. It is just a real shame that baby number one was my pancake.

Having seen a baby who was not being fed, despite all my best efforts, I can honestly say fed is best regardless of how the baby is fed. But we really need to look into how we support mothers. Especially combination feeders who don't fit into one box. It is not good enough to encourage just one type of feeding, pick a side or forever be damned. We need to ensure that mums have access to ALL the information they need for their chosen method of feeding. We need to educate our midwives and health visitors so that they can support combination feeders. We need to stop all the negative thinking around combination feeding. So let's make a new box, get the info out there and help make the most unnatural, natural thing in the world a little easier. Because lets be honest Parenthood is hard enough!

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Let’s Re-Evaluate New Year’s Resolutions. by Emma Anderson

It’s that time of year again where we’re over the festivities and decide we need to recreate ourselves for the New Year. And so, we list off our New Year’s resolutions and dive into completely changing our lifestyles overnight. Yet it doesn’t usually work, and instead, we’re left with a little cloud of disappointment when we realise a couple of months later that we never bothered to stick to our new regime.


hat’s the thing though, it’s okay to be disappointed it didn’t go to plan, but it’s also okay to not be up for an entire lifestyle makeover. If we’ve managed this long then maybe the life we have just now isn’t as bad as we’re letting ourselves believe. We should be focusing on the smaller factors we want to improve on and allow set times throughout the year to focus on any more significant lifestyle changes we’d like to see. Start this month by finding out what’s not working for you anymore and look to changing that. Get up five minutes earlier in the morning, so you aren’t running out the door, read a book 15 minutes a night before bed, once a week try a new recipe or take a couple of hours at the weekends for you. It doesn’t have to be massive for the change to be incredibly useful.

After that, you can check out the bigger things you want to start including in your life. Is it weight loss? Take a month to focus on getting your eating habits to a healthy three meals a day so its second nature to you, the next month you can focus on the gym or the exercise classes, or try couch to 5k. Is it starting a new hobby? Take the month after that to find time to start your yoga class, knitting or photography. The first two will already be habits by the time you add a new hobby to try. In 2017, the Business Insider noted that 80% of resolutions fail by February and the NHS advise only to have one resolution to focus on. Having one goal as opposed to several will help those wanting to make changes feel empowered when they start to see results, without feeling overwhelmed. The Guardian revealed in 2014 that 43% of adults lasted less than a month in

keeping with their new resolution. When this happens, it can make us less inclined to try again if we know we’ve been unsuccessful, if we choose to make the little changes, then this will allow the high percentage to decrease. The world of resolutions needs to be reevaluated. We’re working too hard on trying to look and be our best selves so we can post it on social media, but in reality, Insta doesn’t care how well we’re doing. People are nosey and curious, but that should never be the reason we make changes to our lives. Find your happiness instead of believing a New Year’s resolution or two will fix it. Focus on you, and make the changes when you’re ready – then you’ll see the results you’re hoping for.

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Simply Glasgow 35

by Wee Wanderer

Writer & Photographer

Top 5 hidden gems in Glasgow Glasgow is full of hidden gems . . . There are so many amazing bars and restaurants which are hidden away down a wee alleyway or through an archway that you might miss if you didn’t know they were there! I have scouted round the streets of Glasgow for you to find the best of the best. Here are my favourite finds!

The Hidden Lane, Finnieston What’s there? Tearoom, bakery, quirky shops, hot yoga, jewellers, small local businesses

36 Simply Glasgow

Ashton Lane, West End

Ruthven Lane, West End

What’s there?

What’s there?

Restaurants, bars, live music, cinema

Restaurants, vintage shops

Sloans, Argyle Arcade, City Centre

Virginia Court, Merchant City

What’s there?

Sloans restaurant and bar, live music, market, Scottish street art

Hello! I’m The Wee Wanderer Blogger! I am a travel and lifestyle blogger, focusing on bucket list checklists and food & drink guides around Scotland and the rest of Europe! I have called Glasgow my home since the year 2000 and I am delighted to be writing about it in the Glasgow Lifestyle Magazine. I love Scotland, the people, the food and the culture! I have had the best time exploring more of Glasgow since

What’s there?

Restaurants and bars

returning from my travels and I hope you enjoy reading about my Top Spots in Glasgow.

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Glasgow Night Out by Stephanie English

Event planning can be a very stressful experience, but thankfully living in Glasgow makes it a lot easier. This city is filled with so many trendy hot spots; it’s difficult to know where to begin. Of course, there are the classic clubs and bars which are always a good idea for a night out, but if you are searching for something a little different then look no further.


have a bit of an obsession with party planning, and it shows, so I thought I would chat about a few ideas for some party extravaganzas in Glasgow if anyone needs some inspiration.

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ since it is undeniably the best ever. I would recommend this for anyone who is a much bigger movie buff than party animal or if you are looking for something fun or different from the usual night out.

Have you ever wanted to have your very own cinema, even just for the evening? I had the idea to rent a cinema when I went to see ‘La La Land’ at the Grosvenor Cinema on Ashton Lane and thought it would be so much fun to have a little private cinema with all of my friends. After doing some research, I found that quite a few places in Glasgow offer this service; Blythswood Hotel, the Grosvenor and Everyman cinema are a few which I have no doubts would host an enjoyable movie night. However, one which is perhaps slightly less known is the private vintage cinema inside Handmade Burger co. on St. Vincent Street, which fits up to 20 people. There is often a deal on Itison to hire, plus a meal at Handmade Burger co. all for £17 per person. This is the one I went for a couple of years ago, and it was fabulous.

Apart from movies and popcorn, one of the best types of party is the one which includes cocktails and karaoke. Conveniently, Glasgow also has many cool places for a little sing-song and espresso martini; we are spoilt for choice!

This cinema was so cute, with an unlimited popcorn machine and the option to bring any film you want along with you- I had to go for

My friends and I had such a great night in the Glitter Room, which holds around 14 people, however, if you have a bigger party, there are multiple gorgeous rooms available. We had

38 Simply Glasgow

Hummingbird is one of the best places for this kind of party, as they have many rooms available for private hire; I had hired the glitter room before and had the best time. The room hire is free on weekdays, and you have to put down a non-refundable £50 deposit which is redeemable through drinks etc.- cocktails are also half-price during the week which is an added bonus! There is a karaoke machine in the room and a private bar for the function suites, not to mention the prettiest flower wall at the entrance- perfect for a good insta-shot!

the best time singing along to some cheesy throwback songs, including some hits from Abba, Queen and High School Musical. I love the aspect of having the room all to yourself, so you can have fun without worrying about onlookers judging your singing. One Up, The Grosvenor and Supercube are some other cool places where you can hire a room for your karaoke party; you can never go wrong belting out some tunes while sipping on cocktails and prosecco. Finally, one other idea for your next soiree, of course, consists of more cocktails. There are so many cool places in Glasgow where you can take a group cocktail masterclass. October, Hummingbird, Embargo and Bar Soba are a few of the many bars where you and the guys/ gals can learn how to make some of your favourite cocktails. I mean, doesn’t this sound like a typical Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda night out?! There are so many cool things to do for a big night out! One more reason to love Glasgow!

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Dubai Expo 2020 by Arlene Green Owner, The Holiday Maker

The Glasgow holidaymaker’s options have changed greatly from the days of the Glasgow Fair fortnight holiday each year with trips to Butlins at Ayr or further afield to Blackpool.


he discerning Glasgow traveller now has

access to Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow Prestwick and willing to go to Edinburgh or Manchester and via London to get too far off destinations. With the exciting new Emirates Airbus A380 making Glasgow Airport it’s home from home the Middle East delights to Dubai are far more accessible to the Glasgow traveller than ever before. From October 2020 Dubai opens its doors to the World Expo which promises to be “The World’s Greatest Show”. This is the first World Expo to be held in the Arab World and the

40 Travel

United Arab Emirates are destined to put on a spectacular show featuring 190 countries from all over the world in beautifully designed pavilions. Themes for the Future is the order of the day and the three subjects targeted will be Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity with the anticipation of fostering relationships, business opportunities and diversity both locally and globally.

Dubai Expo 2020 is a fantastic time to visit Dubai and the UAE. For families with children, it is a great opportunity to choose an alternative family holiday than the usual destinations. It is as cost-effective to travel to Dubai as the Canary Islands, but you get a different experience with alternative culture and scenery thrown in at the price.

Dubai EXPO 2020 will be open 7 days a week with 60 live shows daily and 200 restaurants

At the equivalent of £55 for a 3-day adult ticket or £25 for a one-day ticket as well as kids under 5 going in for free as do OAPs – The

from all around the globe set up for a culinary experience like no other. It will run for 6 months from 20th October 2020 until 10 April 2021

Dubai Expo is great value. Additionally, Youths aged 6 to 17 get a 50% discount as students no matter their age!

You can fly to Dubai direct from Glasgow in 7.5 hours with two flights per day going out and, as well as some outstanding hotels to stay in, there are luxury apartments that could suit a family budget and allow for a new family adventure visiting Dubai Expo. Add in the other delights that Dubai has to offer in terms of culture, theme parks, shopping, desert camel safaris and off-road experiences and quad biking in the desert, not to mention getting out onto the water for a speedboat experience. Then everyone’s favourite, The Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park is there with its thrilling water rides and of course, you have the Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina areas to enjoy.

Burj Khalifa

wanted to do two centres and go further afield

You can reach the dizzy heights in the world’s tallest observatory SKY at the Burj Khalifa which sits at a height of 555 metres. You can even fit in a day trip to Abu Dhabi and tick another famous location off your bucket list.

to the Far East for Singapore, Malaysia, The Maldives, Bali or Thailand on the same trip.

It’s a world-class location and for the good people of Glasgow, it’s a lot nearer than it used to be. Practically on the doorstep from when you step on the plane at Glasgow airport and travel in style.

Attached pictures show Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, The Burj Khalifa at night time and artist’s impressions of Dubai Expo 0141 370 6560 'GLMTHM25' for an exclusive discount on your booking!

The Holiday Maker can arrange the complete package to Dubai to suit your needs and budget as well as making it a great stopover if you

Travel 41

Paris City Guide by Stephanie English

As much as I love Glasgow, sometimes a city break is much needed to escape day to day life. Luckily, Europe is full of so many cool cities to visit within a short distance, and there is one place in particular which is so special... Paris of course!


s there anywhere more magical than the French capital, walking along the Seine, having a picnic at the Eiffel Tower? This city never gets boring; there are endless amounts of things to do and see here and so much to discover.

perfect way to see the city of lights in all of its glory, especially to capture the most beautiful 5 minutes when the Eiffel Tower sparkles.

It’s very difficult to visit Paris without being typical tourists, visiting La Tour Eiffel and Arc de Triomphe, getting lost in the Louvre, admiring the view from the Sacre Coeur, and of

There are so many places to take in the spectacular views of the city, including the Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck and the rooftop of Printemps department store. There are also lots of rooftop bars where you can go to catch the Parisian sunset, and admire the Eiffel Tower again, sparkling in all its glory- it never

course, shopping along the Champs Elysees.

gets boring.

The cruise along the Seine is a top recommendation when in the city, especially the night time cruise which can include a glass of champagne or even dinner. Sipping champagne while sailing along the Seine at night is the

Obviously, Disneyland is another must do- the cherry on top to this magical place. If you have only had a few days, one is definitely enough in the parks- one very exciting, exhausting day. It takes between 30 minutes to an hour to get to

42 Travel

the parks from the city centre, so it’s important to get up early if you want to spend the entire day at there, and definitely stay until the park closes so you see the magical nightly fireworks. No matter where I have visited in the past or where I may go in future, I have no doubt that Paris is in a league of its own. The city of love is something special, but don’t take someone else’s word for it, trust me- you need to see it for yourself! As always, Miss Audrey Hepburn knows best: Paris is always a good idea!

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A Year for Scottish Film by Aynsleigh Hollywood

Whether Scottish in name of Scottish in nature these are the films that our talented industry has given us recently. Many people underestimate just how vibrant the Scottish film industry is. So let’s take a look at what this last year had to offer Scottish cinema.


Outlaw King

Mary Queen of Scots

andsome star of Wonder Woman and Star Trek, Chris Pine plays the most famous king in our nation’s history. Streaming service, Netflix has definitely made its mark as a major player in the movie industry. So if Hollywood wasn’t going to bring The Bruce to the big screen then it was only a matter of time before Netflix stepped in. What many people don’t know about Bruce is that he spent a great deal of his life on the run. This film focuses on those harsh years of Bruce’s life as well as displaying those historical battles we all learned about in school.

If a film about our most famous king wasn’t enough, then this tragic drama about our tragic Queen Mary will certainly scratch that historical itch. Relative newcomer Saoirse Ronan plays Mary opposite Margo Robbie’s Elizabeth. Even though these women never truly met in life, the chemistry between these two actresses is the highlight of the film. Anyone who knows their Scottish history won’t be surprised by this film but it is worth the watch for its portrayal of a relationship we have only so far seen dramatized in Liz Lochhead’s play, ‘Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped off ’.

Wild Rose

No Ladies Please

In recent years we have had many duke box musicals and musical biopics so this original story with an original soundtrack was a breath of fresh air. This Scottish BAFTA nominee wowed audiences with its realistic tale of dreams and parental responsibility. Jessie Buckley plays Rose-Lynn Harlan, an ex-convict struggling to provide for her children while chasing her dreams as a country singer. It focuses on themes of redemption, showing how hard it is for excons to find and keep work. It also focuses on the difficulties young women face, particularly if they are single mothers. Rose-Lynn has big dreams and the opportunities are there for her, but with the father of her two children absent, she has to decide which one to prioritise. If those extremely relevant themes don’t grab you then the catchy soundtrack certainly will.

Written by Dr. Fiona Jane Brown and directed by Yvonne Heald this Aberdeen based film premiered at the Belmont Film House in September. This is the true story of a group of trade union women who storm a men only pup and demand a drink. "We're nae movin' till we get served!" is their war cry. It has already won a merit award at the ‘US Best Short Film Festival’ in Los Angels, showing the universality of a story like this. It is a fun and heart-warming tale about fighting for what’s right. Perfect for a girl’s night in. Boyz In The Wood The era-defining social commentary of Trainspotting has had a long-lasting effect on Scottish Film-making. None illustrate this as much as ‘Boyz In The Wood’, written and

directed by Ninian Doff. Four teenage boys working towards their Duke of Edinburgh award, are dropped off in the Scottish Highlands and soon find themselves on the run from terrorists whose goal is purge Scotland of NEDs (Non-educated Delinquents). This hilarious film brings trainspotting to the internet outrage generation. Action, comedy, history and music. Everything this country has to offer in cinematic form. 2020 will doubtless bring us many more gems from our vibrant and varied film industry. Aynsleigh Hollywood is a freelance lifestyle and human interest journalist. She studied at The University of Strathclyde and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Creative writing. She has worked in television and radio broadcasting for companies like STV and AWAZ.FM. She also has a great deal of experience writing for newspapers and magazines. Her specialist subjects are beauty, food and travel. She has travelled to many countries including Ghana and America. She has also travelled the length and breadth of Japan and runs a website in which she creates articles and videos advising people of how to live, work and travel in the country.

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Interior Decorating How To Style It Africa In The Modern, Scottish Home


ave you noticed that Africa is on-trend

at the moment? From the Lion King to home décor, we’re seeing an influx of African inspired products for the home in major retailers and small businesses alike. And African décor has so much to offer your Scottish home. Exotic feels, energising colours and rich materials make for unique and luxurious talking points for your guests to admire. What’s more, is that many small businesses like ourselves are committed to fair trade values and giving back to African communities, meaning your purchase goes further. So here at Mukala, we create the most charming, handmade goods coming directly from our team in Cameroon. Our mission is to spread our love of Cameroonian culture while bringing you guys a bespoke made, unique service made in Cameroon and delivered throughout Scotland and beyond. Our materials are 100% authentic, ethically sourced and sustainable. You can find us online and often at local market events listed below! So how does a Glasgow gal style it Africa? Well, we’re all about balancing statement with the subtle. So here are our top tips.


Juju, Juju on the wall – who is the fairest

of them all? Take a look at our best selling cultural marvel – the Juju Hat. But what’s a Juju hat right? Juju Hats are traditionally worn as hats at Tribal ceremonies and believed to bring abundance to those near them. Each colour represents something different such as fertility or prosperity, so you best choose wisely! We, however, use them more contemporarily as statement wall décor. Organically dyed, choose between our beautiful brights or nourishing neutrals and transform those walls into super stylish and seriously instagrammable photo drops. You can even add in some fairy lights for some extra glamour, combine them, switch them up as table centrepieces or even seasonal door wreaths!


YES, Queen! If our fabulous feathers aren’t your thing, how about this glass beaded, wooden shield? Inspired by a true ROYAL tribal design, we’ve brought this traditional craftsmanship into the modern-day by using rustic white cord, delicate beads and porcelain-like cowrie shells symbolising wealth. Choose your favourite colour and say hello to decadent wall décor fit for all you Scottish Queens out there! (Model not included).


Sleek and Subtle. If you like it to keep it simple, then you’ll love our beaded bracelets. Made from wood, covered in clay and handbeaded into these chic, elevated ornaments, they’re

the perfect addition to any Scottish home. Team them with African inspired textiles, prints or baskets for further ethnic chic vibes. So there you have it, our African inspo guide; showing you fellow Scottish gals how you can personalise your home with African designs and wonderful solutions for creating vibrant and unusual living spaces. For further inspiration, head on over to our social media pages and see how our many clients have styled their UK homes and stay tuned with our regular local events. We just love the chance to get to know you guys and showcase our amazing products. Amongst many other Scottish small businesses specialising in Interiors, we adore Platform at the Arches and the Merchant Square Fayre which takes place every weekend in Glasgow! Hope to see you there! Love, Mukala <3

facebook @mukalaafrica Instagram @mukalaafrica

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Why should you try a new hobby this year? by Andrew Low

I'm Andrew, A freelance photographer based in Glasgow and I'm going to tell you a little about me and why starting a new hobby has changed my life.


started photography seriously mid-2019 but I always loved taking photos on holidays, trips away etc like most people do and I always appreciated other peoples photos. In early 2019 I decided I needed a life change after a long term relationship ended, I started to try some new hobbies one of which was photography so after a few months of using my phone camera I decided it was time I invested some money about bought myself my first DSLR camera. I poured all my time and effort into becoming self-taught in photography over the year learning as much as I could from youtube and books and trust me I am still learning and don't think I will stop! I started as most people do by taking photos of landscapes and cities and from there I moved onto portraits, then I started doing product photography for companies and then onto weddings. Throughout the year I started to meet new people through the hobby and making new friendships, it then went from being a hobby to

46 Business

something I could pursue as a career, I started to get more opportunities such as being able to write this for you all to read.

overwhelming and have a negative impact on how people view themselves or view what they create.

I was able to be published by doing the photography for the children at Portobello High School in Edinburgh who created a book written completely by the kids. I was lucky enough to be featured by camera companies throughout the UK such as Canon and had the chance to work alongside some amazing companies and people.

I wanted to put the social back into social media and let other people experience what I have this year, a lot of the time people care too much about social media and how they are viewed by other people and it has a huge negative effect on mental health, but I also think social media used correctly can help.

But what I am proud of is being able to create the Instagram page @glasgowcreates and give back to other people, I was inspired by the people who took time out of their day to help me to make this page with the help of a few other fellow photographers, it's a page that shares images by other photographers but also holds meetups every other month that's open to anyone at all, one of our next meetups is a weekend trip to the isle of Skye with a tour guide for the weekend!

Glasgow creates want to be on the side that helps and brings people together for and creates new friendships by bringing groups of people together who share a common interest.

But as much as what I do is social media-based, I think the times before social media were simpler. The world we live in today everything is social media-based and sometimes it can be

None of this could have been possible if I hadn’t started something new and took a risk and I really apprentice the team at the Glasgow lifestyle magazine for the opportunity to share my story and hopefully you decide to try something you always wanted to and stick to it for the year and come back at the end of 2020 and tell us what you did and how it paid off for you.



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Btchz & Booze Subscription Box by Lauren Pillans & Kathryn Johnston

Ever tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Ever just feel like a night in with your dog is exactly what you need? If so, our new subscription box is precisely what you need. Btchz & Booze is a whole new subscription concept, with a different theme each month to ensure you receive a wide array of products throughout the year. Our boxes are packed with goodies to allow you to have the best night in with your dog. Every product in each box is hand-picked and tested by us and our dogs with only the best products included.


hat’s better than sitting in with a face mask and putting your feet up? Your Btchz & Booze box is always guaranteed to have some amazing beauty products - whether it be hair masks, face masks, lip balms, body scrubs, self-tan or eye masks. Some of the amazing brands we have worked with already are coconut lane, space masks,

not only are you getting the more known brands but we’ll be introducing you to some of the new guys around town.

amaranthine & dripping gold tan and we have so many more exciting collaborations coming up that we cannot wait to show you! We work with loads of new and upcoming small business, so

candy kittens have already been featured but are sure to be returning as we’ve had such fantastic feedback on them. We have to admit the testing for these products is a tough job, but

48 Business

A good binge is always what you need when sitting in getting pampered, so popcorn, chocolate and sweets are always on the table with our boxes. Choc affair, Joe & Seph’s and

someone’s got to do it. Don’t worry we’re not all about the junk we’ve also included Hoogly detox teas - so now that it’s time to start those new years resolutions we’ve got your back with a new healthy option found on our questionnaire. What’s a binge without a good drink? A lot of us are partial to a little sip of something boozy at the end of a long day, and we most definitely deserve it. We’ve got everything from personalised champagne flutes, pimp your prosecco and glass accessories for you to have

the perfect boozy night in. If you’re more of a chill-out and ditch the alcohol kind of gal then don’t worry, there’s an option at checkout to tell us this, and we’ll add in luxury hot chocolates and flavoured teas for you instead. What’s a night in without setting the atmosphere? We’ve got candles, home accessories and wax melts at the ready, so don’t worry about any booty bombs being dropped from the dogs end of the couch. Speaking of our four-legged friends...while you’re snacking on your luxury products we wouldn’t want to leave out your furry best friend! Doggy biscuits, dog-friendly chocolate, popcorn and pates are all there to keep your pup feeling included in the action! If you’ve got a fussy eater no worries, you can let us know their likes and dislikes at the checkout. We are firm believers in only providing the best for our dogs, so everything is healthy, natural and beneficial to your dogs’ health. Keeping our pups looking and feeling their best is essential for us, we wouldn’t want to

leave them out on all the pampering. Seasonal scents are a big yes from us! Dog perfumes & cologne’s are often found in the boxes, as well as nose balms, paw balms, shampoos and more — everything your pup needs to be the talk of the park. You might be thinking you love this idea, but what are you meant to do when you’re pup is craving all your attention and you’re trying to relax. Well, we’ve got your back, we love including enrichment toys as these are great for keeping your pup entertained while you have some me time and are the perfect solution for dogs with separation anxiety. Products such as lickimats and kong toys are ideal for mental stimulation - working towards you having a more confident and often chilled out dog to relax with. Although we love every product include in our boxes we’re not entirely materialistic, you can find a little note with lots of tips and tricks relating to the theme or month of the box that will help you and/or your dog. We include

everything from keeping calm on bonfire night to how to perform TTouch therapy, healthy recipes and grooming tips. You can have all of this every month for just £25 and as we know well some months can be tougher than others so we’ve made sure that your subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time. If you only fancy the odd night in you can also purchase one-off boxes or a previous box from our site. To give you an idea of what themes are on the cards we’ve already launched pamper night, movie night, de-stress, mindfulness and have plenty more exciting themes lined up for the rest of the year. Don’t worry if you think the man in your life would want in on the action; we’ve got them covered with our brand new male inspired box “Man & Mutt” - check out our Instagram for more information on these (@btchzandbooze). We hope to see you soon at www.Btchzandbooze.

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Spice up your event with social media by Christine Stark

Christine is a social media marketing manager born and raised in Glasgow. She helps small and medium organisations get the most out of social media and email marketing. When she’s not working, you’ll find her wandering Glasgow’s vintage shops, at the latest addition to Glasgow’s food scene, or indulging her caffeine addiction.


e all know that small businesses

can suffer in January – between the post-Christmas slump, Blue Monday and the dark nights, no wonder we’re all feeling a little dejected at the moment. But what better way to boost your spirits (and sales!) than a party?

AND building up partnerships with other local

use? Whatever it is, have a quick search online

businesses. Whether it’s a discount event, a cocktail evening, a family fun day or something else entirely, social media is the best way for you to get the word out there. To get started, just follow these tips!

to see if your chosen hashtag is already in use for something else and that it can’t be misconstrued in any way.

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be a party in the

Use a hashtag: Rustle up a short, snappy hashtag for your

Get graphic: You’re going to need some eye-catching imagery to promote your event if you want to succeed. There are so many demands on people’s

traditional sense, but hosting an event is one of the best ways to boost your business’ profile. It can prove invaluable in terms of your brand

event and use it in all of your social messages in the run up to the day. Or maybe your business already has a hashtag that you want people to

attention these days, you have to stand out, and you can do that by branding your events with something people will remember. If you’re

50 Business

worried that you’re a bit more MS Paint than Picasso, don’t worry! There are loads of easyto-use free design tools to try (my favourite is Canva, which has a banner-making tool) that will help you create imagery for your event.

Create your event pages: Create an Eventbrite page for your event – this is quick and easy, thanks to the latest update on the platform. Bear in mind that you can customise your checkout questions so that

about your event. Do you have a mailing list? Put together an email to let them know about the event, and don’t forget to include your hashtag. Update your social media profiles with your event images and mention the key event

Remember to check the size of the image you need before you begin (for example, Eventbrite requires 2160x1080px, and Facebook event pages need 1920×1080px).

you can ask things like dietary or accessibility requirements in advance. Once you have created your Eventbrite, it will be shown on the ‘Event Discovery’ platform, meaning it will start showing up for people who have been to similar events and are local. Eventbrite also offers the option to pull the event directly through to your business’ Facebook page. Creating a public Facebook event will instantly notify followers of your business page. When someone clicks the ‘attending’ or ‘interested’ button on your event page, the page will show up in their Facebook friends’ feeds too.

details in your bio. Include a link to your ticket page, and if you have ‘swipe up’ capability on Instagram, use it! Schedule some posts about your event using a social media scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, as this will take some of the pressure off.

It’s tempting to pack as much information into your image as possible, but try to hold back. Too many details on your event image will only be a distraction, and Facebook even penalises event banners that are too text-heavy. Ideally, an event banner should tell people the following: • • •

Who is hosting the event (your logo is enough) What the event is Where and when it’s happening.

Of course, there’s lots more that you can do with social media, but these tips should help you get started and get those attendees up!

Start shouting about it! Now you have your hashtag, your images and your event pages; it’s time to start shouting

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Top 5 tips for content creation. Social Media has so many benefits, and we understand that sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. You have nothing to fear, we have put together our top 5 tips for creating valuable content on social media. Get that notepad and pen ready and let’s sweeten up your business! ARE YOU READY?


ORIGINALITY Be the narrator and develop your online character to represent your brand image. With original ideas, look to gain trust by connecting and engaging with branded images, videos, tutorials, q&as. There are plenty of free apps to help you get those creative juices flowing. Keep your content simple and to the point, tell your followers a story and keep it consistent with your brand. Think about your content before you post. Does it help and educate your followers? Do you have the answers? Are you solving a problem? How can you help others?

52 Business



If you want to build relationships with your customers online, consider adding polls, questions and quizzes to your stories. Understand and talk to your followers; they are (literally) at your fingertips!

Try to add your branding or watermark on a plain background which means it is easy to recognise.

REPOST YOUR ENGAGEMENT Add your location and relevant hashtags to your posts; this gives you that extra


You can also find accounts that inspire you, join a community and network, network, network! Once you make connections, team up, get tagged, GAIN THAT TRUST and repost the engagement and interactions to share this with your followers!

WATERMARK Make sure that all of the images and content that appears on your social media is branded. In doing this, you will avoid the risk of others stealing and using your content.

A watermark with your branding is you essentially “signing” your work. So it is just as crucial as copyrighting your logo or your business name. You have done the hard work by creating the content so ensure you get the credit for it!


CONSISTENCY Brand consistency helps to create a strong pathway to brand awareness which is essential for customers to identify your brand. Create a theme for the week; your content should be planned to ensure that you keep your social media alive and exciting. Think about what would you like to see and what would be fun for you to create. Try to create a different focus for each day; this means that visitors to your profile will keep an eye out for your content. Think about what colours, styles and language you use. As long as you have everything integrated, and you stay consistent, your business will grow and stand out from the crowd!


BE RELATABLE Customers want to be able to see your brand as approachable and personable.

They should be able to relate to the brand, and this can be done in a variety of ways. Use customer reviews to show off what is great about your brand. Customers trust their peers’ opinions more than any advert. Use your social media channels to show the day to day goings-on in the workplace. Make sure your brand voice is relatable to your target market; this will increase the chances of getting them followers up! Show off your staff and your story, and customers want to know who YOU are and your journey. We would love to know how you get on with our tips. Tag us in our posts @sweettalkdigital or use our hashtag #sweettalkdigital. Keep it sweet!

Rachael and Sophia x Instagram @sweettalkdigital Facebook @sweettalkdigital Twitter-square @sweettalkdigi Rachael Griffin and Sophia Moghul are the co-founders of Sweet Talk Digital Marketing. They both have over 15 years of friendship and over 5 years of combined experience in the Marketing and Social Media industry. Sweet Talk wants to empower businesses and help them harness the power of social media by offering services such as; Social media management, content creation, one to one training event coverage and group workshops. The agency has just turned one in November and is based on the very trendy West Regent Street in Glasgow’s city centre.

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(Role) Models Wanted by Gayle Mann

Unless you have been living under a rock then you won’t have failed to notice that the last 10 years has most definitely been the decade of the entrepreneur. With names like Jobs, Zuckerberg, Sandberg, Musk, Rowling and Besos and Holmes becoming aspirational figures in home offices, coworking space and accelerators around the world, never has it been cooler or sexier to call yourself an entrepreneur.


ut with this new wave of entrepreneurial role models has also come a slightly darker side of living the entrepreneurial dream – the media portrayal of what an entrepreneur should look like, how you should act, and the personal sacrifices that you have to make to be successful. I’m talking about the “hustle”, the “grind”, Gary V shouting at you from YouTube, Arnold Schwarzenegger suggesting you should sleep faster, endless memes of Jordan Belfort winking at you over a champagne saucer, the Apprentice, and other enormously unhelpful portrayals of an entrepreneur that are so far from reality that they’re verging on negligent. The problem with these perceptions is that for people like you and I, they’re hugely unrelatable. I don’t know about you, but my home office doesn’t have a Necker Island ocean view. I’ve got to get my inspiration from the view of the housing estate playpark out of my spare bedroom window on a dreich October day in Glasgow. Aside from my crappy view, a greater cultural issue is at hand – the mental health impact of this continued hustle and grind culture being

54 Business

reported by entrepreneurs around the world. A recent survey by the International Business Festival found that most entrepreneurs struggle to switch off from the ‘always on’ working culture of today with more than half of business owners staying at work past 10 pm and a similar proportion sending work emails after midnight. A similar story is being told more and more. So, what does that mean for budding entrepreneurs out there in 2020? Firstly, don’t be disheartened; becoming your own boss, finding your purpose, building a start-up, becoming self-employed or whatever term you want to use – can still be one of the most rewarding career and lifestyle choices you can make – but for the good of our health, let’s start celebrating some new role models. In 2014 the US TV show Silicon Valley started to reverse this trends by ridiculing the tech industry start-up cult in the US, and Arianna Huffington is the latest high-profile entrepreneur to call time on hustle culture and urging us all to get a bit more sleep. Back in Glasgow, my co-founder Lucy-Rose Walker and I are on a mission to resolve this in our own way.

As entrepreneurs ourselves we started, grew and exited (not as sexy as it sounds) from our own business, Entrepreneurial Spark – an accelerator designed to coach and enable entrepreneurs to overcome the psychological barriers of startup and growth. We also grew pretty rapidly ourselves and at our peak had 44 staff, 13 locations and experienced all manner of growing pains we didn’t even know could exist. We witnessed entrepreneurs day in and day out revere the aforementioned role models, and perhaps we hero-worshipped them a bit ourselves until eventually, we all come to a place where we found the reality to be somewhat removed from the dream. On most days we found ourselves out of our depth, and our comfort zone, with no-one to call on who could relate or empathise with us… and Gary V was certainly no comfort. It was tough and although we were extremely lucky that we had each other, we still felt pretty alone and anxious we were winging it all the damn time. We longed for someone to tell us it was normal, ok even, and that they were going through something similar too. We hankered after someone to help us take

some of our misadventures and some of the pickles we’d found ourselves in less seriously. Or to know that other people do their best work over a plate of scampi and chips and very large, cold glass of sauvignon blanc too. We craved some relatable role models. Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t admire the achievements of these famous entrepreneurs. Of course, we should. And we should definitely aspire to do really big impactful things and make our mark on the world as they have. It’s just that the glamorised marketable memes on how to go about it aren’t helpful, neither is the how I made my millions (leaving out the grimy parts) movie. We want the raw, unabridged, I’m still a little dazed and confused but I’m hanging on in there and still smiling but possibly nearly divorced version that’s real and we can relate to. So, Lucy-Rose and I have set off on our own adventure of our own to find more people like us, people who are willing to tell the brutally honest truth about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur on a daily basis. The kind that comes from Sauchiehall St, not Silicon Valley. And it turns out you exist, you’re everywhere, and you love to have cathartic conversations about things like how you’ve got 99 problems and every one of them is a human, or according to one entrepreneur we spoke to “how perceptions of entrepreneurs wearing suits and driving flash cars isn’t helpful when you are

battling through snow to meetings on your bike”, or according to another “depending on the time of the day it is, you’ll feel like starting your own business is either the greatest or the stupidest thing you’ll ever do”. These are the kind of people we want to hang out with, and we’ve found a way to do just that! Our new podcast Misadventures in Entrepreneuring launched in November 2019 and has given us the ideal place to have refreshingly honest conversations with relatable role models from all corners of life. So, if this sounds like something you are craving too then we’d love you to come and hang out with us, hear from some much more helpful role models and talk to us about how you’re finding your way in your own entrepreneurial adventures. You can tune in to a new episode of the Misadventures in Entrepreneuring Podcast every other Monday on iTunes and Spotify and for more information on what we’re up to find us at Lucy-Rose Walker Bio Lucy-Rose is foodie, introvert, boogie bouncer, book lover and self-development junkie. She lives in the Spanish Hills with her husband and dog Belle after selling up life in the Scotland to try living somewhere less rainy. She’s been an entrepreneur her whole life and loves it. And she gets her inspiration supporting

others to do what they love too, by finding breakthroughs in their own lives and coaching them when times are tough. Her perspective on life is that we’re all a work in progress and when she’s not self-developing or coaching others she loves walking in the hills with her dog, going trampolining or anything that involves food! Gayle Mann Gayle is extrovert, sports fan, travel junkie and wine and pizza enthusiast that lives in Glasgow with partner Ruari and rescue dog Mika. Her obsession with entrepreneurs began with her dad having his own business when she was a child. She didn’t know at the time, but when that business failed it lit a fire in her that later became a career-long mission to deeply understand and support the people behind the businesses.” She used to think running marathons was a mental challenge - then she became an entrepreneur - but wouldn’t swap the personal growth challenge for anything now. Her happy places are solving problems, lifting weights, or daydreaming about being able to play the piano one day.

instagram @misadventuresofgayle

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